St. Patrick's Road School Standings, 1913

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Daily Examiner, April 8, 1913.


The following is the standing of St. Patrick's Road School for March, 1913.

Grade One

Russel Kneabone
Ira Gay
Earl Grant
Joseph Donnelly
Florence Trainor

Grade Two

Rena Gillen
Sebastian Byrne
Kenzel Trainor
Pius Grant

Grade Three

Annie Donnelly
Irene Donnelly
Peter Trainor
Harry Grant
Edwin Birt
Ira Grant
Cecilia Trainor
Johnnie Eveline
Leo Rogerson
Stella Kneabone
Emma Birt
Urban Praught.

Grade Four

Laura Grant
Anthony Trainor
Tom Kneabone
Ray Grant
Artie Donnelly
Charlie Rogerson

Grade Five

Mary Donnelly
Marie Byrne
Alice Rogerson
Robbie Byrne

Grade Eight
Laura Donnelly

Annie Fiske, Teacher.

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