Priests of P.E.I.

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Submitted by Fran MacDonald MacPhail -

The following information extracted from: "Prince Edward Island Priests - Who have labored or are laboring in the Sacred Ministry, outside the Diocese of Charlottetown" by Rev. James Donahoe. It is the second edition, ca. 1935. The first edition was in 1912.

A Readable Copy of this Book at be seen at:

A large amount of additional information updating this list has been provided through the research of Gary Carroll - - Fran asks our readers to email her if they have any further date of death or parent's names, for any in the following list if missing.

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Last Name First Name Title DOB Place of Birth Father Mother DOD Place of Death Burial Ordination Assignment Comments

J. W. [James

  Feb. 01, 1879 Tignish, Lot 1 John J. Arsenault Margaret E. Arsenault 1Oct. 20, 1914 1 St. Boniface, Manitoba   Aug. 13, 1907, Quebec Western Canada – Winnipeg, Portage La Prarie In 1883 his parents moved to Saskatchewan
Arseneault Augustin Rev. Mar. 21, 1896 Mt. Carmel Frank T. Arseneault Mathilda Arseneault Dec. 23, 1928 St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec Dec. 23, 1922, Redemptorist Seminary, Ottawa St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec  
Arseneault Sylverius Joseph Rev. Jul. 19, 1862 Egmont Bay Hon. J. O. Arseneault Gertrude Gaudet Jan. 22, 1925 Mercy Hospital, Williston, North Dakota   Seminary of the Holy Cross, Montreal, Quebec Williston, North Dakota; Seattle, Moxee City, Washington  
Bowlen William Francis Rev. Apr. 24, 1884 Grand River Road (Cardigan) Michael Bowlen Mary Casey 1 May 1, 1944 1 Charlottetown Hospital, P.E.I.   Sep. 08, 1915, Calgary, British Columbia Muenster, Sask; St. Louis, Missouri; Calgary, Oyen, High River, Alberta "His parents were … three generations removed from Tipperary."
Broderick Thomas J. Rt. Rev, Monsignor Aug. 12, 1848 Charlottetown Thomas Broderick, Shipbuilder, (died c. 1858). Ellen Ryan (died c. 1868) Oct. 05, 1915 Baltimore, Maryland St. Martin’s, Baltimore, Maryland Dec. 20, 1979, Baltimore, Maryland St. Martin’s Church, Baltimore, Maryland Older brother James, also a priest. He died 1872.
Buote Dionel Rev. Sep. 17, 1902 Rustico Angus Buote Not given. 1 Sep. 12 1973 1 Cottonwood, Idaho   May 15, 1927, St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Boise, Pocatello, Sand Point, & Weiser, Idaho  
Burke Alfred E. Rev. Sep. 08, 1862 Georgetown 1 Capt. James Burke 1 Mary Moar Dec. 15, 1926 Hosptial of the Little Company of Mary, Rome, Italy Italy 1 May 30, 1885, Quebec City Pres. Of the Church Extension Society of Canada 1 Subject of a book, "A. E. Burke", Clarke Printing, 1993 by Rev. Arthur O'Shea
Butler Francis L. Rev. Oct. 23, 1893 Charlottetown Thomas Butler Elizabeth Carmody 1 Aug. 08, 1951 1 Wichita, Kansas   Dec. 23, 1917, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Wichita & MacCracken, Kansas  
Butler John J. Rev. Apr. 05, 1898 Charlottetown 1 Thomas Butler Not given. 1 Oct 14, 1955 1 Charlottetown Hospital, P.E.I.   Jun. 04, 1922, St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Wichita, Seward & Pratt, Kansas  
Cahill Albert Louis Rev. Mar. 17, 1881 Central Bedeque John Cahill Ellen Murphy May 17, 1920 Bristol, Rhode Island St. Mary’s Jun. 1913, St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland Bristol, Rhode Island  
Cameron William Edny Rev. 2 Dec. 12, 1877 2 Grand River, Lot 14 Matthias Cameron Mary Eliza MacDonald Jul. 07, 1931 Holy Cross Hosp., Calgary, Alberta St. Mary’s Cemetery, Calgary,Alberta Sep. 03, 1916, Grand River, P.E.I. Principal of St. Mary’s Boys School, Calgary, Alberta  
Campbell Joseph E. Rev. Jan. 03, 1898 Mitchell River Not given Not given 1 Apr. 07, 1964 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba   Jul. 14, 1929, All Saints Church, Cardigan, P.E.I. Winnipeg, Manitoba; Regina, Sask.  
