Driscoll's- O'Driscoll of Lot 48 and 35

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Submitted by Catherine T. Fitzgerald - CTFitzgerald@comcast.net

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Driscollís- OíDriscoll of Lot 48 and 35

Since there were only 3 Driscoll families on the Island in the early 1800ís , family of Timothy Driscoll (Protestant family) and John Driscoll of Lot 28 (Roman Catholic), and my husbandís Driscoll lineage (Roman Catholic) I am making a great guess on the daughters of John Driscoll from Ireland, as I could not find them in the other 2 families. I hope to verify these women in the very near future. If anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.

I received a lot of help from the original notes of Fred Driscoll given to me by his brother Wilfred when I was visiting PEI with my husband this past August, 2008. Fred Driscoll (deceased) was a Professor of History at UPEI.

With the help of current Driscollís (my husbandís cousins) on the island I was able to piece together other generations information. A special thank you to Steve Driscoll of PEI who volunteered to do a DNA test I had sent to him in order to trace the Driscollís of Cork. Awaiting the results due 12/26/2008.

This has been a long journey in genealogy, I have been working on both my husbandís and my lineage for over ten years, and hopefully this will help other people tying into the Driscollís opf Lot 48 and 35.

Generation #1

John Driscoll: born 1797 presumably in Baltimore, Co. Cork. He died on July 19, 1832 as a result of a fall while working on the rigging of a shipís mast harboured at Fullertonís Marsh in the Hillsborough River. The name of the ship was the Barque Quebec. An inquest into his death ruled it as an accident. I am in the process of trying to get copies of the full inquest to see if it has nay pertinent information as to when he came to the island with his wife and two daughters. He married in Ireland about 1817-1819 to:

Margaret (unknown) Driscoll: born 1797 in Cork, Ireland, she died in 1877 in Charlottetown, PEI. Lived on Lot 48



Mary ; Born about 1819, Cork, Ireland- this is a daughter who married Patrick Quilty in Tignish in 1839. Please see Quilty lineage. I am in the process of trying to get a copy of the marriage record to maybe verify actual place and date of birth.

Catherine ; born about 1820 in Cork, Ireland- hoping this is a daughter who married Terence OíBrien about 1830-1833 in Charlottetown? Incidentally this OíBrien family is the one who had a son named Cornelius OíBrien born May 4, 1843 who went on to become the Archbishop of Halifax, N.S., other children born of this couple were; Ann, born Nov. 11, 1838, Catherine born may 4, 1843, Elizabeth born Nov. 9, 1834, Ellen born March 6, 1846, Mary born Oct. 22, 1836

Possibly- Helen Driscoll ( born on PEI ?) who married James Pendergast at St. Maryís,Indian River, PEI. Found one child Michael born July 18, 1843, baptized St. Maryís R.C. Church in Indian River. Could not find any other mention of this particular family on any other records of PEI, including census.

Possibly- Judy Driskel ( born on PEI ?)wife of Michael Neil as recorded in the birth records of James born Jan. 25, 1856, Mary Ellen born Feb. 3, 1859 and Michael born April 17, 1854, all baptized at St. Dunstanís R.C. Church, Charlottetown. I need to find a marriage record on Judy and Michael to try and verify her date and place of birth and possible her parents names.

Also one other daughter was born on PEI according to the 1841 census. I do not know the name or date of birth.

The line of descent, marked by ** from which my husbandís Driscollís are from. This information is from the original genealogy papers researched and compiled by Fred Driscoll in 1989-1990. The papers were given to me by his brother Wilfred on my visit to PEI in August of 2008. Fred died on October 27, 2000 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. If not for his detailed research this report would be much harder to compile.

**John Driscoll: born 1823-1825 possibly in Tignish. Have to try and get a birth record for him. He died Sept. 25, 1905 at Mt. Herbert, PEI.

Marriage: to Margaret Doyle ( born Jan. 1, 1830, daughter of James Doyle and Margaret Lacey) on February 10, 1852 in Mt. Herbert. See descendants of Pierce Lacey and Catherine Margaret Gaffney lineage.


