Social at St. Margaret's, 1902

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

The Daily Examiner, February 18, 1902


A grand entertainment and basket social was held in St. Margaret's Hall on Monday evening, 3rd inst., to a fairly large audience. The bad state of the roads at the time and the uncertainty of this entertainment taking place on the above named date, had a tendency toward keeping some of the parishioners and particularly the people of the adjoining parishes from being present. However, special reference might be made of the following clergymen, Revs. D. F. McDonald, Souris; Dr. Walker, Rollo Bay; Rev. A. J. McIntyre, East Point; Rev. R. J. Gillis, St. Peters; and Rev. P. Curran, PP, St. Margaret's.


Violin Solo - James McCormack.
Organ Accompaniment – Francis McIntyre.
Dialogue "Going to a New Home"– Malcolm McDonald, Evangeline McCormack, John McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Thomas McDonald, and John O'Henley.
Violin Solo – James McCormack.
Organ Accompaniment – Francis McIntyre.
Chorus "The Maple Leaf Forever" –Minnie McDonald, Katie McPhee, Sara McIntyre, A. D. Gillis, Peter Curran and Michael McIntyre.
Organ Accompaniment – Francis McIntyre.
Gymnastics – Isadoro Leparvane – A native of France. This Character dressed in circus costume not only brought down the house several times, but almost the whole building, by his wonderful display of gymnastic power and his comical and numerous gestures.
Vocal solo – "The Old Log Cabin Home" – Michael McIntyre.
Organ Accompaniment –Francis McIntyre.
Dialogue "Miss McLackland's Economy" – Malvina McDonald, Evangeline McCormack, Leona McCormack, Daniel McDonald, Thomas McDonald, Thomas O'Henley and Master John McDonald.
Violin Solo – James McCormack.
Organ Accompaniment – Francis McIntyre.
Encore – James McCormack, Francis McIntyre.
Gymnastics – Isadore Leparvane.
Instrumental music – Master Sinnot, encored.

After the programme, which was well rendered in all its parts, came the sale of the baskets. Through the wit and eloquence of the auctioneers - Messrs. Timothy McDonald, R. F. McDonald, Souris, and A.. J. McCormack - a goodly sum was realized, the bidding in some cases being interested and exciting.
Then came the coffee and luncheon served by the ladies in their usual style. When came the "wee sma' hours," all repaired to their homes after enjoying the most pleasant evening of the season. Proceeds on the night of entertainment (came to ) $143.00. Through the generosity of some of those who were not present on that occasion, the sum has been advanced to $150.00 and will probably reach $160.00. Funds in aid of the church.

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