PEI Cemetery Transcript Collection

Prince Edward Island Heritage Foundation and PEIGS.

Cemetery transcript collection.

[Charlottetown, P.E.I.] : Microfilmed by the Public Archives of Prince Edward Island, 1979. FORMAT 4 microfilm reels ; 16 mm.

Microfilmed originally at the P.E.I. Heritage Foundation, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Cemeteries are grouped by locality lots. Some cemetery transcriptions include histories of churches and cemeteries.


Miscellaneous (Milburn family plot, Milburn West United Church Cemetery, Gillespie Family Plot)
Lot 1-1 Anglo R. Catholic Cemetery
Lot 1-2 St. Simon & St. Jude R.C. Church Cemetery, Tignish
Lot 1-3 Tignish United Church Cemetery
Lot 2-1 Immaculate Conception R.C. Cemetery, Palmers Road
Lot 2-2 Greenmount Church of Christ Cemetery
Lot 3-1 Miminegash United Cemetery, St. Lawrence District (Presbyterian)
Lot 3-2 Alma United Baptist Church Cemetery
Lot 3-3 Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery (Alma)
Lot 3-4 Montrose United (Presbyterian)
Lot 3-5 Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (Kildare Capes)
Lot 3-6 Montrose Gordon
Lot 4-1 Nazarene United (Elmsdale)
Lot 4-2 St. Peter's Anglican (Alberton)
Lot 4-3 Old Dock Cemetery Presbyterian (Alberton)
Lot 4-4 Hillcrest United (Presbyterian) (Alberton)
Lot 4-5 Woodlawn Cemetery (Alberton)
Lot 4-6 Campbellton United (Presbyterian)
Lot 5-1 Alberton Baptist
Lot 5-1 Baptist Cemetery Union (Alberton)
Lot 5-2 Cascumpeque United Methodist
Lot 5-3 St. Anthony's R.C.C. Cemetery, Bloomfield
Lot 5-4 Sacred Heart R.C. Church Cemetery (near Alberton)
Lot 5-5 Old Roman Catholic Cascumpeque
Lot 5-6 Meggison Family plot, Cascumpeque
Lot 6-1 Bloomfield United Cemetery
Lot 6-2 St. Luke's Anglican Church Cemetery, Woodtock/O'Leary (near Elmsdale)
Lot 6-3 Mount Royal People's Cemetery, Mt. Royal
Lot 6-4 Casumpeque Cemetery
Lot 6-4 Hardy Family plot, Cascumpeque
Lot 7-1 Cape Wolfe United Church Cemetery
Lot 7-2 West Cape United Church Cemetery
Lot 7-3 West Cape Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 7-4 Springfield West United Baptist Cemetery
Lot 7-5 St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Burton
Lot 8-1 Glenwood Field Cemetery
Lot 8-2 Little Pierre Jacques Cemetery (United Church Cemetery - Milburn West)
Lot 8-3 West Point Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 8-4 Bethel United
Lot 8-5 Knutsford Methodist
Lot 8-6 Glenwood United Church Cemetery
Lot 8-7 Glenwood Young Monument
Lot 9-1 Brae United (Presbyterian)
Lot 9-2 (Immaculate Conception R.C.C. Cemetery (Brae)
Lot 9-3 Milo Free Church of Scotland Cemetery
Lot 10-1 West Devon United Church Cemetery
Lot 10-2 Church of God Cemetery, West Devon
Lot 11-1 St. Brigit's R.C., Foxley River
Lot 11-2 Foxley River Anglican Cemetery
Lot 11-3 Freeland Presbyterian
Lot 11-4 Foxley River R.C. Cemetery
Lot 11-4 St. Bridget's R.C. Cemetery, Foxley River
Lot 11-5 Freeland United Cemetery
Lot 12-2 St. John's Anglican, Ellerslie
Lot 13-3 St. James Anglican, Port Hill
Lot 13-4 St. Ann's R.C. Lennox Island
Lot 13-5 Tyne Valley United
Lot 13-6 Low Point
Lot 14-1 Birch Hill United Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 14-2 St. Patrick's R.C. Cemetery, Grand River
Lot 14-3 Immaculate Conception R.C., Richmond
Lot 15-1 Union Corner United Cemetery
Lot 15-2 Notre Dame de Mont Carmel R.C.C.C.
Lot 15-3 St. Philip and St. James R.C.C.
Lot 16-1 Central Protestant Church
Lot 16-2 Belmont Baptist Cemetery
Lot 16-3 United Church Cemetery Central plot (near Summerside & Belmont)
Lot 16-4 Wellington Protestant Cemetery
Lot 17-1 St. John the Baptist R.C.C., Miscouche
Lot 17-2 St. Eleanor's - St. John's Anglican