Children of John Driscoll and Margaret Doyle: Lot 48

John Jr.: Born; December 1852 at Mt. Herbert, died 1906. Married on Oct. 31, 1876 to Margaret Cooke Born: April 10, 1859 daughter of George Cooke and Margaret Monaghan. Margaret died in 1938. See Generation #4 for children.

Margaret : Born; July 29, 1854, at Mt. Herbert Died; about 1879. Married Tobias Coady, born June 1847 at Charlottetown ( son of Tobias Coady and Susanna Pernal) on June 22, 1909 at St. Dunstanís, Charlottetown. This was a second marriage for Tobias, his first wife was Catherine Acorn. Tobias died December 22-23, buried Dec. 24, 1929 at St. Joachimís Cemetery, Vernon River. They had no children.

James : Born; April 1856, Died; August 13, 1881, at Mt. Herbert, (never married).

Johanna : Born Feb. 25, 1858 at Mt. Herbert. Married on July 16, 1882 in Charlottetown to John Beagan of Johnstonís River. Johanna died on April 30, 1909. See Beagan lineage for further details.

**Daniel : Born June 2, 1860, Mt. Herbert. Died 1947 at Mt. Herbert.

Marriage #1: on Feb. 11, 1890 at St. Cuthbertís RC Church to Margaret McQuaide (born about 1860 of Hugh B. McQuaide and Ellen McQuaide) Margaret died on October 8, 1896 at Mt. Herbert. She is buried at St. Theresaís. See Generation #4 for children

Marriage #2: on Feb. 13, 1899 in St. Cuthbertís to Mary E. Corcoran ( born: May 1874 daughter of Martin Corcoran and Mary Curran).Mary Ellen died in 1947. See Generation#4 for children.

Joseph : Born about 1862 Mt. Herbert. Died: June 1, 1887 at Lot 48, Mt. Herbert.PEI.

Catherine : Born Sept. 11, 1864 Mt. Herbert. Never married, moved to Boston worked as a Domestic, died in Boston. Date of death to be verified.

Lawrence : Born Aug. 13, 1855, Mt. Herbert, married in 1891 to Margaret Ann Kelly born March 1864 originally of Cardigan Parish at time of marriage of St. Dunstanís Parish daughter of Charles Kelly and Mary Ann McManus. Moved to Lawrence, MA USA. See Generation #4 for Children.

Francis : Born Sept. 1, 1868, Mt. Herbert, married on Nov. 21, 1899 at St. Joachimís Church , Vernon River to Margaret G. Coady, born 1875, daughter of Patrick Coady and Alice Edmonds. Francis died 1945 buried at Cemetery No. 3 , Margaret died in 1944, buried at Cemetery No. 3. See Generation#4 for children

Thomas : Born Dec. 6, 1870 married on Oct. 4, 1899 to Annie MacDonald of Websterís Corner. According to Fred Driscollís notes he had a grocerís business in Charlottetown, eventually moved to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and opened a grocerís there. One son, Patrick, lived in Ottawa and worked for the Royal Bank. He married a native of Newfoundland named Madelyn, and one of Patrick and Madelynís daughters married in the 1970ís to the son of Justice James Estey of the Supreme Court of Canada. I have no death records on either Thomas or Annie (MacDonald) Driscoll.

Mary Ellen : Born Dec. 4, 1872, married William Dillon of Charlottetown. Lived on Sydney Street, Charlottetown most of their married lives. No death record on either of these two people. Will try to obtain.

Anastasia : Born Feb. 19, 1875, Mt. Herbert. Moved to Boston in 1895. She married S. Samuel Hough (Born in England in 1877) at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston on Feb. 2, 1909. Died about 1939; the date is to be verified. According to the 1910 and 1930 US Census for Dorchester (Boston), MA there were no children listed. Cannot find them on the 1920 Census.

Augusta Mae: Born May 23, 1878, Mt. Herbert. Married her first cousin Alphonsus Corrigan of Village Green. Son of John Corrigan and Catherine Doyle (sister of Margaret Doyle Driscoll). They lived in Georgetown Royalty and had a commercial fruit orchard. Augusta Mae died on March 2, 1951. Alphonsus died Nov. 14, 1958 both are buried in Cemetery 3.

