Harvest Excursion, 1906

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, August 7, 1906.

People are from Charlottetown, unless otherwise stated. Five or six hundred went west; not all the names were printed.

The following are among those who leave the city by special train at 4:35 this afternoon:

Henry Coles, Milton

W. H. Horne, Milton

Fred McKenzie

Alex. McCormack

L. Horne, Winsloe

G. A. Shelfoon, Tignish

T. J. Diamond, Winsloe

Silas Hawkins

Wilbert Yonker, Winsloe

Cyrus Shaw, Cardigan

A. McKenzie

Geo. H Wisner

Wm. Pickard

M. Murchison, Kinross

Avery Wood, Pownal

Simon Murchison, Kinross

Angus McMillan, Wood Islands

Ralph McLaren, Brudenelle

A. Clark

F. Smallwood

James McRae, Pownal

Albert McNeill, Wood Islands

L. G. Locke, Winsloe

M. Ross, Kinross

Joseph T. McGrath, Covehead Rd.

Arthur Davy

L. B. Proctor, Brackley Pt.

Sydney Cox

A. McLellan, Wood Islands

Angus McNeill, Rustico Rd.

Arthur Cox


John Moreside, North Milton

Walter Davy

John R. McKay, Wood Is.

Alex. McDonald,Glendale.

Wallace McIntyre, Cardigan

Simon Gregory

Dominick Ryan, Cardigan

Ed. Mervin

M. C. McMillan, Wood Is.

Ed. Hayward, Fort Augustus

F. McCaffery

W. Freeman, Tracadie

Mrs Susan McCaffery

Lizzie McCaffery

George McCaffery

Jas. White, Belfast

Angus McDonald, Belfast

Lorne Mellish, Montague

John M McDonald, Kinross

Jos. Deegan

Simon Paquet, Souris

Henry Johnson, Pinette

James Paquet, Souris

Jos McFadyen, West R.

Arch McPhail, West River

D. A. McDonald, Grand Tracadie

W. Cantlow

J. J. Gaudet

D. E. McLeod, Point Prim

John M. Nicholson, Flat River

F. B. Worth

D. J. McSwain

Geo McIsaac, Vernon R.

J. W. McDonald, Glenfinnan

Jos. Lewis, Vernon R.

Chas. Jacobs

Peter Cairns, Alberry Plains

P. H. Crockett, York

T. C. McMillan

Geo. Hanscombe

Stewart Robinson, Mount Albion

Francis Doherty, Iona

Fred Jenkins

Mrs Horne, Pownal

Delia Horne, Pownal

Hilda Horne, Pownal

Arch'd Nicholson, Valleyfield

Frank Conroy

Wm Weeks, Belle River

Wm Auld, Covehead

Chas Gurney, Covehead

James Jardine

John McLaughlin, Clyde River

Mrs. Cyrus Betts, Ruskin

Samuel Jardine, Pownal

Daniel Egan

Mrs E. Jardine

Margaret Jardine

Joseph Lawlor, Webster's Corner

Walter Binns

Frank Frizzle, Pownal

John McCormack

James Strain

Wm. McKinnon, Fairview

B. Wisner, Stanhope

James Callaghan, Fort Augustus

Fred Jenkins

Chas. Jacobs.

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