Charlottetown Business College, 1904

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, June 23, 1904.

Graduates of the Charlottetown Business College, 1903 - 1904:


The following students have won the medals given by Messrs Newsom & Gilbert, for typewriting on the Smith Premier machines:

1st, Ethel Brydges, City; 2nd, Helen M. Anderson, City.

The gold and silver medals offered by A. Milne Fraser, Halifax, are awarded to :

1st, Mary A. Whelan, Elliotvale; 2nd, Carrie M. Howe, Lower Montague.

These prizes were given for neatness, accuracy and speed in transcribing from Shorthand notes. The above medals will be presented as soon as the names are engraved.


Prizes given by P. J. Trainor, Esq: 1st, J. M. Hogg, Kensington, (a splendidly bound volume of Byron's poems) 2nd, Miss Katie Dover, City, leather (embossed) volume of Mrs. Heman's poems. Medals for Book-keeping and Penmanship will be awarded as soon as possible.

BUSINESS TRAINING DEPARTMENT, during the term1903 - 1904.

List of graduates:

Marion Doyle, City

Mabel Doyle, City

Louise McLaren, Boston, Mass.

Hector C. McWilliams, Pinette

Lemuel Burleigh, Ellerslie

Fred McPhail, De Sable

Robert Silliphant, Summerside

Martha King, City

Lulu Silliphant, Summerside

Lizzie Wickham, City

Laura Nicholson, Orwell

Gladys Taylor, City

Edwin L. Ellis, Northam

Ray Schurman, Freetown

Geo. P. Nicholson, City

Donald Stewart, Southport

Alex. T. McDonald, Morell Station

Daniel McLean, North Wiltshire

W. J. Kennedy, Southport

J. Lorne Mellish, Montague

R. D. Cameron, East Point

Margaret Beaton, East Point

J. H. Hogg, Kensington

Alice McPherson, Pisquid

Mamie Beaton, East Point

Abbie Martin, Hunter River

David Livingstone, High Bank

John Moffatt, New Glasgow.


From the Daily Examiner, Dec. 1, 1904. page one.

In a letter received by L. B. Miller of the Charlottetown Business College, from Miss Laura M. Nicholson, we are pleased to learn that she has secured a good position in Boston as Book-keeper and Stenographer in the office of a Wax Manufacturing Company. Over thirty applications were in for the same position, but when she produced her certificate she was accepted. Miss Nicholson writes that Miss Mabel Doyle is stenographer in Jordan & Marsh's employ. Miss Matrion Doyle has a good postion as stenographer and book-keeper in a Real Estate office; Miss L. MacLaren is engaged as book-keeper and stenographer in a lawyer's office; Miss Irene Mackay, as stenographer and assistant book-keeper with a firm on Atlantic Avenue, and Miss Katie Dover, a good position with an Elecctrical Co. in Roxbury. The above named young ladies are from the same class 1903-4, and while it is pleasant for them to be situated so closely to each other, it is most gratifying to all that they have been so fortunate in securing so soon after graduation such good positions. In her letter Miss Nelson has many kind words for the C. B. C.

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