Generation #4: Children of Daniel Driscoll and Margaret McQuaid: Lot 35

**Joseph Peter : Born about 1891, Mt. Herbert, Died 1971, Mt. Herbert.

Marriage #1 about 1917 at Mt. Herbert to Elizabeth Ann Cummiskey born April 18, 1897 at Johnsons River daughter of Peter Cummiskey and Martha McCarthy. Elizabeth died in 1931 after the birth of her last child Joseph Leo.

Marriage #2 about 1933 to Mary Jane Curran born about 1896 daughter of John Curran and Jane OíHalleran. Mary died in 1973.

Lauretta : Born June 18, 1893, married Reuben Cadigan of Palmers Rd., PEI. Lauretta died Jan. 28, 1994 in Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA.

Mary "Irene" : Born Oct. 16, 1894, Mt. Herbert. At the age of 6 Mary Irene went to live with her uncle Patrick McQuaide, according to the 1901 and 1911 Census. There is no further record that I can find on Irene. Family story is that she married a man her father did not approve of, they think it was because he was Protestant. If anyone has information on Irene please contact me.

Margaret E. : Born Oct. 1895 and died May 15, 1897at Mt. Herbert

Generation #4 : Children of Daniel Driscoll and Mary Ellen Corcoran

John F. : Born Nov. 16, 1899 died about 1901 at Mt. Herbert.

Martin Augustine : Born Feb. 1901 at Mt. Herbert. Died Dec 8, 1974 River Cleveland, North Carolina, USA. He married Helen Nantes from Kellyís Cross. According to Fred Driscollís notes She is a sister of the late Gerald Nantes. Gerald is the father of David, the former Cabinet Minister in the Nova Scotia Government.

Florence : Born June 1903, Mt. Herbert. She married Ambrose MacMillan of Pownal

Annie : Born 1904 died 1906 at Mt. Herbert.

Bertha Mae : Born Jan 1905 at Mt. Herbert. She married Jack MacMillan of Pownal.

She died in 1969

Fred : Born March 1906 at Mt. Herbert. Died 1979 at Mt. Herbert. He married Margaret Heron (sister of Alvin Beaganís wife).

Ivan : Born Jan 1908, Died March 28, 1988. He married Marjorie MacDonald a daughter of George MacDonald of Mermaid and originally from Eastern Kingís County.

Mary (Mae) : Born Sept. 1910 at Mt. Herbert. She married John MacDonald of Cherry Hill, PEI. They moved to Hyde Park section of Boston, MA, USA.

Viola : Born 1912 at Mt. Herbert, PEI. She married Joseph Walsh of Lot 65. Viola died May 8, 2004 at South Shore (Lot 65), PEI.

Generation #4: Children of John Driscoll Jr. and Margaret Cooke :

Mary Jane : Born Sept. 5, 1877. Left home as a young girl. She married Albert Prior of Halifax.

George Francis : Born October 19, 1878; died 1897.

John III: Born March 25, 1880. Emigrated to USA. No other information.

Margaret: Born 1882 (probably died as an infant, as she was baptized the day after she was born).

Margaret Ellen: Born September 30, 1884, moved to Boston in 1903. She married in 1918 to George William Horton born November 1874 son of James and Emma Horton of Brookline, MA. According to the 1920 and 1930 US Census for Boston area there were no children listed. I am in the process of obtaining death records.

Winifred: Born August 26, 1886. Never married, moved to Saskatchewan was a nurse in a Sanatorium. Eventually moved back to PEI and died in 1970.

Joseph: Born Sept. 8, 1888. He died Sept. 10, 1939 the day Canada declared war on Germany. He married Isabel Coady. They had 5 sons . See Generation #5 for Children.

James: Born Feb. 17, 1890. Moved to Albany, N.Y. per Fred Driscollís notes. No other information available.

