Tignish Social Event, 1903

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Examiner, January 21, 1904

High Class Ball at Tignish

The ball in the Tignish Hall, January 7th, 1904, was the most high class and pleasantest event ever held in Tignish. The Grand March was led off at 8:15 by Mr. Joseph Bernard and Mrs.

Chas. McInnis. At 3 o'clock Friday morning, Auld Lang Syne and the National Anthem brought to a close a night of pleasure that will not be excelled if ever equaled in the Hub of West Prince. The supper was served at the Bellevue. It was an elaborate and delicious spread.

The chaperones were Mrs. J. Albert Brennan, Mrs. Chas. Dalton.

Following is the list of names of ladies and gentlemen present:

Mr. and Mrs. Capt. D. Handrahan, Mr and Mrs. Edward Chohassy(?), Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mockler, Mr and Mrs. John M. Ducette, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McInnis, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McInnis, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hackett, Mr. and Mrs. A. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Brennan;

Misses A. M. McLellan, Nora Dalton, Mary McDonald, May Durant, Bertha Hackett, Mary McCue, Melvina Gavin, Nellie Hogan, Mamie Bernard; Messrs. E. Hackett, MP, Wm. Handrahan, Jr., A. A. Lefurgey, MP, A. A. Arsenault, barrister, Frank Perry, Summerside; D. G. McDonald, Ch'town; J. Munro, Ch'town; Dr. P. C. Murphy, J. E. Gallant, A. Glidden, Austin Handrahan, Jerry M. Buote, A. Shea, B. R. McFadyen. John Ramsay, Joseph Shea, F. Gallant, J. McLennan, F. S. Perry, W. J. McMillan, Erbin Cunningham, Wm. Walsh, Richard Walsh, M. McElroy, F. Hughes, Dr. F. McGrath.

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