Prince of Wales College Commencement, 1928

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Submitted by Andy Hennessey -

Prince of Wales College Commencement College Hall, Friday, May 25th, 1928 At 9:30 o'clock a.m.


Report of the Year's Work ........... Principal

Presentation of Medals, Diplomas, and Certificates: His Honour F. R. Heartz, Lieutenant Governor

Valedictory ....... Gladys Farquharson

Address ........ Hon. W. M. Lea, Minister of Agriculture

Address ........ The Chief Superintendent of Education

"God Save the King"

Honour List:

Medals and Prizes

The Anderson Gold Medal ...................... Malcolm Dockerty

The Governor-General's Silver Medal ....... Hazen Wigmore

The Governor-General's Bronze Medal ..... Nancy Weeks

The Frank R. Heartz Prizes
III Year: Malcom Dockerty, Hazen Wigmore, John Montgomery
II Year: Stuart Dockerty, Chester Stewart, Earl Ebers
I Year: Cedric Boulter, Douglas MacDonald

The D. A. MacKinnon Prize ............ Bessie MacLeod

The John Caven Prize ................... Stuart Dockerty

The C. A. LePage Prize ................. Cedric Boulter

The Returned Soldiers' Prize ......... Marie Clark

The J. Leslie Shavo Scholarship .... Stuart Dockerty

The George D. DeBlois Prize .......... John Montgomery

The Strathcona Trust Prizes ........... Nancy Weeks, Theo Ling, Emily Handrahan

Honour Diplomas

Malcolm Dockerty, Hazen Wigmore, John Montgomery, Bessie MacLeod, Margaret Allanby, Charles Bacon, Malcom MacKenzie, Helen Ramsay,
Gladys Farquharson, Gracie Campbell, Lauchlin MacDonald, Bettie Dike, Nora MacKenzie, William MacKenzie, Evelyn Sinclair

Second Year Certificates (Order of Merit)

Stuart Dockerty, Chester Stewart, Earle Ebers, Isabel Gallant, Alexander Horne, Ellwood MacPherson, Leslie Dignan, Heber Matthews, Arnold
Henderson, Marie Clark, Beth Boulter, Wilfrid Nicholson, Willard Picketts, George MacKinley, Irma Hendrahan, William Owen, Howard Buntain, Gwen
Spriggs, Clair Johnson, Gordon Darrach, Jessie Norton

First Year Certificates (Order of Merit)

Cedric Boulter, Douglas MacDonald, Mabel Matheson, Nancy Weeks, Aileen Cantwell, Winston Mayor, Walter Mutch, Patricia Cullen, Benjamin Rogers, Donald Campbell, Louis MacDonald, Hazel Corbett, Nettie MacKenzie, Reginal McKenna, Evelyn Woolner, Mattie Ramsay, Hugh MacDonald, Isabel Wilson, Helen E. MacDonald, Alan MacMillan, Bertha Mutlow, Marie Callaghan, Keir Duggan, Mary Nicholson, Ralph Douglas, Margaret Waller, LillianKennedy, Louise Arsenault, Frances Kirwan, Violet MacCannell, Charlotte Drake, Florence Christian, Douglas Ross, Helen Drake, Mary MacLennan, Elizabeth Schirmer, Gordon Rice, Georgina Ennis, Edith Halloran, Mabel Cusack, Helen Mooney, Nora Murray, Olive Sanderson, Alice Fraser, Frances Wood, Mildred Cox, Chas. Bentley, Marguerite Higgins, Marguerite Terrill, Keir Clark, Mary Moran, Marion Millman, Helen MacLean, Theo. Ling, Ernest Lockerby, Angus Bernard, Clarence Ranahan, Philomena Richard, Mamie MacDonald, Beth Waugh, John Gordon, Verna Whitehead, Margaret Wright, Wilfred Boothroyd, Georgie Driscoll, Marjorie Harper, Wendell MacDonald, Maurice Lodge, Helen Mellish, Helen MacDonald, Donalda Crawford.

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