Cass Frederick Rev. None given. North River 1 Thomas P. Cass 1 Mary Trainor 1 May 23, 1907 1 Mar. 03, 1935   Mar. 03, 1935 Charlottetown, P.E.I.  
Cass John Rev. None given North River 1 Thomas P. Cass 1 Mary Trainor 1 Feb. 16, 1970 1 Montreal, Quebec   Aug. 12, 1934, Loyola College Chapel, Montreal, Quebec    
Coady Francis Rev. 1897 North Wiltshire James Coady Cecelia Dwyer Died just before publication of the book. 1 Mar. 04, 1935 1 Vernon, B.C.   May 24, 1931 St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario Vancouver, B.C.  
Cullen Thomas E. Rev Sep. 20, 1874 Charlottetown Patrick Cullen Mary Campbell 1 Sep. 30, 1940 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota   Nov. 08, 1901, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota  
Curran Peter Rev. Jun. 29, 1853 St. Teresa’s Parish Thomas Curran Mary Mooney Aug. 29, 1909 The Glockner Sanatorium, Colorado Springs, Colorado St. Teresa’s Cemetery, P.E.I. Nov. 1889, Rome, Italy Tracadie, St. Margaret’s, P.E.I.; Denver, Colorado; and Kansas City A brother, Rev. Thomas Curren was parish priest for many years at Kelly’s Cross and then professor at St. Dunstan’s.
Daly William Augustine Rev. May 22, 1872 St. Mary’s Road Thomas Daly (b. in Newfoundland) 3Margaret Tynan 1Apr. 01, 1934 Portland, Oregon 3Mt. Calvary Cemetery,Portland. Mar. 13, 1897, Grand Seminary, Quebec Roseberry, Salem & Portland, Oregon 3Fr. Daly was at Roseburg, Eugene, Salem (St. Joseph's) and Portland (Immaculate Heart) and is buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Portland.
Donahoe Edmond Francis Rev. Feb. 22, 1900 Roseneath, Lot 53 Thomas C. Donahoe Catherine Cain 1 Jun. 21, 1988 1 Edmonton, Alberta   Aug. 11, 1921, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta Family moved to Newton, Massachusetts between 1921 – 1924.
Donahue James Rev Sep. 16, 1870 Roseneath, Lot 53 James Donahue Mary Quinn 1 Jun. 02, 1955 1 Minneapolis, Minnesota   Jun. 13, 1904, St. Paul, Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Author of the book.
Doyle Patrick B. Rev Apr. 05, 1862 Earnscliffe (called Gallas Point at that time), Lot 50 Francis Doyle (b. in Ireland) Alice Darmody (b. in Ireland) Very ill at publication – not expected to live.
d. 1Nov. 02, 1935
1Baltimore, Md.   Dec. 20, 1902 Josephinum, Columbus, Ohio Minneapolis, MN; Columbus, Ohio; New Haven, Connecticut  
Duffy Henry A. Rev. Jan. 23, 1897 Ft. Augustus Patrick Duffy Alice McQuirk 1Oct. 17, 1966 1Daysland, Alberta   St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Edmonton, Alberta  
Fitzgerald James H. Rev. Jun. 20, 1905 Georgetown 1 Charles Michael Fitzgerald 1 Mary A. 1Apr. 15, 1975 1Calgary, Alberta   Jun. 14, 1930, St. James Cathedral, Montreal, Quebec Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba  
Foley John P.   Aug. 08, 1878 Kildare Patrick E. Foley Margaret Cahill 1Oct. 14, 1964 1St. Paul, Minnesota   Jun. 11, 1908, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota St. Thomas College, St. Paul & Faribault, MN His grandparents were from Ireland. 1 Appointed Monsignor 1957.
Francis Anthony A. Rev. 1902 West Devon Joseph Francis Susan ??? 1Jun. 15, 1975 1V.G. Hosp., Halifax, N.S.   Feb. 14, 1932, Holy Heart Seminary, Halifax, Nova Scotia Truro, Nova Scotia One of 14 children.
