The Descendants of George and Elizabeth Crew(e)

England/Crapaud, PEI.

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Descendants of George Crew and Elizabeth (Crew)

This Crew(e) genealogy is a preliminary organization of research into my mother's family from PEI. There are probably errors as we have just begun piecing together the information and all errors are mine. What I do know "for sure" is that my great grandfather John Kitson(Kidson?) Crewe married Laura Arnett in PEI in the early 1900s and my grandfather Charles W Crewe had at least 5 brothers and sisters


Please contact me at if you have any additional information or corrections. I would especially like to thank Greg Hughes and Waldron Leard for providing record lookups and background material. I am also very grateful to Dave Hunter for providing such a great PEI page. I am in Boston and without any knowledge of where the rest of the Crew descendants may be, so this has been a wonderful opportunity to explore PEI and my mother's family.

1. George1 CREW, born bef. 1780. He probably married (1) Elizabeth (CREW),

deceased bef. 1843. They were both from England and probably came to PEI about 1822.

Notes for George Crew, Royal Gazette: Crew, Elizabeth, RG 16 Apr 1839, p. 2, and 21 May 1839 , p. 1, aged and infirm person,Crapaud; George Crew, Royal Gazette 7 Jan 1839, Grist Mill Owner; and again George on 7 Jan 1840, p. 4,Miller; 12/24/1839, p 3, Grist Mill owner, Crapaud; George Crew,Royal Gazette 1/1840, p 4, Miller;

1841 census -Lot 29, p. 1, as a Miller and Farmer, Methodist, 3 and 1 born in PEI and 2 in England, 1 f under 16, 1 m, 16-45 and 1 m over 60, probably a widower; listed in sequence with Joseph, Benjamin and Daniel so probably oncontiguous pieces of land; probably Joseph, George, Benjamin and Daniel are sons, but the girl under 16 with two men and no mother - maybe the father George and the son George, but must be a child by the son George? I put Eliza here, but there may be another Hannah than Joseph's daughter and Walden Leard believes that Emma may be George's daughter not Joseph's?

8/31/1843 marriage JP WN Irving, witnesses Edward Duffy, Joseph Best - must be son George; 1860 Lot 29 Lake maps show mill with saw and grist parts. 1880 Meacham's Atlas Lot 29 shows George and Joseph, but 1928 map only shows Leards.

Children of George1 Crew and Elizabeth (Crew) may be as follows:

2 i George2

3 ii Benjamin2

4 iii Daniel2

5 iv Joseph2

v Eliza2 , born 28 Oct 1838. She married on 7 Feb 1863, Joy BEST. Eliza, Date enrolled, 26 Aug, 1845 - Jul 31, 1848 age, 9 in Jul 1848, DOB, Oct 28; Joy Best, B, Crapaud, and Eliza Crew, S, Crapaud, license, 18 Jan 1863, Rev Malcolm Ross, Bondsman, WF French, License Books,#6, p. 208-9; Married 7 Feb 1863, Witnesses, Maynard Freeman and #George Ross., Marriage Book, #8, 1862-1867, p. 29.

Generation 2

2. George2 CREW (George1) married Mary BAILEY.

Notes for George Crew, 30/08/1843, ML, Vol 1831-43;

Children of George2 Crew and Mary Bailey were as follows:

i John3 , born abt. 1844 in abode, Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 28 Apr 1844, by Read, Bk. 4, p. 3

ii Ellen3 , born abt. 1846 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 10 May 1846, by JH Read, St John's, Bk. 4, p. 11

iii Hannah3 , born abt. 1847 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 3 Oct 1847, by Read, St John's, Bk. 4, p. 15

iv James Bailey3 , born abt. 1849 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 25 Oct 1849, by Read, St John's, Bk. 4, p. 23. Marriage bonds:Crew, James, 24/05/1876, RG Vital Stats, Box K;

v Eliza3 , born abt. 1858 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 4/23/1858 by DB Parnther, St. John's Angelican, Bk. 1, p. 17

3. Benjamin2 CREW (George1), born in England. He married Elizabeth WEEKS,

born in England.

