Kings County Barn Dances

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Submitted by Grace Blackette -

Kings County Barn Dances

It appears that the very popular "Barn Dances" of King's County were born in the early 1950's. The first ones I recall were held in the new barn of Wilfred Fogarty's in Glenfanning,on the Seven Mile Road in the early 50's. The young and not so young would come from far and wide to "swing a partner round and round" to the music of one or more local fiddlers accompanied by local guitar players. The "Souris sets" were very popular at these dances. The girls would be on benches around the walls and when the music would start the young men would approach their favourite gals "to dance a set with them". In many cases the dances were held to help support the building costs of the new structure. In addition to listing the barns, I am searching the years of operation and the fiddlers who played at them, please forward any information or corrections to Grace Blackette,

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