Grand River Sock Contributions, 1917

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Prince Edward Island Agriculturist, Nov. 24, 1917.

Grand River Sock Contribution

Through some mistake, the names of several of those who contributed socks to the Grand River Red Cross Society were omitted in (the) Wednesday paper.

The list should have read as follows:

Mrs. Alfred Brown

Mrs. Joseph Arsenault

Mrs. James A. McDonald

Mrs. Neil McLellan

Mrs. Joseph D. McLellan

Mrs. Angus Praught

Mrs. Angus McDonald

Mr. J. H. McLellan

Mrs. Peter Desroche

Mrs. Angus McKinnon

Mrs. Martin McNeill

Mrs. Fursey Keefe

Mrs. Frank McDonald

Mrs. Artemas McNeill

Mrs. James L. Gillis

Mrs. James E. Brown

Mrs. Emanuel McLellan

Mrs. Angus McLellan

Mrs. Sebestiane McDonald

Mrs. Leo P. Praught

Mrs. John A. McDonald

Mrs. Linus McDonald

Mrs. John H. Adams

Mrs. John Trainor

Mrs. Matthias Morrison

Mrs. Wesley Rix

Miss Margaret Rix

Mrs. Albert Stewart

Mrs. Augustine McIntyre

Mrs. Arthur McLean

Mrs. A. F. McDougall

Mrs. John J. McInnis

Mrs. Jos. R. McIntyre

Miss Lizzie Campbell

Mrs. John Arsenault

Mr. Basil McKinnnon

Mrs. D. B. McNeill

Mrs. R. A. McDougall

Mr. Peter McNeill

Mrs. Romanus McDougall

Mrs. Venantius Morrison

Mrs. Wm. Morrison

Mrs. James J. McIntyre

Miss Elizabeth McKinnon

Mrs. Neil J. McDonald

Miss M???y Morrison

Mrs. Bernard McLellan

Mr. Frank McNeill

Mrs. John McInnis

Miss Kate McDonald

Miss Hattie McIntyre

Rev. John A. McDonald

Mrs. Sylvarious McKinnon

Mrs. Thos. H. Plastid

Mrs. Mary Plestid

Miss Flossie Plestid

Miss Jessie Gillis

Mrs. Charles Morrison

Mr. Cornelius McLellan

Mrs. Cornelius McLellan

Mrs. Henry Thompson

Mrs. Wm. McDonald

Miss Gertie McKinnon

Mrs. Leonard McLean

Mr. ?ar?use McNeill

Mr. Albert McNeill

Mrs. John A. McNeill

Mrs. John J. McDonald

Mrs. Bernard Brown

Mrs. Joseph Gillis

Mrs. John Kilbride

Mr. James L. Cameron

Mrs. J. D. Cummings

Mrs. Patrick McLellan

Mrs. Joseph McLellan

Mrs. Mary Anne McKinnon

Mrs. Annie Cummings

Mrs. Teresa McInnis

Mr. Alexander McDonald

Mrs. John S. McKinnon

Mrs. Jos. N. McKinnon

Mr. Pius McKinnon

* Mrs. Neil McKinnon.


*It is worthy of note that Mrs. Neil McKinnon, who knit two pairs of socks, is ninety-two years of age.

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