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Rolle des habitants de L'Isle St. Jean - 1728 Acadian Database!

Note: This document is part of the Smith-Alley collection ( Accession #2702/670 ) at the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office. It is signed at the end, "Made in Lousiburgh 30 Novembre 1728" by Leonormand Lemeri. This is a different document from the 1728 census. You will note, that when making comparisons between the census and this document that there are a number of differences in the listings - spellings are different, people have moved around, etc.... Transcibed by Dave Hunter - Every attempt has been made to keep this document true to the original. However, transcription/translation errors do occur, and in any case where there is any question, the original document should be checked. Name spellings are as in the original document.
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