Royal Gazette, Jul 14, 1846, Petition to run in Election

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Royal Gazette, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. July 14, 1846



The undersigned Electors of the Second District of Queen's County do hereby request that you come forward as a Candidate at the ensuing General Election, for the representation of this District. From our intercourse with you for many years past, we beg to assure you that we have every reason to place our unlimited confidence in your merits, and we pledge ourselves herein to use all the power, influence and interest of which we are possessed, to secure your exclusive return. Given this 4th day of July, 1846


Glenfinan and Johnson's River, Cont'd


Martin Power

John McAree

Hugh Mullaley

Bernard McAree

Peter Traynor

James Callaghan

Patrick Grimley

James McEntee

Francis Shean

Peter McEntee

Henry McQuade

Charles Traynor

James McQuade

Patrick McAleer

Patrick Callaghan

Owen McKenna

John Quinn

Michael Mullen

James Quinn

John McAleer

Michael Clerkin

John McEntee

William Lin

Lake Simpson

Fort Augustus

Francis Loughran

Mark Webster

Francis Quinn

R. Webster

John Quinn

Peter Duffy

Patrick Quinn

W. Holland

Francis Traynor

John Keenan

James Traynor

James Doyle

James Traynor jun.

James McBride

Henry Fitzsimmons

John Burnett

John McAree

John Kelly

Francis Denis

Donald McConnell

Philip McMahon

Henry Corley

Michael Hughes sen.

Mich. Hughes

James Norris

Bryan Hughes

Patrick Traynor

James Power

James Lappin

Peter Hughes

Owen Simpson

John Mitchell

Patricl McKoan

John Keer

James Lynn

Patrick Hughes

James Finegan

Charles McGuire

Owen Traynor

Richd. Clark

John Traynor

John Charles Clark

James Murphy

Benjamin F. Clark

Patrick Goodfellow

George Clark

James Welsh


Patrick McQuillan


John Quinn

Neal Walker

James Kelly

Donald McKinnon

James McMahon

Peter McKinnon

Bernard Kelly

Joseph McKinnon

James Smith

Alex. McDonald (Capt. Sandy)

Thomas Murray

Donald McDonald

Peter McKoan

Alex. McDonald (Bornish)

Jones White

John McDonald

James McKoan

Angus McDonald

Patrick McDonald

Joseph McDonald

John Monaghan

Peter McKinnon (Sugar Spring)

Thomas McAdam jun.

Angus McDonald (Bornish)

Edward McAveeney

Hugh McDonald do.

Patrick Callaghan

John McDonald do.

Patrick McMahon

Joseph McDonald do.

Bernard McKenna

James McDonald


Alex. McPhee

Glenfinan and Johnson's River

John Maloney

James McDonald (Portage)

Donald McDonald

Alex. McDonald

John McDonald (Allisary)

Allan McDonald

Alex. McDonald

James McDonald

Angus McDonald (Right Rev

Alex. McDonald

D. McDonald's father)

James McDonald jun.

Alex. Cummings

Angus McDonald

Donald McGilveray

John McDonald

John Birt

Angus McEachren

Edward Boyland

John Walker

Francis Duff

Donald McEachren


Clement McEachren

Lot 48

James Duffy

John Eden

John McEachren

William Fields

Hugh Campbell

John Kelly

Allan McDonald sen.

Bernard Clerken

Angus McDonald

James Corley

John McDonald

Owen Woods

Donald McDonald

Henry Woods

James McDonald

William McCullagh

Thomas McCarthy

Peter McCleary

John Traynor

James McAdam

Patrick Traynor

Terance Lappen

Michael Hanrigan

John Burns

Patrick Donelly

James Burns

James Clerkin

John Kelly

Patrick Martin

Thomas Kelly

Patrick Woods

James Fitzsimmons

John Beegan

Michael Traynor

Patrick McKenna

Owen Connelly

Hugh McKenna

Peter Quinn

Hugh Sherry

Patrick Clerkin

Michael McQuade


Bernard Creighan

Five Houses

Thomas Comisky

Benjamin Webster

Michael Leverty

James Brogan

Peter Leverty

Francis O'Hare

James Comisky

John Hegerty

John Coyle

Robert Duffy

Hugh Comisky

James Gilligan jun.

John Traynor

Neal Laffarty

John Dunphy

Patrick Henesy

James McQuade

Patrick McKenna

Patrick McQuade

John McLeod

James Mullen

James Ottar



I beg to return you my kind thanks for the expression of your confidence in offering to support me as one of the Representatives at the ensuing Election. I will give the subject my most serious consideration, and should I find your feelings and wishes reciprocated by the great body of the Electors of the District, I shall have no hesitation in offering myself a Candidate, and will acquaint you with my determination on Tuesday next.

I have the honor to be your obliged servant,



July 13th, 1846.

Although Francis Kelly was defeated in this election, he ran again, and held the seat for over twenty-five years until his death in 1879.

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