The Day Books of Robert Ellis, Part 2.

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The Day Books Of Robert Ellis

Bedeque, Part 2

Pg. 63 con't 12 June 1846 Lent McEwen
A new Scale Beam. 7 lbs & 1 lb weight
½ & 1/4 lead
  13 Renbow went to Chaley
  22 McEwen 3/4 day plastering bed
  23 George Stanlake
Turning 2 Naves for Ox Cart-- 3s
  24 McEwen
1 day framing [s?] table
  27 McEwen
A New Bed Stead except two Foot Posts-- 12s
  29 Cr McEwen 2 lbs white lead
  1st July Doctor Wiggins
1 Qt. Veal 16 1/4 veal @ 4d-- 5/5d
Page 64 1st July 1846 Mrs. Tanton (widow)
1 Qtr Veal 16 1/4 lbs @ 4d-- 5/5d
  " Lent Mrs. J. Green Qt Veal 16 ½ lbs
  9 Cr. McEwen 12 Codfish @ 2d
  13.14. &c 6 Days McEwen. Fixing Front Door Lock. Fitting up Barr- Fixing Partition in Bed Room. Made Flour Hutch & got out framing for four Doors &c
  17 Cr. McEwen 54 lbs Flour @ 2 ½ d
1 Scythe Stone 10d
  20 J. [S?] Brown St. Eleanors
2 Colums for Chimney PieceTurnd @ 2/6d-- 5s
1 Rose Sett- 9d
    Cut Grass today in Calf Pasture
  21st Chas Braod-
1 day Fitting Door Jambs & Moulding.
Doctor's Room
Page 65 23rd July 1846 Dr. Wiggins 1/4 veal 16 lbs @ 4d
    Mr. Josh Green 1/4 veal 17 lbs
Cr. Aug 19th Qtr Lamb 6 lbs
Septr Cr. 1/4 lamb 6 ½ lbs
  25 Nelly went to Stanlake
Lee Augst 2nd
Blackey Augst 30th
  27.28 Chas Broad
2 days Making & Hanging 6 Pannell Door with Mortice Lock
  29 Cut Grass Today
  7th Augst Cr. McEwen ½ Lb Tobacco
  14.15th Septr 5 Days Church [St. Eleanors] Altering Pulpit, Desk, Comminio Rail. Raise the Floor 14 Inches
£3 As Pr Agreement
  25th G. Gelly-(Tailor) 6 Bushells Potatoes
Cr. By making two Coats for Henery
  29.30 Sept, 1.2.3rd Octr 5 Days St. Eleanors Church Finishing Window in the Communion @ 7s Pr day
1 lbs Nails 1s
Pg. 66 20th Oct 1846 Cr. Revd Doctor Wiggins 15s cash in Favor of Church Work
  27 Cutting 36 Panes for School House St. Eleanors @ 1d
3s For [T?] Tanton [Wm/Mrs?] & J. Wiggins
  10.11 & c Novr 4 ½ Day Painting Mr Joseph Green House-- £2/2/0
  13.14 Thos Rogers 2 days Thrashing Wheat
  16.17 2 Days Finishing Painting Mr. Green House
Usd 6 Gall Oil Lbs White Lead
  16.17.18 Rogers 3 days Finishing Thrashing Whe
  14 Decr Made Two New Birch Tables for Wm. Jameson with Turned Legs 40s
  23 Thos. Murray 1 day New Stuff Sopha 6s
  12th Jany 1847 Cr. Mr. Broad
1/1/4 yard Diaper @ 20d
Pg. 67 18th Jany 1847 Cr, Doctor Wiggins 5 ½ Bushells Wheat - on Account of Church Work
Finishing Windows &c &c @7s
  18.19.20 Finishing Four Windows in St. Eleanors Church @ 20s
Made & fix Base Moulding Round Nails
Chancel 12s
    Revd. Doctor Wiggins 28 lbs Butter Sent at Rose Bank @ 1s Jany 1845
  8th Feby Joseph Green
Making a Horse Sleigh 15s
  16 Arrange Accounts with George Darby
Dr. £5/14/0
Cr. £5/2/9
Ballance 11/3d
Settled 14th Apr [signed] R. Ellis
14th Apl Cr. 5 ½ Bushells Oats@ 2s
    Cr. Dr. Wiggins Pr Church Work from George Darby £3/10/0
  25th Cr. Joesh Green 1 Bundle Shingles
Pg. 68 16th March 1847 Doctor Wiggins
4 Picture Frames @ 4d
  19. Dr. Wiggins bill made out-- £4/19/4
Church Bill-- £9/14/6
Colourd glass in Church Window (Chancel) with Sugar of Lead Ground in Oil Mix Turpinet...
