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Author: William S. McGuirk
Available At: Amazon
ISBN-13: 9781495453885 Softcover, 185 pages
Price: $14.95
Report by: The Island Register

Reclaiming A Stolen Island Heritage Reclaiming A Stolen Island Heritage, a book by William S. McGuirk is the story of the ManNeills of Brevig, Isle of Barra, Western Isles, Scotland. Follow Bill as he puts together several years of research and correspondence related to the chieftainship Of the family.

Bill says his family has been mis-represented in clan literature for many years, and efforts to offer corrections had been met with resistance and criticism.

The book is an attempt to present in one place the facts as Bill has found them and to expose the roadblocks he has encountered through the process. Available from:

Author: Ivan Ashley
ISBN: 978-0-9780576-1-9
Softcover, 177 pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $20.00 + s/h
Report: Adapted from email from Lori Adams
Red SoilRed Island Clay is a fictional Prince Edward Island love story that begins in the summer of 1950 when Tom Lowden and Ann Browning, both eleven years of age, met for the very first time. For Tom it was love at first sight and Ann became the girl of his dreams. However, this is more than a simple love story. It is the story of growing up in the fifties and life on the farm. It is about the all too common need to move away in search of a better economic future and the ever-present desire to return home. It's also about the importance of family, friends and community and deals with loss, survival and getting on with life.
Ivan Ashley is a songwriter and author who lives in Elmsdale, Prince Edward Island. Although this is his first full length novel, Ivan has been writing songs since 1988. In 2006, he published his first book, a compilation of short stories and song lyrics entitled Red Island Clay - 101 Songs and the Stories Behind Them.
Available from:
Ivan Ashley-
P.O. Box 55
Elmsdale, PEI
C0B 1K0
(902) 853-2882

Also available at the O'Leary Pharmacy and Murphy's Pharmacy in Kensington.


Author: Felix (LeRoy) Perry
ISBN: 1-55109-354-5
Soft Cover, 89 Pages
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing, P.O. Box 9301, Stn. A, Halifax, N.S., B5K 5N5.
Available At: Reading Well, Bookmark, Charlottetown, Most Chapters Bookstores
Price: $14.95 Cdn
Report: Adapted from email from Leroy
Red Soil"Red Soil" is Felix (LeRoy)'s version of his father, Felix Perry's experiences as a soldier during World War II. It follows his father's journey from the fields of Hunter River to life as a soldier during the war. His journey took him to training in New Brunswick, to Nova Scotia, to Newfoundland, to the frontlines of the war in Europe, and winds up with is eventual return to the home. Felix (LeRoy) hastens to note that is is not meant to be a factual account of the war, but more of a way to help another generation to understand what Canadian soldiers went through in the cause of freedom. It is a tale of love - love for one's country and comrades - even for the enemy.
The book has recently won a P.E.I. Heritage Award from the P.E.I.M.H.F. It is truly an exceptional book. Congratulations LeRoy.


Author: Georges Arsenault
Published: Centre d'études acadiennes, Collection Traditions acadiennes, 2000
Available At: See Below
Price: $17.95
Report by: Georges Arsenault

This CD presents a variety of songs and tunes representing the rich musical tradition of the Prince Edward Island Acadians. All have been selected by author and folklorist Georges Arsenault from his field recordings made since the early 1970s. The traditional singers and musicians, most of whom have now passed away, were from West-Prince, the Evangeline Region and Summerside.

Some of the songs are ancient ballads brought from France centuries ago, while others are locally composed songs that reflect the experiences of Island Acadians. The CD comes with a 24- page illustrated bilingual booklet.

Avaliable from:

Georges Arsenault -
65 Ambrose St.
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
C1A 3P8
Ph: 902-566-5067


Compiled by: North Tryon Historical Assn.
1993 - 2 volumes, Soft Cover, About 600 Pages Total
Available At: Check Island Bookstores
Price: $30.00 / set
Report by: Dave Hunter

A two volume set, the first, a community history, With chapters on Early settlement, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Srvices, Arts & Crafts, Transportation, Communication, Education, Politics, Memories, and much more, and the second, genealogies of the families of North Tryon!


Author: Pauline A. Millar
ISBN: 0-9689238-0-1
2001 - Soft Cover
Available At: West Country Historical Society Inc.
Price: $20.00 + s/h
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Shipbuilding and lumbering were very important industries on Prince Edward Island during the nineteenth century. One area where shipbuilding and lumbering was carried out to a great extent was in Lot 12, particularly the locality known as Bideford. Pauline A. Millar, a life-long resident of the area, has attempted to record information of interest from earlier times leading up to the present, concerning Bideford and surrounding communities. This information, obtained from various archives, family records, newspaper clippings, and from local residents, has recently been compiled into a concise, well-illustrated and well-documented little book of approximately 130 pages, packed with information and entitled ROOTS & BRANCHES: A Story of Bideford and Surrounding Communities.

This book consists of four chapters, three appendices, and a bibliography. Chapter One gives general information on Prince Edward Island. Chapter Two focuses on shipbuilding and lumbering and the early settlers of Bideford and surrounding communities. Chapter Three describes changing times after the demise of the shipbuilding and lumbering industry in the area. Chapter Four, entitled "Moving On" covers a number of topics - some of these being education, postal service, health care, and womens' organizations, to name but a few. Appendix One lists interesting educational information obtained from school records, including a great many names of people who taught in the area. Appendix Two deals with various churches and lists the ministers who served these churches. Appendix Three deals with those who served at Stewart Memorial Hospital. The last section, entitled "Research", states information sources.

I had the pleasure of reading ROOTS & BRANCHES and was amazed at how much information was contained within this book. Once I started to read it I couldn't put it down until I finished the last page. Pauline has a talent of putting things to paper in a most interesting and concise manner.

Layout and cover design for ROOTS & BRANCHES was done by Debbie Brady at Graphically Speaking. The book was published by West Country Historical Society Inc., with financial support from the Cultural Development Program of P.E.I. and was printed in Canada by Williams and Crue Limited. ISBN 0-9689238-0-1 Copyright Pauline Millar 2001. The book was officially launched on December 1, 2001, the day before Pauline's 83rd birthday, at the Bideford Parsonage Museum. Cost of the book is $20.00 plus postage and shipping costs. All profit from the sale of this book goes to support the Bideford Parsonage Museum. All enquiries concerning ROOTS & BRANCHES should be addressed to West Country Historical Society Inc., Box 3011, Ellerslie, P.E.I. C0B 1J0. The book may also be ordered from Wayne Trowsdale at 902-831-2817.


Author: Dr. Rusty Bittermann
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, 2006.
ISBN: Cloth: 0802072291, Paper: 0802072291
Choice of Cloth and Paper bindings, 382pp /1 figure, 7 maps
Available At: See Below
Price: Cloth $65.00, Paper $29.95
Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island Winner of 2006 Clio Prize, Atlantic Region, Canadian Historical Association & 2006 Prince Edward Island Heritage Award. Who has the more legitimate claim to land, settlers who occupy and improve it with their labour, or landlords who claim ownership on the basis of imperial grants? This question of property rights, and their construction, was at the heart of rural protest on Prince Edward Island for a century. Tenants resisted landlord claims by squatting and refusing to pay rent. They fought for their vision of a just rural order through petitions, meetings, rallies, electoral campaigns, and direct action. Landlords responded with their own collective action to protect their interests. In Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island Rusty Bittermann examines this conflict and the dynamic of rural protest on the Island from its establishment as a British colony in the 1760s to the early 1840s.

The focus of Bittermann’s study is the remarkable mass movement known as the Escheat movement, which emerged in the 1830s in the context of growing popular challenges elsewhere in the Atlantic World. The Escheat movement aimed at resolving the land question in favour of tenants by having the state resume (escheat) the large grants of land that created landlordism on the Island. Although it ultimately gained control of the assembly in the late 1830s, the Escheat movement did not produce the land policies that tenants and their allies advocated. The movement did, however, synthesize years of rural protest and produce a persistent legacy of language and ideas concerning land, justice, and the rights of small producers that helped to make landlordism on the Island unsustainable in the long term. Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island is a comprehensive and fascinating examination of an important, but often overlooked, period in the history of Canada’s smallest province.

"Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island: From British Colonization to the Escheat Movement." is available from Amazon, the University of Toronto Press and good Island booksellers.

Nov 01/2007

Author: Rusty Bitterman
ISBN: Cloth Cover: 0773537732 Soft Cover: 0773537740
252 pages
Publisher: McGill/Queen's University Press:
Available At: McGill-Queen's University Press, Amazon, and soon Bookmark and Indigo
Price: Paper: $32.95, Cloth Cover: $95.00
Report from: the Author
Sailor's HopeRusty Bittermann's Sailor's Hope is the first full biography of William Cooper, who was a central figure in the struggles in the second quarter of the nineteenth century to enlarge democracy in British North America and to end landlordism on Prince Edward Island. Cooper's role in the history of Prince Edward Island paralleled that of William Lyon Mackenzie in Upper Canada and Louis-Joseph Papineau in Lower Canada. Like Mackenzie and Papineau, Cooper helped to create a mass movement that pressed for change by combining electoral politics with extra-parliamentary activism. Although Cooper did not live to see the end of landlordism on Prince Edward Island, his ideas and efforts were central to its elimination later in the century. In the first half of the nineteenth century, most Island farmers were tenants; landlords' estates often were measured in tens of thousands of acres. By the end of the century, the last of the big estates had been legislated out of existence (by compulsory government purchase).

