Graduates of the Charlottetown Business College for the 1906 - 1907 Term

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Wednesday, June 26, 1907.

Graduates of the Charlottetown Business College for the 1906 - 1907 Term.

Unless otherwise noted, students are from Charlottetown.

Those completing the full business course:

Miss Rose Stanway.

Miss Lottie Dodd, Cherry Valley

Miss Harriet I. Ross

Miss Nellie Fitzsimmons

Miss E. E. Carrier, Earnscliffe

Miss Susan Drake, Cornwall

Archibald Sinclair, Springfield

T. Alex Simpson, French River

Peter H. Pineau, North Rustico

A. H. McLellan

Edmund Arsenault, Wellington

George McLeod, Rustico

James Aitken, Aitken's Ferry

J. Parker Hooper

Ewen Gillis, Emerald

Howard McIntosh, Kingston

Miss Pearl Hubley, Southport

Miss Emma Dudier.

List of those who have completed the short business course and are entitled to a Certificate:

Miss Eugenie Muirhead, Tryon

Miss Hazel Stewart

Miss Irene Lord, Tryon

Miss Georgie M. Watson

Miss Lydie M. Nicholson, Summerfield

Miss Bessie Brown

Miss Islay M McCallum, Mt. Albion

Miss L. Pickard

Miss Kathlene Dockendorff, North River

Miss Beth Clements, Murray Harbor

Miss Minnie K MacLean, Mt. Herbert

Miss Dolla Henderson, North River

Miss Helen D. Schurman, Bedeque

Miss Eleanor C McDonald, St. Peters

J. A. Holroyd, Winsloe

Miss Bertha F. M. Gorman

Miss Birdie Mutch, Earnscliffe

Miss Maud A. Stewart, Mt.Herbert

Miss Florence Sutherland, Sea View

Miss Ethel Robertson, Elliot's Mills

Miss May Kenny, Souris Road

Miss Bessie Brown.



The above named students have also taken up the study of shorthand; some of whom have the diploma of that department.

The following have completed the short business Training course, but have not taken up Shorthand and Typewriting:

Daniel McLeod, Hunter River

Neil A McMillan, Wood Islands

Arthur Beairsto

Miss Ruby I. McLaughlan

Miss Grace A. Drake, Cornwall

Leslie Smith

Miss Gertie Walsh, Elmsdale

Miss Elizabeth K. Carter

Miss Lucy L. Lafferty

Miss Helen Gillis, Perth Amboy, N.Y.

Miss Florence Penpraise, Crapaud

Edward Nicholson

Miss Ada Wright, Crapaud

Miss Tessie Williams.


The above list is not prepared in the order of merit.

In the Shorthand Department of the Charlottetown Business College for the term 1906-1907, the following students graduated:

Miss Lauretta Martin, Southport

Miss Ada Gillan

Miss Nan McNair

Miss Margaret McLellan, Bradalbane

Miss Wilenna Rggs

Miss Bertha Smith

Miss Florrie DesRoches

Miss Lena Wedge, Summerside

Miss Bertha Campbell

Miss Daisy Brace

Miss Ada Simpson, Cavendish

Miss Belle Stewart, Westville

Miss Edith Wightman, Lower Montague

Miss Etta Gates, Royalty

Miss Louise Frost

Miss Emma Compton, Bangor

Miss Helen V. Norton

Miss Kitty Peters

Miss Sadie Smith

Miss Eudavella Thompson, Pleasant Valley

Miss Belle Nash

Miss M. E. Farquarson

Miss Jessie M. Gillis, Hartsville

Miss Belle Paton

Miss May McMillan

Miss Emma S. Connolly

Miss Lizzie J. Trainor, Bedford

Miss Eleanor McDonald, Kingsboro

Miss Hazel Stewart

Miss Eugenie Muirhead, Tryon

Miss Fannie Neill, Rustico

Miss Kathleen Dockendorff, York Point

Miss Irene M. Lord, Tryon

Miss Georgie Watson

Miss Ida M. Brennan, Pictou, NS

Miss Lottie Dodd, Cherry Valley

Miss Louise H Forsythe, Nome, Alaska

Miss Islay McCallum, Mount Albion

Miss Lulu Stewart, Westville

Hammond Steele

Miss Lottie McEwen, Summerside

Stanley Crosby, Marshfield

Harry Lane, Dunstaffnage

Robert McLean, Hampton

J. A. Corcoran

Vincent Holland, Fort Augustus

George W. Brown, Tyne Valley

William J Yeo, Higgin's Cross

Owen Kiggins, Kelly's Cross.



Graduates from the Phonographic Institutes, Cincinnati, Ohio:

Miss Lauretta Martin, Southport

Belle Paton

Lulu Stewart, Westville

Jessie M. Gillis, Hartsville

Helen V. Norton.


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