Do. 4 Window by the side-- Put down new Carpet in Chancel 6d altogether
  24 Made two Stools & covered them For Chancel
St. Eleanors Church @ 4d---8d
    Mr. Wiggins Bill made out-- £4/19/4
Church Do. -- £10/10/-
1849 Rec'd an order from Dr. Wiggins on Chas. Broad
£ 5/5/- Balance due Church Work
  29th Cr. Josh Green 500 Hay for Making Wood Sleigh
  3rd Apl Revd Dr. Wiggins
4 lbs land @ 9d
  7th Cr. Josph Green 3 Bushell Wheat--2d
for painting house the half of 42d
Pg. 69 9th Apl 1847 Geo. Stanlake
To Turning two Collums & Rose Sett.
For Parlor Chimney Piece 3/9d
  12. Cr. Chas. Broad 1 Bushell Barley
  24. Mr. John Morris
Repairing Chairs, Feet of Chest Drawers & c.5s
Paid R. Ellis
  " Cr. Doctor Wiggins
5 Bushells Potatoes for seed
  27 Mrs. Broad
Pr. Of Birch Tables 3 ½ ft. Squre with Turn Legs 35s
Took home today
  16th May Cr. Joesh Green 1 Hundred Hay
  " Cr. McEwen 1 Peck of Wheat
  20 Wm. Williams
Turning 4 Bed Post Birch for French Bed Stead @ 1/3d
Sow'd ½ Bushell Buck Wheat
" 2/4 Bushell Wheat on Potato Land
  24 Reinbow Fould
  25 Cr. Mr. Josh Green 1 Bushell Barley
Pg. 70 26th May 1847 Sow,d 3 Pecks Barley. Old Garden Field
  7th June Cr. Josh Green ½ B. Barley
  12 W. Williams. Turn,d 4 Bed Posts. French 5s
  15 Finishd Planting Potatoes
Peter Schurman Married Today
The Sterner [Steamer?] Conquerer from Shediac Arrive at Bedeque Stop one Hour. Saild for Ch'Town
    22nd Cherry/July 10th Pinkey/Augst 3rd Nelly/ Augst 19th Blackey
  9th July Josph Green
Painting Skirting 2 rooms 1/6d
  10th John Sail,d from Charlotte for London in the new Brig Othello/ Arrive 10th Augst
Cut cover in Old Garden
Ploughed Down Buckwheat
  14 Sowed Buck
  23 Begun to cut Grass
  3 Augst
Ship a cow on board the Henry Carman Schooner for Kennth Forbes- Care of James Sharp
Took out the cow as the Schooner put back
Reship this morning
Pg. 71 9th Augst 1847 Cr. Mrs. Broad 1 lbs Tea
  " Borrowed of John Tanton 1 ½ Bushell Wheat or Pay 7s Pr Bushell cash
  17th Wm. Williams-
To. Turning Four Bed posts @ 18d
  28th Sold colt one year old to David Schurman for a Pr. Of Oxen raising three years & 20s
  30th D. Schurman took away colt this morning
  13.14 &c.