Sailor's Hope draws from previously unused Cooper papers (held in New Mexico) and from research in archives in Scotland, England, California, Atlantic Canada, and elsewhere to tell the full story of Cooper's life: his birth near Dundee, Scotland; his years with the merchant marine; his marriage in London to Sarah Glover; emigration to Prince Edward Island; farm-making;work as a land agent and miller;and his long involvement in Island politics. It also chronicles his involvement in ship-buildingwith his two oldest sons, their transatlantic voyages, and the family's emigration to California in a boat they built.

Sailor's Hope is the third study in a series of books in which Bittermann seeks to frame the history of Prince Edward Island in terms of Atlantic and World history. Rural Protest: From British Colonization to the Escheat Movement (2006) contextualized the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century struggles for land reform on Prince Edward Island in terms of the broader, contemporary popular struggles in the Atlantic World. Lady Landlords of Prince Edward Island: Imperial Dreams and the Defence of Property (2008), co-authored with Margaret McCallum, examined the century-long struggle for land reform on Prince Edward Island from an imperial vantage point, analyzing the Island's land question from the perspective of four prominent British women who owned large Island estates. Bittermann and McCallum are working on a fourth book in this series which examines Island history in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century from the perspective of a prominent London merchant family.

Research for this series of studies has been awarded the Canadian Historical Association's Clio Prize, Canadian Historical Association's Hilda Neatby Prizes (for contributions to women's history), and Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation Heritage Awards.

The book is available through McGill-Queen's University Press, Amazon, etc. As well, it will be available, if it is not already, at local bookstores such as Indigo and the Bookmark.

Dec 08 2010

Author: Julie V. Watson
ISBN: 1-55109-368-5
Soft Cover, 187 Pages
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing, P.O. Box 9301, Stn. A, Halifax, N.S., B5K 5N5.
Available At: P.E.I. bookstores, may be ordered by others via ISBN number.
Price: $16.95 Cdn
Report by: Dave Hunter
Shipwrecks and Seafaring TalesA history of P.E.I.'s Ships, seafaring people, and trade by sea. It includes accounts of P.E.I.'s seafaring disasters, storms, wrecks, rescues, and of the rum runners that plied our coast. It also includes fascinating tales of buried treasure, ghost ships, renegades, sharks, U-boats, and seal hunts. The book offers a little understanding of why people living along Maritime Coasts have such a respect for the sea. This is its second publication, and it a pleasure to see it once again made available!

The book's author, Julie V. Watson has published eleven best selling books, including Ghost Stories of Prince Edward Island, and Favorite Recipies from Old Prince Edward Island, Largely Lobster Cookbook, and The Cultural Mussel Cookbook.

Updated 06/18/2001

Author: Leland Currie
333 pages, 8.5x11 inches
Published by Ballantyne Trail Books.
Printed by Kwik Kopy Design & Printing Centre, 1-903 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario.
ISBN 987-0-9919924-09
Available from: The Author
Price: See Below
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish
Searching For The Gull Decoy The Gull Decoy personified was one Patrick Reilly, a pioneer settler of Lot 7 in Western Prince Edward Island who came from County Kerry, Ireland and who was given that name because he perfected the call of the seagulls along Lot 7 shore. The Gull Decoy was also the title given to a song written about this same Patrick Reilly and performed some years ago by Island song writer and singer Larry Gorman.

Searching For The Gull Decoy: A Personal Journey, written by Leland Currie, who can trace his Reilly connections through his mother, Doris Reilly Currie, is a short history of the earliest Irish settlers of Lot 7, Prince Edward Island.

The Reilly, Halloran, Howard, Griffin and Dalton families from County Kerry, Ireland settled in this part of Prince Edward Island in the areas now known as Cape Wolfe, Burton, and Campbellton. Through the use of current literature and archival collections of maps, property documents, wills, newspaper clippings, and family histories, the author has attempted to rebuild the story of these families.

Approximately two-thirds of the book is devoted to the family genealogies and includes over five thousand descendants. Most were Roman Catholics and the church records for these families were lost when a fire destroyed the St. Mark's church register around 1871. The chapters within the book reconstruct these family lineages and include previously lost or unknown family lines. Several Island genealogical researchers were consulted in the preparation of these chapters. The book should prove to be an excellent reference for the descendants and for Island genealogical researchers in general.

Searching For The Gull Decoy: A Personal Journey, a book of 333 pages, is bound in an 8.5 x 11 inch format. It includes numerous black and white maps and pictures, is easy to read and very informative. The book is available from the author for $35.00 US/Can. plus the cost of mailing. It may be available from some outlets.

Contact the author, Leland Currie, at for orders or information on availability.


Author: Maritime History Archives
Requires:IBM format, needs 8 meg ram, Windows 95, 98, or NT.
800x600 Super VGA, CD Rom Drive
Available At: Maritime History Archives (See below!)
Price: $49.95 + s/h + HST, VISA/MC/Chq. Accepted
Report by: Heather Wareham, archivist, MHA.
Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada The Maritime History Archive has just published a CD - a must for all interested in their Prince Edward Island seafaring ancestors!

SHIPS AND SEAFARERS OF ATLANTIC CANADA is a fully searchable CD containing data on the vessels, captains and crews of Atlantic Canada, 1787-1936. It includes the shipping registries for the port of Prince Edward Island as well as 9 other major ports in Atlantic Canada. It contains information on over 182,000 seafarers and 20,000 masters of these ports.
For a complete description on the contents of the CD go to our web site at -- Heather Wareham, Archivist Maritime History Archive, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Phone: 709-737-8203, Fax: 709-737-3123.


Author: Malcolm A. MacQueen
Predates ISBN Numbering (1929)
Hard Cover, 262 Pages
Available to be seen At: P.E.I. Archives
Price: Out of print for many years!
Report by: Paul Curtis

"This description is from a forward by James T. Mitchell, F.S.A.
This narrative goes back to 1803 when Lord Selkirk arrived with his first Canadian settlement of Highlanders (from Scotland). Graphically and tenderly he takes up the story from the moment of the landing and traces his people in genealogical succession as well as their influence throughout all parts of the continent of America".


Author: Desmond Stewart
224 Pages
Available at: See Below
Price: Including s/h as follows: to Canada / USA & UK: $NZ 35.00 - to Australia: $NZ 32.50 - to New Zealand: $NZ 28.50
Report by: Desmond Stewart

Desmond has finished writing a book on the Stewart family from down under. The book is about Angus and Margaret Stewart and two generations of their family. Angus and Margaret left Prince Edward Island on the Prince Edward Nov 1858 for New Zealand. The title of the book is "SKYE TO TIMBER MOUNTAIN", The journey of the Kaiwaka Stewarts.

The book commences with their grand parents Charles and Donald and their wives, leaving Isle of Skye, Scotland on the Ship Polly in 1803 They settled around the Belle Creek area.

Once in New Zealand, Angus settled in the Pukekaroro/Kaiwaka district and eventually owned 2500 acres of farmland, which he later passed onto his three sons. He had land that backed onto the Kaipara Harbour and in the 1880s a tramline for Kauri logs was built across his land from which he received a royalty payment. The book continues with the life of their sons and daughters, then moves into the next generation. Desmond's father was a grandson. The time span is from 1800 to 1960 approx.

The book will be arriving from the printer this week, and the Kauri Museum at Matakohe ( ) are doing a special book launch for the book on Friday 25 June. There is a big interest in New Zealand at the moment for family historical books. Copies will be available after the 25 June 2004. 224 pages, B&W photos, full 4 colour cover.

See the web site: There will be an order form available.

June 15 2004

Author: Roger Sarty and Doug Knight
ISBN 0-86492-373-2
Soft Cover, 128 Pages
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions, 469 King Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 1E5, (506) 450-4251, toll free (888) 926-8377, fax (506) 459-4991, e-mail:
Price: $14.95 + GST + S/H CDN
Report by: Goose Lane
Saint John Fortifications, 1630-1956 - Goose Lane Editions "Saint John Fortifications, 1630-1956", is authored by Roger Sarty and Doug Knight and part of the New Brunswick Military Heritage Project. Saint John N.B., always an important gateway to Canada, is one of the oldest fortified sites in the country. Saint John Fortifications, 1630-1956 traces the history of the port's defences, from Fort La Tour, built in 1632, to the 20th-century installations built as protection from German invasion. Although the last of the modern installations on Partridge Island was disabled in 1956, many sites still contain substantial reminders of their past strength.
Roger Sarty, one of Canada's foremost military historians, is the deputy director of the Canadian War Museum and the author of "Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic". Ottawa military historian Doug Knight is a retired Canadian Army officer. His engineering experience provides a solid background for his research into the history of Canadian military equipment and fortifications.

This book may be ordered on the Goose Lane Editions Web site,


Author: J. Clinton Morrison, Jr.
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-988807-03-4
Pub. 2018, 120 pages, perfect-bound
Available At: See below
Price: $14.95
Report by: J. Clinton Morrison
Soul Fire “Soul Fire: Poetic Cries of a Baby Boomer,” by J. Clinton Morrison (120 pages, perfect bound, $14.95, ISBN 978-1-988807-03-4) was published in 2018. The author first began to write poetry around the time of his sixteenth birthday in 1964. Although he still writes some poetry, much of his verse found in this new book was written before he became more heavily involved in writing about Island history. His poetry has been strongly influenced by nineteenth century poets of the Romantic and Victorian periods and deals with seven main themes: Protest, War, Nature, Love, Heritage, Death, and Realization. Like most poetry, he states, his is autobiographical and primarily deals with personal thoughts and feelings resulting from his often problematic journey through life. He has dedicated his book, Soul Fire, to anyone who has struggled along life’s journey.