Gallant Arthur Rev. 1896 Rustico Anthony Gallant Mary Gallant 1Mar. 20, 1976 1Laval, Quebec   Jun. 03, 1926, Eudist Seminary, Charlesbourg, Quebec Anticosti Island  
Gillis Adolphus Rev. Nov. 21, 1903 St. Peter’s Bay John D. Gillis Catherine Campbell 1Feb. 07, 1990 1Edmonton, Alberta   Dec. 15, 1929, St. Peter’s Church, St. Peter’s, P.E.I. Pastor at St.Columkille’s Church, Clandonald, Alberta  
Griffin Howard Rev. Jun 09, 1904 Burton, Lot 7 Not given. Not given. 1 Jan. 03, 1965 1 Edmonton, Alberta   Jun. 17, 1928, Grand Seminary, Quebec St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta 1 Appointed Monsignor 1949
Hughes Frank Rev. Jan. 01, 1871 Bedford Thomas Hughes Catherine Trainor 1 Sep. 18, 1940     Oct. 01, 1916, Grand Seminary, Quebec Granum and Calgary, Alberta Married Maud Brothers in 1904 – one child Raymond. Maud died in 1909.
Hughes Peter Felix Rt. Rev. 1 Aug. 03, 1884 1 Emerald 1 John Hughes 1 Ann McCabe 1Jul. 29, 1974 1Charlottetown, P.E.I.   Jun. 15, 1913, Kinkora, P.E.I. P.E.I., Edmonton, Alberta; Regina, Sask.  
Hughes Robert Rev. Mar. 05, 1853 Mill Cove Robert Hughes Bridget Mooney Nov. 07, 1935 St. James Hospital, St. James, Minnesota   Nov. 05, 1885, St. Thomas Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota Waseca County; Blue Earth City; St. John’s , Mankato; and lastly Chaplain of the Franciscan Home for the Aged at St. James, Minnesota Grandfather was Hon. Robert Mooney, parliament. At the time of his death, his sister, Mrs. Jane Hughes Sullivan was still living at Mankato, MN
Hughes Daniel Rev. Mar. 04, 1866 Mill Cove Patrick Hughes (came to P.E.I. in 1838 from Tyholland, Armagh, Ireland) Bridget Mooney (dau. of Hon. Robert Mooney) Oct. 24, 1909 Sister’s Hospital, Mankato, Minnesota Mankato, Minnesota Dec. 1894 Prof. of Dogmatic Theology at St. Paul’s Seminary A sister is Mrs. John Byrne on P.E.I..
Hynes Thomas Rev., 1 Monsignor Jul. 07, 1903 Montague None given. None given. 1Sep. 30, 1975 1Toronto, Ontario   Jul. 31, 1935, Miltown Park, Dublin, Ireland   At publication still at Miltown Park, Dublin Ireland
Johnston Richard C. Rev. Jan. 15, 1905 Kinkora None given. None given. 1Apr. 29, 1972 1Toronto, Ontario   Jun. 23, 1935, St. Mary’s Seminary, St. Mary’s, Kansas St. Mary’s, Kansas  
Kelley Francis Clement Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oct. 23, 1870 Charlottetown 1 John Kelley 1 Mary Ann Murphy 1Feb. 02, 1948     Aug. 1893 June 25, 1924 named Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa  
Kiggins Thomas A. Rev. Oct. 12, 1905 Charlottetown Francis E. Kiggins Matilda Atkins 1 Nov. 16, 1964 1 Hull, Quebec   May 21, 1932, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario  
Landrigan Cornelius Rev. Dec. 13, 1900 Sturgeon Matthias Landrigan Catherine Donahoe (of Roseneath) 1Mar. 22. 2000 1Edmonton, Alberta   Dec. 21, 1930, St. Augustine’s Seminary Chapel. Edson, Alberta.  
Larkin William Edward Rev. Sep. 04, 1882 St. Peter’s Bay John Larkin Margaret McCormick 1Dec. 08, 1941 1Colorado   Mar. 30, 1912, St. Thomas Seminary, Denver, Colorado Denver, Pueblo, Elbert, Salida, Cripple Creek, La Junta, Colorado  
MacDonald John Alister Somerled Rev. 2 May 11, 1840 2 St. George, Bermuda Roderick Charles MacDonald 2 Elizabeth McDonnell Sep. 01, 1907 Montreal, Quebec   No details No details  
McDonald Alex   Sep. 12, 1875 Lakeville Leo McDonald Margaret McGinnis 1 Sep. 01. 1936 1 Vancouver, B.C.   Jun. 12, 1906, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota Sheldon, North Dakota; St. Helen’s Church, Vancouver Heights, British Columbia His brother is Rev. Joseph B. McDonald.
