The Autograph Book of Amy Letitia Mullen

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Submitted by Christine Gorman -

This is a different type of document for the Register, an Autograph Book, but one I thought might be of interest to some of the Island Register's readers! Have any of your ancestors signed it?

Amy Letitia Mullen was born in 1877, the daughter of Peter Mullen and Elizabeth Kelly, of Norboro, just outside present-day Kensington. In 1898, she offered her autograph book to friends and relations to sign. In 1907, she married Thomas Gorman of the Malpeque Road and they had seven children. Tom died in 1930, and Amy died in 1956, having buried three of her sons: Dannie in 1930 after an accident sawing wood in the barnyard; Gerald, in Ortona, Italy in 1943; and David, who drowned in the undertow at Cavendish in 1947.

My Album is open, come and see...
What? Won't you waste a line on me?
Write but a thought, a word or two
That memory may revert to you.

Amy L. Mullin

Dear Amy
Time is short since first we met
And sun of friendship has risen
O may it never set.

Samuel Elias McRae - Her future brother-in-law, (1872-1943) who married her sister, Addie Mullin (1879-1957.)

Dear Amy
Amy is your name,
And single is your station
Happy is the little man
That makes the alteration.

Catherine Virginia (Jean) Dunphy, Margate Road, (1883-1966) married Charles Gallagher.

Remember me when far away
If only half awake;
Remember me on your wedding day
And send me a piece of cake.

Maggie McCabe - Amy's niece, Margaret McCabe, (1893-1984), daughter of Mary Mullin (1860-1951) and Michael McCabe (1842-1951) of Central Bedeque, PEI

Dear Amy
May it prosper thee, my dear sister
My blessings, my prayers
My hopes go with you.

A. Mullin. - Her sister, Adeline Mullin (1879 - 1957) who married Samuel Elias McRae (1872-1943) and moved to California.

Dear Amy,
May your years be bright and sunny
And your husband fat and funny.

K. A. Smith - Amy's sister, Catherine Ann Mullin (1959-1943) who married Thomas Smith (1851-1925), and lived in Kinkora, PEI.

May 3rd, 1903......John E. McCabe - Her nephew, (1889-1915) son of her sister Mary and Michael McCabe, Central Bedeque, PEI

Dear Amy:
May your pathway be a bright one,
Flowers of kindness, fruits of love,
Purest virtue wreathed around it
Till it ends in Heaven above.

Eva F. Mullin - Amy's sister (1876-1940) who married John Roberts (1870-1906) of Middleton, PEI

Dear Amy
The time has not been long, Friend,
Since we as strangers met.
The sun of friendship has arisen.
Oh! May it never set.

Your friend, Wm. J. P. MacMillan, Clermont, Oct 3, 1898 - Amy's classmate, W. J. P. MacMillan (1881-1957) later Premier and Lieutenant-Governor of PEI

Charlottetown, September 1st, 1898

To Amy,
May you live in peace, from sorrow away,
Having plenty laid up for a rainy day,
And when you are ready to settle in life,
May you get a good husband
And make a good wife.

Mary Murnaghan, a friend.

Dear Amy,
Passing through life's field of action
Lest we part before its end
Take within thy modest volume
This Momento of a friend

January 16th, 1898. - Anna Pendergast (1883-1946) who married Andrew C. O'Keefe (1883-1935.)

Dear Amy,
A line is sufficient for memory,
Sincerely your friend,

K. Mabel Connick. - Kensington 18.12.98

Paddling down the stream of Life
In your small canoe
May you have a happy time
And room enough for two.
D.G.....likely her son, David Gorman (1922 - 1947)

To Amy
Remember well and bear in mind a trusty friend is hard to find and when you find one fast and true change not the old one for the new.

James Gorman (1890-1942) - son of Peter Gorman (1838 - 1918) and Catherine Mullally (1844 - 1933) Margate Road, Kensington.

Dear Amy,
Remember me when far away.
Remember and be true.
Remember it was Katie
Who wrote this verse for you.

Katie Noonan, a friend.

Dear Amy,
I wish you wealth,
I wish you health,
I wish you golden store,
I wish you Heaven when you die
How could I wish you more.

Samuel E. McRae (1832-1903) - married to Ann Gorman (1835-1897) and moved to Grand River, Lot 7, after living in Clermont. They were the parents of Samuel E. McRae.

Clermont, Lot 19, October 3, 1898
Dear Amy,
In the storms of life
When you need an umbrella

May you have to uphold it
A handsome young fellow.
Your friend, Laura Otis Churchill

Laura Otis Churchill (1878-....) - was the stepdaughter of John Gorman (1836-1897), Clermont, PEI.

Be Honest, be brave and be kindly
Be gentle and loving as well
And then you can laugh at
The stories the little bird tells.

Likely her sister Elizabeth Mullin (1862.......) who married J. J. Kitteridge, New York City.

(The name "Mullen" came from Ireland, but in Canada, it often was Mullin, or Mullins.)

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