Indenture and Tack Betwixt Donald Gilles and John & Donald MacDonald - 1771

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It is contracted, Indented, and finally agreed betwixt John MacDonald, Esquire of Glenalladale and Donald MacDonald, his Brother German on the one part, and Donald Gilles in Brinacory in North Morar on the other part, That is to say the said Donald Gilles hereby becomes bound servant to the said John and Donald MacDonalds , their heirs, Administrators and Assigns for the full and complete space of six years after his entry which is hereby declared to begin and commence from and after the twelth of May last one th. and seventy one and the said Donald Gilles Binds and Obliges him during this space faithfully and truely to attend and serve his said masters at any works they shall find necessary to employ him in at all times by night and by day, workday and holyday and not to absent himself during that spaces therefrom without his masters or their overseers leaves first asked and given and that he shall cheerfully and willingly obey his said masters or their overseers lawfull orders and commands.

And that also he shall not willingly hear or sees any hurt or prejudice to his said Masters in their name or Effects but shall hinder and impede the same at the utmost of his powers and timeously acquaint them therewith.

And further, That he shall not reveal nor divulge any secrets wherewith he shall be entrusted by his said masters, And More Over that he shall not embezzle or fraudulently put away any of his master's goods or Effects and others belonging to them.

And on the other part, The said John and Donald MacDonalds Bind and Oblige them, their heirs and Executors to pay the charges of Bringing the said Donald Gillies to the Island of St. John in North America And likeways to pay him Three Pounds Sterling besides his maintenance yearly for the first two years and Four Pounds Sterling during the remainder of the said term of six years. Also at the end of said term, to give him Two Hundred acres of land which they hereby Demise and Sell??[illegible]and to farm Sell to him, his heirs, and Assigns from and after the term of Whit Sunday next after the Expiry of this Indenture for the space of two thousand nine hundred and ninety six years Saving and Reserving to his Majesty, his heirs and Successors all rights and priveleges. Saved and Reserved in the Original Grant of the Toll wherin the said two hundred acres shall happen to be given wherefore The said Donald Gilles Binds and Obliges him, his heirs, Executors, Administratorsto pay unto the said John and Donald MacDonald, their heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns on the fifteenth day of May, One thousand seven hundred and seventy eight one penny Sterling for each of said acres for the preceeding year the like sum for each Acre for the year thereafter, after which to pay three pences Sterling per acre yearly for seven years. Thereafter to pay six pences Sterling per Acre yearly for seven years more, at the end of which to pay one shilling Sterling per acre yearly for ten years and afterwards to pay one shilling and six pences Sterling per acre during the remainder of said two thousand nine hundred and ninety six years and that over and above the QuitRents and Taxes imposed or to be imposed on the said lands.

And Finally both parties Bind and Oblige them to implement fullfill and perform their respective parts of the premise to each other under the penalty of Thirty pounds Sterling to be paid by the party failing to the party observing or willing to observe their part of the premises.

In witness wherof both parties have hereunto set their hands and seals and unto another a Duplicate hereof this.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.

PAPEI 2664 - #138 dated 1771

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