The Descendants of Archibald Darrach and Christy McPhail

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The Descendants of Archibald Darrach and Christy McPhail

  1. Archibald Darrach was born about 1823 and died June 11, 1899. He was the son of James Darrach from whom he and his brothers inherited the farm in lot 65. Christy McPhail was born about 1827 and died May 1 1924. Their marriage was recorded March 24, 1849. Witnesses were Duncan Darrach and David Fraser. They were both born and died on Prince Edward Island. Their family was raised in the Canoe Cove/ Long Creek area of Lot 65.
  2. Children of Archibald Darrach and Christy McPhail are:

    1. Sarah, b. 1850 d. 3/17/1931, m. 1874 to Archibald McLean b.1847 d. 1929
      1. Alice Maude b. 1875 d. 1931, m. Jacob Peterson
      2. Henry Flora b. 1880 d. 1970, m. Abbie Gay Barnes
    2. Margaret (Maggie) b. abt 1853 d. abt 1917
    3. Duncan b. Dec 25 1853 d. 1927, m. 5/11/1891 to Julia McEachern May 25 1854-1936
    4. i. Katie, b. 1891 d. 1899

      ii. Neil A, b. 12/13/1895, d.? m. Julia MacDonald

    5. Ellen Margaret b. abt 1854 d. 1933 m 1882 to Archibald McPhail b. 1850, d. 1919
    6. i.James b. 1890 d.1920

    7. Isabella b. abt 1861 d. m. Fred Hunt (there is a record of a marriage of an Isabelle Darrach to a John Ferguson on PEI 9/27/1901 - not sure if this fits into the family history anywhere or if this is a different Isabelle)
    8. Belle b. March 1865 d. 1936, m. 18?? Joseph Graham b. 1863 d. 1915
      1. Susie C. b. 1888 d. 1892
      2. Stella. b. Dec 1890 - ?
      3. Irene L. b. June 1894 d.1913
    9. Caroline, b. abt 1865 d. 1933, m. 18?? Hugh Mclean, b. abt. 1843, d. 1911
    10. James b. abt 1869 d. 1936.

ARCHIBALD was one of three sons of James Darrach. The sons were John, Duncan and Archibald. There was also a sister Catherine. It is believed that James was the James Darrach who arrived on the Spencer in 1806.

CHRISTY MCPHAIL – I have been unable to find any info on Christy’s family

SARAH immigrated to Quincy Massachusetts and was married there where her husband Archibald McLean, also from PEI, worked in the granite quarries. Sarah’s obituary listed surviving siblings as Mrs. Belle Graham of Newton MA, and Mrs. Carrie (Caroline) McLean, Mrs. Ellen McPhail and James Darrach of PEI.

MARGARET- I have been unable to find any more information about Margaret

DUNCAN - was the one from this generation who stayed on the family farm

ELLEN MARGARET - based on tombstone information from the Long Creek Baptist Cemetery it is possible that she had two other children: Flora McPhail 1884-1959 and Colin McPhail 1886-1938. These two McPhails were married to William Morrow 1880-1954 and Sadie McQuarrie 1888-1916 respectivly. This is based on information from Long Creek Baptist cemetery - this is speculative

ISABELLA - I have been unable to find information on Isabella

BELLE - The 1900 Barre Vermont census listed her living with her husband, a stone cutter from Scotland and 2 daughters age 6 and 9 who were in school. It stated that she had had 3 children. From Belle’s death record it appears that she moved to Massachusetts from Barre Vermont sometime after being widowed in about 1914-1916. Additional info came from their tombstone in Barre VT

CAROLINE - I have no other information on Caroline

JAMES’ information from a cousin indicates that James left PEI for a number of years and later returned.

LONG CREEK BAPTIST CEMETERY – many members of this family and their descendents are buried in the nearby Long Creek Baptist cemetery. Tombstones there provided some of the birth and death dates.. The Sarah Darrach and Archibald McLean buried there however are not this Sarah, but a cousin who was the daughter of Archibald Darrach’s brother John

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