The Descendants of William Duggan

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The Descendants of William and Catherine Duggan

Generation One

1. William Duggan, b. Abt 1806. He married Catherine (Dolly), b. 1810, d. 1898 in Seaview.


2. i. William B Duggan b. 14 Mar 1842.

Generation Two

2. William B Duggan, b. 14 Mar 1842 in Seaview PEI, d. 13 Aug 1920 in Irishtown PEI, buried in St Stephens Irishtown PEI. He married Isabelle Adams, married 9 Jul 1872 in 3rd ponds PEI Canada, b. 6 Oct 1849 in Seaview PEI Canada, (daughter of Henry M. Adams and Mary Young) d. 11 Sept 1912 in Seaview PEI Canada, buried in St Stephens Irishtown PEI.


3. i. Jacob William Duggan b. 1 Nov 1872.

ii. Penzie Ann Duggan, b. 4 Mar 1876 in Seaview PEI Canada, d. 3 Apr 1966 in Seaview PEI Canada, buried in St Stephens Irishtown PEI.

4. iii. Harry Clinton Duggan b. 5 March 1878.

5. iv. Mary Esther Duggan b. 4 Dec 1881.

Generation Three

3. Jacob William Duggan, b. 1 Nov 1872 in Seaview PEI Canada, d. Feb 24 1945 in Melrose Mass. USA. He married (1) Sarah Jane (Sadie) Constable, b. 1872, (daughter of Joseph Constable and Sarah Thompson) d. 26 Jun 1905, buried in Geddie Memorial cemetery. He married (2) Ethel Harris, d. after 1945.


6. i. Sadie Jane Duggan b. 18 Jun 1905.

ii. Homer C Duggan, b. Sep 1904, d. in in childhood.

4. Harry Clinton Duggan, b. 5 March 1878 in Seaview PEI Canada, d. 18 Apr 1951, buried in St Stephens Irishtown PEI. He married Elizabeth Campbell, married Oct 29 1902 in St Antony, b. Jan 1880, d. 24 Feb 1914.


i. Charles C Duggan, b. Jan 1904, d. 1985. He married Sarah Ellen Bryanton (Sadie), b. Mar 1911, (daughter of George Bryanton and Sarah Jane Macdonald).

7. ii. William Lester Duggan b. 26 Dec 1906.

iii. H Keir Duggan, b. 15 Dec 1911 in Sea View PEI, d. 28 Feb 1990 in Charleston South Carolina, buried in Margate United church cemetery. He married Hilda Cole, married 7 Aug 1946, (daughter of Wesley Harvey Cole and Esther Alberta Caseley) d. before Oct 2006.

5. Mary Esther Duggan, b. 4 Dec 1881 in Seaview PEI Canada, d. 30 Oct 1965, buried 1 Nov 1965 in Springbrook PEI. She married George Bernard, married 19 Mar 1902 in Seaview PEI Canada, b. 5 Dec 1881 in PEI Canada, (son of James Bernard and Christy Graham) d. 24 Feb 1956, buried 25 Feb 1956 in Springbrook PEI.


i. James A Bernard, b. Dec 1909.

ii. Esther Bernard.

iii. Edwin Bernard, b. Jan 1908.

iv. Gertie Bernard, b. c 1903.

Generation Four

6. Sadie Jane Duggan, b. 18 Jun 1905 in PEI, d. 22 April 2006 in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charlottetown. She married Cyril Gabriel Connick, b. 18 Jul 1901, (son of Albert Lewis Connick and Barbara Ellen Duggan) d. 17 Feb 1973, buried in Charlottetown RC cemetery St Peters Road.


i. Marjorie Isabel Connick, b. 1928, d. 14 Feb 2005 in Charlottetown PEI Canada. She married a still living person.

ii. William L. Connick, b. c 1932, d. April 2006 in Bracebridge Ontario. He married Margaret.

iii. Sheila Ethel Connick, b. 21 Oct 1936 in Kensington PEI Canada, d. 22 Sep 2004 in Ottawa Canada, buried in Peoples Cemetery Charlottetown.

7. William Lester Duggan, b. 26 Dec 1906, d. 9 Sep 1964, buried in St Stephens Irishtown PEI. He married Annabelle Connick, b. 1911, (daughter of Albert Lewis Connick and Barbara Ellen Duggan).

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