6 Days at w. Nefs St. Eleanors- Papering & painting Parlour & Bedroom--Rought Boarding & Shingling Stable
Lent him 35 lbs Shingle Nails including Box
  20th 21&c W. Ness 6 Days Shingleing Stable & Fitting up Do.
  27 28 &c W. Ness 6 Days Abt. Stable Fitting up doors putting on locks &c
  1st Oct
Cr. By one Pr. Hames 8/6d
1 lb Tea 10 ½ lbs Mutton
½ Gallon Mollasses
  4.5 &c 4 Days fitting doors and attendance court / time
Pg. 72 13th Oct 1847 Cr. Wm Ness
To. 6 yds Print @20d
18 oz Leather for insoles
3 yds Huckaback
  14 Cr. Wm. Ness Cash 40s
  20 Cr. Wm Ness 2 yds Leather Binding
  23rd Wm. Glover (Taylor) Bill made out £2/14/6
Settl'd R.E.
    Cr. Wm Ness 1 lb Tea 5s
  25th Dr. Malcolm Shaw (Blacksmith)
1 Heiffer Calf 20s
  " Put colt at David Schurman to wain
Return next morning
  27th.28th Mr. Josh Green 1 1/4 day fixing spouts
  30th Dr. Geo Darby 1 day getting out stuff for three Pr. Sashes & one case
Cr. Do 3 days ploughing B. Kanada with a pair of horses @ 10 Pr. Day
  2nd 3 & c
George Darby 5 days Making sashes, case, put in Do. Putting up Studs for Lathing &c
Pg. 73 3rd Novr 1847 Recd of Mr John Murray
£5/1/10 ½ due
Mrs Forbes Ballance of Note Potatoes 27 ½ lb
  Monday 8
George Darby 1 day Studding & Lathing Bedroom
3 ½ days G. Darby lathing & Plastering &c
Cr. G. Darby 1 bushell Buchwheat
Lent 2 lbs shingle Nails
1 day G. Darby plastering
Cr. G Darby Piece of upper Leather for Vamps of Boots 3s
  22.23 G. Darby 2 days leying Floor &c
  25 Cr. Mrs. Broad ½ lb Tea @4s
  " Cr. Wm. Ness 1 lb Tea
  26 Geo. Darby 1 day Made door & put Skirtain round room &c
  1st Decr Cr. Mrs. Josh Green Pr. Insoles for Boots 9d
Pg. 74 7th Decr 1847 C. Davidson 1 day Plastering 6s
  9.10. 11th Wm. Ness 2 ½ days removing end door to back of house Do window where door was
  11th Cr. Wm Ness 3 yds Pink Ribbon
  13.14 &c
Wm. Ness
4 ½ days finishing end window, plastering. Made Settle Box
Cr. Wm. Ness 20s cash
  21. 22 &c
Wm. Ness 4 days Made & put in new window room over Kitchen abt other windows
Cr. Wm. Ness 21st 2 sheep @ 20s
" 3 qts Mollasses
" 1 ½ lb yellow soap @ 7d
" 4 cakes soap @ 3d
" 1 ½ pints Gin
  22nd Cr. Josh Green 4 hundred Barley Straw
  " Lent Mrs. Ness 38 1/4 lbs Beef
Pg. 75 Decr 1847
Wm. Ness 3 ½ days fitting up windows. Leying floor. Bricking up fire place. Made table &c &c
4 Turkeys @ 3/6d
  " Cr. Wm. Ness 1 lb Tea
  " Cr. Jeoh Green Load of straw
  29 Cr. G. Darby Upper Leather for a Pr boots for Henry
  1st Jany1848 Henry a new Pr. Boots made by P. Slattery
  8th Mr. Ness Bill made out £9/16/6
  " Tom Rogers Thrashing today Wheat
W. Ness 1 day made & fix Laths for Parlor window Furniture