McDonald Alfred Rev. Apr. 27, 1897 Springfield Ronald McDonald Mary Cash 1 Jun. 29, 1967 1 St. Louis, Missouri   Apr. 10, 1929, Boston, Massachusetts Homestead, Florida  
McDonald James Augustine Rev. Dec. 04, 1860 Orwell North Charles McDonald 2 Isabella MacDonald Sep., 1915 Vernon River, P.E.I. St. Joachim’s Cemetery, Vernon River, P.E.I. May 17, 1895, Laval Seminary, Quebec Taught at St. Dunstan’s, Charlottetown, P.E.I.; Carrington, North Dakota A brother, John Joseph, became a priest also. Ordained in Fargo, North Dakota.
McDonald John Joseph Rev. Dec. 03, 1859 Orwell Charles McDonald 2 Isabella MacDonald May 21, 1931 Michigan, North Dakota Michigan, North Dakota Aug. 01, 1899 Devil’s Lake, North Dakota Jamestown & Michigan, North Dakota  
McDonald Joseph B Rev. Dec. 07, 1873 East Point Leo McDonald Margaret McGinnis 1 Nov. 14, 1940 1 North Vancouver, B.C.   Dec. 18, 1896, St. Joseph’s Convent, Charlotetown Jamestown, Lisbon, Grafton, North Dakota; Vancouver, British Columbia At time of the book he was pastor of St. Edmund’s Church, N. Vancouver, B.C.
McDonald Peter Francis Rev. Jun. 21, 1878 St. Andrews James McDonald Mary Ellen McDonald (niece of Rev. Bernard D. McDonald, D.D. 2nd Bishop of Charlottetown 1 May 15, 1954 1 Charlottetown Hospital, P.E.I.   Jun. 09, 1911, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota St. Charles College, Helena, Montana; Butte, Montana  
McDonald Ronald B. Rev. Apr. 16, 1844 Bedeque Angus McDonald Jane McDonald Nov. 25, 1922 Charlottetown, P.E.I. St. Mary’s, Souris, P.E.I. Sep. 14, 1866, Charlottetown, P.E.I.  


McDonald Stephen Joseph Rev. Feb. 02, 1881 Monticello James McDonald Catherine McDonald Jul. 06, 1930 Charlottetown, P.E.I.   Dec. 21, 1911, Grand Seminary, Montreal, Quebec St. Peter’s, P.E.I.; St. Dunstan’s, P.E.I. & Edmonton, Alberta Parents members of St. Margaret’s Parish
McDonald John Rev. 1 1796 or 1797 Tracadie Capt. John McDonald of Glenaladale 1 Margaret McDonald Oct. 12, 1874 London, England   1825, Paris, France   1 DCB, Vol 10, pg 460 - Rev. John McDonald was the 2nd P.E.I. born man to be ordained and his ceremony took place in Paris in 1825. He was born 1796 or 1797 at Tracadie.
McDonnell Allan Gregory Rev. Nov. 17, 1825 Donaldston Alexander McDonnell Flora Anna Maria MacDonald (dau. of Capt. John MacDonald of Glenaladale, P.E.I.) Mar. 12, 1911     Jul. 18, 1864, Boston, MA Jesuit Missionary  
McGuigan James Charles Archbishop, Toronto, Ontario Nov. 26, 1894 Hunter River George H. McGuigan Anna Monaghan 1 Apr. 08, 1964 Toronto, Ontario   May 26, 1918, Rustico Edmonton, Alberta and Regina, Sask. and Archbishop of Toronto, Ontario  
McInnis Austin Rev. 1880 Earnscliffe Augustine McInnis Margaret McInnis Apr. 02, 1935 Tucson, Arizona Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles, California Sep. 06, 1914, Cathedral at Vancouver, British Columbia Burlingame, California; Trail, British Columbia; Tucson, Arizona  
McIntyre Adolphus L. Rev. Jul. 15, 1882 Selkirk Peter McIntyre Catherine McCormack 1 Nov. 13, 1967 1 Cranbrook, B.C.   May 12, 1918, St Michael’s Cathedral, British Columbia Vancouver St. Margaret’s Parish. His grandparents came from the Highlands of Scotland – he is a great nephew of Bishop McIntyre.