Notes for Benjamin Crew 1841 census - Lot 29, p. 1, Methodist, 5 born in PEI and 2 born in England: under 16, 3 F, and 2 M, 16-45, 1F & 1 M

Children of Benjamin2 Crew and Elizabeth Weeks were as follows:

i Sarah3 , born 12 Feb 1829 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 11 Sep 1837, Thomas Davies, Bedeque UC, p. 83;

ii John3 , born 15 Jul 1833 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 11 Sep 1837, Thomas Dewar, Bedeque UC, p. 83; John, date enrolled, 25 Sep 1845 - 31 Jul 1847, age 14 in Jul 1847, DOB Jul 13.

6 iii Daniel D3

iv Jane Weeks3 , born 20 Apr 1838 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 8 Oct 1838, Thomas H Davies, Hampton UC, Bk. 2, p. 24; Jane,date enrolled, 1 Aug 1845 - 31 Jun 1847, age 9 in Jun 1847;

v Another Girl3 , born bef. 1841. The 1841 census shows one more girl

4. Daniel2 CREW (George1), born in England. He married on 22 Jan 1838, Mary TAYLOR, born in PEI.

Notes for Daniel Crew Daniel Crew, B., Crapaud and Mary Taylor, S., St Peter's Lot 65, License to Rd Knight, Wesleyan Missionary, Witnesses, Arch McNeil, James Taylor, 22 Jan 1838, Marriage Book, 1832-1840, p. 308. 1841 census - Lot 29, p.1, Methodist, 3 born in PEI and 1 in England, under

16, 2 M and 16-45, 1 F & 1 M.

Notes for Mary Taylor Crapaud People's Cemetary also has: Lewis J Taylor 3/11/1872-2/13/1918, wife Claudine M smith 4/24/1883-3/19/1970, Bertha S Thompson 12/27/1908-12/5/1939, wife of Ralph

Taylor, stone 168;

Children of Daniel2 Crew and Mary Taylor were as follows:

i Matilda Ann3 , born aft. 1841 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 30 Dec 1846, JH Read, St John's Ang, Bk, 4, p. 12;

ii Richard Henry3 , born bef. 1841 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 30 Dec 1846, JH Read, St John's Ang, Bk. 4. P. 12.

iii George Taylor3 , born bef. 1841 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 30 Dec 1846, JH Read, St John's Ang, Bk. 4, p. 12. ?? In the 1881 census, we have in Lot 31, Family 44, Crews, George, 35, b. PEI, Fb. Eng, Mb. Eng,Methodist, Farmer, Hannah, 24, All three born in PEI, Sarah, 65, Mother, all three born Eng.

iv Charles Scurrah3 , born aft. 1841 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI. christened 30 Dec 1846, JH Read, St John's, Bk. 4, p. 12;

5. Joseph2 CREW (George1), born 1812 in England. He married (2) abt. 1832,

Margaret UNKNOWN, born abt. 1817 in PEI ; deceased bef. 1891.

Notes for Joseph Crew Crew, Joseph, 27/01/1832, ML, Vol 1831-43. On Apr 14, 1835 he has an advertisement on p. 3, in the Royal Gazette and there is a mention of him in the Colonial Herald, for 14 Jul 1838, p1 and 18 Jan 1840, p. 3. The 1841 census copy was obtained for George Crew, Miller and Farmer but there are four Crew's in a row in the listing; Joseph, George, Benjamin and Daniel. 1841census - Page 1 of Lot 29, Farmer, Methodist 5, 1 B. Eng, 4 B. PEI. Under 16, 2F, 1M; 16-45, 1F, 1M.In 1841, he would be 29 and his wife would also be classed between 16 & 45 years old.They had 2 girls and 1 boy under 16. 1861 census, in Lot 29, p. 17, Methodist-1, Universalist-10, Proprietor Lady Fane, under 5, 1F; 5 - 16, 4F, 1M; 16 - 21, 2M; 21 - 45, 1F, 1M...; 45-60, 1F, 1M. The Meacham's Atlas of 1880 shows George Crew along with Joseph. Meacham's Atlas Directory for Lot 29, in the area of Balaklava as a Farmer,

PO Address, Crapaud, born in England and settled in 1822. 1881 census - Lot 29, Family 16, Farmer, Methodist, Crew, Joseph, 69, b. Eng, Marget, 64, b. PEI. Havlin (f) 8, B. PEI. Havlin is probably a grandchild of Joseph and Marget, (probably, Margaret). He is listed in his son George's family aged 79 in 1891 census; both parents born in England.