3 Turkeys @ 3/6d
Cr. W. ness 2 3/4 yds [mould?] skin @ 4/6d
2 lbs Tea @ 4s
1 ½ pint Gin
Jack knife
Pg. 76 18th Jany 1848 Wm. McEwen to. 1 Laundry Stove with Pipe 40s
  22nd G. Stanlake 2 Birch arm chairs @ 20s
  31 Mr. Chas Broad Bill made out £14/12/11
  1st Feby Cr. Chas Broads Bill £14/13/4 ½
Settle [signed] R. Ellis [balance in Robert's favour] 5 ½ d
First snow storm this winter
Mrs. J. Green 1 living Turkey 4s
  8th Settl,d with Mr. Ness-- Ballance in my favour £1/0/9
[signed] R. Ellis
    Wm Ness To 1 butlers tray 10s
  12th Wm. McEwen ½ pint Best Rum
Cr. Wm. Ness 8 yds Gray Cotton @ 9d
2 Hankerchiefts @ 2s
1 lb Tea 4s
3 qts Mollasses @ 9d
1 Load Wheat Straw 600
Pg. 77 6th March 1848
Apl 20
23 July
[out of date order]
Mrs. Josh Green A tub of Butter 25 lbs @ 1s
Cr. By cash 3/9s
Cr. By cash 20s
1/3d due
4 1/4 lbs Butter
Cr. Cash 1/6d
due 2/9d
  10[March] Cr. Wm. Ness 3 lbs Tallow
  13 Cr. G. Darby ½ bushell barley
  14 Wm. Ness 2 turkeys @ 3/6d
  15 Cr. David Schurman 600 Oat Straw @ 1s
  21 Cr. Wm. Ness 6s-- Pr. Order Thos. Rogers - Goods
    Wm. Kanada Bill Ballance £1/16/7½
  31 Cr. Wm. Ness
To. 1 Lb. Tea. Part of Calf Skin
  4th5 &c. Apl Wm. Ness 5 Days getting out Base Moulds. Room over Kitchen.
Abt. Door &c. &c.
  10 &c.
Wm. Ness 2 lbs Butter @ 1s
6 days fixing Archet [Ranes?] to Windows. Doors
Getting out Base Mould. Painting &c.
2 lbs. Butter @1s
Cr. By 2 lbs. Starch @ 18d
Pg. 78 17.18 &c Apl 1848
Wm. Ness 4 days getting Moulding
Big Room
Cr. By ½ Bushell Potatoes
Good Friday
1 day Raising Old House & Leying Floor old Chimney Place
  Monday 24 Wm. Ness. 6 days Finishing Windows
Putting Base Moulding Round 4 Rooms, Painting &c.
Cr. By 20s Cash. Bottle Brandy
  Monday 1st May&c.
Wm. Ness 2 lbs Butter@1s
6 days Building between two Houses
Removing Dresser &c.
Cr. By 2 lbs Tea @ 4s
3 yds Cotton
11 Bushells Potatoes @ 3s
3 Bushells Seed Wheat @ 9s
Lent 9 lbs nails & 35 before. Shingles (23rd) 2 lbs Do. 46 lbs.
  Monday 8
Wm. Ness 6 days abt Bar Room-
Cr. By Cash 22s
  Monday 15
Wm. Ness 6 Days Fitting Barr &c.
2 lbs Butter
2 ½ lbs Butter
Cr. By 2 Lbs Tea @ 4s
1/4 lbs Tea 1/3 Cockey
Pg. 79 Monday 22nd May 1848 Wm. Ness
6 Hundred Hay @ 3s
Cr. By 5 Bushells Oats @ 3s
Wm. Ness
5 Days painting Front 3 Coats & other Jobs
2 lbs butter @ 1s
  Monday 5
Cr. Wm. Nefs
31 ½ lbs Meal
Dr. 4 Hundred Hay-
6 Days Attending at Court Time
5 ½ lbs Butter @ 1s
Cr. By cash 24s
  Monday 12th Wm. Nefs. Half a Veal 28 ½ lbs @ 3d
  " Mrs. Josh. Green 1/4 Veal 13 lbs @ 4d
Pg. 80 13th June 1848
Wm. Nefs 4 lbs Butter @ 1s
4 3/4 Days Skirting Stairs. Put up Hand Rail & Partition Large Room.
