Wesleyan Methodist Society, 1903

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Prince Edward Island Magazine, Feb. 1903; Vol. 4, # 12., pp.432-434

On the 16th of November, 1833, Isaac Smith, Robert Longworth, John Bovyer, Christopher Cross, Henry Smith, John Trenaman, William Tanton, Thomas Dawson and Charles Welsh as trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Society in Charlottetown, purchased a piece of land 80 feet by 168 feet on the corner of Prince and Richmond streets for the purpose of building a new Wesleyan Chapel. For about eighteen years immediately preceding this period, the Wesleyan Society held services on the North side of Richmond Street between Queen and Pownal Street.

This was the beginning of Prince Street Methodist Church. The trustees became a body corporate by an Act of the General Assembly passed on 10th of April 1835.

The new Wesleyan chapel was opened for divine service on Sunday the 9th of July, 1835. The Rev. J. P. Hetherington, the resident minister, preached in the morning.




1 Stove and Free seats

23 Nathan Davies


2 Napoleon LePage

24 Martin Dogherty, R. Faught


3 Clear Lellow [Lallow] & W. Hodgson

25 John Bremner


4 Mrs. Cameron

26 Charles Welsh


5 John Davies

27 Christopher Cross


6 Wm. Farquharson

28 Robert Longworth


7 Thomas Dawson

29 Theophilus Chappell


8 John Williams

30 Robert Weeks


9 Miss Fulton

31 Theophilus Chappell, jr


10 Wm. Douse

32 Preachers Pew


11 Wm. Smardon

33 John Morris


12 Alexander Davidson

34 John Rider


13 Strangers Pew

35 John Pool


14 Thomas Pethick

36 John Brecken


15 Charles Binns

37 Robert Hodgson


16 Thos. Robinson

38 Peter MacGowan


17 John Summers

39 James Peake


18 Stephen Bovyer

40 Ralph Brecken


19 John Trenaman

41 Wm. Tanton


20 Jabez Barnard

42 James Kelly


21 John Bovyer, James Moore

43 Richard Read


22 Geo Beer, jr, Wm. Holmes

44 Stove and free sittings



North Side

South Side

Front pew of the end gallery

Single sittings, Two to John Corbin

reserved for the Choir

Two to James Connell.

Single sittings; two to William

Jabez Rowe

Davison, two to Wm. Cook,

Seats reserved for the Choir

two to Laughlin McKay, and

John McDonald

one to John Davison

John Alexander

Thos. DesBrisay

C. C. Davison

Joseph Hill

Robt. Bovyer

Wm. Butcher

Wm. Higgins

Isaac Smith

Wm. Crosby & T. Pladwell

Henry Smith

Samuel Westacott

Watson Duchemin

Robt. Boyle

James Collins

George Snellgrove

Hugh Logan

Wm. Warren

Wm. Mason

Thomas Witten [Witter]

Thomas Terlizzick

Eliza Mitchell

George Chudleigh


Nathan Wright


Wm. Howard


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