Boer War, 1902

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Daily Examiner, January 2, 1902:

Major H. D. Johnson is waiting for orders regarding the Field Hospital Corps.
It is probably that the Messrs. W. S. McKie, W. F. Collings and E. P. Green, Summerside, will accompany the Major to Halifax. Also Captain Harvey T. Moore, of the Engineers.

Daily Examiner, January 8, 1902:

Medical Corps Personnel:
Major Harry D. Johnson, son of the late Dr. Hammond Johnson, physician in Charlottetown.
W. F. Collings, son of Mr John Collings of SS Northumberland, has worked as a clerk for the Steam Navigation company, and plays hockey.
William S. McKie, is the son of Conductor McKie of PEI R .(Both he and Collings belong to the Free Methodist Church.)
Harvey S. Morris, is the son of Mr. T. J. Morris of this city.
"The other member hails from Summerside and is a worthy representative of the western capital."

Daily Examiner, January 28, 1902:

The Canadian nurses who go to South Africa with the Mounted Rifles are Miss Pope, Ottawa; Miss Scott, Toronto; Miss Jameson, London; Miss Forbes, Liverpool; Miss Forkesque, Kingston; Miss McDonald, Bailey's Brook, [N. S.]

Daily Examiner, February 28, 1902:

Second Anniversary of Paardeberg Victory celebrated at the Queen's, toasts, songs.

Daily Examiner, March 8, 1902:

Miss Laura Scott and Miss Grace Dutcher, two of the efficient lady teachers of Prince St. School, intimated their intention of making application to the Dominion Government for appointment on the staff of 40 teachers that is going to the concentration camps in South Africa. The period of service is one year with free transit and £ 100.
Other teachers applying:

Maud Bremner, City

FannyWise, City

Tena Long, City

Gladys Lord, City

Annie Rodd, Brackley Point Road

Bessie E. Haslam, Springfield

Irene Mcbeth, Marshfield

Gertrude Arbuckle, Summerside

and Adele McLeod, Summerside

Messrs. Peter A. Hugh(e)s, Mount Pleasant

A. B. Campbell, Souris

William Bradley, City

Horace E. Wright, Stanley Bridge.


Daily Examiner, March 11, 1902:

Miss Maud Bremner and Miss Grace Dutcher have been accepted for South Africa.

Daily Examiner, March 13, 1902:

Miss Gertie Arbuckle, vice-principal of Summerside high school, is third teacher to be chosen "to train children in the concentration camps."

Daily Examiner, April 5, 1902:

Total Number of Canadians who have died in South Africa since the commencement of the war is 207; the First Canadian contingent lost the most at 68, from wounds and disease.
The Second Contingent, consisting of Mounted Rifles, Dragoons and Artillery – 47.
Strathcona's Horse – 30.
Canadian Scouts – 10
South African Constabulary – 45.
Second Contingent, Canadian Mounted Rifles – 1.
Canadians in various other Corps in South Africa – 6.
Total 207.
Deaths in South African Constabulary were mostly from disease.

Daily Examiner, April 5, 1902:

Island members of the Canadian Mounted Rifles who went to South Africa in the Manhattan, January 1902:

Nelson T. Brace

James Matheson

Walter Lane

Wm. C. Cook, Charlottetown.

LeRoy Harris, New Glasgow;

James S. Walker, Ch'town

William Ferguson

Robert McRae, Pownal

Raymond Setter, Ch'town

W. E. Burrows, Milton

Sylvan T. McCabe

David J Matheson

William E. McPherson, Ch'town

James E Lawler, Ch'town

A. L. Acorn, Pownal

Henry Hyde, Ch'town, late of New Haven

Goodman Gordon, Ch'town, late of West River.


Daily Examiner, April 8, 1902:

Trooper William Ernest McPherson, in the Canadian Mounted Rifles, was slightly wounded in South Africa.