2 1/ lbs Butter @ 1s-- A Birch Newell 2/3d
Cr. 5 Thousand Shingles @ 7s
Cash 2/3d
Wm. Nefs 4 lbs Butter @1s
Cr. By 32 lbs Meal & Flour
Fore Qtr Mutton 1 Reel Cotton
9 ½ yds Print @ 1/6d
1 yd Brown Cotton
1 1/4 Ribbon
  22nd Wm. Nefs 2 lbs Butter
  22.23rd Joseph Green
2 days Paper'd & Painted Small Parlor
  27 Cr. Wm. Nefs 4 Thousand Shingles
  3rd July
Cr. Wm. Nefs 1 Barrel Flour [53/-?]
Hannah went to Miramichi with Nefs-
    *Blackey 1 July/ * Jessy 14th June/ Juddy Augst 28th */ Nelly Septr 9th* [Calfed/Foaled]
Mrs. Broad. A Birch Turn'd Newell 2/6d
Wm. Nefs Bill £20/9/4 ½
Cr. By Bill Rendered £20/6/2 ½
[Balance] 3/2d Settled
Settl'd this day [Sgd.] R. Ellis
Pg. 81 26 July 1848 Mrs. Broad 1 Birch Newell 2/6d
  1st Augst Went at Port Hill W. Pickard Launch
  4 Mrs. Broad Turning 2 Rosesett for Chimney Piece @ 9d
Cr. Mrs. Josh. Green 6 3/4 Veal
Dr. Mrs. Josh. Green 136 lbs Indian meal to be return in Flour (12th) Return meal
  12th Cr. Wm. Nefs One Gall Spirits 12s
6th Sepr
Wm. Nefs Return 10 ½ lbs Mutton
Wm. Nefs Return 5 1/4 lbs Mutton
  9th Sepr Lent Jameson 28 3/4 lbs Shingle Nails include the Bag
(22) 10 Lbs nails Do. Return 28th Apl 1849
Novr 3rd Return 2lbs 2 oz.
  16 Had of Mr. Nefs 10 ½ lbs Mutton
    Kenneth [Forbes?] came on a Visit 7th. Retun the 16th
  19th Mrs. Ben Darby. Took Box Tea of K. B. Forbes. 14 lbs @ 4s-- To be paid in Oats @ 2s Pr. Bushell. This Fall
    John Small Junr. Made Pr. Boots for Hannah 6s --- Paid
Pg. 82 20th Septr 1848 Sold Jameson a Heiffer for 2250 Feet Hemlock Boards
Brought Home 342 Feet
5th Octr
[Brought Home] 374 Feet
[Brought Home] 720 Feet
[Brought Home] 703 Feet
  Monday 25 Wm. Nefs 5 ½ days Made & Fix New Windows. End Old House. Stuff Sopha Made Step Ladder & Old Kitchen &c. &c.
Cr. Wm. Nefs Tallow. Mend Gould Ring 9d
  Monday 3 Ocr. Wm. Nefs 1 day Abt Stairs in kitchen &c.
