The 1935 Jubilee Medal and Recipients

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1935 Jubilee Medal

The 1935 Jubilee medal was issue in May 1935 to commemorate the twenty-fifth year of the reign of King George V. The obverse of the medal depicts the conjoined busts of King George V and his consort, Queen Mary, while the reverse shows the Royal Cypher surmounted by a crown and the dates May 6, 1910 and May 6, 1935.

The medal was issued to members of the Royal Household and to other deserving individuals. As the Charlottetown Guardian reported on May 4, 1935,

"Former Lieutenant Governors, the judiciary, clergy and religious sisterhoods, military officers, educationalists, and physicians share honors with lowly servants of the public including mail couriers and lighthouse tenders."

Diameter: 1.25 inches


Ribbon: Red with edge stripes of dark blue and white
Issued: 85,235 - 7,500 allocated to Canada


Medals issued to gentlemen were worn in the traditional military style. The ladies version was presented with the medal ribbon formed into a bow.


1935 Jubilee Medals fall into the category of official issues and therefore may be worn on the left breast with other military and civilian orders and decorations. In the past one hundred fifty years, there have been a number of these official Royal awards:



Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Medal


Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal


King Edward VII Coronation Medal


King George V Coronation Medal


King George V Jubilee Medal


King George VI Coronation Medal


Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal


Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal

From the issue dates above, the reader may note that Coronation Medals are issued as of the date of the Coronation while commemoratives use the date when the Monarch first takes the throne. Queen Elizabeth II assumed the throne in 1952 upon the death of King George VI, but the Coronation did not take place until June 1953. The Coronation medal was issued in 1953, but the 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal counts twenty-five years from 1952. If tradition holds true, the year 2002 will see the issue of a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal.

P.E.I. Recipients of the 1935 Jubilee Medals

Colonel The Honourable G.D. DeBlois Lt. Governor
Mrs. DeBlois  
Right Reverend J.A. O'Sullivan Bishop of Charlottetown
Honourable John A. MacDonald  
Mrs. John A. MacDonald  
Honourable W J P MacMillan MD FACS  
Mrs. W J P MacDonald  
Honourable Chief Justice Mathieson  
Mrs. J A Mathieson  
Honourable John MacLean  
Honourable J J Hughes  
Mrs J J Hughes  
Honourable Creelman MacArthur  
Miss MacArthur  
Honourable A E Arsenault LLD  
A E MacLean MP
Mrs A E MacLean  
Lt Col W Chester McLure MP
Mrs W Chester MacLure  
John H Myers MP
Mrs John H Myers  
Honourable G Shelton Sharp  
Honourable Thomas MacNutt  
Honourable H Francis MacPhee KC  
Honourable A F Arsenault KC  
Honourable H D MacLean  
Honourable Walter G MacKenzie  
Honourable Matthew W Wood  
Honourable Augustine A MacDonald MD  
Honourable Heath Strong KC  
Lucas R Allen MLA
Montague Annear MLA
David F Bethune MLA
John A Campbell MLA
Thane A Campbell KC MLA
Harry H Cox MLA
W H Dennis MLA
Aeneas Gallant MLA
Leslie Hunter MLA
James J Larrabee MLA
Walter M Lea MLA
Bradford W LePage MLA
J Augustine MacDonald KC MLA
J H MacDonald MLA
James P MacIntyre MLA
John F MacNeill MLA
W Allan Stewart MLA
Thomas Wigmore MLA
H E Dawson Clerk Legislative Assembly
Lt A C MacEachern MC  
R R Bell Law Clerk Legislative Assembly
L B MacMillan Deputy Minister Public Works
H H Shaw BSc Chief Superintendant Education
A D Fraser Legislative Librarian
Walter Shaw Department of Agriculture
H R Stewart Clerk Executive Council
W E Massey CA Provincial Auditor
B C Keeping MD DPH Provincial Health Officer
Col U G Dawson VD  
Lt Col G E Full VD ADC  
Lt Col Percy W McNevin DCM  
Lt Col F I Andrew MM ADC  
Lt Col E H Strong MC VD  
Lt Col John J Blake  
Major Lewis T Lowther  
Major Charles G Thompson MC VD  
Major F B Conrad MM  
Major Philip S Fielding MM  
RSM George R Brady  
RSM James W Donahue  
Acting RSM William V DeCoste  
Staff Sergeant A Howard RCMP
Corp F D C Cordwell RCMP
Honourable Murdock MacKinnon  
Mrs Murdock MacKinnon  
Honourable F R Heartz LLD  
Mrs F R Heartz  
Mrs Charles Dalton  
Samuel Kennedy MBE Mayor of Charlottetown
Mrs Samuel Kennedy  
Mrs W S Stewart Ladies Auxiliary Canadian Legion
W S Hughes MM President Provincial Command Canadian Legion
Col H D Johnson MD Canadian Legion
Major T Edgar MacNutt VD Canadian Legion
Leonard W Goodwin MM Canadian Legion
Capt James J Leightizer Canadian Legion
Harry A MacDougall MM Canadian Legion
W A McLaggan Canadian Legion
B W Robinson Canadian Legion
G E Sherren Canadian Legion
James S Walker Canadian Legion
Rev Sister M Camillus Supt Charlottetown Hospital
Rev Sister M Stanislaus Supt of Nurses, Charlottetown Hospital
Anna Mair RN Supt PEI Hospital
Florence Platts RN Supt of Nurses, PEI Hospital
Florence Lavers RN Supt Prince County Hospital
Leonora Clark RN Asst Supt Prince County Hospital
Edna Daley Supt Kings County Hospital
Roberta Nicholson RN Supt Falconwood Hospital
Lorna Ellis RN  
Millie Gamble RN  
Mona Wilson RN  
Ina Gillan RN  
Frances Kemp RN  
Mrs J E B McCready IODE
Honourable Mr Justice F L Hazard Canadian Red Cross Society
George J Tweedy Canadian Red Cross Society
Mrs C O Duffy Canadian Red Cross Society
Mrs V L Goodwill Canadian Red Cross Society
Gladys Holman Canadian Red Cross Society
Mrs S R Jenkins Canadian Red Cross Society
Mrs Charles Lyons Canadian Red Cross Society
Lt Col H M Davison VD Canadian Red Cross Society
D A MacKinnon Canadian Red Cross Society
John McKenna Canadian Red Cross Society
W F Tidmarsh Canadian Red Cross Society
Alexandra Scott Teacher
Agnes Ramsay Teacher
Zachariah Buote Teacher
C B Jelly Teacher
Hammond Johnston Teacher
Alex Graham Crowe Boy Scout Association
William Warren Boy Scout Association
R C Parent Boy Scout Association
Mrs H R Stewart  
Mary MacNutt Canadian Girl Guides Association
Lt Norman W Lowther MM Amputation Association
Archibald Birtwhistle  
John F Duffy  
Walter Jones  
Wilfred McIsaac  

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