The Day Books of Robert Ellis

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Submitted by - Dawn Ellis -

The Day Books Of Robert Ellis

Bideford, Devonshire, England

Pg. B1 7th Oct 1838 Susan Handford came to service at 3 pounds Pr year---[list of dates and amounts paid]
  29th Apr 1839 Mrs. Henery Bale
Halborton near Tiverton
  16th Aug 1839 Remt. Marina [(Poole) Ellis?]
8 yds print --7d
8 Do Do 6d
2 ½ yds Flannel 1s
1 ½ yds Muslin
2 ½ yds Collon [Cotton?] 4d
Doctor Caddy Bill 9s
8 months wages 5s
  30th Aug
3rd Sept 1839
Blister 3d
Castor Oil 4d
Ointment 1d
Cider 1d
Pg. B2   Expences of a club dinner at the Bell Inn at Parkham kept by Betty Stanlake- Xmas 1839
165 lbs Beef at 7d
31 lbs Mutton 5 ½d
45 lbs Pork 4d
Flour for Pudding £1/5s
Suit 14 lbs 7d
200 Turnips 1/6d
2 Bags Potatoes 4s
Pepper Mustard
133 Pints of Beer 2d
Total ------------------------------------£9/11/8
133 members at 14d----------------£7/14/6
Pg. B3   Schooner Dimentions of Spars for a Vefsell about 135 Tons Register. Now Building at St. Johns Yard. (Late Evens) Bideford Feby 7th 1840.
Lenght on Deck Fore Part of Stem to After Part of Stern Post---- 81 feet
The Fore Mast Stands 17 feet Aft side Inner Part of Stern.
Distances Between For and Main Mast 22 feet---
Paul Bit stands 7 feet from Stem 14 inches Squre---
Bowsprit Step in the Paul Bit one foot Clear of Deck
Main Mast 50 feet from Deck. Fore mast 49 feet-
Main top Do. 31 feet long. Fore Do. 30 long.
Mast Heads 7 feet
Bow Fprifs [sic?] 28 long. Jib Boom 30. 7 Feet Between Caps-
Fore Boom 22 long. Main Do. 40 long.
Main Gaft 30 feet Fore Do. 22 long.
Fore Yard42. Topsail Yard 32 Top Gallon Yard 27 feet long
Main Crofstree 14 feet long. Fore Do. 9 long.
Heigth of Booms from Deck 6 feet----
[written sideways at bottom of page:]
To Measure the Tonnage of Ships by the Slide Rule
First take three fifth of the beam from the lenght of perpeduclars [sic]. That is the extream length of Keel. And apply the remainder to 13 3/4 on the girh line opposite the Breadth of Beam on the Grit line give the tonnage on the slide---
Heard 93 Keel
Ship 24 ½ Beam
Pg. B4   Oakum in the cellar left from Mr. Chopes [?] 2.0.25


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