Available from: J. Clinton Morrison, 25 Jason Drive, Summerside, PE, Tel. 902-436-8518, or, or Seaside Books in Summerside, The Bookmark in Charlottetown, and various Island craft outlets during the summer.


Author: Stompin' Tom Connors
Soft Cover
Available At: P.E.I. Bookstores
Price: $35.00 CDN
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Not genealogy, but the story of a very interesting Islander!

Hot off the press is Volume 2 of Stompin' Tom Connors autobiography. Entitled STOMPIN' TOM AND THE CONNORS TONE, this book covers the period of Tom Connor's life between 1967 and 2000 and updates the information given in STOMPIN' TOM - BEFORE THE FAME, which was published in 1995 and became a number one bestseller. Dedicated to his wife Lena, this second volume of Stompin' Tom's autobiography, with copyright to Tom Connors, 2000, printed by Viking Press, published by the Penguin Group, should also top the charts.

The word "tone" as part of the book's title is what the book is about. Stompin' Tom, in the Introduction of the book, explains it this way: "Music has tone, muscles have tone, voices have tone, colour has tone, and so does the predominating disposition of every thinking human being. It's something like one's demeanor, or the manner of spirit in which one behaves or carries himself through life. The tone of one's character, you might say. So what this autobiography attempts to do is convey the tone of one man's life from the beginning to the present. This is something my music alone has not been able to do. Therefore, this book and the preceding one, both written by my own hand, are a necessity for those who wish to understand where Stompin' Tom's life and music and other dealings fit within the framework of this great and wonderful country. ...The title appropriately describes the way, the manner and the spirit in which I usually set out to accomplish things. Just an all-encompassing word that includes the motives, methods, attitudes and aspirations of a private person by the name of Tom Connors."

Just some of the things written by Tom in this second volume of his autobiography include his various tours from 1967 to the present, his marriage to Lena, family life with Lena and their son Tom, his various struggles with the music industry in Canada, his assistance to fostering and promoting Canadian talent, his various visits to his foster home in Skinner's Pond, P.E.I., his various awards - including Junos, the SOCAN award, and the Order of Canada. Tom's style of writing is very down-to-earth. He tells things as he sees them. Like his previous book, his second volume combines stories of everyday living, friendships, and occasions with his accomplishments and awards.

STOMPIN' TOM AND THE CONNORS TONE is an interesting, easy-to-read 648-page book which includes an appendix and a listing of Stompin' Tom's albums. It is truly Stompin' Tom in literary form. The book is available through Island bookstores. For more information on Stompin' Tom, check the Internet for his web page:


Author: John Edward Radcliffe
ISBN 1-4392-1268-6
Soft Cover, 168 Pages
Available from:
Price: 15.99 US plus S/H
Report by: John Edward and Nina Radcliffe

Storms of the Scottish Isles "Storms of the Scottish Isles", is authored by John Edward Radcliffe. John, is a descendant of the MacLean's of Point Prim. Specifically, one of his first ancestors on the island was Murdoch MacLean who came from Killmuir, Skye. On the other side of his family was Donald Murchison who married Ann MacGillvray.

For a book report, no-one says it better than John and Nina themselves - "As far back as I can trace, my family have been isle folk, fishermen, seamen, and farmers. The stories in this book are not predominantly Scottish or clan stories. They are stories of the people of the Isles".

"The first story is a definite family story. The rest are stories he collected as he and his wife traveled through Scotland, sometimes on bicycles, from the Inner and Outer Hebrides to the mainland, the Orkneys and Shetland. The book contains maps of the islands so readers can relate to the stories and some photographs we have taken on our trips. The title is "Storms of the Scottish Isles": Dark tales of creatures and beings on the remote islands of the North Atlantic".

March 18 2009

Author: J. Clinton Morrison
Perfect Bound, 192 pages
Publisher: Crescent Isle Publishers, 157 Victoria Road, Summerside, PE Canada C1N 2G6
Available From: Direct from Publisher
Price: $19.95 (Tax Incl.) plus $3.50 S&H (Total: $23.45)
Report by: the author
The Old Prince Edward Island RailwaySTRANGE TALES AND TRUE STORIES: East Coast Chronicles from Yesterday's Newspapers. The Book: 60 plus stories, 192 pages, perfect bound, illustrated and indexed. The Content: Most of the stories pertain to P.E.I. but several also happened in N.B., N.S., Iles de la Madeleine, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The stories cover such diverse topics as hangings, weird sightings, murders, shipwrecks, buried treasure, tragedies, prominent people, and other unique events in the past. Publisher: Crescent Isle Publishers, 157 Victoria Road, Summerside, PE Canada C1N 2G6 Author: J. Clinton Morrison Availability: Direct from the publisher at $19.95 (Tax Incl.) plus $3.50 S&H (Total: $23.45) or from Island bookstores at $19.95, plus tax.

June 19, 2006

Author: Emily Elizabeth Cran
Soft Cover, ~100 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $12.95 CDN
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Dedicated to Marie-Blanche (Perry) Gaudet, who was born in 1888 and who died in 1972, and to her grandson, Reginald Porter, SUCCESS ON THE EDGE - Portrait of a Small Town is about the community of Tignish, P.E.I. This soft-covered book of approximately one hundred pages can probably best be described as a social and economic history of the area. It answers such questions as what makes Tignish, Prince Edward Island, a unique and important community, and when so many smaller communities are but mere shadows of what they were one hundred years ago, why is it that Tignish is still thriving and developing? In the introduction of her book, Mrs. Cran lists three attributes as being of greatest importance if a small town or village is to exist - these attributes are survival, co-operation and independence. She states that "Tignish as it is today is not a community to be imitated in detail, but it does operate on a simple model that could easily be reproduced elsewhere. Although Tignish is far from being a perfect community, it has survived, grown and even prospered, largely because of a combination of these three attributes." The story of its first two hundred years provides a number of examples of how Tignish succeeded, as well as indications of what happened when one or more of these factors was weakened.

The early beginnings and settlement of Tignish mainly succeeded because Tignish was far away from larger, more populated areas of the Island. The French, who were the first to arrive in Lot 1 in 1799, and the Irish, who arrived a few years later, were determined to have homes and lands of their own. After some adjustments, these two nationalities learned to work together as a community. They had to do this in order to survive.

The book focuses on such things as the 1843 revolt of the people of Lot 1 against paying land rent, the Co-operative Movement in the area, the role of the Church and of the educational system, the birth of Tignish Fisheries, the Antigonish Movement, the St. Thomas Aquinas Society, and the Tignish Co-operative Health Centre - to name but a few.

The author, born in Chipman, N.B., has been a full-time resident of Tignish since 1981. Mrs. Cran sees her role as an observer trying to understand why the community is the way it is. SUCCESS ON THE EDGE is well researched with source notes, has numerous pictures, an epilogue, and a biography of the author. This book is published by New World Publishing, P.O. Box 36075, Halifax, N.S. B3J 3S9 and sells for $12.95 Canadian funds. If you want to read a small book that packs a punch, get a copy of SUCCESS ON THE EDGE.


Author: Edward Simmons and Wendell MacIntyre
ISBN: unknown
Soft Cover, 109 Pages
Available At: 1-800-926-7505
Price: $ unknown
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

TEMPESTS & RAINBOWS - JOURNEYS INTO FICTION is a 109-page collection of short stories written by Edward Edmonds and Wendell MacIntyre, published under the aegis of the Friends of St.Andrew's Press, Charlottetown, and printed by Kwik-Copy, Charlottetown in the fall of 1994. The common theme of the stories in this collection is individual identity and how it is perceived by others. Purchases may be made by contacting Wendell MacIntyre, 4 MacIntyre Drive, Charlottetown, P.E.I. C1A 9E1 or telephone (902)894-7493, fax (902)368-7366, or toll-free 1-800-926-7505.


Author: Dean Jobb
ISBN: 13 978-0-470-83610-5
Soft Cover, Nearly 300 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $24.99
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

The year 2005 marked the 250th anniversary of the expulsion of the Acadians from Acadia. Starting in 1755 ten thousand people of French ancestry were expelled from their homes along Canada's East Coast by a tyrannical British governor who acted with the complicity of American sympathizers. While some Acadians returned home to try to evade capture and forge a living, others made their way to the Spanish colony of Louisiana, where they farmed and fished and began the vibrant "Cajun" culture that is known around the world.

The ACADIANS: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph, written by Dean Jobb, a former veteran staff reporter for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, and who in 2004 was appointed as a sessional lecturer at the School of Journalism, University of King's College in Halifax, is a bridge across the centuries for the descendants of a founding people of this nation, whose courage and resourcefulness still resonate in modern-day Acadie. The almost 300-page book contains ten chapters, an epilogue entitled "Finding Reconciliation", a number of pages of notes on sources and suggestions for further reading, and an index. This book is no dry history. It is rather a dramatic and compelling account of "Le grand dérangement" - the event that was immortalized in Longfellow's famous poem "Evangeline", but it is more than that. The book skillfully combines the events of the past with how Acadians and Cajuns have preserved their history, language, and lifestyle right up to the present time. The book is interesting and easy to read - a great source of information for someone new to Acadian history. The author combines early facts about the Acadians with newer material - for example: the Doucette House renovation in Rustico, P.E.I., the tourism found in Grand-Pré, the declaration of August 15th as Acadian National Day, and the proclamation signed on December 9, 2003 by Governor-General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, as the representative of the Queen in Canada.