Children of Joseph2 Crew and Margaret unknown were as follows:

i Hannah3 , born 12 Sep 1836/37; deceased 1 Oct 1860 in buried in lot 29, cemetary 4, stone 42, Crapaud Peoples Cemetary, PEI. Hannah, (Anna), Date enrolled, 1 Jun 1846 - 31 Jul 1848, Age 11 in Jul 1848, DOB Sep 12; stone says daughter of Joseph and Margaret Crew, aged 23 yrs. But a christening record has a Crew, Hannah, b. 1830 at Crapaud, christened 8 May 1854, GO Huestis, f. Joseph Crew, m. ---, Hampton UC,Bk. 2, p. 62;

7 ii George3

8 iii Emma3

Generation 3

6. Daniel D3 CREW (Benjamin2, George1), born 12 Oct 1835 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI; deceased May 1906. He married on 26 Jun 1866, Rebecca Grace CUDMORE, born abt. 1843 in PEI.

Notes for Daniel D Crew christened 11 Sep 1837, Thomas Davies, Bedeque United Ch, p. 83. Daniel, Upper Westmoreland District, school register, David John Thomson, Master, date enrolled, 1 Apr 1846 - 31 Jul 1847, Age 12 in Jul 1847, DOB Oct 12. Crew, Daniel D.. B., Winsloe Rd, and R. Cudmore, S., Winsloe Rd, Lic 15 Jun 1866 to Mr J. Chappell, Bondsman, J. Cudmore, License Fee Bk., Marriages, 1866-1870. This is also in the Marriage License Book, 1863-1871, as is the actual marriage notation of Jun 26, 1866 with witnesses, William Ford and Catherine McGennis, Marriage Book, # 8, 1862-1867, p. 522. 1891 census - Daniel D Crew, Summerside A2. Fam 26, Clock & Watch Repair. Age 56, b, PEI, fb Eng, mb Eng, Methodist, Rebecca, 48, b PEI, fb Eng, mb Eng, William Wesley, 14, Lucius B., 12, Clara A., 6. death of Daniel D. Crew in the Daily Patriot, of May 25, 1906, p. 4. There was a complete card on Crue, Lucius Benjamin, 219 Winter St, Summerside, PE, DOB 21 Feb 1879, in PEI, DOD 5 Nov 1952 at Prince County Hospital, Summerside, Married to Carrie A. Delaney, Printer. (The company of Williams and Crue is still going .) F. Daniel D. Crue, b. Eng, m. Rebecca Cudmore, b. PEI, Buried in the Peoples Cemetery, Summerside, PE. Age at death, 73, 8 mo, 15 dys. The information supplied by Mrs Leith Crue, Summerside, Dau.-in-law.

Notes for Rebecca Grace Cudmore 1891 census - parents born in England; Crapaud people's Cemetary also has: John T Cudmore d. 12/23/1922 age 72, wife Bessie Martin d. 1922 age 68, Harry E Cudmore 8/16/1891-, wife Florrie M Macleod 3/20/1891-7/10/1977

Children of Daniel D3 Crew and Rebecca Grace Cudmore were as follows:

i Eliza Ann4 , born 17 Feb 1867. christened 17 Feb 1867, Rev WW Percival, Trinity UC Summerside, Bk. 1, p.1;

ii Sarah Jane4 , born 17 Feb 1867. christened 17 Feb 1867, Rev WW Percival, Trinity UC, Summerside,Bk. 1, p. 1;

iii William Wesley4 , born abt. 1877.

iv Lucius Benjamin4 , born 21 Feb 1879; deceased 5 Nov 1952. He married Carrie A DELANEY. Crue, Lucius, in the Daily Patriot. 10Sep 1903, p. 1, Marriage;

v Clara4 , born abt. 1885.