Daily Examiner, April 9, 1902:

Recruiting for the Fourth Contingent begins, April 13. Each regiment will be composed of 4 squadrons of 123 men and mobilize at Halifax.
Minimum height requirement: 5' 4"

Daily Examiner, April 10, 1902:

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth regiments of the Canadian Mounted Rifles (are) to be clothed and equipped at (as?) the Imperial Yeomanry of His Majesty's Forces.

Daily Examiner, April 18, 1902:

Fourth Contingent Members:

Sullivan Henry, Georgetown

Newman J. McDonald, Georgetown

W. G. McFarlane, Ch'town

John A. McLeod, Mount Stewart

William W. Beers, Cherry Valley

Chas E. Mcdonald, Georgetown

F. S. Moore, Ch'town

J. W. Gregory, Ch'town


R. W. Cameron, Ch'town

Francis Landrigan, Covehead


G. Heath Coombs, Ch'town

Edward Murphy, Charlottetown.


Daily Examiner, April 19, 1902:

Also enlisted yesterday...

Raymond Burrows, Highfield

Russell Cropley, Highfield

F. McKenzie Ch'town

Harry Love, do.

D. M. Sullivan, do.

John B. Hughes, do.

Ernest E. Davy, do.

William Innis, do.

James Currie, do.

John T. Thistle, do.

Jas. E Coffin, do.


Daily Examiner, April 21, 1902:

There was a large crowd at the Steam Navigation wharf on the occasion of the departure of the first batch of recruits for Halifax en route to south Africa. The following acting appointments were made in the contingent:
Acting Sergeant–G. H. Coombs
Acting Corporals – J. A. McLeod and J. A. Gregory.
The following is a list of those who left today:

P. C. Brown

Peter Martin

J. A. Smallwood

J. J. King

F. Kiggins

C. S. Gallant

Sullivan Henry

N. J. McDonald

Raymond Burrows

John A. McLeod

Russell Cropley

F. McKenzie

Wm. W. Beer

Edward Murphy

Harry Love

J. Gregory

F. Landrigan

Wm. Innis

Chas. E. McDonald

James Currie

John J. Thistle

G. Heath Coombs

Jas. E. Coffin

Fred Moore

W. G. McFarlane

D. M. Sullivan

John B. Hughes

Ernest E. Davy

Tomorrow morning, the following with others, will leave:
R. W. Cameron, Charlottetown,
R. A. McKinnon, Summerside.

Daily Examiner, April 24, 1902:

Col. J. D. Irving, appointed to Command of the 6th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles for South Africa.

Daily Examiner, April 24, 1902:

Also enlisted:

Patrick McQuaid, Summerside

J. L. McLean, Dundas

H. L Bowness, Kensington

Charles E. McQuillan, Ch'town

H. C. McIntyre, Ch'town, son of Lt. Governor.


Total of 37 from PEI.

Daily Examiner, April 26, 1902:

Volunteers for service in South Africa from Sydney who were Prince Edward Islanders:
Malcolm F. McFadyen, 21, machinist, Augustine Cove.
Frank F. Pickard, 21, rodman, Ch'town.
Oriel Mills, 20, farmer.
John A. McDougall, 21, carpenter.
Neil C. McRae, clerk.

Daily Examiner, April 27, 1902:

Western P. E. Island Notes.

Mr. John T. Mullin, son of John T. Mullin, sr., of Kensington, who has been attending St. Dunstan's College returned home last evening to bid farewell to his parents. He has joined the contingent for South Africa. No doubt it much surprised his parents who had no idea of his intention, and doubtless they suppressed a parent's feelings at seeing one so dear leave their midst. They are pleased to think they have a son so loyal as to serve for his country. The many friends of Mr. Mullin are loath to see him leave, for he was in every way a special favorite.

[Grandson of Michael Mullen, Lot. 19.]

Daily Examiner, May 9, 1902:

Coronation Contingent being mobilized; 2 squadrons and battery of field artillery.
Upwards of 8,262 Canadian enlistments.

Daily Examiner, May 15, 1902:

Island Members of the Coronation contingent have not yet been selected. There will be 13, plus one officer; 4 from the Artillery; 2 from the 82nd Regiment; 3 from the engineers; 3 from the Mounted rifles, and one from the Hospital Corps.