Copyright 2005 by Dean Jobb. Published by John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd, 6045 Freemont Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario l5R 4J3 ISBN - 13 978-0-470-83610-5 Available in soft-cover from various sources, including the Acadian Museum in Miscouche, P.E.I. (Telephone: 902-432-2880. Fax: 902-432-2884). The cost of this book is $24.99.

Aug 24, 2006

Author: Wendell MacIntyre
Soft Cover, Varies per Issue
Available At: See Below
Price: $varies / issue
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

THE ABEGWEIT REVIEW is an Island magazine published twice yearly. The editor is Wendell MacIntyre. These volumes are must reading to those interested in their roots. Visit Father MacIntyre's Websight for the latest information! Cheques are payable to The Editor, THE ABEGWEIT REVIEW, 4 MacIntyre Drive, Charlottetown, P.E.I. C1A 9E1. For further information contact Wendell MacIntyre at, or call him at: (902) 894-7493, or toll-free at 1-800-926-7505, or fax him at (902)368-7366.

Other recent books edited by Wendell MacIntyre and obtained at the above include 17 DOORS TO PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND AND A WINDOW ON CATHAY, published under the aegis of the Friends of the Island Press, Charlottetown and printed by Kwik-Copy Printing of Charlottetown (first printing Nov., 1994; second printing, July, 1995). This is a 122-page book containing articles on Island businesses - some of them being Callbecks, Condon and Sons Limited, and Seaman's Beverages Ltd, 1939 - 1994 - also a few articles on famous Islanders, including the Grant family and Johnny Williams.

A sequel to 17 DOORS is ISLAND PRIDE: P.E.I. BUSINESSES (1880-1997), printed in the fall of 1997. This sequel, a 90-page book, like its predecessor, attempts to showcase, encourage, promote and thank Island businesses and their valiant entrepreneurs.


Author: Ian MacQuarrie, illustrated by P. John Burden
ISBN: 9-919013-13-9
1989 - Soft Cover, 78 Pages
Available At: Check Island Bookstores
Price: $9.95 (Fall 1996)
Report by: Dave Hunter

A book published under the auspices of the Institute for Island Studies. A collection of stories about the Bonshaw Hills, its Culture, and its Environment!


Editor: Dorothy Griffin Farish
ISBN: 0-9682731-0-6
Soft Cover, 237 Pages
Available At: (902)- 888-2534
Price: $unknown
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

THE COMMUNICATION BRIDGE - AN ANTHOLOGY OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND WRITING, edited by Dorothy Griffin-Farish and published in 1997 by the Malpak Arts Council in association with Crescent Isle Publishers, Summerside, is the first anthology of writing produced by the Malpak Arts Council. Containing approximately 200 pages, this book contains short stories, poetry and two plays - all products of Island writers from one end of the Island to the other. A second edition was published in November, 1997. ISBN 0-9682731-0-6. Contact the Malpak Arts Council (902) 888-2534 for information on this anthology.


Author: Lorne C. Callbeck
1964 - Hard Cover, 256 Pages
Available At: Out of Print, Perhaps at used Bookstores
Price: $ n/a
Report by: Dave Hunter

Lorne Callbeck's classic history of P.E.I. written in time for the 1964 celebration of the centennial of the Charlottetown Conference. Self described as "A brief history of Prince Edward Island from its discovery in 1564 to the present time". An excellent history if you can locate a copy.


Author: Ann Douglas
ISBN: 1-8956888-8-4
Soft/hard Cover, 48 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $9.95, pb/$19.95, hc
Report by: the Author

Help your kids to climb their family tree!

I'm Ann Douglas, the author of The Family Tree Detective: Cracking the Case of Your Family's Story--a book that was inspired by my own family. I wanted to find a fun way to get my four children interested in learning about the saints and scoundrels in our family tree. (Fortunately, we've got far more scoundrels than saints--something that makes genealogy a lot more fun!) The book offers practical tips for kids on interviewing older relatives, using letters and other family documents as a starting point for further research (e.g. you can learn a lot about your parents by reading their report cards from public school!), and doing fun projects based on the family stories they uncover (e.g. making a video, starting a family web site, etc.)

The book was published by Owl Books in Toronto in March of 1999 and is available in bookstores across the country as well as through It costs $9.95 in paperback, $19.95 in hardcover. It is designed to be enjoyed by children ages 8 through 12, and has received rave reviews from The Toronto Star, Quill and Quire, and Canadian Family magazine.


Author: William Glen
Soft Cover, 197 Pages, 600+ References
Available From: William Glen
Price: $29.00
Report by: Dave Hunter from information passed on by William Glen

This book covers the Glen descendants in Scotland, Ireland England, Australia, and Canada. There is a section on family businesses, they are known particularily for Bag Pipes! Generally, the only PEI connection in the book is William himself, but this book would be great for anyone researching the Glen family!


Author: Dan MacDonald
ISBN: 0-9732308-0-0
Format: 8.5x11 inch, photocopied, cerlox bound. 168 pages. Indexed.
Price: $40 Canadian or $40US, including shipping and handling.
Available At: From the author (see below)

This is a compilation of vital statistics data from the early issues of the Herald, a weekly newspaper published in Charlottetown. It includes the transcriptions of 900 articles, from birth, marriage and death announcements to a variety of other entries such as Coroner's Inquiries, Shipping News, and Local News, published between 12 October 1864 and 25 October 1871. All articles have been transcribed in their entirety. The original spelling and grammar has also been preserved, right down to the errors. Finally, there is an index listing the more than 1800 personal names that appear in the enclosed articles.

This book can be used as a finding aid. It is also designed to act as a stand-alone reference. Researchers who do not have direct access to original or microfilmed copies of the Herald can benefit from the articles that have been transcribed in their entirety. They are not left with an index that simply points to data beyond their reach. Nor are they left to wonder at what may have been omitted at someone else's discretion. After all, it is the responsibility of each genealogist to determine the significance and importance of the data, not the compiler. Hopefully, it will prove beneficial to other Prince Edward Island genealogists.

Further information on the book may be obtained from the author's website at The author has provided a sample page as well as an abbreviated copy of the index.

Copies are available directly from the author at:

Dan MacDonald - brikwall [at] brikwall [dot] com
82 Chandler Crescent
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1E 3W7


Author: Clyde River History Committee
Soft Cover
Available At: See Below.
Price: $20.00
Review by: Clyde River History Committee
Across The Clyde River History Committee recently launched a comprehensive community history entitled The History and Stories of Clyde River. It is the result of many years of work and is well researched and documented. The Committee had the luxury of two Heritage Canada students to help with the data collection and formatting.

The first chapter of the book deals with the early years in Lot 31 beginning around 1800 when the first settlers came from Scotland thus the Gaelic subtitle {translation : never forget those you come from}. The last chapter of the book gives a review of the community of Clyde River in 2009 thus the book follows community life over 200 years. The constant throughout the book is stories about the lovely Clyde River in a vital rural community that still has descendents of the hard working early settlers who lived here.

The book includes input about different families in Clyde River although extra attention is given to the founding families. Genealogy is complex and it would have taken years to do a complete genealogical study and that was not the primary purpose of the history book. The section on the founding families, like the names Beer, Dixon, Livingston, Murray, MacPhail, MacLean, and Scott provides a brief snapshot yet it acknowledges their contribution to the community.

The remaining chapters describe different aspects of life and how modernization changed the fibre of the community. The impact of consolidation of schools, and changes like the arrival of electricity is outlined. A chapter recognizes outstanding citizens from the district - such as Margaret Dixon, the Hon. Lloyd G. MacPhail and Dr. A.J.Murchison.

Committee member Hilda (Dixon) Colodey spent her whole life in Clyde River and had access to family artefacts and the well known Ellen's Diaries. The sections on the Bannockburn mills and the farming section comes from lived experiences. The remaining authors of the book, Emily Bryant, Sandra Cameron, Nancy FitzGerald, and Carol Murray wrote sections that included historical facts as well as interesting and humorous tidbits, hence the name - History and Stories. The forward in the book that was so nicely written by Lawson Drake says exactly what the book tries to do.

You will relive your childhood in the sections that describe farming, school, home and fun. Children who grew up in Clyde River felt safe, knew everyone, and had fun and this book reflects that reality. Lots of pictures, including several in color, really add to the book. This book is interesting especially for former or present residents of Clyde River but reflect life in any rural community on Prince Edward Island. The book was printed and bound by Kwik Kopy Design and Print Centre, Charlottetown, PEI. To order a copy, please contact: Emily Bryant - eabryant [at] hotmail [dot] com or Sandra Cameron - slcameron01 [at] gmail [dot] com

Book Order Page

Dec 09 2009

Authors: Argyle Shore Women’s Institute
Soft Cover, 182 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: See Below
Report by: Sarah Saunders
The History of Argyle Shore Price: $20.00, ($23.00 incl shipping) The Argyle Shore Women’s institute has just published “The History of Argyle Shore”. Argyle Shore is a small community on the South Shore of Prince Edward Island overlooking the Northumberland Strait. It was named in the early 1800’s by settlers who came from Argyle Shire, Scotland. This publication is a record of some of the history and spirit of this community. It contains maps, photos, histories of the church, the school, rural life, reminiscences and more. It also has a section on the history of each home in the community, including lists of residents of the homes.