McIntyre Alexander Wilfred Rev. Jul. 19, 1891 Arlington School District, Lot 14 James A. McIntyre Mary McDonald (sister of Rev. Laughlin McDonald) 1 Nov. 13, 1955 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba   Jul. 18, 1920, Arlington, P.E.I. Winnipeg, Virden, and Souris Manitoba  
McKenna Herman J. Rev. Apr. 26, 1884 St. Theresa’s Peter McKenna Mary Ann Hughes 1 Feb. 13, 1948 1 Owatonna, Minnestota   Jan. 03, 1913, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota Rochester, Rose Creek, Windom, Owatonna, Minnesota Nephew of Rev. Robert & Rev. Daniel Hughes.
McKenna John P. Rev. Apr. 08, 1883 Iona Owen McKenna Mary McCabe Still living at publication     Jun. 17, 1910, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Leavenworth, Holton, Kansas City, Kansas  
McKenna Ronald Joseph Rev. Oct. 18, 1904 Oyster Bed Bridge Dr. Solomon McKenna Beatrice Frazer 1 Mar. 07, 1984 1 Regina, Sask.   Dec. 03, 1934, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario Regina, Sask. Parents belonged to St. Augustine’s Church.
McKenzie Joseph C. Rev. 1 1882 Vernon River John G. McKenzie Elizabeth Curry 1 Jan. 17, 1939 Cranbrook, B.C.   Sep. 11, 1911 Revelstoke & Nelson, British Columbia Member of St. Joachim’s Parish
McKenzie Wilbert Basil Rev. Dec. 08, 1889 Vernon River Not given. Not given. 1 May 16, 1966 1 Victoria, B.C.   Jul. 06, 1919, St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Vancouver and British Columbia Two brothers are priests – Rev. Jos. C. McKenzie of Nelson, BC and Rev. R. V. McKenzie at St. Dunstan’s.
McKinnon Bernard J. Rev. Jun. 06, 1865 Melrose, Lot 55 Alexander McKinnon Mary Morrison 1 Jan. 22, 1926 1 California   Jun. 1891 St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland San Francisco, Suisun City, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, California Brother of Rev. William McKinnon
McKinnon Donald J. Rev. Nov. 16, 1874 Melrose, Lot 55 Francis X. McKinnon Mary McCauley Aug. 24, 1920 Livermore, California   Sept. 18, 1897 St. George’s San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Hayward, Moran Hill, California  
McKinnon James C. Rev. Nov. 30, 1869 Grand River West Neil McKinnon Elizabeth McIntyre 1 Nov. 25, 1955 1 Halifax, Nova Scotia   Jun. 29, 1897 Covent of the House of the Good Shepherd, Halifax, Nova Scotia Bridgewater, Annapolis, & Herring Cove, Nova Scotia  
McKinnon Neil Norbert   2 May 30, 1842 2 Grand River, Lot 14 2 Alexander McKinnon 2 Sarah McKinnon Oct. 09, 1907 New York City, New York Fordham Cemetery, New York 1875, Woodstock, Maryland St. Ignatius Church, New York City2 Vice Provincial of New York Province of Jesuits  
McKinnon William Daniel Rev. Aug. 01, 1858 Melrose, Lot 55 Alexander McKinnon Mary Morrison Sep. 24, 1902 Manila, Philippines   Jun. 1887, St. Mary’s Seminar Baltimore, Maryland Director of Orphan Asylum in San Rafael, CA; Chaplain of the First California Infantry and lastly Manila, Philippines  
McNally J. T. [John Thomas] Bishop of Hamilton, Ontario 1 Jun. 24, 1871 1 Hope River 1 John McNally 1 Ann Mullins 1 Nov. 18, 1952 1 Halifax, Nova Scotia   Apr. 04, 1896 Jan. 18, 1926 named Bishop of Hamilton, Ontario 1 Bio and Obit in the Guardian Weds., 19 Nov., 1952, page 1
McPhee Peter Rev. Feb. 1851 Big Pond, St. Margaret’s Parish, Lot 45 Michael McPhee Margaret McEachern Jul. 05, 1910 St. John’s Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota St. John’s Cemetery, Fargo, North Dakota Jul. 02, 1894, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fargo, North Dakota Fargo, Jamestown, Bismarck, Devil’s Lake, North Dakota His brother, John, of West Hope, and niece Florence, of Bismark, attended him in his last days.
McQuaid Michael Rev. Jun. 01, 1889 Green Bay Patrick McQuaid Bridget McKenna Oct. 29, 1934 St. Michael’s Hospital, Lethbridge, Alberta   Jul. 02, 1922, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta Calgary & Beiseker, Alberta A sister who was a nun died on March 28, 1932 in Vancouver.