Daily Examiner, May 21, 1902:

Rumours of Boers suing for Peace.

From the Daily Examiner, May 22, 1902:

The following members of the Charlottetown Engineers subscribed towards the memorial to be erected to the memory of Privates Riggs and Taylor, in the Engineer Orderly Rooms in the Drill Shed.:

Major W. A. Weeks Lt. J. W. Simmons Sgt. Major Baird Sgt. Lightizer
Sgt. Hine Sgt. L. A Haszard Sgt. W. Smith Sgt. Diamond
Corporal R. E. Smith Cpl. Hyde;    
Wal Williams W. E. Mitchell H. Hodgson F. Wood
W. Weatherbie J. H. Ward E. Hyde John Fields
A. Strang H. Hyndman Jas. H. Mitchell Jas. Carmody
Thos. McNutt D. Fitzpatrick A. C. Sinclair J. Gaudet
J. E. Cameron F. D. Ross W. Vaniderstine J. C. Ward
T. Murray A. Currie Jas. Ross S. C. Myers
R. Doyle C. McLeod F. Rice F. McKenzie
Chas. Hansen N. McLeod R. McLean J. Stewart
J. Lawlor D. Diamond F. May R. Baird
R. Acorn S. Turner J. McAleer Chas. Coyle
James Hughes F. Moore J. C. McPhee J. Flood
L. McMahon John McInnis John Hyde A. Davey
H. Callaghan L. Clarke E. Rice L. Carr
W. Field P. Caldwell F. Murray W. Harper
John McLean E. Power Geo. Gregory E. Campbell
W. Bowden Chas. Ross R. Croake G. H. Coombs
W. H. Stevenson Thos Renton F. H. Munroe J. Smallwood
W. Wakeling E. Parkman N. Riggs H. Currie
D. F. Livingston R. Trowsdale T. Robertson B. McLellan
P. Trainor D. Power R. J. Foley E. Harrington
----- Peters R. Horn P. C. Brown  

Daily Examiner, May 27, 1902.

Island members of the Coronation Contingent who leave tomorrow for Levis, Quebec:

Bomb. J. Edward Small, Ch'town

Sergt Jas. Pigott, Ch'town

Corp. Arthur G. Cameron, Montague

Corp. C. V. McDonald

Corp. C. H. Hines, Ch'town

Corp. F. F. May, Ch'town

Sapper A. A. Strang, Ch'town

Sergt. John A. Stewart, Union Road

Trooper P. W. Morris, Ch'town

Trooper C. A. Farquharson, Ch'town

Private F. B. McRae, Pownal

Lieut E. W. Bowness, Kensington

Sergt. Major W. M. Harris, Ch'town


Major Davison will leave for Levis next Saturday morning.

Daily Examiner, June 2, 1902:

Peace declared in London.

A Royal Salute of 21 Guns was fired by No. 1 Co., at 12 o'clock today in Honor of Peace.

The detachments were made up as follows:
Captain A. A. Bartlett, Lieutenants Leigh, Peake.
Sergeant Major McLeod.
Sergeant Prowse, Sergeant McDonald.
Gunners: Lowe, Ferguson, McKay,. Younker, Garnhum, Drake, Mabon, Scantlebury, Brown, Reddin, Horne, Heartz, Proud, Ritchie, Livingstone, Kennedy, Pierce, McLean, Lewis, and Rodd.

Daily Examiner, July 23, 1902:

Harry Hyde is in hospital in South Africa. He is a member of the Engineers. Sylvan McCabe, son of Layton McCabe, Alexandria, and Burrows, of Highfield, PEI, took their discharges and remain out there. Mr Burrows is the son of John Burrows and formerly was a member of No. 1. Co, 4th Regiment, C.A.

Daily Examiner, July 30, 1902:

The arrival of the Cestrian in Halifax, July 30.

Troops All Well - Islanders Home This Evening.

