Whim Road School, 1903

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, March 2, 1903.

Whim Road Cross Sabbath School

[ Whim Road Cross had a name-change to Kilmuir.]

The following scholars of the above Sabbath School have correctly repeated the memory passages selected by the General Assembly's Committee and are entitled to the Committee's diploma:

William Angus McLeod, John Murdock McLeod, Nora Jane McLeod, Mary Florence McLeod, Katie Effie McLeod; children of John J. McLeod, Valleyfield.

Mary Margaret McPherson, Mary McPherson; children of Alex McPherson, Brooklyn.

Ezra Nelson, Esther Josephine Nelson, guardian, Pollie Nicholson, Commercial Cross.

Sadie Gillis, Mary Jane Gillis, children of Duncan Gillis, Whim Road Cross.


Sarah Nicholson

Maud E. McLeod

Maggie A. McPhee

Malcolm J. Gillis

Nora McPhee

Margaret Munn

Katie Bella Beaton

Maggie May Matheson

Malcolm McKinnon.

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