7. George3 CREW (Joseph2, George1), born 1845 in PEI. He married (2) on 1 Jul 1865, Martha ROBBLEE, born 1846 in PEI .

Notes for George Crew, B., Crapaud and Martha Robblee, S., Tryon, License granted 1 Jul 1865 to Rev D Fitzgerald, Marriage License Book, 1863-1871;marriage license book #6, p 258,259; Rev. D FitzGerald, 7/1/1865, bondsman Wm Reid; 1881 census: lot 29, family 32, Wesleyan 1891 census: lot 27, family 65, Methodist

Notes for Martha Robblee father born in PEI; mother born in Ireland; Crapaud People's Cemetary also has Francis Robblee, d. 7/10/1915, age 82

Children of George3 Crew and Martha Robblee were as follows:

i Heckford4 CREWE, born 1866.

ii William4 CREWE, born 1867.

iii Sarah4 CREWE, born 1869.

iv Charles W4 , born 5 Mar 1871/73; deceased 9 Jul 1955 in buried in lot 27, cemetary 2, stone 13, Searletown, PEI. He married Mabel B SOBEY, born 19 Nov 1879; deceased 18 Nov 1963 in buried in lot 27, cemetary 2, stone 13, Searletown, PEI. Crew, Charles W., 14/08/1900, Marriage License (ML), RG Vital Stats, Box M; Crew, Charles W.,15/08/1900, ML, Box E; Crew, Charles, W., Boston listed as being married in the Morning Guardian in the issue of Aug 21, 1900, p. 6.

9 v John Kitson4 CREWE

vi Denton4 CREWE, born 1881.

vii Louisa4 CREWE, born 1881.

viii Fanny4 CREWE, born 1885.

8. Emma3 CREW (Joseph2, George1), born 1857; deceased 1944 in buried in lot

29, cemetary 4, stone 67, Crapaud Peoples Cemetary, PEI. She married abt. 1880, George Edward LEARD, born 26 Mar 1855 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI; deceased 1926 in buried in lot 29, cemetary 4, stone 67, Crapaud Peoples Cemetary, PEI, son of George and Charlotte Jane (Warren) Leard.

Notes for Emma Crew, Emma,12/07/1880, Marriage Bond; Crew, Emma, 12/07/1880, ML,RG Vital Stats, Box M; Walden Leard says her date of death was 1/19/1945 after a very brief illness, Crapaud, PEI

Notes for George Edward Leard. Waldron Leard says he died of Bright's disease, after about two weeks illness at the Prince county Hospital, that he was a Miller, proprietor of Leard's

Mills, Crapaud, and the Electric Light Plant at Crapaud Corner, Mason member of the Loyal Orange Lodge in Crpaud, but that his date of death was 1928 in

Summerside, PEI

Children of Emma3 Crew and George Edward Leard were as follows:

10 i Ada Alice4

11 ii Jesse Wright4

12 iii Harry4

Generation 4

9. John Kitson4 CREWE (George3, Joseph2, George1), born 1874; deceased 1946

in buried in lot 27, cemetary 2, stone 44, Searletown. He married (1) Laura ARNETT, born 1884; deceased 1971 in buried in lot 27, cemetary 2, stone 44,


Notes for John Kitson Crewe Another John Crew or he was married before Laura?: Patriot, 5/25/1901, p2 marriage; book #16, 1882-1923, p 94 John Crew, Hunter river, Sarah Brooker, Fredericton, Rev T Dystant, bondsman James Stewart; Daily Examiner 12/26/1902 p 5 married; Guardian 12/29/1902 John Crewe married