Lot 17-3 St. Paul's Roman Catholic, Summerside
Lot 17-4 People's Protestant Cemetery, Summerside
Lot 17-5 Linkletter Cemetery
Lot 18-1 St. Mary's R.C., Indian River
Lot 18-2 Princetown United Presbyterian, Malpeque
Lot 18-2 Malpeque People's Cemetery
Lot 18-3 Indian River Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 19-1 Margate United Church Cemetery
Lot 19-2 St. Mark's Anglican, Kensington
Lot 19-3 Kensington People's plot
Lot 20-1 St. Stephen's Anglican, Irishtown
Lot 21-1 St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Springbrook
Lot 21-2 Geddie Memorial Cemetery, New London
Lot 21-3 New London Protestant
Lot 21-4 North Granville United Methodist Cemetery
Lot 21-5 South Granville Presbyterian
Lot 21-6 Pleasant Valley United/Methodist Cemetery
Lot 21-8 Yankee Hill Cemetery, French River
Lot 21-9 Campbell's Pond Cemetery, Park Corner
Lot 21-10 Simm's Field Cemetery
Lot 22-1 St. Ann's R.C. Cemetery, Hope River
Lot 22-2 Hartsville Cemetery
Lot 22-3 Stanley Bridge United Church Cemetery
Lot 22-4 St. Ann's R.C. Pioneer Cemetery, Hope River Road
Lot 22-5 Fyfe Pioneer Family Cemetery
Lot 23-1 Cavendish United Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 23-2 New Glasgow United Church Cemetery
Lot 23-4 Hunter River - Greenvale Cemetery (Brimmcomb)
Lot 23-5 St. Mary's R.C. Church Cemetery, Hunter River
Lot 24-1 Fairview United Baptist Cemetery, North Milton
Lot 24-2 North Milton Small Cemetery
Lot 24-3 Wheatley River United Church Cemetery
Lot 24-4 Glasgow Road Cemetery
Lot 24-5 Brookfield Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 24-6 St. Mark's Anglican Cemetery, South Rustico
Lot 24-7 St. Augustine's R.C. Cemetery, Rustico
Lot 24-8 Stella Maris R.C. Cemetery, Rustico
Lot 24-9 Rustico Pioneer Cemetery, St. Augustines
Lot 25-1 Freetown United Church Cemetery (Methodist)
Lot 25-3 North Bedeque United/Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 25-4 Wilmot Valley Cemetery
Lot 26-1 Lower Bedeque Cemetery
Lot 26-2 Central Bedeque United Baptist Cemetery
Lot 26-3 Augustine Cove Acadian Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 26-4 Lower Bedeque Pioneer Acadian Cemetery
Lot 26-5 St. Peter's R.C. Pioneer Cemetery (Seven Mile Bay)
Lot 27-1 St. Malachy's R.C. Cemetery, Kinkora
Lot 27-2 Searletown United Cemetery
Lot 27-3 North Carleton Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 27-4 Albany Zion Baptist Cemetery
Lot 28-1 North Tryon Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 28-2 Cape Traverse United Church Cemetery
Lot 28-3 Cape Traverse Church of Scotland Cemetery
Lot 28-4 Tryon People's Cemetery
Lot 28-5 Tryon Pioneer Baptist Cemetery
Lot 29-1 Westmoreland Baptist Cemetery
Lot 29-2 St. Joseph's R.C. Cemetery
Lot 29-3 St. John's Anglican, Crapaud
Lot 29-4 Crapaud People's Cemetery
Lot 29-5 Crapaud United Cemetery
Lot 30-1 Appin Road United Cemetery
Lot 30-2 Argyle Shore Cemetery
Lot 30-2 Bonshaw Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 30-4 Strathgartney Cemetery
Lot 31-1 Hampshire United Cemetery
Lot 31-2 North Wiltshire United Church Cemetery
Lot 31-3 Clyde River Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 31-4 Kingston Road Restored Cemetery, Kingston Road
Lot 31-5 Kingston United Church Cemetery
Lot 31-6 Clyde River United Baptist Cemetery
Lot 31-7 Clyde River Road Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 32-1 East Wiltshire Cemetery
Lot 32-2 Cornwall United Cemetery
Lot 32-3 Dockendorff Restored Pioneer Cemetery, York Point
Lot 32-4 Warren Grove Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 32-5 Milton Anglican Cemetery
Lot 32-6 Newson Restored Pioneer Cemetery, Ferry Road, Cornwall
Lot 32-7 Princetown Road, United Church Cemetery