The book can be ordered by contacting-

Sarah Saunders: 7740 Route 19, Bonshaw PE C0A 1C0 - sarahroy [at] pei [dot] sympatico [dot] ca

Oct 01 2009

Compiled by: The Session of the Church
Soft Cover, 54 Pages
Available At: Out of Print - Try Used Book Stores
Price: $3.95 (Fall 1996)
Report by: Dave Hunter

A history of the Cornwall United Church and its people. Much early information.


Author: Christopher G. Faulkner
400 pages, large format
Publisher: Spink, London, 2012
Available From: See Below
Price: See Below
Report by: the author
The Holey Dollars and Dumps of Prince Edward IslandMy book, The Holey Dollars and Dumps of Prince Edward Island, has just been published. The book has been published in London, UK. Below is a link to the website for the Canadian distributor. Among other things, the book explains the political, economic and social context in which the coins appeared and circulated on the Island.

It also includes an Appendix which reconstructs much of the population of Charlottetown in 1813 by identifying heads of households and connecting them with the property which they owned or on which they resided at the time.

For more information about the book, or to order it, please see following link:

Oct 13, 2012

Author: Jean Halliday MacKay
ISBN: 0-919013-5-X
Soft Cover, 160 Pages
Available At: The Acorn Press.
Price: $15.95 CDN
Report by:Dave Hunter

In "The Home Place", author Jean Halliday MacKay depicts growing up in Belfast in the early 20th Century. Her ancestor, Thomas Halliday, was one of Belfast's early Selkirk settlers. Written for her family, the book describes growing up in the district, fun, games, school, life on the farm, her neighbours, entertainment, and the history of Halliday's Wharf, and the vessels that visited there. It is a delightful history of life and times in Belfast!

Published by:

The Acorn Press,
P.O. Box 22024,
Charlottetown, P.E.I.,
Canada, C1A 9J7.


Author: Georges Arsenault
Translated by: Sally Ross
ISBN: 0-921556-77-2
Hard Cover, 296 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $ 21.95
Report by: Dave Hunter

"The Island Acadians", by Georges Arsenault, a gentleman well known to listeners of French language CBC broadcasts from Prince Edward Island, is a well rounded history of Acadian History on P.E.I. First published in its French form in 1987, it was released in English in 1989, and recently republished in 1999. It covers the colonization of Acadia, the beginnings of the Acadian settlement of P.E.I., life of the Acadian, the expulsion, and far more. Highly recommended to anyone doing Acadian research! Available in both English and French ( Les Acadiens de l'île ) versions. Winner of the 1988 Prix France-Acadie and Prix Champlain and recipient of a 1989 Regional History Award of the Canadian Historical Association for the original French text.

Avaliable from:

Georges Arsenault -
65 Ambrose St.
Charlottetown, P.E.I.
C1A 3P8
Ph: 902-566-5067


Editor: Edward MacDonald
ISBN: 0-920434-33-9
Soft Cover, 147 Pages
Available At: was available from PEIMHF - unsure if there is still stock.
Price: $Check with PEIMHF
Report by: Dave Hunter

An anthology of the best from "The Island Magazine", the magazine of the Prince Edward Island Heritage and Museum Foundation, issued upon the occasion of their 20th Anniversary! It contains 21 articles from past issues, which can be categorized under the following headings: The First Islanders, The Island's Acadie, Settlement and Settlers, Land and Politics, Keeping the Faith, Industry and Enterprise, Manners and Customs, Beyond Confederation.


Authors: Betty M. Jeffery & Carter W. Jeffery
ISBN: 0-9683290-0-4
1998 - Soft Cover, 406 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $38.00 + s/h
Report by: Carter Jeffery
The Jeffery Family of the Isle of Wight and P.E.I. Carter Jeffery and cousin, Betty Jeffery have launched a family genealogy book called, The Jeffery Family of the Isle of Wight and Prince Edward Island.

The family history begins with Richard Jeffery, in the first generation, born about 1638 on the Isle of Wight, England. The book outlines the first five generations in England, then the emigration of James Jeffery with his family in 1808 to Prince Edward Island and the next six generations to present day. The book is complete with Time Line, Appendices and Index.

Available from:
Therles Press,
P.O. Box 306,
PEI, C0B 1B0

or by phoning (902) 892-3989, (902) 964-3131 or (902) 853-2888.
Please make cheques payable to "Jeffery Family Reunion Committee". The price is $38 for soft cover, mail orders add $7.00 for postage and packaging.


Author: Jeff Woolaver and Wanita MacIntyre
Soft, Hard Cover, appx. 200 pgs.
Available From: see below!
Price: hardcover ($34.95) or softcover ($24.95) + s/h
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

If you have an interest in small rural communities and how health care has evolved over the years in such small communities, The Life of a Rural Hospital is a must read. Subtitled "A Journey of Everyday Life - The Caring, Sharing, Laughter and Tears", The Life of a Rural Hospital tells about O'Leary, Prince Edward Island, a rural community in the western part of the province, and its struggle to provide up-to-date health care for its residents before the first Community Hospital was opened in 1957; life during the existence of this first Community Hospital - from 1957 to 1994; and finally, to the new, modern Community Hospital, opened in 1994, to the present time. The book is dedicated to Dr. L.George Dewar, M.D. and Dr. Charles M. Dewar, M.D., who have given an accumulation of one hundred years of service to the residents of West Prince.

The Life of a Rural Hospital, launched at O'Leary Community Complex on September 14, 2001, is a well-illustrated book of approximately 200 pages, written in a folksy, entertaining style with numerous interviews and shared memories. This is not a dull, factual account of facts, figures, and activities, but a lively, human interest account about Community Hospital and the residents of the area. It is a story of the struggles, heartaches, and laughter of the day-to-day activities of a typical hospital that could be located in any rural area of Canada. It is also the story about the people - community residents, patients, physicians, and staff. People familiar with the Community Hospital and with health care in O'Leary and surrounding areas before the first Community Hospital was built will recognize with fondness those special people who made all this a reality. The book is a tribute to this dedicated and determined group.

The Community Hospital Book Committee, consisting of Marion Carver, Sylvia Horne, Alma Rix, Wanita MacIntyre and Jeff Woolaver, worked on this book for some time. The writing of The Life of a Rural Hospital was done by Jeff Woolaver and Wanita MacIntyre and copywitten 2001. The book was printed by Print Atlantic, Fredericton, N.B. Funding for the writing and publishing of the book was obtained from a Canada Millennium Fund grant. Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the O'Leary Community Health Foundation.

The Life of a Rural Hospital is available in either hardcover ($34.95) or softcover ($24.95) from various locations in Prince County. Books may also be obtained by writing Mrs. Alma Rix, Community Hospital, P.O. Box 160, O'Leary, P.E.I., C0B 1V0, by telephone to Alma Rix at 902-859-8700, or by fax to her at 902-859-8774. E-mail orders may be sent to Wanita MacIntyre at - Shipping by postal service within Canada please add $3.00 for each book. Shipping internationally please add $6.00 for each book. Cheques or money orders should be made out to the Community Hospital Book Committee.


Author: Bev Millar
Soft Cover, 166 Pages
Available From: Author, address below!
Price: $19.95 Cdn. plus $5. shipping/handling.
Report by: Bev Millar

THE LIFE STORY of James Almore Cody and his Descendants covers a period of 166 years from 1833 to December 31, 1999. It researches such families as Chadwick, Cody/Coady, Corrigan, Banks, Birch, Henderson, MacKendrick and Palmer, plus many more.

James Cody settled in Newton Cross, Lot 57, but moved to Port Hill where he was employed at the shipyards of Capt. W. Richards, Hon. Angus MacMillan and Hon. Senator John Yeo.

On his return to Newton Cross he worked as a carpenter and was a postmaster for 25 years. He and his wife Mary Jane (Williams) raised a family of 16 children.

This publication contains pictures, documents and information which would be valuable for the families involved and future genealogists.

Available from:
Bev Millar,
1372 Linkletter Road, Route 11
Summerside, P.E.I.,
C1N 4A3.


Author: Harold and Tilly (Compton) MacLeod with Pamela Halton Compton
ISBN: 0-9681439-0-3
Hard Cover, 202 Pages
Available From: Authors, address below!
Price: appx. $38.00 (Subject to change!)
Report by: Dave Hunter

A history of the descendants of The P.E.I. Compton Family, their history in England, and their migration towards P.E.I. through the U.S.A.

Available from:
Harold S. MacLeod
Little Sands
Murray River, Rural Route 4
P.E.I., C0A 1W0.


Author: James Raywalt
Library of Congress Number: CS90.M1567
Soft/Hard, 174 Pages, privately published
Available At: See Below
Price: See Below
Report by: the Author

The MacIntyre-Johnston Alliance primarily concerns the descendants of William MacIntyre and his wife, Anne Johnston, of New Perth and Brudenell, PEI. The work briefly addresses the Johnston lineage and some Johnston descendants who resided in Nova Scotia and PEI. There is also a discussion of the clans to which each of the two families belonged, as well as an ancient ancestry culled from the peerages and numerous other authoritative works. 174 + pages, 25 heirloom photographs, 2 indices, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2. A copy may be found at the PEI Heritage Foundation.

TO PURCHASE: Higginson Book Company, P. O. Box 778, Salem, Massachusetts 01970, USA. Telephone 508/745-7170. Fax 508/745-8025. Available with hard or soft cover. Priced accordingly.