McQuillan Patrick Rev Apr. 03, 1868 New Haven John McQuillan Alice Wynne Jul. 10, 1931 Halifax, Nova Scotia Lot 65 Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia May 24, 1902 St. Mary’s Cathedral, Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax, Bedford & Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia  
McRory Louis R. Rev. Dec. 22, 1885 Charlottetown Francis McRory (born in Ireland) Jane McCarey (born in Ireland) 1 Jan. 18, 1952 1 Deer Lodge, Montana   Jun. 09, 1911, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota Butte & Libby, Montana  
Monaghan Alfred James Rev. Jan. 16, 1903 Kelly’s Cross James H. Monaghan Mary Isabel Curran 1 Jul. 11, 1979 1 Willowdale, Ont.   Jul. 31, 1935, Jesuit House of Studies, Dublin, Ireland   At publication still in Dublin.
Monaghan Joseph Philip Rev. Dec. 26, 1884 Kelly’s Cross Charles Monaghan Mary Kiggins 1 Feb. 29, 1980 1 St. Catharines, Ontario   Jun. 27, 1924, Chapel at Georgetown Univ., Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Vancouver, B.C.; St. Stanislaus Novitiate, Guelph, Ontario His brother is Rev. Martin A. Monaghan, Pastor of Church of St. John the Baptist, Miscouche, P.E.I..
Morrison F. X. [Francis Xavier] Rev. 1865 St. Andrew’s Donald Morrison 4 Elizabeth Campbell 1 Sep. 18, 1924 Oakland, California St. Francis de Sales, Oakland, California 1897 San Francisco, Berkeley & Oakland, California His brother is Most Rev. James Morrison of Antigonish, NS
Morrison James Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia Jul. 09, 1861 St. Andrew’s Donald Morrison 4 Elizabeth Campbell Still living at publication

    Nov. 01, 1889, Rome, Italy September 4, 1912 named Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia He has two brothers in the priesthood
Morrison Vincent Rev. 1 1883 St. Andrew’s Donald Morrison 4 Susan McAskill. 1 Oct. 07, 1950 1 Scarborough, Ontario   4 June 15, 1924 St. Ninian's, Antigonish Checkiang, China His brother’s are Rev. F. X. Morrison and the Most Rev. James Morrison of Antigonish, NS
Mullally Ethelburt Rev. Jan. 1901 Souris, Lot 45 William D. Mullally Hannah Hughes 1 Nov. 13, 1936 1 Minndedosa, Manitoba   Jun. 1929 Winnipeg, Russell, Swan River, Manitoba His brother, Fr. Finlay Mullally – Prof. at St. Dunstan’s Univ.
Mullally John H. Rev. Apr. 09, 1901 Souris West, Lot 44 John Mullally Ellen Sinnott 1 Jun. 24, 1950 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba   1927, St. Alexis, Rollo Bay, P.E.I. Winnipeg, Swan River, & Deloraine, Manitoba  
Murphy John T. Rev. Apr. 15, 1871 Kinkora Thomas Murphy Rose McCabe May 23, 1919 Charlottetown, P.E.I.   Apr. 01, 1899 Rome Tacoma, Washington; Charlottetown, Tracadie, Alberton, & Summerfield, P.E.I.  
Nelligan Charles Leo Rt. Rev. Aug. 19, 1894 Tignish, Lot 1 John Michael Nelligan Margaret Harper 1 Mar. 31, 1974 1 Windsor, Ont.   Jun. 07, 1925, Tignish, P.E.I. Edmonton, Alberta One of 10 children. 1 Appointed Bishop of Pembroke, Ontario 1937.
Nelligan John "Francis" Rev. Dec. 15, 1902 Tignish, Lot 1 1 Thomas Nelligan 1 Sarah Hogan 1 May 17, 1960 1 Guelph, Ontario   Aug. 1932, Montreal, Quebec   At publication, studying at Gregorian University, Rome, Italy
O’Brien Cornelius Archbishop, Halifax, Nova Scotia May 04, 1843 New Glasgow, P.E.I. Terrence O’Brien, (from Newross, Ireland) Catherine O'Driscoll, (from Cork, Ireland) Mar. 09, 1906 Halifax, Nova Scotia   1871, Church of St. John Lateran, Rome Jan. 21, 1883 named Archbishop of Halifax, Nova Scotia  
O’Brien James Osmund Rev. 1 1894 Kildare, Lot 3 Not given. Not given. 1 Jan. 23, 1955 1 Missoula, Minnesota   1925, Cathedral, New York City Helena & Missoula, Montana  
O’Brien John Edward Rev. Jul. 30, 1869 Ft. Augustus Patrick O’Brien Anna Mullen 1 Jan. 10, 1942 1 Seattle, Washington   Sep. 03, 1897 St. James Cathedral, Vancouver, Washington Snohomish, Everett & Seattle, Washington  
O’Connell James Rev. 1 Jan. 19, 1870 Iona John O’Connell 1 Rose Anna Rice 1 Aug. 25, 1948 1 Baltimore, Maryland   Jul. 19, 1900 St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland Brunswick and Baltimore, Maryland His family moved to Boston in late 1800’s.