  10th Nov
Cr. Geo. Stanlake 2 ½ Bushell barley @ 3s
10 Bushells Turnips @ 15d
10 Bushells Turnips Do. 40 Bushells
10 Bushells Turnips
  " Cr. Josh. Green 100 Feet 1 3/4 " Pine 10s Mr. Ness 4 Days Working Abt Schoon Industry North Side
  18th Dec 1 Day at the School House Near G. Darby. Put in Window Frame & Helping Abt Roof
Pg. 83 20th Dec 1848 James Gourlie 2 Turkeys @ 3/6d
  26 Josh. Green Arrange Accounts
This Day Ballance Due R. Ellis 17/1d
  27 Josh. Green 3 lbs Butter @ 1s
Cr. Do. 50 feet 1 3/4 Pine @ 10s
Cr. Do. 1 lb Tea @ 3s
  28 Wm. McEwen Bill made out. £5/2/0
  " James Kinsman Senr Bill -- £1/17/4
29th Nov 1843 Borrowed 2 lbs House Shoe Nails
8 Decr Borrowed 2 lbs Horse shoe Nails
  29th Made 3 Sash Cases for School House Near G. Darby To be Paid by E. Read
4' 10" by 2' 5"
Cr. By Pr. Boots for Henry
  30 Arrange A/C with McEwen
Dr. £5/2/0
Cr. £2/16/6
Ballance Due R. Ellis £2/5/6
  4th Jany 1849 Cr. McEwen Pr. Boots 25s
Pg. 84 5 Jany 1849 Copy in the other Book
Cr. Wm. Nefs 1 Bunch Cotton Warp
  15 Mrs. Josh. Green 1 ½ lb Butter @ 1s
  24 Finish hauling 10 Chord Fire Wood from Peter Schurman
  26 Mr. Josh. Green 1 lb Butter 1s
  27 Mrs. Josh. Green 2 1/4 lbs Butter @ 1s
  15th Feby Cr. David Schurman 7cwt- 5 lb Oat Straw
and 6cwt -- Last winter
  16 Cr. Josh. Green 20 Feet of Inch pine Board
  27 C. C. Davidson, Pine Table 4' Long by 2' 3' [wide] with a Drawer -- 15s
  " Robt. Glover To. 13 Pr. Of 12 Light Sashes @ 6d= £3/18/0
  28 Cr. Robt. Glover 1 Bushell Potatoes
  1 March Cr. Davis Schurman 7 cwt Oat Straw & 1 Bushell Potatoes
Pg. 85
Pg. 86
  Bedeque, PEIsland. Apl 22nd /46
Be it remembered that we Robert Ellis. Ship Owner Even Thomas. late Master Mariner & Ship Owner both of Bedeque & Chas. Richards of Vernon River in this Island. Ship wright having been Requested by Thos. Hogan Comander of the British Queen of Halifax and Mr. Wm. Welsh the agent of the Owners Residing at Halifax to hold a survay on the said Vessell. she having Wintered at this port in consequence of have been Stranded last fall Near Sea Cow head. Near the entrance of this Harbour
Report that the said Vessell having been properly hove down in this Harbour with the Garbourd str[uc?]k quite out. We have examined the keel & the Bottom of the said Vessell and found No Matural damage done more than a little Chafing on the Keel and some of the seams on the Bilge [strake?] and a few of the [tr?]unalls started cause by striking on the Sand.
Bar and am of Opinion that the said vessell Bottom having been now properly Overhauld and the Garbourd & Bilge [Horse?] & caulk,d extra fastening driven in and a Number of trunals having been board Out and New Ones driven in and the seams.[horsed?] from the keel to the Bends and top sides & decks caulk we are of an Opinion that the said vessell may may [sic] be pronounced Sea Worthy to the best of Our judgements we have Also examined the inside of the Vessell and find nothing indicating any brakage of the floors of timbers.
[signed in Robert hand] Robert Ellis
Even Thomas
Charles Richards
Pg. 87 Septr 1848-13 July 1849 [This page has entries concerning "Log Wood" sales to , or purchases from various people, including:]
Mrs. Josh. Green
Geo. Stanlake
R. Ellis
Elizabeth Stanlake
Netus Darby
Pg. 87,88,89   [Entries on these pages deal with accounts of various people, ie: Reed Schoolmaster; Doctor Cook; Wm. Watters; George West]
Pg. 90,91   [Only a small portion of this page remains & has figures on one side of it & nothing on the other]
Pg. 93
Pg. 94
Pg. 95
  Specification for work Required to be done towards finishing the Episcopal Church at St. Eleanors [St. John's Anglican]
To Make & fix,d a Neat pannelled front to the Gallery extending a crofs the building of good pine the frame work not to be less then 1 3/4 inch thick when finish.d To be plain on the inside & a Neat Moulding round each pannell & a astragal planted on or the pannell to be raised as may be prefered on the outside, To have a broad cap & moulding on the top & a neat Cornice below on the front of the Gallery beam. at the bottom--
To Make and fix.d a Stout six pannelled door. Moulding on both sides. with a good knob handle Lock. & hinges. Complete for the gallery.