Lot 32-8 Hyde & Crosby Pioneer Cemetery, Meadowbank
Lot 33-1 Winsloe North United Church Cemetery
Lot 33-2 Portage Cemetery, Brackley
Lot 33-2 Portage Cemetery, Brackley Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 33-3 Highfield Cemetery, Lower Malpeque Rd., Winsloe
Lot 33-4 Sherwood Cemetery (Brackley)
Lot 33-5 St. Paul's Anglican, Charlottetown
Lot 33-6 Brackley Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 33-7 Harrington Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 33-8 Union Road Cemetery (Queens Co.)
Lot 33-9 MacCallum Cemetery, Brackley Pt.
Lot 33-10 Old Protestant Burying Gr., Charlottetown
Lot 33-11 Longworth Avenue R.C. Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 33-12 People's Cemetery, Charlottetown
Lot 33-13 St. Peter's Cemetery (Sherwood)
Lot 34-1 Stanhope Protestant Cemetery
Lot 34-2 St. James United Cemetery, West Covehead
Lot 34-3 McMillan Cemetery, West Covehead
Lot 34-4 Marshfield St. Colombo Cemetery (Presbyterian)
Lot 34-5 Shaw Cemetery, Stanhope
Lot 34-6 Marshfield Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 34-7 Long Pond Cemetery, Stanhope
Lot 34-8 York United Church Cemetery
Lot 34-9 St. Eugene's R.C. Cemetery, West Covehead
Lot 34-10 Central United Church Cemetery, Dunstaffnage
Lot 34-11 Covehead Road Cemetery
Lot 35-1 Mt. Ryan Hill, Johnson River
Lot 35-2 St. Michaels Cemetery, Corran Ban
Lot 35-3 Donaldston United Methodist Cemetery
Lot 36-1 St. Bonaventure's Cemetery, Tracadie
Lot 36-2 St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fort Augustus
Lot 36-4 Early French & Scottish Cemetery, Scotchford
Lot 37-1 St. Andrew's R.C. Cemetery, Mt. Stewart
Lot 37-2 St. John's United Cemetery, Mt. Stewart
Lot 38-1 St. Cuthbert's R.C. Church Cemetery, St. Theresa's
Lot 38-2 West St. Peter's Cemetery , St. Peter's
Lot 39-1 St. Peter's Harbour Monument
Lot 39-2 Bangor Free Church of Scotland, Bangor
Lot 39-3 St. Joseph's R.C. Cemetery, (St. Lawrence's) Morell Rear
Lot 40-1 St. Lawrence's Cemetery, Morell
Lot 40-2 Marie Cemetery
Lot 40-3 Midgell Cemetery
Lot 41-1 St. Peter's Bay R.C. Cemetery
Lot 42-1 St. Charles Cemetery, St. Charles
Lot 43-1 Bay Fortune United Church Cemetery
Lot 43-2 Townsend Field Acadian Cemetery, Rollo Bay
Lot 43-2 Acadian Pioneer Cemetery, Bay Fortune
Lot 44-1 St. Margaret's Pioneer Cemetery, St. Margaret's
Lot 44-2 St. Margaret's R.C. Cemetery
Lot 44-3 St. Alexis R.C. Church and Cemetery, Rollo Bay
Lot 44-4 Union Cemetery, Souris West
Lot 44-5 Old French Cemetery, Rollo Bay
Lot 45-1 St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery, Souris
Lot 45-1 St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery, Souris
Lot 45-2 St. Alban's Anglican Cemetery, Souris
Lot 47-1 St. Columbo R.C. Cemetery, Fairfield
Lot 47-2 Kingsboro United Baptist Cemetery, East Pt.
Lot 47-3 South Lake Christian Church Disicples Cemetery, South Lake
Lot 47-4 Red Bank Cemetery, North Lake
Lot 48-1 Southport Anglican Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 48-2 Mount Herbert United Cemetery
Lot 48-3 Church of Christ Disciples, Crossroads
Lot 48-4 Hazelbrook Baptist Church Cemetery
Lot 48-5 Calvin Presbyterian Cemetery, Mermaid
Lot 48-6 Clifton United Cemetery, Bunbury
Lot 49-1 Alexandra Baptist Cemetery
Lot 49-2 Pownal United Methodist Cemetery
Lot 49-3 Birch Hill Free Church of Scotland Cemetery
Lot 49-4 St. Joachim's R.C. Cemetery, Vernon River
Lot 49-7 Waterside Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 50-1 Cherry Valley Memorial Cemetery
Lot 50-2 Vernon River United Memorial Cemetery
Lot 50-3 Uigg Cemetery
Lot 50-4 Christ Church (Anglican) Cemetery, Cherry Valley
Lot 51-1 Union Cemetery, Union Road