Author: Carolyn E. Myrick
Soft Cover, 140 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: appx. $10.00
Report by:Dorothy Griffin Farish

THE MYRICKS OF TIGNISH 1853 - 1969, written and published by Carolyn E. Myrick, Temple, New Hampshire, U.S.A. 03084, copyright 1995 by Carolyn Myrick and printed by Williams and Crue Ltd, Summerside, P.E.I., is a 140-page book about a family famous in Western Prince Edward Island history for establishing businesses in that area between 1850 and the 1950's. Carolyn writes about the Myrick family in a conversational, easy-to-read style, including within the book the Myrick family tree, numerous family pictures, conversations with relatives and exerpts from old letters and other documents. The book consists of seventeen chapters - the last aptly named "End of an Era." This book should be available at most retail outlets in West Prince - also from the author. Price is approximately $10.00 for soft-covered edition of the book.


Authors: Earle Douglas MacPhee and Barbara Redd MacPhee
ISBN: 0-88925-026-X
177 Pages
Available At: Out of Print, lookups available.
Price: $ n/a
Report by: Gord Pierce

Gord Pierce - is willing to do lookups in this book, which represents work done at the P.E.I. Archives to track down all the references to the names MacPhee and Duffy. Good for those looking for birth references for these names, particularily in the eastern part of the province. Gord is quite busy and asks that you be patient waiting for look up results! The book was originally printed by Friesen Printers, 5720 MacLeod Trail S., Calgary, AB, T2H 0J6.


Authors: Geoff and Dorothy Robinson
Soft Cover, 101 Pages
Available At: Island Bookstores, used book search engines.
Price: was $11.50
Report by: Dave Hunter

The history of the Nova Scotia Schooner and Newfoundland crew that plied P.E.I.'s coasts during the Prohibition years, helping to keep P.E.I. "wet"! She evaded capture for many years, as did other rum runners.


Author: Stanley LeClair
ISBN: 1-5510935-3-7
Hard Cover, 134 pages
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing, P.O. Box 9301, Stn. A, Halifax, N.S., B5K 5N5.
Available At: P.E.I. bookstores, may be ordered by others via ISBN number.
Price: $ 24.95 Cdn
Report by: Dave Hunter
The Old Prince Edward Island RailwayThe Old Prince Edward Island Railway - Pen and Ink Sketches was launched June 7th at the Confederation Center in Charlottetown. Earl Stanley LeClair, b. 1883, d. 1953 was the artist of the sketches of the railway within, and put the book together as a scrapbook of the railroad. Mr. LeClair worked for a time on the railroad - his sketches were the work of a lifetime, and the product of his lifetime passion for the P.E.I.R.
Seeing is believing. This book and its folksy sketches are amazing. In addition to sketches of the various pieces of rolling stock, railway scenes, engines, and cars, are many portraits of the railway's employees. If you had a relative working with the rairoad, there is a good chance you will find his likeness in this book. Someone once said that a picture speaks a thousand words. If so, then each of LeClair's sketches speak volumes. LeClair was a self taught artist, but the detailing of the sketches makes this a very valuable book, both from a historical, and from an artistic viewpoint.

I have to include this book in my list of favorites! It is an excellent book, and a perfect companion piece to Allan Graham's book, "A Photo History of the Prince Edward Island Railway".


Author: Belfast Historical Society
ISBN: 0-9685586-0-7
Soft Cover, 151 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $20.00 plus $5 Postage and handling
Report by: The Belfast Historical Society
The Past is Before Us As part of the 200th Anniversary celebrating the arrival of the Selkirk Settlers, a committee consisting of Eliza Gillis, Viola Gillis, and Linda J. Nicholson MacKenzie, have compiled articles from the first twenty-five years of "The Recaller" newsletter into a book entitled The Past is Before Us.

First published in the Fall of 1976, the Belfast Historical Society newsletter "The Recaller" has made available to readers hundreds of articles about the history, activities and people of Belfast.

The Past is Before Us is a 160 page, soft cover book containing a diverse collection of articles about Belfast early history, churches, schools, local businesses, military history, celebrations and events, and residents. It presents an overview of Belfast and the surrounding areas from the earliest days through to the present. With a wide range of subjects and a variety of authors, this book offers something of interest to everyone.

The book is available from the Belfast Historical Society at a cost of $20 plus $5 postage and handling.

Send orders to:

Belfast Historical Society,
RR 1, Belfast,
PE C0A 1A0.
Please allow six weeks for delivery.


Author: G. Douglas Murray
ISBN: 0-9694620-0-X
Soft Cover, 81 Pages
Available At: try PEIMHF - unsure if there is still stock.
Price: $14.95
Report by: Dave Hunter

An excellent reference of the Post Offices on PEI, History of the Postal Service, Listings of Post Offices here, past and present, opening and closing dates, and much more!


Author: James C. Lehr, O.T.B.
ISBN: 0-919801-50-1
Hard Cover, 174 Pages
Available At: Major Stamp Dealers
Price: $39.95 suggested list
Report by: Dave Hunter

An excellent reference on the postage stamps, postage cancellations, and history of the Post office on Prince Edward Island. Explanations of the many variations in stamp issues; differing colours, perforations, imperfections, counterfeits. Information on postal rates, Post Office Laws, P.E.I. Calendar's and Harvie's Almanacs, Exerpts from the Journal of the House of Assembly, and much more! It is a fascinating book that rounds out the information in the above mentioned volume to give a comprehensive understanding of P.E.I. Postal History!


Author: Aggi-Rose Reddin, compiler
ISBN 0-9732242-0-7 (soft cover); ISBN 0-9732242-1-5 (DVD)
Soft Cover, 492 pages, perfect bound
DVD format for Windows PC
Available At: see below; also through the Charlottetown Farmer's Market
Price: $33 Cdn. soft cover; $12 Cdn. DVD - plus shipping
Report by: Aggi-Rose Reddin & Catherine G. Hennessey

The Reddins of Prince Edward Island The Reddins of Prince Edward Island...with notes on related families profiles the descendants of Dennis Reddin (born 1793 to William Reddin and Mary O’Meara in Ireland) and Anne Keoughan (born 1805 to William Keoughan and Barbara Aitken in PEI). Branches of the MacDonald, MacIsaac, Gorman, Bagnall, Jenkins, Monaghan and Burke families – among others – are included.

Members of the Reddin family have been active in the development of the business, religious, educational, and cultural aspects of Prince Edward Island as a whole – and Charlottetown, Montague, Alberton and Stratford in particular – since Dennis Reddin’s arrival sometime before 1820.

The Reddins of Prince Edward Island discusses this involvement, as well as aspects of the political life and history of the Island from the perspective and involvement of the family.

Through profiles of those in the family who made significant contributions to the colony of Newfoundland and across Canada and the United States, the book also serves to show the strength of family and genetics in forming personality, and determining occupational talents and interests. At 492 pages, The Reddins of Prince Edward Island includes over 300 photographs, as well as an extensive everyname index and bibliography. Tributes and memories contributed by several family members complete this portrait of a well-known family.

What a book – and so appropriate a work as we contemplate so seriously the history of Charlottetown. The Reddin family and extended families have made an impact on every walk of life in our city. Aggi-Rose’s fine research and the story-telling tradition that she has obviously inherited make this book a very good read! Thank you, thank you ———

Catherine G. Hennessey, Charlottetown Heritage Activist

Available from:
Aggi-Rose Reddin -
135 Darrach Rd.
New Dominion, PE

More info, including index:

Nov 01 2005

Author: George Wright
Soft Cover, 230 pages
Available At: mail orders as below
Price: $14,95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling
Report by: George Wright

Who Departed This Life Sunday, Jan 24th , 2.00 PM at Beaconfield’s Carriage House, Corner of Kent and West St. Charlottetown. THE SURVEYING WRIGHTS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, by author George Wright This book details the careers of the first two generations of the family on Prince Edward Island, and their part in the early history of the colony. It details succeeding generations as well as tracing several lines of ancestors back to the 15th and 16th centuries. 230 pages Also available by mail at $14.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Order from the author at 205 Mt Edward Rd, Charlottetown, PE C1A 5T1

Thomas Wrights early connections to St. John's Island, now known as Prince Edward Island, resulted in his descendants being one of the longest established English families in the Province. Throughout his lifetime, he survived many harships not only the rigours of all weather surveying, with the very few amenities available in those days, but also suffered from the common colonial problem of not receiving his salary from London, resulting in his properties being sold out.

The Surveying Wrights will detail the careers of the fist two generations and their part in the colonial history of the Province. It will trace and expand upon the various lines of descendants which the author has been able to locate during many years of genealogical research, as well as trace several lines of ancestors back into the 15th and 16th centuries.

Mail orders are welcomed with a shipping and handling charge of $3.00. Cheques ( $14.95 per book) with orders should be sent to George Wright, 205 Mt. Edward Rd., Charlottetown, PE., C1A 5T1. U. S. orders are welcome. Please remit the above amounts in US funds.

Jan 20 2010

Author: Ian Ross Robertson
ISBN: 0-8020-7138-4
Soft Cover, 237 Pages (Also Hard Cover Version Available)
Available At: Coles, and special order at most booksellers
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Price: $ Varies
Report by: Dave Hunter

A scholarly study of the Tenant League of P.E.I., and the system of leasehold tenure which was imposed upon the Colony in 1767. Very well documented.


Compiled by: York History Committee
Edited by: Nelda Murray
ISBN: 0-9696069-0-7
1993 - Soft Cover, 472 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $35.00
Report by: Dave Hunter

A history of the community and peoples of Little York. Chapters on Our English Roots, Indentures and Land Transfers, Early Life, The Church, Schools, Business, Medicine, Prominent People, and Families Past and Present, and much more!

