Re: Tack Betwixt MacDonalds, Dnld. & Neil Henderson & Lachlan McKinnon in Eigg

An Attempt to identify those named in P.A.P.E.I. 2664- #155 and #142. See Passenger List of the Alexander.

This List of Inhabitants of Small Isles 1765 was compiled by Neill McNeill, catechist, (Edinburgh Uni Lib La III, 839) It is an attempt to identify those named in the Tack from records maintained in the UK Archives. Quotations in Italics from Tack.

"There is no reference of anyone from Eigg in the correspondence,although this area may be considered within Clanranald's realm, and should not be grouped with other outer Hebrideans.

"Minutes of agreements between John MacDonald his Brother and Donald and Neil Hendersons and Lachlan McKinnon in Eigg." P.A.P.E.I. 2664- #155, signed 23 January 1772 at Ardnafuorary.

John McDonald witness
Hugh McDonald witness
Donald Chisholm witness
Donald MacDonald

#44) Donald Henderson (his mark) & wife - Eigg

Only HENDERSON resident on Eigg in 1765, listed in papist household of

Donald McKINNON 50
Mory (Mary) McKAY his wife 47
Donald McKINNON his son 16
John McKINNON his son 21
Neill McKINNON his son 9
John McKINNON his son 7
Anna McEACHEN, servant 24

#45) Neil Henderson (his mark) apparently single - Eigg
Not resident on Eigg in 1765

#46) Lauch. McKinnon (his mark) & wife - Eigg

4 Lauchlan McKINNONs:

Claidill in Eigg, papists
Lauchlan McKINNON 29
Morjory McDONALD his wife 26
John McKINNON his son 7
Malcum McKINNON his son 2
Mory McDONALD servant 27

Five penies in Eigg, papists

Donald McKINNON 32
John McKINNON 29
Lauchlan McKINNON 19
Effie BROUN widow 65 (mother?)

Sandor in Eigg, papists

Malcum BEATON 60
Caristina McGUARY his wife 63
Lauchlan McKINNON 21 (son-in-law?)
Morion BEATON his dau 24
John McKINNON 2 1/2 (grandson?)
Ranold McDONALD 70

Sand Beg in Eigg, papists

Lauchlan McKINNON 27
Caristin McDONALD widow 50 (mother?)
Cathrina McKINNON 21 (sister?)

"all bound to service to the MacDonald brothers in return for their passage and land considerations, their Indenture and Tack makes up document 2664-#142, P.A.P.E.I. Another agreement identifies:"

#47) Alexander MacDonald - Eigg
4 Alexanders:
Gruline in Eigg, papists

Alexr McDONALD 72
Mary McDONALD his wife 50
John McDONALD his son 24
Donald McDONALD his son 27
John McDUGALL servant 23
Lauchlan McLEAN 12

Soland in Eigg, papists

John McDONALD 29
Caristina SWAN his wife 26
Ann McDONALD servant 26
Mary McEDAM his moyr 61 (mother)
Allexander McDONALD 27

Claidill in Eig

Ann McDONALD widow 60
Anna McDONALD her daur 30
Allexr McDONALD her son 19
Cathrina McPHERSON servant 36
John McKINNON servant 30

Mory McLEOD widow 58
Allexr McDONALD her son 22
Margrat BROWN servant 27

Note: There was no Hugh McDONALD or CHISHOLM found in the records.

This information passed along to us by "Jeanette",

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