Charlottetown Business College, 1908

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Graduates in Shorthand and Typing, Charlottetown Business College

From the Daily Examiner, June 24, 1908

The medalists in the shorthand and typing department for the term 1907-8 are : -Medal presented by J. O Trainor for General Proficiency in shorthand and typing, awarded to Mr. T. J. McCloskey.

Medal presented by Messrs. Newsome & Gilbert, Toronto, for the best operator on the L. C. Smith machine, awarded to Winnie M. McLaren.

Medal presented by Mr A Milne Fraser, Halifax, for the best operator on the smith-Premier machine, awarded to Dora A. Buntain.

Medal presented by the College for the best first year student in the shorthand department, awarded to Emma L. Nicholson.

Medal presented by the College for the best first year student in the shorthand department who also finished the short business course, awarded to Rae McKay.

The following are those who have been successful:

Miss Lydia Nicholson, Summerside.

Miss Maud Stewart, Millburn.

Miss Beth Clements, Murray Harbor.

Violet Cox, City.

Miss Minnie McLean, Brighton.

Florence Davidson, Montague.

Gypsy Norton, City.

Lillian Davidson, Montague.

Jean Wright, New Dominion.

Della Henderson, City.

Helen Schurman, Bedeque.

George McLeod, Oyster Bed Bridge.

Loretta Steele, City.

James Aitkin, Aitkin's Ferry.

Leigh Kitson, Kingston.

Hazel McKinnon, city.

Thomas J. McCloskey, City.

Alban H. McLellan, City.

Ross Stanway, City.

Herbert Dawson, York.

Birdie Mutch, Earnscliffe.

Florence Penpraise, Victoria.

Belle McLeod, Pinette.

Sadie Glover, Gaspe, Que.

Ada S. Wright, Hampton.

Winnie M. McLaren, Cardigan

Ada E. Harris, Cape Bear.

Emma L. Nicholson, City.

Muriel Matheson, City.

Arletta M. Kelly, Stanley Bridge.

Dora A. Buntain, Clifton.

Agnes Morrow, Sailors Hope.

Clara McLellan, Eldon.

Pearl Hubley, Southport.

Lilian McDonald, Glen William.

Winifred Cairns, City.

Rae L. McKay, City.


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