The Descendants of Patrick Leaky

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Submitted by - Laura Beauregard -

Laura notes that any names stated after 1900s have given their permission to put them on the website. Laura would like to get this file further back. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

The Descendants of Patrick Leaky

Generation No. 1

1. PATRICK1 LEAKY. He married MARY.

Child of PATRICK LEAKY and MARY is:

2. i. MARY2 LEAKY, d. Dec 10, 1884.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY2 LEAKY (PATRICK1) died Dec 10, 1884. She married PATRICK DONOVAN. Patrick lived in Morell, Prince Edward Island with wife. Census 1891 - Donovans in Lot 39, 46


3. i. MARY JANE3 DONOVAN, b. Apr 3, 1880; d. Oct 1968, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.

Generation No. 3

3. MARY JANE3 DONOVAN (MARY2 LEAKY, PATRICK1) was born Apr 3, 1880, and died Oct 1968 in Charlottetown, PE, Canada. She married THOMAS VINCENT GRANT Oct 1902 in St. Theresas, PE, Canada, son of ALLAN GRANT and MARY FISHER. Mary Jane was the only daughter of her parents, nickname Minnie., Occupation: Housewife., Religion: Roman Catholic.

Notes for THOMAS VINCENT GRANT: Born on a farm near Peakes Station, Prince Edward Island. Lived in Montague, PEI and went to Cardigan High School. Studied medicine in Boston, Mass. at age 32 - College of Physicians and Surgeons., Opened medical practice in 1913 in Montague - horse drawn buggys only then - no cars. Appointed to the Senate of Canada on June 25, 1949. Died when he was 90 - Saturday Dec 24 in Charlottetown Hospital. Funeral: Hennessey Funeral Home, St. Theresa Church, St. Teresa - Rev. E.L. Murray - 5 of his boys were graduates of medical school and the 6th is a dentist - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958, 4 daughters are registered as nurses, one as a pharmacist, one a labratory technician. Prince of Wales College. Worked as a postal clerk until 1907. Sold Mutual Life of Canada insurance. Served as a coroner 1913-1920 in Kings county., Ad? Western Ontario

Children of MARY DONOVAN and THOMAS GRANT are:

i. ARTHOR ROY4 GRANT, b. Sep 9, 1903; d. Sep 21, 1966, Summerside, PE, Canada; m. WINNIFRED MACLELLAN. Arthur Roy Grant shared medical practice with his 2 sons tom and ken - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958. Surgeon in Summerside

ii. MARY JOHANNA GRANT, b. Jun 19, 1905; d. Sep 7, 1905.

iii. THOMAS EARL GRANT, b. Aug 17, 1906; d. Jan 30, 1976, Saint Johns, NB, Canada; m. JANE MACDONALD. Thomas was a surgeon in St. John, New Brunswick

iv. EILEEN MARY GRANT, b. Oct 30, 1908; d. Sep 27, 1993. Eileen Mary Grant is also Sister Vincent De Paul - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958. Charlottetown Hospital pharmacist - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958

v. CORA FRANCIS GRANT, b. Aug 11, 1910, Senate's Road, Montague, PE, Canada; d. Abt. 1998, Charolettown, PE, Canada; m. STEPHEN DORSEY GILLIS, Dec 26, Montague, PE, Canada. Occupation: nurse

vi. BYRON JOSEPH GRANT, b. Apr 7, 1912, Morel Rear; d. Mar 27, 1976, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; m. ALICE MARY HAGARTY. Byron was an optometrist in Charlottetown, PEI. McGill graduate

vii. NORBERT CHARLES GRANT, b. Jun 23, 1913; d. Abt. 1994, Saint Johns, NB, Canada; m. HYLA MACDONALD, Jun 2, 1946. Norbert Charles was a general practicioner in St. John, New Brunswick

viii. ANNA MARIE GRANT, b. Sep 1, 1914, Vernon River, PE, Canada; d. Aug 20, 1963, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.

ix. VINCENT OSCAR GRANT, b. Feb 6, 1918; m. (1) PATRICIA MILWAY, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; m. (2) NONY. Vincent Oscar was a dentist in Ottawa suburb of Manor Park

x. JEAN ADELINE GRANT, b. Oct 1, 1919, Montague, PE, Canada; m. ROBERT HENRY ANDRES, Aug 11, 1956, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

xi. MARY GRANT, b. May 26, 1921, Montague, PE, Canada; m. DUNCAN HAGARTY, Feb 18, 1950.

xii. BEATRICE PATRICIA GRANT, b. Jul 25, 1923, Montague, PE, Canada; m. EDRYN PATRICK MCGUIRE, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

xiii. HELEN GERTRUDE GRANT, b. Nov 19, 1925, Montague, PE, Canada; m. LEO HARRISON KILLORN, Jun 6, 1949, Montague, PE, Canada. Helen wrote "First Impressions of Ireland", Page 7. from the PEI genealogy society newsletter. April 1985 issue 33. Labratory technician

xiv. ALLAN RAYMOND GRANT, b. Mar 2, 1927, Montague, PE, Canada; m. GRACE JOAN AGNES MACDONALD. Allan Raymond was an optometrist in Summerside - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958

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