O’Neill Frank G. Rev. Sep. 17, 1877 Vernon River George O’Neill Hannah Foley Dec. 08, 1910 Baltimore, Maryland Holmes Family Mausoleum, Baltimore, Maryland Jun. 18, 1901 St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland Easton & Baltimore, Maryland At the time of his death, his father, brother and sisters resided in Everett, Mass.
O’Neill James Rupert Rev. Apr. 19, 1901 Charlottetown John O’Neill Nellie Curran 1 Nov. 06, 1947 1 Alberta   May 25, 1924, St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Edmonton, Red Deer, Castor, Comrose & Villeneuve, Alberta  
O’Neill Richard Joseph Rev. Apr. 16, 1905 Charlottetown John O’Neill Nellie Curran 1 Oct. 14, 1958 1 Viking, Alberta   Dec. 21, 1927 Viking, Alberta  
Power Edward J. Rev. Mar. 18, 1878 Charlottetown Patrick Power Elizabeth Hanway 1 Jul. 03, 1956 1 Oakland, California   Jun. 24, 1904, St. Alphonsus Church, St. Louis, Missouri Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan & Seattle, Washington; His sister, Margaret became a nun and his brother, John, born 1887 became a priest.
Reardon Monsignor James Michael Rev. Aug. 31, 1872 Covehead Road, Covehead, Lot 34 Daniel Reardon Bridget Hayden 1 Dec. 12, 1963 1 Minneapolis, Mn.   Jun. 4, 1898, St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul , Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota 1 Raised to the rank of Monsignor June 1941 - Photo and Info about Father Reardon
Reid Alban Randolph Rev. Apr. 28, 1893 Clifton Michael Reid Eliza Murphy Very ill at time of publication. d. 1 Mar 25, 1972 1 Montreal, Quebec   Jun. 2, 1917, Grand Seminary, Quebec Phillip and Deadwood, South Dakota  
Roche Joseph T. Rev. Jan. 03, 1865 Iona Michael Roche Hannah Murphy Date not known     Dec. 17, 1892, St. Mary’s Seminar, Baltimore, Maryland Lincoln, David City, Fairbury and Nebraska City, Nebraska 1 War Correspondent in the 1912 Balkan war.
Rogers Emmett F.   1 1876 Glenwood, Souris West, Lot 44 Patrick Rogers, Co. Tyrone, Ireland Jessie McDonald of Hillsborough, P.E.I. 1 Sep. 29, 1953 1 Suffern, New York   Jun. 13, 1908, St. Joseph’s Seminary, New York St. Columba, New York City; Tomkins Cove, New York  
Rooney Eugene Rev. May 29, 1899 Iona Philip Rooney (They moved to Cherry Valley in 1903) Ellen McKenna 1 Mar. 20, 1975 1 Westlock, Alberta   Oct. 21, 1923 , St. Joseph’s Seminary Edmonton, Alberta Tofield &Westlock, Alberta  
Rooney J. Alphonsus Rev. Oct. 06, 1891 Iona Philip Rooney (They moved to Cherry Valley in 1903) Ellen McKenna 1 Feb. 08, 1952 1 Butte, Montana   Jun. 13, 1916, Rome Helena, Great Falls Montana Parents were married on July 25, 1884 at St. Joachim’s, Vernon River by Rev. James Phalen - 13 children (5 priests, 2 nuns.)
Rooney James Rev. Aug. 23, 1893 Iona Philip Rooney (They moved to Cherry Valley in 1903) Ellen McKenna 1 Apr. 08, 1984 1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   Jan. 09, 1921, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario Sapulpa, Okalhoma  
Rooney Joseph Rev. No date given Iona Philip Rooney (They moved to Cherry Valley in 1903) Ellen McKenna Still living at publication       Morell, P.E.I.  
