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The Brehauts and Murray Harbour - A Document prepared for an early Brehaut Reunion

Grand River West and The Queen of Greenock - The Brig "Queen of Greenock", and the History of St. Patrick's Church

Collections Lists - A listing of donators to the construction of St. Peters Church, Seven Mile Bay

Memories of Turn of the Century P.E.I. - by Margaret Frances Blenkhorn Squier

The memories of a little girl growing up in Charlottetown taken from Margaret's "Memories" book.

Scottish Records Available on the Internet

Coming soon!! Here is news of interest to all researching in Scotland! This news is from the General Register Office - Scotland web site at

"...Spring 1998 a fully searchable index of Scottish birth and marriage records from 1553 to 1897, and death records from 1855 to 1897 will be available on the Web.

"The General Register Office for Scotland Internet service will be formally launched by Henry McLeish, Minister of State at The Scottish Office on Monday the sixth of April. Public access to the database will be available immediately after the launch, from approximately 1.00 p.m. UK time.

"The service will provide World Wide Web access to a fully searchable index to births/baptisms and banns/marriages from the Old Parish Registers dating from 1553 to 1854, and births, marriages and deaths from the Statutory Index for 1855 to 1897. An index to census records for 1891 will also be provided; 1881 census data will be made available later this year.

"We have established a mailing list to inform customers when this service is launched, to be added to it send a message (with 'on-line indexes service' as the subject) to Your e-mail address will not be given to third parties."

"The General Register Office for Scotland is the UK Government department responsible for the registration of births, marriages, deaths, divorces and adoptions in Scotland, and for carrying out periodic censuses of Scotland's population."

For more information, visit their web site at

Prince Edward Island Road Atlas

For anyone looking for an excellent map of Prince Edward Island, one should consider the "Prince Edward Island Road Atlas", put out by the Dept. Of Forestry of P.E.I. All roads are shown on its 64 pages, and very high detail is shown on each map grid. House and barn locations are shown, as well as small unpaved roads and lanes. It is priced at 12.95 + GST, and is available from:

The P.E.I. Department of Agriculture and Forestry,
Forestry Division,
P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PEI.
C1A 7N8.
Phone: (902)-368-4700

The following item was found at the R.C. archives at the Diocese of Charlottetown by Lou Daley a few years ago. A good Historian never throws anything out, as one never knows when it will come in handy, and that is what we will use this page for, those little bits of information that our users have come across that may be a great help to others! We would like to invite all of you to submit anything that looks like it could be useful to someone! This could turn out to be a virtual treasure trove eventually!

A meeting held at St. Andrew's Chapel on June 29, 1829. This meeting
was held for the establishment of a preparatory school for the
education of Clergymen on the Island.

The following lists are mentioned. It is beleived that the figures
following the names are pledges or donations made towards the school.

Rev. D.  MacEachern Subscriptions
Alex McDoude V.P.
Alex McDonald,Donaldston     40.0.0
John McAdam, Savage Harbour  5.0
Thos (Pitheeck?)             1.0.0
Ronald McDonald Bornish, Trustee
J. B.  Palmer                5.0.0 down and 2 per anum for 5 years
John McVarish, St. Peters    5.0
Thos Jones                   1.0.0
Jas MacDonald,Scotchfort, Trustee
John McDonald, Allisary      1.0.0
Angus MacDonald Do           2.6
Nile Crosby, W River         1.0.0
John MacDonald, Grand Tracady (sic) Trustee
Augustine McDonald G.F.      12.6
John MacKay, Savage Harbour  5.0
Donald McEachern (little)    5.0
Allan MacDonald, Springfield 5.0
Richard Rollings, Rustico    1.0.0
Thos Barret,                 5.0
Alan McDonald, Allisary      5.0
Jas McDonald, Savage Harbour 5.0
Ewen McDonald, Pisquid       5.0
John McDonald, Head of Hillsborough 5.0
Angus MacKenzie 5.0
Jim Cary 5.0
Alex McDonald, St. Peters 5.0
John McEachern 5.0
Donald McDonald(Esq?)  5.0
Jas McDonald, Allisary 7.6
Donald McEachern 5.0

Also, passed along by Lou, from Haszard's Gazette, Jan 12, 1856, pg 2, is the following quote:

"A man who imagined himself wise because he detected some typographical errors in a newspaper, has gone east to get a perpendicular look at a rainbow."

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