Teachers' Military Training, 1911

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Teachers Leave for Halifax

From The Daily Examiner, July 11, 1911

The following teachers from this Province left yesterday morning for Halifax to receive instruction in military training in connection with Lord Strathcona's bequest for such work in the public schools.

W. J. McDonald, Mt. Stewart

Frank Byrne, Donaldston

Jas. Landrigan, city

Michael Francis, Cardigan Bridge

G. H. Campbell, city

J. G. Bennett, city

J. S. DeRoche, Souris

Herbert W. Yeo, Pownal

Chester Balderston, Alexandra

Arthur Daly, Iona

Lawrence Smith, city

Geo. L. Smith, city

Peter S. Bradley, city

H. S. Raynor, Cherry Valley

M. R. Bethune, city

Geo. Beers, Cherry Valley

Daniel J. Shaw, Orwell

Geo. Morrison, Savage Harbor

Everett Monaghan, Auburn

Wm. McFarlane, Annandale

Murdock McKinnon, Canoe Cove

J. W. McKenzie, city

Spurgeon McKenzie, Little York

C. Tidmarsh, city

Clyde Auld, city

Chas. Buxton, Cape Traverse

Joseph Gallant, New Acadia

J. C. Fisher, Scotchfort

Wm. Sharkey, Cardigan

P. E. Keeping, Georgetown

Peter Rowe, Coleman

J. A, Murphy, city.


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