Notes for Laura Arnett Laura Crewe died over Labor Day weekend in 1971 (early Sept) at the age of 88. She lived in Hopkinton and Grafton, Massachusetts with my grandparents from some time in the 1940s or 1950s until my grandmother died in 1961. Then Laura returned to PEI, and a nursing home which I believe was in Charlottetown. I visited her there in 1970. I do know she went back to Canada because of the benefits for the elderly so I assume that she was still a Canadian citizen. PEI is where she died. She left my brother John Kitson Varnum $400 in her will - he was named after her husband, probably because he was the first male great grandchild. There may have been no male Crewe grandchildren. Searletown United Cemetary also has: William Harrison Arnett 1890-1915, Jennie 1854-1921, wife of James Arnett, 1851-1942, John R Arnett 1904-1934, Harry W Arnett 1879-1951, wife Annie L Burns 1875-1968, son Ernest E Arnett 1905- , stone 42; William W Arnett 1856-1943, wife Eliza L Thomson 1856-1941, son elmer T Arnett 1891-1914, daughters E Louise Arnett 1896- , Gertrude Arnett 1886- , wife of Lorne P Higgins, stone 46; James Edward Arnett d. 9/30/1874 age 1 yr, 4 mos, 20 days, son of Thomas H and Jane Arnett, stone 116; Thomas Arnett 1848-1915, wife Jane hayes 1846-1890, children James E, Charlotte A, Florence and Jennie, stone 117; Elizabeth J Arnett d 1/8/1898 age 7yrs, 6 mos, daughter of Thomas and Jane Arnett, stone 118; Charlotte Ann Arnett d. 5/20/1880 age 5 yrs, 10 mos, youngest daughter of John F and Charlotte Arnett, also Laura L A Arnett d. 8/6/1880 age 10 yrs, 9 mos, stone 120; John F Arnett d. 5/6/1901 age 78, wife Charlotte d. 3/14/1912, age 85, Mary F Arnett 1849-1928 wife of John R Cameron, John Arnett d. 6/28/1911 age 46, stone 121; Crapaud People's Cemetary also has: Jane Eliza Arnett d. 3/17/1871, age 34, wife of William Nicolle, stone 164;

Children of John Kitson4 Crewe and Laura Arnett were as follows:

13 i Frank5

ii Robert?5

iii William?5

14 iv Charles Wesley5

v Wylie W5 , born 1908; deceased 1962.

15 vi Martha5

16 vii Velma Jean5

viii Kenneth A5 , born 1918; deceased 1966.

10. Ada Alice4 LEARD (Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born 1881 in Crapaud,

Lot 29, PEI; deceased 23 May 1975 in Sherwood, PEI, buried in Crapaud People's Cemetary. She married (1) Frederick WOTTON, born 31 Oct 1871 in Nova Scotia; deceased in 6/25/1950. She married (3) (Divorced) George Camden HOLLAND, born 5 Jul 1878 in Tryon, PEI; deceased 1956 in St Eleanor's, PEI, buried at Tryon People's Cemetary, PEI, son of Frederick Francis and

Sophia (Irving) Holland.

Notes for Ada Alice Leard Resided in Victoria, PEI

Notes for Frederick Wotton Resided in Victoria, PEI

Children of Ada Alice4 Leard and Frederick Wotton were as follows:

17 i Leah Avis5

18 ii George Isaac5

19 iii Mabel E5

11. Jesse Wright4 LEARD (Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born abt. 1883 in Westmoreland, PEI; deceased in buried in Brookfield, Nova Scotia. He married (1) Florence Irene WILLIAMS, born abt. 1883 in Westmoreland, PEI; deceased 3 Oct 1907 in buried in Westmoreland Baptist Church Cemetary. He married (2) on 21 Sep 1909 Louise Edythe Lou COBB, born 25 Mar 1889 in Cardigan, PEI; deceased Jan 1962 in buried in Denmark, Nova Scotia, daughter of Thomas Alexander and Martha Dickie (Francis) Cobb.

Notes for Jesse Wright Leard Resided in Truro, Nova Scotia; after his second marriage, he worked as a farm laborer, then moved to North Bedeque and worked with Jesse Wright , then returned to Crapaud and moved to Bible Hill, worked for the Agricultural College and later took over the farm for the Maritime Home for Girls.

Notes for Louise Edythe Lou Cobb married by Rev H E Thomas; known for her handicrafts.

Children of Jesse Wright4 Leard and Florence Irene Williams were as follows: i Denton5 , born 30 Sep 1902 in Westmoreland, PEI. ii George Camden5 , born Feb 1905 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI; deceased 20 May 1905 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI, buried in the Westmoreland Baptist Church Cemetary.