Lot 52-1 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery, Lorne Valley
Lot 52-2 Montague Community Cemetery
Lot 53-1 All Saints R.C. Church Cemetery, Cardigan
Lot 53-2 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Cardigan
Lot 53-3 Brudenell Cemetery, Route 319
Lot 53-4 Brudenell Island Cemetery, Brudenell Pt.
Lot 54-1 Georgetown Joint Protestant Cemeteries (Trinity Anglican, United Church)
Lot 54-3 St. James R.C. Church Cemetery, Georgetown
Lot 55-1 United Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 55-2 St. George's R.C. Church Cemetery
Lot 55-3 Old Dundas People's Cemetery
Lot 55-4 Launching Cemetery, St. George's Road
Lot 55-5 Bruce's Pt. Cemetery
Lot 56-1 St. Francis de Sales R.C. Church Cemetery, Little Pond
Lot 56-2 United Church Cemetery, Annandale
Lot 56-3 United Baptist Church Cemetery
Lot 57-1 Uigg Restored Pioneer Cemetery, Kinross
Lot 57-2 Orwell Head Church of Scotland Cemetery
Lot 57-3 Selkirk Park French Scottish Cemetery, Eldon
Lot 57-4 Polly Cemetery, Point Prim
Lot 57-4 Polly Cemetery, Mt. Buchanan, Belfast
Lot 57-5 Valleyfield Cemetery United
Lot 57-6 Orwell Corner United (Presbyterian)
Lot 57-7 Halliday Wharf Cemetery, Eldon
Lot 57-8 Enman Private Cemetery, Grand View
Lot 58-1 St. John's Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Belfast
Lot 58-2 St. Michael's Cemetery, Iona
Lot 59-1 St. Mary's R.C. Church Cemetery, Montague
Lot 59-2 Lower Montague Protestant Cemetery (United was Methodist)
Lot 59-3 Wightman's Pt. Cemetery
Lot 60-1 Flat River (Beaton) Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 60-2 Caledonia Cemetery (Presbyterian)
Lot 61-1 Brooklyn Cemetery, Church of Scotland (was Anglican)
Lot 61-2 United Baptist (Bible Christian), Sturgeon
Lot 61-3 Sturgeon United Cemetery (was Baptist)
Lot 61-4 St. Paul's R.C., Sturgeon
Lot 61-5 Panmure Island Cemetery
Lot 62-1 Belle River Church of Scotland Cemetery, Wood Islands
Lot 62-2 Wood Islands Cemetery (Presbyterian)
Lot 62- Belle River Restored Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 62- Wood Islands Cemetery
Lot 62-4 Belle River Cemetery
Lot 62-5 Wood Islands Pioneer Cemetery
Lot 63-1 Peter's Road Cemetery
Lot 63-2 Murray Harbour North Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Lot 64-1 Gladstone Cemetery, Murray River
Lot 64-2 Wilmot Pioneer Cemetery, Murray River
Lot 64- Gladstone Cemetery (Pioneer), Murray River
Lot 64-3 Murray Harbour (MacKay) Cemetery
Lot 64-4 Beach Point
Lot 64-5 Little Sands Cemetery
Lot 64-6 English Church Cemetery, Murray Harbour
Lot 65-1 St. Ann's R.C. Cemetery, Emyvale (Tryon)
Lot 65-2 Shaw Cemetery, St. Catherines
Lot 65-3 Long Creek United Baptist Cemetery, Long Creek
Lot 65-4 St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Long Creek
Lot 65-5 Canoe Cove Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 65-6 St. Martin's R.C. Cemetery, Cumberland
Lot 65-7 New Dominion Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 65-8 St. Catherine's Restored Pioneer Cemetery (McEachern Family)
Lot 65-9 Churchill Presbyterian Cemetery
Lot 65-10 MacArthur Restored Pioneer Cemetery, Riverdale
Lot 65-11 Fort Amherst Acadian Cemetery
Lot 67-1 St. James (R.C.), Summerfield
Lot 67-2 Summerfield United Church Cemetery, Springfield
Lot 67-3 St. Elizabeth's Anglican Cemetery, Springfield
Lot 67-4 St. Elizabeth's Anglican Cemetery, Breadalbane
Lot 67-5 Springton Cemetery
Lot 67-6 Fredericton Cemetery
Lot 28-2 Cape Traverse United Church Cemetery (formerly C.T. Methodist Church).

Items on Reel US/CAN
Lots 1-1 - Lots 21-6 1487746
Lots 21-8 - Lots 34-7 1487747 (except 28-2)
Lots 34-8 - Lots 58-1 1487748
Lots 58-1 - Lots 67-6, 28-2 1487749

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