Thinking of Donating to the Island Register?

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Thinking of Contributing to the Island Register?

As the Island Register grows and is fast becoming one of the largest web site in the Maritimes, its costs are also growing at a somewhat alarming rate. I used to refuse contributions, but as a result of the ever increasing cost keeping the Register online, I will now accept small contributions made towards the support of the page. This is not a decision I have made lightly, but a financial crunch last fall made this change of mind necessary.

My computer equipment was aging, and some broken down, and web costs were skyrocketing as the ever growing page neared the 100 meg. mark. Vistors to the page were exceeding 3000 a day, and the load on the server was increasing resulting in higher load charges for the web space. The page was then was approaching the 2 million visitor mark, and now 3 million visitors. New software was needed for the production of the page as well.... In order to keep the Island Register afloat without bankrupting myself, I decided to accept offers I had been turning down previously.

Small contributions may be made to defray the costs of this website by a number of means, by cheque, money order, and also credit cards via the secure PayPal link below. These contributions will go towards payment of web costs, programs used for the production of the Island Register, materials, books, copying supplies, and for the purchase and maintainance of equipment used in the production of the Island Register, and for the hiring of outside help when needed for special projects such as the P.E.I. Surnames List software development.

It is not my policy to specify any set amount. No amount is too little - it is the thought that really counts most of all. These times are tough for all of us. If you wish to donate, it is up to you, and if you cannot, you will continue to have access of every feature of the Island Register, and of its newsletter if you subscribe to it, and you will be just as welcome as if you had donated. Contribution is entirely on a voluntary basis, and any amounts donated will go towards keeping the Island Register online, and to keep new information coming to the site.

Contributions may be made via PayPal's secure server using either of the links at the right. PayPal donations may be made via the credit cards shown, from balances in an existing PayPal account, or transferred to that account from a local bank.

Contribute to the Island Register via PayPal!

If you wish to contribute directly, please contact me by email at first. I will give you my mailing address, and instructions on how the payment should be made out. Cheques may be made out in Canadian or U.S. dollars. All contributions go directly towards the cost of maintaining and expanding the ever growing Island Register site.

I also want to thank those who donated their outgrown or defective computer equipment for the Island Register's Recycle-it project. The sale of the computers, once refurbished, provided computers to those who otherwise might not have had one, and though profit margins were extremely low, has raised a modest amount for the Island Register. Unfortunately these 6 systems sold were quite old - mostly 486's and older, so the asking price on each system had to be kept low in order to sell ($30 to $70 avg.), and in most cases used monitors and other parts had to be purchased to go with them. However, as I have said before, every little bit helps and all equipment donations are truly appreciated.

Thank you!

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