Farewell to Gov. Fanning - 1805

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Governor Edmund Fanning, the second English Governor of the Island from the year 1787 was replaced as governor in 1804 by Col. Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres in May of that year. The following testamonial was written by some of the citizens of the day. Are your ancestors included?

From The Royal Herald February 16, 1805


To His Excellency Edmund Fanning, L.L.D. Lieutenant General in the Army, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty's Island Prince Edward, and the Territories adjacent thereunto, Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same &, &, &.

May It Please Your Excellency.

We His Majesty's Dutiful and Loyal Subjects the Inhabitants of King's County, having lately been informed that his Majesty has been graciously pleased to allow your Excellency to retire to the tranquil enjoyments of a private life, after a long experience of your faithful and eminent service in the no less dignified than arduous station of his own representative in this Island, beg permission to address your Excellency with an affection never before so acutely felt by us, because a like occasion never happened.

When we reflect on the impediments which lay in your Excellency's way on your accession to this government now more than eighteen years ago, your perseverence in its cause, your wife and impartial administrator of justice, your conciliatory manners, and your unremitting exertions in promoting the advancement and prosperity of this Colony, we beg leave to assure you, Sir, in the pure and genuine language of our hearts, that we cannot sufficiently express our deep regret at your retirement, having invariably experienced in your Excellency an amiable assemblage of those virtues and talents which enable and adorn your elevated station, and make happy those who live under so mild and upright an administration.

The proof of how well that his Majesty has been graciously pleased to direct to be in future made for your Excellency, distinguishes at one view the Royal benificence and justice of our beloved Sovereign and the high diservings of your Excellency

We ernestly solicit that your Excellency will be pleased on your return to England, to report with all possible humility to our most gracious Sovereign, as Faithful and Loyal Subjects of his Majesty, who though at a remote distance from his Sacred Person, who are excelled by none in a zealous and steady attachment to the King and his Royal Family, and Loyalty and Obedience to his Majesty's Government, under our happy Constitution in which your Excellency has ever shone our bright Example.

May we hope Sir that you will still make us happy by returning and residing amongst us, and that you will then enjoy the domestic happiness with your amiable Family which is found only in the cool and peaceful shades of retirement, unless his Majesty for the public benefit, shall in his wisdom think fit to continue in activity those eminent talents, and abilities your Excellency is endowed with, in some station of more importance to the Crown and greater emoulument and advantage to your Excellency.

William Douglas Charles Sanderson Wm. Creed John Steel, jun.
David Anderson John Webster John Cameron Phillip Steel
Wm. Anderson L. McDonald William Rae Alex. McDonald
David Anderson Ronald McDonald David Young Donald McKinnon
John Duke Charles McCacharn James McLaren William Wilson
Thos. Webster Allan McIsaac Job Creed Donald Wilson
William Douglas John McDonald Bennett, Creed Angus Wilson
Elisha Coffin Donald Beaton Donald McLaren Donald McKinnon
Duncan McEwen John Broe Donald Gordon Neil Campbell
John Douglas John Beaton James Stewart Donald Campbell
Wm. Robinson Alex. Beaton John McLaren John McMillan
Andrew Coffin John Anderson William McLaren Donald McAulay
Thos. Douglas John Anderson, jun. John McDonald Donald Wilson, jun.
James Robinson Wm. Anderson Samuel Creed John McDonald
William Burke David Anderson William Grayham John McDonald, sen.
Arcbd. McKenzie John Murrow Wm. Grayham, jun. Donald Morrison
James McEwen Uriah Coffin James Grayham Angus Steel
Benjamin Coffin Allan McDonald Wentworth Taylor Duncan Campbell
Benjamin McEwen Angus Campbell Faiqr. Campbell John McFarlane
Richd. Burke David Kennedy Duncan Campbell Duncan Robertson
John Smallwood James Campbell John Campbell Angus Steel
James Douglas Donald Campbell Nichs. Hugh Roderic Steel
Wm. McLaren Alex. Campbell James Irving John Steel
Robt. Sanderson John Campbell Wm. Sensabaugh Dugald McCormick
H. Coffin Malcolm Campbell Alex. McKenzie Angus McCormick
John McEwen Galian McKinnis Angus McMullen Angus McDonald
James McLaren Neil McDonald John Griffin David Hugh
David McEwen Peter Rose Joseph Clark John Reid
Robert Douglas Jedidiah Simonds Joseph Clark, jun. James McLaren
Walter Burke John Campbell Angus McDonald
James McKie Angus McDonald Geo. Aitken
William Webster John McDonald John Steel, sen.

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