If ordered from the York History Committee, the price is $35.00 for soft cover, and $45.00 for hard cover, postage and handling paid. If outside Canada, please pay in U.S. funds to cover additional shipping and handling costs.

York History Committee,
P.O. Box 44,
Little York, P.E.I.
Canada, C0A 1P0.


Author: Francis W. P. Bolger
ISBN: 0-920154-7-7
1974 - Soft Cover, 229 Pages
Available At: Out of Print - Try Used Book Stores
Price: $ 12.95 (Fall 1996)
Report by: Dave Hunter

A book on the Family lineage and life of Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942), authoress of the popular "Anne of Green Gables" books. Chapters include Prelude to a Literary Career - Lucy Maud's early life and family, With her father in Alberta, Letters from Prince Albert, Her college years, her fame and later life.


Authors: O'Leary Women's Institute
Soft Cover, 361 Pages
Available At: See Below
Price: $??
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

THREADS OF THE PAST - A HISTORY OF O'LEARY, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND 1837 - 1992, published by the O'Leary Women's Institute in association with the New Horizon's Program of Health and Welfare Canada, copyright Canada 1993, and printed by Williams & Crue (1982) Ltd, Summerside is a 361-page, soft-covered book. Copies available at Guardian Drug Store, O'Leary. Book is well-illustrated and quite interesting to read - some chapter titles include origin of O'Leary and early settlement; early establishments, community culture, businesses and a number of biographies. No price available.


Authors: Wayne Wright and Katherine Dewar
ISBN: 0-9688667-0-0
Soft Cover, 300 Pages
Available At: See Below!
Price: $39.00 (G.S.T. included) + s/h ($6 to Atlantic Canada, $10 outside)
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

This Caring PlaceSince 1912 the name "Prince County Hospital" has graced more than one building in Summerside, Prince Edward Island; indeed, it has served both the Hospital itself and the School of Nursing that nurtured it until 1971. In the name of the Hospital, nurses learned and laughed, doctors performed routine operations and witnessed miracles; patients' lives were touched, and a community rallied to provide health care for a whole county. This Caring Place: The History of the Prince County Hospital & School of Nursing, written by Wayne Wright and Katherine Dewar, is a beautifully-illustrated book of almost 300 pages which tells the story of the Prince County Hospital and School of Nursing.
Wayne Wright, an Island native who grew up in Wilmot Valley and Read's Corner, and who is one of Canada's most prolific editorial cartoonists, has written on the Prince County Hospital from its birth in the early 1900's to the present time. This part of the book is entitled "A Time to Heal". The second part, entitled "The Soul of Service", is written by Katherine Dewar, a native of Summerside with a 26-year nursing career, a passion for history, and the last student to leave the final class of Prince County Hospital School of Nursing in the fall of 1971. This section of the book is the story of the School of Nursing from its beginning to its close in 1971.

This history of a Prince County institution strikes a great balance between a list of facts, notes, appendices and index and the human interest account of what went on within the walls of Prince County Hospital and the School of Nursing. This Caring Place: The History of the Prince County Hospital & School of Nursing is a book with heart and soul!

Published by the Prince County Hospital Foundation, edited by Jane Ledwell, printed and bound in Canada by Williams & Crue (1982) Ltd., Summerside, This Caring Place: The History of the Prince County Hospital & School of Nursing sells for $39.00 (G.S.T. included) and is available in Island bookstores. The cover for the book was designed by Heather MacLaren, and publication co-ordination was done by Laurie Brinklow and The Acorn Press. More on the book at

"This Caring Place: The History of the Prince County Hospital & School of Nursing" may also be obtained directly from:

Prince County Hospital Foundation,
P.O. Box 3000,
Summerside, P.E.I.,
Canada, C1N 2A9.
Phone: (902) 432-2547.


Authors: Katherine Dewar
ISBN: 978-0-919013-8-03 (paper)
ISBN: 978-0-919013-81-0 (e-PDF)
Soft Cover, 256 Pages
Publisher - Island Studies Press, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Available At:
Price: Price: $27.95 Canadian + shipping & handling
Report by: Dorothy Griffin-Farish

Those Splendid GirlsThose Splendid Girls: The Heroic Service of Prince Edward Island Nurses in the Great War 1914-1918, written by Katherine Dewar and published in 2014, one century after the outbreak of the First World War, is a well-written and beautifully illustrated book telling the experiences of Prince Edward Island nurses who served their country during that war and salutes the courage of all Canadian nurses who served and redresses a century-old wrong: the absence in the historical narratives of P.E.I. and of Canada of the contribution of nurses to the First World War.
Those Splendid Girls contains a great deal of information, much of which was never before recorded, and includes extensive notes, military records, letters and biographical information on many of these Island nurses. The front cover of the book shows a picture of nurse Christine MacDonald, born in Bellevue, P.E.I. in 1888 and who died in 1972, and the back cover shows a group of nurses, one of which is Nursing Sister Margaret Johnston of Peter’s Road, P.E.I., at Mrs. Sanford Fleming’s convalescent hospital at Luton, England in 1915.

Author Katherine Dewar taught nursing for twenty-two years at the P.E.I. School of Nursing. Now retired, she has received numerous awards for her research and writing, most recently the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Award of Honour for her outstanding contribution to the heritage of Prince Edward Island. She is a sensitive and passionate writer who has, with Those Splendid Girls, brought to light the importance and dedication of nurses during wartime. To quote UPEI History Professor Edward MacDonald, the book “tells a ripping good yarn about women at war.”


Clear Cover, Spiral Binding
Available At: See Below...
Price: $25.00 U.S. + $10.00 s&h (if ordered with Name Listings of the Vere Beck Family listed above, s&h is $15.00 for both.)
Report by: Dave Hunter for James Vere Beck

The Biography has the following table of contents:

Vere Beck Picture, Page 3
Pictures of Some Children of Vere Beck, Page 4
Picture of Children of John Beck, Page 6
Vere Beck Family Biographies, Page 7
     Generation One, Page 7
     Generation Two, Page 11
     Generation Three, Page 15
     Generation Four, Page 31
     Generation Five, Page 69
     Generation Six, Page 120
     Generation Seven, Page 155
     Generation Eight, Page 164
Alphabetical Index of the Names of Biographies, Page 168
     A. Family of Elizabeth Sarah Marfleet, wife of Vere Beck, Page 178
     B. Family of Martha Lucy Killick, mother of Vere Beck, Page 179
     C. Family of Sarah MacDonald, wife of John Beck (1.4.6.), Page 180
     D. Beck Family - Crayford, Kent, England, Page 182
     E. Newspaper Clippings of Vere Beck Family Reunions, Page 184
     F. Vere's England 1783 - 1813 by Jessie Beck, Page 186
     G. Vere Beck-Politics and the First 30 Years in P.E.I., by Ivan Munn, Pg. 188
     H. Finding Forbears Footprints by Jessie Beck, Page 194
     I. From Guernsey Cove to the Fixed Link by Ivan Munn, Page 197
     J. In Retrospect The Becks by M.N. Beck, Page 205

Available from:

James Vere Beck,
1935 Danbury W.,
Okemos, MI,
U.S.A., 48864-1873

Author: Dan MacDonald
ISBN: 0-9732308-1-9
Format: 8.5x11 inch, photocopied, Cerlox bound. 80 pages. Indexed.
Price: $25 Canadian or $25 US, including shipping and handling.
Available At: From the author (see below)

This is a compilation of vital statistics data from the issues of the Vindicator, a weekly newspaper published in Charlottetown. It includes the transcriptions of 433 articles, from birth, marriage and death announcements to a variety of other entries such as Coroner's Inquiries, Shipping News, and Local News, published between 17 October 1862 and 5 October 1864. All articles have been transcribed in their entirety. The original spelling and grammar has also been preserved, right down to the errors. Finally, there is an index listing the more than 900 personal names that appear in the enclosed articles.

This book can be used as a finding aid. It is also designed to act as a stand-alone reference. Researchers who do not have direct access to original or microfilmed copies of the Herald can benefit from the articles that have been transcribed in their entirety. They are not left with an index that simply points to data beyond their reach. Nor are they left to wonder at what may have been omitted at someone else's discretion. After all, it is the responsibility of each genealogist to determine the significance and importance of the data, not the compiler. Hopefully, it will prove beneficial to other Prince Edward Island genealogists.

Further information on the book may be obtained from the author's website at The author has provided a sample page as well as an abbreviated copy of the index.

This is the second such book compiled by the author. His first effort involved the vital statistics published in the Herald between October 1864 and October 1871. Information on the Herald compilation, including a sample page and a copy of the index, can also be found at the author's website at

Copies are available directly from the author at:

Dan MacDonald - brikwall [at] brikwall [dot] com
82 Chandler Crescent
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1E 3W7


Author: Brigitte VanVliet
Soft Cover, 200 Pages
Available At:
Price: $ See below
Report by: Dorothy Griffin Farish

WE CAME, WE SAW, WE STAYED, written in 1990 by Brigitte VanVliet of North Carleton, P.E.I. and published by the Dutch Canadian Association of Prince Edward Island, is a 200-page book containing the story of the Dutch on Prince Edward Island. The book was printed by Williams and Crue (1982) Ltd, Summerside, P.E.I. Brigitte, a freelance writer, and her husband came to Prince Edward Island from Holland in the 1950's, so this is also her story, which she writes with clarity and interest. The book is very well-written and is amply illustrated. Copies should be available in public libraries and Island bookstores.


