Tack betwixt Messr's MacDonalds & Sundries on Boysdale's Grounds

24 June 1772 [PAPEI 2664 - # 151]

It is contracted and agreed upon betwixt John MacDonald of Glenalladale & Donald MacDonald his brother German on the one Part, and Duncan MacInnis Resident on a part of the Farm of Boysdale, Charles MacKinnon there, John M'Intyre there, Angus M'Cormig there, Ranald MacDonald there, Donald MacIntosh there, Angus MacKinnon there, John MacMillan there, John Cumming there, & John MacDonald now in Stoney Bridge, Angus MacDonald on the other part. That is to say the said John and Donald MacDonalds here by letter in Tack and [?] sell [sett?] for the payment of the Yearly duty Underwritten but also with and under the Express Conditions & provisions aftermentioned to the said Duncan MacInnis, Charles MacKinnon, Angus Macormic, Ranald MacDonald Donald MacIntosh, Angus MacKinnon, John MacMillan,John Cummin and John MacDonald, their heirs, and Assigns the number of one hundred and fifty acres each other of Lot Thirty-Six in the Island of St. John in North America.

Saving and Reserving to his Majesty & his heirs all Rights and Privleges said & Reserved in the original Grant of said Lands. And that for the space of Three Thousand full & compleat Years from the Term of Wednesday last Seventeen Hundred & Seventy One. For the which Causes & on the other part, the said Duncan MacInnes, Charles MacKinnon, Angus Macormic, Ranald MacDonald, Donald MacIntosh, Angus MacKinnon, John MacMillan, John Cummin, & John MacDonald Bind and Oblige them, their heirs, Executors, Administrators, Assigns or [?] with their Goods to pay to the said John & Donald MacDonalds, their Heirs and Assigns one Penny Sterling for each Acre for three years running from Whit Sunday next Seventeen hundred & Seventy Two. Thereafter to pay three pennies Sterling for each Acre thereafter for Seven Years, at the end of which to pay Six Pence Sterling Yearly for each Acre for Seven Years more, therafter to pay one Shilling Sterling yearly for each Acre therof for ten years, At the Expiry of which to pay one Shilling & Six Pence Sterling yearly for each Acre therof during the Remainder of said Three Thousand Years, the Term of each yearly payment being the fifteenth day od May.

And Further they oblige them and foresaids to pay their share of the QuitRent payable by the Original Grant and to perform their share of all Conditions [?] thereby, and to pay and perform their share of all Taxes that may be imposed on said lands.

And Lastly both parties Bind and Oblige [them?] & foresaids to implement & fulfill and perform their respective Parts of the premises to each other Under the Penalty of Fifty Pounds Sterling to be paid by every one of each party failing to the party observing or willing to Observe their part of the Premises.

In Witness whereof both Parties have hereunto respectively sett their hands and Seals and unto another Duplicate hereof on board the Brigg Alexander the Twentyfourth day of June One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy two years.

John MacDonald
Donald MacDonald
Duncan (X) McInniss
Charles (X) MacKinnon
John (X) McIntyre
Angus (X)MCormig
Ranald(X) M'Donald
(X) = Their Mark

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of John M'Donald witness, Donald M'Donald, witness.

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