Colonel Irving says the conduct of the men was good, and the 6th Regiment, which he especially was in command, did not lose a man. They, however, lost their mascot monkey presented by Mr. W. D. Taunton, which the Colonel greatly regrets. The animal caught cold on the homeward voyage, sickened and died.

The men have a good deal to say about the row at Newcastle. Some of the C. M. R. got into trouble with the authorities there and were arrested. A number of their comrades, who had been drinking, determined to come to their rescue, broke into the jail and succeeded in taking the men out. Stone throwing was indulged in to effect this and besides there was considerable revolver firing. [Understatement...]

The following are the members of the Fourth Contingent who are expected home this evening:

Russell Cropley, Highfield

F. McKenzie, Ch'town

Harry Love, Ch'town

Wm. Innis, Ch'town

James Currie, Ch'town

John T. Thistle, Ch'town

Jas. E. Coffin, Ch'town

D. M. Sullivan, Ch'town

Ernest E. Davy, Ch'town

John B. Hughes, Ch'town

Sullivan Henry, Geo'town

Newman J. McDonald, Geo'town

John A. McLeod, Mt. Stewart

W. W. Beers, Cherry Valley

Edward Murphy, Ch'town

J. W. Gregory, Ch'town

Francis Landrigan, Covehead

Chas. McDonald, Geo'town

G. Heath Coombs, Ch'town

F. S. Moore, Ch'town

W. G. McFarlane, Ch'town

R. W. Cameron, Ch'town.



Owing to the delay in paying off the men, the troops will not land till two this afternoon, consequently, the Island men will remain till tomorrow

Daily Examiner, August 2, 1902:

Returning from South Africa in Kensington were Messrs. E. W. Bowness, Harry Bowness, Joseph Whitehead, John T. Mullin, Jr., Edward Murphy and Harry Love.

Harry Bowness was promoted to the honorable position of Private Secretary to Dr. Harrington.

E. W. Bowness was to the front in the battle of Paardeberg and Hart River, besides several minor engagements.

Daily Examiner, August 6, 1902:

Trooper Ryan, son of Patrick Ryan, Summerside, who recently returned home from South Africa is at present visiting friends in Kinkora.

September 13, 1902:

Arrival home of staff Sergeant Gough, of Summerside, son of Jailor Gough, of Summerside.

Daily Examiner, October 18, 1902:

Medals for the members of the Coronation Contingent have arrived and being issued.

Daily Examiner, January 30, 1903:

Trooper Edward McDonald of B Squadron, 17th Division South Africa Constabulary, returned home yesterday after purchasing his discharge. Four others still remain in the South Africa Constabulary: Sgt. McLean of Ch'town, Trooper Waye of Hunter River, Trooper McDonald of Ch'town, and Trooper McRae of Pownal.

Daily Examiner, February 7, 1903:

Funeral of the late George S. McLean, will be on Feb. 9, 1902. He was a member of "L" Squadron, Canadian Mounted rifles, and will be buried with full military honors in Sherwood Cemetery.

Daily Examiner, February 27, 1904;

Members of the Prince Edward Island contingent present at the battle of Paardeberg, February 18th - 27th, 1900:

Commissariat - Capt. W. A. Weeks.

Maxim Gun \ Fred B. McRae, Joseph O'Reilly.

Transport - Richard Foley.

In "G" Company

Hedley V. McKinnon

J. Edward Small

Lawrence Gaudet

Nelson Brace (wounded)

John Boudreau

Necy Doiron

Fred Furze

Arthur J. B. Mellish.

T. Ambrose Rodd

Herbert H. Brown

Artemas Dillon

James L. Walker

Herdus L. McLean

James Matheson

Joshua T. Leslie

Michael J. McCarthy

Charles Hine

Wm Alfred Riggs (killed)

Roland D. Taylor (killed)

Lorne Stewart

Ernest Bowness

Reginald Cox

Ernest R. Lord

J. Archibald Harris (wounded)

Walter Lane

Fred Waye (wounded)

Le Roy Harris


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