Author: Olive Gaudet
Publisher: Olive Gaudet, in Association with Crescent Isle Publishers, Summerside, P.E.I.
Date of Publication: March 2008
Book Facts: Softcover, 192 pages, 5 1/2 in. x 8 1/2 in. in size, Illustrated, Indexed, with a bibliography of sources
Available At: At several Prince Edward Island bookstores and craft outlets; directly from the author, Olive Gaudet, #21222 Frank
Mellish Street, Summerside, P.E.I., C1N 0H2. home telephone number (902)724-2553, Cottage number (902)882-3924).
Price: $21.95 plus $3.95 for S& H (within Canada)
Report by: J. Clinton Morrison, Publisher, Crescent Isle Publishers
Whitecaps and Watery GravesTales of shipwrecks have always held a strange appeal to those who write or read about the sea. This is understandable because of the tragic loss of life and property, and the high drama associated with such events at sea. In the course of writing Whitecaps and Watery Graves the author felt that a maritime history of Atlantic Canada would be incomplete without telling, in addition to shipwreck stories, some of the many other sea tales and songs of those who follow the sea.

The book focuses on the four provinces of Atlantic Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island - which comprise over 32 000 kilometres of salt water coastline. The shipwrecks and sea stories found in this book take place in the major waters surrounding the region: Gulf of Maine, Bay of Fundy, North Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Chaleur Bay, Northumberland Strait, Cabot Strait, Strait of Belle Isle, and Labrador Sea.

Modern technology has made travel on these bodies of water safe and reliable. As this book will reveal, it was not always like this in the past when few or no maps were available, and direction was calculated by the movements and positions of the sun and stars.

Even with the improved communication and navigation devices available today danger still lurks on the sea from weather conditions and underwater currents. The fall of the year is the most deadly season because of frequent windy weather and hurricanes.

From the fifteenth century onward European vessels came to Atlantic Canada to fish on the Grand Banks, off Newfoundland. Unfortunately, this prime fishing ground was also where the frigid Labrador Current met the mild Gulf Stream providing the ideal recipe for fog formation and storms. In addition, the Labrador Current carried icebergs southward into the sea traffic of the western Atlantic.

These dangers from wind, ice and fog were deadly in the past and combined to make frequent disasters at sea almost a certainty. Today, we cringe at the thought of early captains having to rely upon crew members standing watch on deck in all kinds of weather, day and night, looking and listening for breakers in shallow water. To magnify the problem, there were few or no lighthouses in the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to guide ships safely near shore. It has been estimated that about 20,000 shipwrecks litter the coasts of Atlantic Canada.

This book provides a new and exciting look at a part of our rich maritime history in Atlantic Canada.


Olive Gaudet was born in the small fishing community of Tignish Shore, Prince Edward Island during the Great Depression. She was educated in the local one-room school and left home at an early age to work. Despite having to leave school she never abandoned her desire to learn, and over the years became self-educated.

In her sixty-fifth year, due to personal health problems, she retired from her career as a caregiver to seniors. She has since spent quality time with her family and enjoys travelling. She is an avid card player and enjoys visiting and socializing with people. Her most enjoyable pastime, however, is writing - an interest she has nurtured for many years through letter-writing and the recording of interesting events. Having grown up along the north shore of western Prince County it comes as no surprise that one of her areas of interest is the sea.

Ms. Gaudet’s family has followed the sea for generations; her father, Frank Pitre, was a fisherman all his life, as was his father and grandfather. Her brothers, Leo (who lost his life in a fishing accident in 1954 at the age of twenty-four) and Alyre (deceased), were both career fishermen, and her brother, Walter (1941-2006), fished for many years before taking up farming for a living. Her two surviving brothers, Edmund "Buddy," of St. Felix, P.E.I. and Alvin, of Tignish Shore, P.E.I. have been fishermen all their lives, and their sons continue to follow the sea for a livelihood.

She is fluently bilingual in French and English, and enjoys learning Spanish. She became fascinated with "the language of lovers," as she calls the latter language, while attending a winter community language course. In 1972 Ms Gaudet left her native province and spent several years in Ontario before moving to the West where she currently resides in Calgary. Her love of "the Island" draws her back each year to spend the summers in her cottage at Tignish Shore, near her extended family and the Acadian roots she holds dear to her heart. She is an avid supporter of the preservation of the Island’s few remaining lighthouses, and the one situated at Tignish Shore remains of personal interest to her. She feels strongly that these buildings have played a significant part in our province’s history and their preservation as heritage landmarks must be guaranteed.

Olive Gaudet married Major Gaudet in 1954 and they had five children: Floyd, Connie, Darlene, Beverley, and Vera. In addition to her own children, she is very proud of her thirteen grandchildren and six great grandchildren, and tries to keep in contact with them regularly. During the 1980s her children moved to Western Canada and today they reside in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. Her youngest daughter, Vera, returned from Edmonton to again make her home on the Island, in 2006.

In 2005 Olive Gaudet’s dream was realized when she completed her first book, Memories of a Lifetime: A Native Islander Remembers Her Roots. This book was well received in her native province, and in the West where she and her family reside. In 2006 she received recognition for her writing with a publishing award from Museum and Heritage Prince Edward Island - an award presented to her by the Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island, Honorable Léonce Bernard.

Aug 02, 2008

Author: George Wright
Soft Cover, 175 pages with CD
Available At: most Island Bookstores, and mail orders as below
Price: $23.45 plus $3.50 shipping and handling
Report by: George Wright

Who Departed This Life Spanning several acres - and in existence during four centuries - the cemetery known as the Old Protestant Burying Ground is prominently located behind a wrought iron fence on University Avenue in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It is the final resting ground for up to 4.000 souls who were interred between the late 1700's and 1873. The Burying Ground had withstood the ravages of time - and vandalism - but in recent years great efforts have been made to restore the grounds, offering respect to those departed colonial pioneers who established the city and the province.

"Who Departed This Life" chronicles the Burying Ground from its creation to its closure and subsequent restoration efforts, culminating in its Millenium restoration (1999-2004). Included in the book is a list of the remaining tombstones, as well as a Cd-Rom listing over 3.200 interments. In celebration of the lives of our forefathers, the book includes approximately 80 short biographies of those interred, along with stories of their families.

Mail orders are welcomed with a shipping and handling charge of $3.50. Cheques ( $23.45 per book) with orders should be sent to The Old Protestant Burying Ground (OPBG) c/o 205 Mt. Edward Rd., Charlottetown, PE., C1A 5T1. U. S. orders are welcome. Please remit the above amounts in US funds.

Dec 07 2005

Author: Home Economics History Committee (Doris M. Anderson, Helen Bartlett, Irene Burge, Heather Henry-MacDonald, Jean Halliday MacKay, and J. Estelle Reddin, editor)
ISBN: 0919013-51-1
Soft Cover, 363 pages with over 250 photographs
Publisher: Home Economics Publishing Collective
Available At: some Island bookstores (order through others via ISBN number) or from Heather Henry MacDonald, 8 Battery Pt. Dr., Stratford, PE C1B 2K6 (make cheque payable to Home Economics Publishing Collective )
Price: $25.00 CDN (plus $7.00 shipping if applicable)
Report: Jessie Lees and Doris H. Anderson
Who We Are Over one hundred years ago it was common for people to drink unpasteurized milk and water from a common pail and cup. It was a small group of women in the US and Canada who agitated for better hygiene and, through applied science, made common household tasks easier. The first Women's Institute, founded in 1911, quickly spread its message of better home management, hygiene, and the care of children. In 1905 the first domestic science course was added to the curriculum - at the Macdonald consolidated rural school - then Junior Red Cross in the 1920s, radio broadcasts in the 1930s, visiting homemakers, and the rapid rise of dietitians followed. In 1948 the first supervisor of home economics for the province was appointed, leading the way for school and university home economics programs. This book is a fascinating study of how this was accomplished in Prince Edward Island. -- Doris H. Anderson, Former Chancellor University of Prince Edward Island, Former Editor of Chatelaine
...I liked the stories and I was very much impressed by the ingenuity and courage of women who found ways to accomplish things that hadn't been done before in Prince Edward Island and, quite often, did battle to make their case. Theirs is a fascinating story....[Who We Are tells] about an important aspect of Island History that could interest a wide audience. -- Jessie Lees, PhD, Educator

Feb 06, 2007

Author: Donal Baird
ISBN: 1-55109-267-0
Soft Cover, 232 Pages
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing, P.O. Box 9301, Stn. A, Halifax, N.S., B5K 5N5.
Available At: P.E.I. bookstores, may be ordered by others via ISBN number.
Price: $19.95 CDN
Report by: Dave Hunter
Women at Sea"Being Seasick, finding it almost impossible to swallow, seeing everything that is loose swinging, and seeing the waves rising and falling is misery, but once over, life again seems worth living. There is always excitement on reaching port - letters from home to be devoured, and a new port to see - Cora Hilton, c. 1890"

"Women at Sea" is a book of the sea, and the women who sailed with their captain husbands. They knew first hand the perils and joy of life at Sea. The tales in the book are written by the women themselves - each telling their own story from their perspective.

Donal Baird presents their stories in a format set against the age of the square riggers. The women were often the educated ones and took over chores such as navigation and journal keeping. For anyone with an interest in the sea, and what life was like aboard the vessels of the 1800's, this is the book for you. It will offer new insight into a subject hard to understand for those of us used to the luxuries of today. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, and will be back to reread it many times.


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