1901 King's County Schools

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, December 19, 1901.

Inspector McCormac, of the Eastern Inspectorate, wished to group teachers of the various schools to organize institutes.

This is a list of the centres he chose for this purpose:

(1) Sturgeon school for the teachers of Sturgeon, Gaspereaux, Panmure Island, Albion, Murray Harbor North, Cambridge, St. Mary's Road, Central and St. Mary's Road East;

(2) Kingsboro School for the teachers of Elmira, East Point, Red Point, South Lake, Kingsboro, Greenvale, Little Harbor, and East Baltic;

(3) Colville high school, Souris East, for the teachers of Souris East, Souris West, Milton, Chepstow, Cherry Grove, New Zealand, Gowan Brae, Rollo Bay East and Rollo Bay West;

(4) Murray Harbor South school for the teachers of Dover, Glen Williams, Glen Martin, Alliston, Alma, Peters Road East, Gladstone, Point Pleasant, Murray River, Murray Harbor South, Hopefield, Little Sands, High Bank, White Sands, Toronto, Cape Bear, and Guernsey's Cove;

(5) Heatherdale school for the teachers of Springfield, Brooklyn, Valleyfield, Milltown, Whim Road Cross and Heatherdale;

(6) Mt. May school for the teachers of Marie, Morell Rear, Mt. May, St. Peters Lake, Sinnott Road, Morell East, Millburn, Church Road, and Bangor;

(7) Mt. Stewart North school for the teachers of Glen Roy, Cherry Hill, Hillsboro Head, St. Peters Harbor, St. Andrews, Pisquid East, Pisquid West, Peake's Station, Glenaladale, Bloom Point, Point de Roche, Afton, Savage Harbor, Mt. Stewart, and Mt. Stewart South;

(8) Cardigan school for the teachers of Georgetown, Montague Bridge, Lower Montague, Cardigan, Union Road, Seal River, Mitchell River, Victoria Cross, Dalmeney, Brudenell, Roseneath, New Perth, Summerville, Iona, Corraville, Cardigan Head, St. Teresa, Shamrock, Summerville, Lorne Valley, Martinvale, and Georgetown Royalty.

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