Rooney Patrick Leo Rev. 1 1901 1 Iona Philip Rooney (They moved to Cherry Valley in 1903) Ellen McKenna 1 Apr. 03, 1973 1 Charlottetown Hospital, P.E.I.   Dec. 18, 1927 Warspite, Alberta  
Rooney Phillip Michael Rev. Aug. 04, 1903 Iona Patrick Rooney Christina Ellen Griffin 1 Mar. 21, 1953 St. Boniface, Manitoba   Dec. 21, 1929, St. Joseph’s Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta Onaway, Alberta  
Ryan Michael A. Rev. Apr. 14, 1869 Mt. Ryan Edward Ryan (born in Charlottetown) Margaret Ryan (of Fortune Road) Apr. 24, 1934 St. Paul, Minnesota Calvary Cemetary, St. Paul, Minnesota Jun. 10, 1905, St. Paul’s Seminary, Minnesota Head of Commercial Dept. of St. Thomas College, St. Paul, Minnesota  
Sinnott Alfred A. Archbishop, Winnipeg, Manitoba Feb. 22, 1877 Crapaud, boyhood at St. Peter’s Harbour John Sinnot Jane McAuley 1 Apr. 18, 1954 1Winnipeg, Manitoba   Feb. 18, 1900, Rome, Italy December 9, 1915 named Archibishop of Winnipeg  
Smith Charles Russell Rev. Aug. 17, 1889 Maplewood (Kelly’s Cross) John Smith Margaret Trainor 1 Dec. 28, 1955 1 Fall River, Mass.   Apr. 18, 1914, St. Bernard’s Seminary, Rochester, New York New Bedford, Fall River, Oak Bluffs, Seekonk, Massachusetts "His father died when Charles was only nine years old."
St. John Richard Ronald Rev., Monsignor Dec. 09, 1895 Souris, Lot 45 Patrick St. John 2 Anastasia McAulay 1 Feb. 17, 1954 1 Chicago, Illinois   Dec. 21, 1919 Grand Seminary, Quebec Oklahoma. 2 V.P. and General Secretary of the Church Extrension Soc. of the United States.  
Sullivan Joseph Owen Rev. 1 1898 Greenfield ("which is part of St. Mary’s Parish, Montague") Not given. Not given. 1 Mar. 17, 1967 Sylvan Lake, Alberta   May 29, 1925, St. Dunstan’s Cathedral, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds, Hardisty, & Entwhistle, Alberta  
Sullivan Leo Rev. Aug. 09, 1896 Greenfield ("which is part of St. Mary’s Parish, Montague") Not given. Not given. 1 Nov. 30, 1969 Calgary, Alberta   Jul. 3, 1929, All Saints Church, Cardigan, P.E.I. Empress, Alberta When he was a boy, the family moved to Cardigan.
Sullivan Peter Rev. 1 1900 Greenfield ("which is part of St. Mary’s Parish, Montague") Not given. Not given. 1 Dec. 10, 1957 Westlock, Alberta   Not given Calgary, Alberta  
Trainor Thomas D. Rev. 1 1877 Kelly’s Cross 1 James Trainor 1 Mary Haughey 1 May 19, 1941 1 Fall River, Massachusetts   Dec. 18, 1908, St. John’s Seminary, Brighton, Massachusetts Taunton, North Deighton & Fall River, Massachusetts. 1 Rev. Thomas donated the bell for Kelly's Cross Church.
Walsh Joseph J. Rev. May 5, 1902 Elliotvale John J. Walsh Emma Jane McCarthy 1 Apr. 23, 1952 Stoney Creek, Alberta   May 31, 1931, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Ontario Kindersley & Manor, Sask. St. Joachim’s Parish
White Daniel F. Rev. Feb. 24, 1884 Rollo Bay, Lot 44 Cyril White Angelica MacCormac 1 Oct. 04, 1952 1 Abbotsford, B.C.   Jun. 20, 1935, St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Vancouver, B.C.  

1 Updated information from the research of Gary Carroll. An invaluable source for updates to Gary has been Fr. Art O'Shea's "Prince Edward Island Priests Away", published in 2000, plus information from Gary's own, and Catherine Hennessey's family research.
2 Updated information from the research of Walter MacDonald,
3 Updated information from the research of Jim Mulhern,
4 Updated information from the research of Basil Campbell,

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