Children of Jesse Wright4 Leard and Louise Edythe Lou Cobb were as follows:

20 i Mary5

21 ii Nelson5

iii Keith5 , born 21 Feb 1911 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI; deceased abt. 1935 in Westmoreland, PEI, buried in Westmoreland Baptist Church Cemetary. suffered from epilepsy, died in his 20's

12. Harry4 LEARD (Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born 15 Aug 1887 in Westmoreland, PEI; deceased 14 Nov 1933 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI, buried Crapaud People's Cemetary, Lot 29, stone 1. He married (2) on 6 May 1908, Cora Eliza DAWSON, born 11 Dec 1886 in North Tryon, PEI; deceased 27 Jan 1971 in Charlottetown, PEI, buried in Crapaud People's Cemetary, Lot 29, stone 1, daughter of John Thomas and Martha Melvina (Pooley) Dawson.

Notes for Harry Leard Killed when he became entangled in equipment in the plant.

Children of Harry4 Leard and Cora Eliza Dawson were as follows:

22 i John5

23 ii Marjorie Louise5

24 iii Georgia Edna5

25 iv Edith Pauline5

26 v Alice Elaine5

Generation 5

13. Frank5 CREWE (John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1) married (1) Madeline UNKNOWN. He married (3) (Divorced) Emma UNKNOWN.

Notes for Frank Crewe Lived in Nashua, NH in 1976.

Notes for Emma unknown daughters lived near White River Junction, New Hampshire with Emma; were probably born during the 1920s and 1930s. Maybe Frank's first wife Emma, from SS database: Emma Crewe, b. 8/11/1911, d. 7/1984 in Dover, Strattford County, New Hampshire

Children of Frank5 Crewe and Emma unknown were as follows:

i Florence6 Possibly my mother's cousin, Frank and Emma's daughter: Florence Crewe-Jones, b.5/16/1923, social security number

issued in California, d. 2/1995, Miami, Dade county,Florida

ii Roberta6

iii Myrna6 nurse in Mount Crotchet center, NH and later Boston, died of a heart conditon from childhood rhuematic fever,in

late 60s, early 70s; funeral in Boston.

iv Shirley6 v Ruth6 vi Maureen6

14. Charles Wesley5 CREWE (John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1), born 22 Jul 1905 in Searletown, PEI; deceased 28 Apr 1976 in Worcester, MA, buried in Newton Cemetary, Newton, MA. He married (1) Esther E HOLMES, born abt. 1909 in Robbinston, ME, daughter of unknown .

Notes for Charles Wesley Crewe Chaufeur in Boston in 1920s; truck driver and controller for Yale transport in Worcester, MA in 1950's. They lived in Watertown, MA until about 1944 when they moved to Hopkinton, MA, then moved Grafton, MA in the late 1950's. Travelled to Logansport, Indiana in the late 1960's after my grandmother died, then returned to Worcester.There is only one Charles W. Crewe, b. 6/4/1907, d. 10/1977 in social security database and it shows him getting his social security number in Minnesotta. My grandfather is shown without the "e" CREW, CHARLES 145-03-1777 (NJ) b. 22 Jul 1905 d. Apr 1976 lr. 01610 and my mother's birth certicate has "crew" without the "e", but my mother's marriage certificate has "Crewe" ? Other family and friends: Sadie and Heber ?, on PEI farm during 1970 visit Helen MacDonald, Mendon, MA Robinson and Fairbanks families in ME or MA.

Notes for Esther E Holmes Esther developed the RH factor after my mother's birth. Esther's parents died of TB when she was very young. She had one brother named Roy.My mother's birth certicate shows that Esther was born in robbinston, ME, near the Canadian border. Roy also lived in the Hopkinton, MA area when I was growing up and had at least one son named Alan. There is a Roy A Holmes who married Annie Burleigh in Newport, ME 12/4/1937. There is also an Allen E Holmes from Robbinston, ME who married a Betty J Bishop from Perry, ME 10/28/1955.

Children of Charles Wesley5 Crewe and Esther E Holmes were as follows:

27 i Shirley Holmes Crewe6

15. Martha5 CREWE (John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1), born 1913. She

married (1) Robert JENKINS, born 14 Jun 1917; deceased Sep 1967. She married (3) (Divorced) Husband FIRST.