To Make and finish completely a Staircase in the Tower with turned Newels & plain Balusters the steps to be of 1 1/4 inch thick clear spruce & the risers inch do. Mitred to plain cut bracketts with hollow Mouldings under the Noseing. & returned Over the bracket the hand rail to be of good Birch with a Neat
round cap. At the bottom & [R?]amps at the Newels &c and to be returned round the head of the Stairs on the landing--
To Make and fix,d Twenty four single and two double pews as shewn in the plan with doors and seats caps &c complete. The backs to be Pannelled with squre framing not lefs then 1 ½ inch thick when finished The doors & Elbows and fronts that is all next the Aisle and Comm-union Rail &c to be pannelled with Mouldings and Astragals on the pannels or Raise pannels as Specified for the front of the Gallery. And to have a good Spring latch to each pew--
To Make & fix two pulpits. or pulpit and Reading desk alike, Octagonal on the plan & framed One pannel on each side, with Neat Cornice and book board on the top and a Neat bold Moulding Round the bottom, supported by a stout Column to each and fastened to the wall at the back. The pannels to be Moulded Round with Astrg[u?]l &c. as Specified above. the steps to the pulpit and desk to be Made like the Stairs in the Tower. Only much lighter with hard wood. Rail. Ramps &c with a scroll--
At the Bottom of each adiditional [sic] or instead of Newell and Cap as specified for the Other Staircase
To Make a Neat hardwood communion table with turned
con't   legs Much stouter then for a Common table of such pattern as may be directed by the Commitee. Also a straight communion Rail of hardwood (Birch) with turned hardwood balusters all very stout and neatly polished, to rest on the soft wood kneeling board with a softwood riser on each side unlefs the floor of the Chancel be raised One step higher then the floor. of the body of the church. the kneeling board to be from 10 to 12 inches broad exclusive of the part on which the balusters are to be fixed. part of the Rail to be made to open with a strong neat hinges, on the inside for pafsage to the Communion table--
All the work to be neatly and substantially done according to the foregoing Specification and Annexed plan including seats to the Pews pulpit. Desk. and front of the Pews as shown on the plan with every thing. Required to complete the whole of the Aforesaid work including all Mateirals,[sic] according to the true intent and maining [sic] of this Specification and as set forth in the annexed plan in a Neat Substantial and workmanlike Manner-
Charlottetown January 10th 1842
NB All the wood to be good pine except the spruce steps &c and hardwood rails &c specified above--
Pg.97 5th May 1845 Mrs. Forbes A/C with [I?] Murry
Recd. of I. Murry first note £6/5/0
Recd. Twelve months intrest on £12/10--14s
  13th May Had of I. Murry 27 ½ bushells potatoes @ 1/3---£1/14/4 ½
  8th May 1845
14th June
Goods bought for Mrs. Forbes
2 hams 29 ½ lbs @ 5 ½ d from [Casks?]
1 sack of potatoes. 4 ½ Bushells
63 lbs oatmeal @ 1 ½ d
144 lbs Oatmeal @ 1 ½ d
Pg. 98   [A sketch drawn in pencil with a ruler of a piece of land, 3 ½ chains along the road line x 7 chains x 6 chains along the front x 6 chains 20 links]
Pg.99 1848 Mrs. Josph Green. Butter A/C
Pg. 100   [Written upside down on page-- it is page B-31 from back of book]


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