Teachers' Examinations, 1908

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


From the Daily Examiner, June 22, 1908.


Total number of marks possible, 1400.

Necessary to pass, 840.

Gerald McCarthy, St. Dunstan's College, 963.

Fred Taylor, Charlottetown, 840.

Students who entered for First-Class Licence, but having failed, have secured a Second Class Licence.

James V. Walsh, St. Dunstan's College, 806.

Rye McLeod, Uigg, 754.

Mary Carr, Miscouche, 745.

Bernard Fitzsimmons, St. Dunstan's College, 705.


Total number of marks possible, 1500.

Necessary to pass, 900.

Wm. McDonald, St. Dunstan's College, 1092.

Emma Kenny, Byrne's Road, 1061.

Carrie Lowther, Kensington, 1045.

George McKenna, Mermaid, 1019.

Wm. Aylward, St. Dunstan's College, 1015.

Mary Murtagh, Newton, 1000.

Mary Roberts, Middleton, 967.

Mary Hogan, Cumberland, 950.

Pearl Lockerby, Cascumpec, 946.

William Bowles, Grand View, 944.

Raymond McSwain, Charlottetown, 944.

Jean Gordon, Georgetown, 942.

Hatfield Dyment, Northam, 915.

Isabel Curley, Village Green, 906.

Lucy Wickham, Montague, 903.

George Beers, Cherry Valley, 902.

Mark McGuigan, St. Dunstan's College, 901,

Edna McNeill, Oyster Bed Bridge, 900.

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