Notes for Martha Crewe Lived in White Horse Beach,Plymouth, MA in 1960's. Lived in PEI in 1976.

Notes for Robert Jenkins SS database: Robert Jenkins, b. 6/14/1917, d. 9/1967, last residence zip code 02381

Children of Martha5 Crewe and Robert Jenkins were as follows:

i Dorothy6 Joined the Navy in late 1950's or early 1960's.

Children of Martha5 Crewe and Husband First were as follows:

i Son6

16. Velma Jean5 CREWE (John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1), born 1914;

deceased 1977. She married Al CARLSON.

Notes for Velma Jean Crewe Lived in Dorchester, MA in the 1950's through the 1970's.

Children of Velma Jean5 Crewe and Al Carlson were as follows:

28 i Beverly6

ii (scandanavian)6 married (Divorced) Jeanette UNKNOWN.

17. Leah Avis5 WOTTON (Ada Alice4 Leard, Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born 1914 in Victoria, PEI ; deceased 19 Jun 1996 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI, buried in Crapaud People's Cemetary. She married (1) John Stetford STORDY, born 1906 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI; deceased 12 Apr 1989 in Crapaud, Lot 29, PEI,

buried in Crapaud People's Cemetary, son of Thomas Francis and Naomi (Villet) Stordy. She married (2) (Divorced) James BELL.

Notes for Leah Avis Wotton Spent her last years in a nursing home in Summerside, PEI.

Notes for James Bell Was residing in a senior citizen's unit in Crapaud.

18. George Isaac5 WOTTON (Ada Alice4 Leard, Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1),

born 21 May 1923 in Victoria, PEI . He married on 7 Dec 1949, Mary Georgina

DAWSON, born 2 Mar 1927 in Augustine Cove, PEI, daughter of Harry William

and Mary Ethel (Murray) Dawson.

Notes for George Isaac Wotton Resided in Charlottetown, PEI, elected president of the PEI CCF party in 1946, succeeding Irving Toombs.

19. Mabel E5 WOTTON (Ada Alice4 Leard, Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born

1925 in Victoria, PEI . She married Clayton A CROSBY, born 1921 in Bonshaw, PEI.

Notes for Mabel E Wotton Resided in Crapaud, PEI.

20. Mary5 LEARD (Jesse Wright4, Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born in PEI. She married John NORRING.

Notes for Mary Leard Resided in Hilden, Nova Scotia.

Children of Mary5 Leard and John Norring were as follows:

i Jess6

ii Josie6

iii June6

iv John6

21. Nelson5 LEARD (Jesse Wright4, Emma3 Crew, Joseph2, George1), born 21 Feb 1911 in PEI; deceased in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He married Irma STEVENS, born in Brookfield, Nova Scotia.

Notes for Nelson Leard Resided in Nova Scotia, served during WWII, had a bad motorcycle accident and after back surgery at Camp Hill Hospital, went into shock and died with Irma and cousin Rhoda Cobb Bernard visiting him.

Children of Nelson5 Leard and Irma Stevens were as follows:

i Patricia6 , born in Nova Scotia. Resdied in Ontario.

ii Brian6 , born in Nova Scotia. Died in motorcycle acident while a young man in Ontario.

Generation 6

27. Shirley Holmes Crewe6 (Charles Wesley5, John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1), born 16 Jul 1929; deceased 24 Mar 1981. She married Donald Curtis Varnum , born 30 Jun 1925, son of Walter Sewell Varnum and Olive Pearl Jean .

Children of Shirley Holmes Crewe6 and Donald Curtis Varnum were as follows:

29 i Sharon Elizabeth Varnum7

ii Donna Jean Varnum7 , born Aug 1948; deceased Oct 1948.

30 iii John Kitson Varnum7

31 iv Stephanie Crandall Varnum7

32 v Sandra Varnum7 33 vi Donald Curtis Jr7 VARNUM

28. Beverly6 CARLSON (Velma Jean5 Crewe, John Kitson4, George3, Joseph2, George1) married Unknown .

Notes for Beverly Carlson Lived in Medford in the late 60's, early 70's

Children of Beverly6 Carlson and Unknown were as follows:

i Others7

ii Daughter7 , born abt. 1955.

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