The Descendants of Michel Haché-Gallant

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This file was originally submitted by the late John Gallant. Rest in Peace, John.

The Descendants of Michel Haché-Gallant - Zipped Register Chart!

This is the family of Michel Haché-Gallant b. 1660, who's descendants inhabited Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Later in the family history, some descendants assumed the Haché name and some the Gallant name. Due to this file's large size we must present it in its zipped form, the file, even zipped is now quite huge! You may download it by clicking on the link above, then have your browser save it to disk. To unzip, use PkUnzip or WinZip.

The Life and Times of Michel Haché-Gallant - An excellent example of Acadian History provided by John! This file may be read directly from the page.

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