Village Green Examinations and Concert, 1908

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Dec. 30, 1908.


A very successful examination and Grand Concert was held in the Village Green school on Christmas Eve. The performance was remarkable considering the age of the actors. In the examination, they all showed that their time, during the term, had not been spent idly. They also showed remarkable brightness and talent in the dialogues. Much credit is due to the young and efficient teacher, Miss Emma Kenny. [Miss Emma Kenny, of Byrne's Road, who graduated in June 1908.] If she succeeds as well in all her undertakings, her future promises to be bright. The school was crowded by the parents and friends of the pupils. The concert began immediately after the examination.

The programme was as follows:-
"Opening Chorus" by Lottie Jackman, Josie Curley,. Hannah Brehaut, Gertie Curley, May Jackman, Chester Acorn and Martin Jackman.
Recitation, "The Cobler" [sic] by Leslie Cosgrove.
Dialogue: "Blue Eyes and Brown" by Mary Duffy, Eveylan Cosgrove and Minnie Horton.
Dialogue: "The King of Hearts" by H. Brehaut, G Curley, L. Jackman, C. Acorn and Wilfrid Wood.
Song "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" by Josie Jackman.
Dialogue: "Some Very Famous People" by J. Curley, M. Duffy, M. Jackman, M. Wood, C. Acorn, W. Wood, Ambrose Weatherbie and Martin Jackman.
Song: "When the Bees are in the Hive" by L. Jackman and G. Curley.
Dialogue: "Three Little Boys" by Lorne Acorn, M. Jackman, and Edwin Duffy.
These received in turn their due applause.
Then nuts, candy and fruit were served and amply partaken of by all.
Mr. Curley proposed a vote of thanks to the teacher and also that a holiday be given to her and the pupils, both of which was unanimously carried, and eagerly welcomed by teacher and pupils.
"God Save the King" was next sung, and then all departed to their homes well pleased and hoping [for] the return of another Christmas like that one.


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