St. Dunstan's Play, 1913

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, April 19, 1912.

The students of St. Dunstan's College deserve great credit for their presentation of "Richelieu."
The play was well put on. Care and expense were given without stint to the elaborate and artistic dresses of the players, and for amateurs, the young men acted well their several parts. The cast of characters was as follows:

Louis XIII, King of France – Ed Curley.
Gaston, Duke of Orleans, Brother to the King – A. J. McDonald.
Count de Baradas, the King's Favorite – Thomas Green.
Cardinal Richelieu, Minister of France,...........(blank !)
The Chevalier de Mauprat –V. Fisher.
Roland de Mortemar – C. F. O'Connell.
The Sieur De Beringhen, one the conspirators – F. Walker.
Clermont, a Courtier – C. Conway.
Joseph, a Capuchin Monk, Richelieu's confidante -- M. McIntyre.
Francois, a page to Richelieu – A. Jobin.
De Lorne, a spy – J. N. Conroy.
Huguet, an officer in Richelieu's household, a spy – George L. Smith.
Secretaries of State – M. Burns, B. Gaudet, H. Crippeau.
Captain of Guards – J. McIsaac.
Courtiers – A. Murphy, M. Charlesfour, (?) W. Hughes.
King's Guards – L. Herbert, E. Byrne, S. Trainor, A. Rodriguez.
Richelieu's Guards – E. McDonald, B. Gorman, R. McCarthy, T. D. Gillis, R. Gillis.
King's Pages – V. McNair, J. Connelly.
Richelieu's Pages – W. Grant, M. Jeon. (?)

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