Students Attending McGill, 1909

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, Jan, 22, 1909.

Complete list of Prince Edward Island students at McGill – all departments.


First year: Miss Ethel Longworth, Charlottetown.
Second year: James W. Bridges, Cascumpec, Lot 6; W. Gordon Irving, Vernon River Bridge; Hugh C. Warburton, Charlottetown.
Third year: Miss Cora Brehaut, Murray Harbor; Owen P. Trainor, Charlottetown.
Fourth year: James A. McKenzie, Wood Island; John T. McNeill, Elmsdale.


First year: D. L. McLeod, Summerside; Walter Matheson, Charlottetown; J. Arthur Warburton, Charlottetown.
Second Year: J. Harold Hooper, North Milton; D. Heath McDonald, Murray Harbor North.
Third Year: T. Clinton Dennis, Charlottetown; George G. Hughes, O'Leary; E. Stirling Blanchard, Charlottetown; J. J. McDonald, Vernon River; Robert B Stewart, Strathgartney.
Fourth year: W. Milburn Dennis, O'Leary; Leighton Stewart, Summerside.


First year: Wm. E Williams, Mount Pleasant.
Second year: Lester G. Houle, Charlottetown; Fred H. McKay, Mt. Stewart; James S. McLeod, Charlottetown; Louis W. McNutt, Charlottetown; Alex. V. Webster, Marie.
Third year: R. S. P. Carruthers, North Bedeque; B. H. Champion, Summerside; D. A. Dunbar, Alma; Arthur W. Furness, Vernon; S. E. Gillis, Indian River; Percy L. Lavers, Georgetown; John A McPhee, Charlottetown.
Fourth year: F. M. Auld, Covehead; John R. Cameron, Charlottetown; James W. Dorsey, Charlottetown; John J. Gillis, Miscouche; George C. Lawson, Charlottetown; Walter P McBride, Central Bedeque.

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