Thomas Leo: Born Feb. 21, 1891, died in 1973. He married Catherine Gibens. He was a school teacher and taught for years in Johnstonís River. He also taught school in Camrose, Alberta. Eventually was an employee of the Liquor Control Board of Alberta until he retired. They had one daughter Patricia (Driscoll) Bell. The above came from the notes of Fred Driscoll.

Laura: Born June 9, 1894. Taught school from 1912 to 1916. Eventually became a nurse and moved to Boston. Later in her life she operated a small nursing home in Brookline, MA. The above per the notes of Fred Driscoll.

Lawrence "Lar": Born May 3, 1896. Died ?, unsure of date but according to notes of Fred Driscoll he was killed by a kick in the head from a horse sometime after World War 1.

Georgina Frances: Born Feb. 5, 1898. Moved to Estevan, Saskatchewan and married Rod Leydon. No other info. Available.

Catherine Lillian: Born March 1900. Married to Walter MacDonald of Cherry Valley. They moved to Saskatchewan.

Lettie Gertrude: Born 1902. Went to Saskatchewan and married Leon Lane of Regina.

George Francis: Born 1905. According to the notes of Fred Driscoll he worked for the Clark Fruit Company then moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan where he married and lived his life.

Generation #4: Children of Francis Driscoll and Margaret Coady.

Marguerite: Born 1901. Married to David Wilfred Roberts. No other info. Available.

Barbara: Born 1902. Married to Alexander McIsaac. No other information available.

John Francis: Born 1903: Never married, lived with his parents and later with his brother James "Russell" on family farm. No information on his death.

Mary Augusta: Born 1905. Married to Edwin Hagen.

Joseph Patrick: Born 1907. No other information available.

James "Russell": Born 1908, died June 22, 1975. Marriage #1 to Elizabeth MacDonald. Marriage #2 to Helen MacDonald (nee MacDonald) a widow. The above according to the notes of Fred Driscoll.

Helen: No info. On date of birth. Never married, she made a career with the civil service in Ottawa.

Generation #5: Children of Joseph Peter Driscoll and Elizabeth Ann Cummiskey.

Vernon Driscoll: Born August 5, 1919 at Mt. Herbert. Vernon died on June 17, 1976 at Mt. Herbert. He married Eileen Koughan (Living) daughter of Matthias Koughan and Catherine MacDonald of Donagh, Queens County, PEI. They had 9 children, one child died at birth and 8 are still living on PEI.

**Mary Guidella Driscoll: Born August 30, 1924 in Mt. Herbert. Moved to Boston to work and married John P. Fitzgerald on June 10, 1950. Lived in Weymouth, MA. John Fitzgerald (born July 25, 1917) he died on the eve of his 50th birthday on July 24, 1967. Leaving his wife Mary and 5 young children.

Daniel Driscoll: Born about 1928 in Mt. Herbert. He married Germana a woman from India. They are both currently alive and living in Goa, India.

Joseph Leo Driscoll: Born July 1931. Moved to Weymouth , MA. Married Arlene Boulder of Pembroke. Joseph Leo Died in Boston. Date to be verified.

Children of Joseph Peter Driscoll and Mary Jane Curran: Lot 35

Peter Driscoll: Born May 19, 1934 in Mt. Herbert. Died May 14, 1994 at Mermaid, Charlottetown, PEI. He married Iris Humphrey of Montreal. Iris is still living at Mermaid. They had 3 children.

Generation #5: Children of Joseph Driscoll and Isabel Coady.

Wilfred: Living: Robert, Gerald, Lawrence, and

Fred: Born 1932, died October 27, 2000. Married Bernadette McManus. Fred was a Professor of History at UPEI.

Generation #5: Children of Lawrence Driscoll and Margaret Ann Kelly.

All of their children were born in Lawrence, MA. They lived at Dana Street in Lawrence

No other information is available.

Mary Kate: Born 1894

George: Born Nov. 1895

Margaret "Jennie": Born Nov. 1895 (obviously twins)

Josephine: Born June 1897

Helen: Born 1904

Augusta: Born 1906

Without the notes of the late Fred Driscoll this lineage with all of itís intricacies would not have been possible.

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