Dundas Presbyterian & United Church Ministers 1845-2001

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Submitted by Grace Blackette - gjblackette@pei.sympatico.ca

Information compiled from "A History of Dundas United Church 1845-1970" by the late R.S.(Reg) MacKay and "The Next 25 Years" by Marion MacLeod, and notes from the diaries of Jessie Creed Cantelo & Grace Cantelo Blackette.Please forward any corrections or omissions to Grace Blackette.

Dundas Presbyterian & United Church Ministers 1845-2003

* On June 10,1925, the union of The United Church of Canada took place. The Bridgetown Methodist Church, founded in 1854, joined with the Dundas Presbyterian Church to form the Dundas United Church. Reverend W.E. Aitken was the minister at the time of union.

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