Charlottetown Condensed Milk Company, 1901

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Charlottetown Condensed Milk Company

Dinner: May 1, 1901, Daily Examiner.
President F. L . Haszard, Dinner for patrons and their wives.

D. K. Scott and wife

Golding Howard and wife

Mrs. (Dr.) Ayers,

W. Dockendorff and wife

W. J. Howard and wife

T. P. Cass and wife

R. Munn and wife

Peter Robertson and wife

Alex Robertson and wife

Charles Curtis

E.R Heartz

J. F. Macmillan

Mr. W. J. Prowse

Mr. W. L. Rodd

Mr. Eli Clements

Mr Frank Ford

Mr. Sam Good

Mr. George Howard and daughter

Mr A. W. Holroyd and wife

Mr. Richard Good and wife

Mr. E. E. Shaw

Mr. William Johnson

Mr. F. L. Haszard and wife

Mr. George Auld and wife

Mr. N. Rattenbury

Mr. G. B. Pippy and wife

Mr. E. R. Brow

Miss S.A. Matheson

Mr. G. B. Lockhardt and wife

and others

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