Found in the Provincial Bldg., 1906

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, January 10, 1906.

Written upon the walls of the old Grand Jury Room in the Provincial Building:

"The first Grand Jury held its sitting in this building, June 28th, 1847.

Thomas B. Tremaine (foreman).

W. L. Gane

James Purdy

C. D. Rankin

John McGill

John B. Cox

Kenneth McKenzie

John Ings

H. W. Labban [Lobban]

Martin Dougherty

Francis Antonio [Antoine]

W. S. Longworth

John Davis, Sr.

John Bovyer

Robert B. Stewart

Albert H. Yates

Major Beete

H. Haszard

James Reddin."


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