Students of the Murray Harbour School 1922-23

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Submitted by Anne Brooks -

Transcribed from the work of Lauretta Machon.

The following were students of the Murray Harbour School in 1922.

Lulu Beck
Hazel Beers
Rita Beers
Roy Bell
Rosa Bell
Florence Billard
Vernon Brehaut
Fred Brooks
D. Ray Brooks
Muriel Buell
Cyrene Chapman
George Chapman
Bertha Chapman
Millie Cooper
Pearl Cooper
Dingwell Herring
Elsie Herring
Marven Herring
Oliver Herring
Ada Herring
Noreen Herring
Kathlene Jackson
Ed Jordan
Elmer Jordan
John Machon
Frances MacKay
Marshall MacLeod
Mina Murdock
Dora Osborne
Hazel Osborne
Grace Penny
Franklin Penny
Elsie Penny
Lucy Phillips
Frank Reynolds
Vere Richards
May Robertson
Clare Stewart
Grace White
Lewis White
Doris White
Gertie White
Garnet White
Royal White
Hubert White
Ross White
Leroy White
Mrs Alberta White

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