New Vessel Registrations, 1885

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, January 17, 1903



Splendid New Instruments Artistically Used.

It was disappointing last evening to see only a "fair" audience in the Opera House. In view of the great musical success of the last concert of the Fourth Regiment Band, little more than a month ago, and of the fact that since that time the band has been burnt out, and has provided itself with new instruments, upon which each member has sedulously practiced (sic), we had reason to hope and expect that every lover of good music in the town and everyone anxious to encourage local pluck and enterprise in a good cause would have been present......

The band as it appeared on the stage last evening was made up as follows:

Frank Morris, flute and piccolo. Robert Perry, Eb clarinet.
W. N. Duchemin, C clarinet. Harry W. Weeks, Bb clarinet.
W. A. McKie, Bb clarinet. E. H. Duchemin, Bb clarinet.
(One name illegible) Reg Stewart, saxophone.
M. M. Galbraith, cornet. Charles Hine, cornet.
W. O. Cook, cornet. John McFarlane, French horn.
John Doyle, French horn. Neil McKenzie, alto.
W. E. Galbraith, alto. N. McFarlane, euphonium.
L. F. Dawson, trombone. E. B. McKie, trombone.
John A. Harris, trombone. W. G. Gillespie, Eb tuba.
C. F. Kennedy, Eb tuba. Wm. Bevan, snare drum.
P. McDonald, bass drum. C. D. Galbraith, cymbals and triangle.

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