Prize Winners in the Grain Competition, 1909

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Prize Winners in the Grain Competition

From the Daily Examiner, August 20, 1909 and August 31, 1909.

The judging of the competition in Standing Fields of Grain in King's and Queen's Counties was completed yesterday. The results are as follows:

King's County


1st: D. P. Ross, Lower Montague 92 1/4

2nd: A. Macdonald, Little Pond 91 2

3rd: Jas. Howlett, Gowan Brae 90 2

4th : John Annear, Lower Montague 89 3/4

5th: T. J. Wigginton, Bridgetown 84

6th: John Howlett, Annadale 82 2

7th: C. B. Clay, Bridgetown 76 1/4


1st: F. G. Bovyer, Georgetown 93 1/4

2nd: J. Howlett, Annadale 89 1/3

3rd: A. J. Macdonald, Souris West 88

4th: James Howlett, Gowan Brae 86 3/4

5th: Richard Kickham, Souris West 85

6th: James Doyle, Summerville 83

7th: Richard Creed, Albion 78 1/2

8th: F. Hewitt, Montague 78 2

9th: T. J. Wigginton, Bridgetown 71 1/4


1st: G. W. Aitken, Aitken's Ferry 90

2nd: John Annear, Lower Montague 89 1/4

3rd: James Howlett, Gowan Brae 83 2

Farm Competition, King's County:

1st: James Howlett, Gowan Brae, 821 2 out of 890.

2nd: John Annear, Lower Montague, 781 out of 890.

3rd: J. AE. Macdonald, Little Pond, 755 2 out of 890.

4th: James Doyle, Summerville, 607 out of 890.

Queen's County


1st: G. MacMillan, Cornwall 92 1/4

2nd: Arthur McEachern, Royalty 91

3rd: Patrick Corish, Southport, 90 1/4

4th: A. A. McBeth, Marshfield 89

5th: Jas. Macdonald, Vernon 85 !/2

6th: Tobias Cody, Hazelbrook. 78 3/4

7th: -

8th: -


1st: Isaac M. Doughart, Long River 97

2nd: J. A. Clark, Bay View 96 3/4

3rd: James Macdonald, Vernon 88 2

4th: Ira L. Rodd, North Milton 88

5th: James Simpson, Bay View 86

6th: Alexander Kennedy, Southport 82

7th: Gordon MacMillan, Cornwall 79

8th: Tobias Cody, Hazelbrook 76 3/4

Medal for Best Kept, Managed and Cultivated Farm for Queen's County, won by William Clark, North Wiltshire.

(Daily Examiner, August 31, 1909)

Prince County


1st: J. B. Henderson, Bedeque

2nd: J. E. Murphy, Augustine Cove

3rd: Michael McCabe, Central Bedeque

4th: Colin T. Wright, Middleton.

5th: Thomas Waugh, North Bedeque.

6th: James Fairbanks, New Annan.


1st: Thomas Waugh, North Bedeque

2nd: Austin Scales, St. Eleanors.

3rd: R. F. Lord, Tryon.

4th: E. Arsenault, Urbanville.

5th: Jos. A. Taylor, Freetown.

6th: Horace Wright, Bedeque.


1st: J. B. Henderson, Bedeque

2nd J. A. Taylor, Freetown.

3rd: A. E. McLean, Central Lot 16.

4th: Charles Craig, Middleton.

The medal for Best Kept, Managed and Cultivated Farm for Prince County was won by G. W. W. Cameron, Augustine Cove.

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