The Descendants of William Gorrill of Northam, PEI., 1820-1891

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The Descendants of William Gorrill of Northam, PEI., 1820-1891

A Work in Progress

Compiled by George Edward Hart,

William1 Gorrill, the firstborn of John (IV)A Gorrill and Sarah Brooke, was baptized in Holy Trinity Church of England 1 October 1820 at Milton Damerel, North Devon, where this Gorrill family had lived for four generations. After living briefly at nearby Sutcombe, where Catherine was baptized in St. Andrew Church, and Bradworthy, where John was baptized in St. John the Baptist Church, the family moved over the far northern Cornwall border to Kilkhampton, three miles from Bude Bay.

William was eleven years old when his mother died shortly after the birth of her sixth child and fourteen when his father married Susanna Sargent. William became an apprentice cordwainer in his father’s shop. We do not know exactly when he and his brothers John and Richard came to Prince Edward Island, probably through the influence and in a ship of James Yeo, the husband of Susanna’s sister, Damaris Sargent. It was before 11 November 1846, when William Gorrill signed a marriage bond of A100 to Priscilla Williams, whom he married eight days later in St. James Church at Port Hill.

Priscilla, born 7 July 1826 in Bideford , PEI, was the daughter of Edward Williams and Agnes Ellis and the granddaughter of William Ellis, the pioneer shipbuilder, for whom there is a historic plaque in Bideford. Edward Williams, an apprentice ship’s carpenter, came out in 1818 with William Ellis, who bought the Chanter shipyard in Bideford and eventually lost it to the wily James Yeo.

William Gorrill leased nearly 100 acres from an absentee landlord in 1846 and settled down as farmer and shoemaker. There was land to be cleared and cultivated, field after field to be pole-fenced, and a homestead to be built. He and Priscilla had five daughters and five sons and probably more, for the census of 1861 reports that three had been born and three had died in a given period. The 1881 census shows in the household: William, 60; Priscilla, 55; Agnes, 27; William Henry, 25, and his wife, Olivia Dumville; Albert Richard, 17; Anna Eugena, 14; and Lilla Belle, 9.

According to Lovell’s PEI Directory of 1871, Port Hill in Lot 13 had become a hamlet of 350 people with shipbuilding, a biweekly stage to Alberton 25 miles away for a fare of five shillings, and mail biweekly.

William’s farm is recorded in the Meach Atlas of 1880 on page 44. He died 6 April 1891 at the age of seventy and Priscilla died 19 May 1895 in her 70th year. Their gravestone is found at Lot 13, Centre 3, Stone 64 in St. James Anglican Cemetery, Port Hill.



Through life’s stormy day

and death’s long night

O gentle Jesus

be our light

Children of William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Ellis

Those who survived early infancy:

  1. Sarah Jane2 Gorrill, 1847-1921, married George Monkley
  2. Edward2 Gorrill, 1849-1919, married Sarah Prudence Rayner
  3. William Henry2 Gorrill, 1850-1920, married Olivia Dumville
  4. John2 Gorrill, 1851- 2 January 1891, married Josephine Hopgood
  5. Harriet Agnes2 Gorrill, 24 August 1853-13 July 1898, single
  6. Richard Frederick2 Gorrill, 18 February 1859- summer 1860
  7. Susan Sargent2 Gorrill, 1862-1880
  8. Albert Richard2 Gorrill 7 March 1864-1925, married Nancy Gertrude Boundy
  9. Ann Aseneth2 Gorrill, 1867-1927, married Melvin Ellis, c 1858-20 May 1920
  10. Lilla Belle2 Gorrill, 1871-?, married James R. Baglole, born 16 March 1867

Descendants of Sarah Jane2 Gorrill

Sarah Jane 2 Gorrill was born in 1847 at Northam to William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams. At Summerside on 3 December 1870 Rev. J. McCully Fulton, a Wesleyan minister, married her and George2 Monkley, a farmer of Lot 14 who had been born 1 March, 1845 to George1 and Agnes Monkley. George Monkley , Sr., a son of William and Joanna Monkley, was baptized in Bideford, Devon, 1 March 1807. Sarah Jane died 15 November 1921 and her husband George died 8 January 1933.

  1. Charles Hubert3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 28 July 1872, married in 1898 Isabella Sanders2 Yeo, born 17 March 1877, a daughter of John1 Yeo, formerly of Hartland, Devon, and Harriet Ann Ford. Charles died 12 January 1912 and Isabella died in 1969 at the age of ninety-two.
  2. 1. Charles4 Monkley

    2. Ralph4 Monkley married Pearl Simmons and had eight daughters:

    One daughter had three children by the name of McCully.

    A second daughter had one child by the name of Laird.

    A third had five children by the name of Craig.

    A fourth had two children by the name of MacLean

    A fifth had two children by the name of Noye.

  3. Edward Horace3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 26 November 1873 at Birch Hill, married Ella May MacDonald; residence Summerside. They had seven children
  4. A daughter, in Maryland, had two children by the name of Jull.

    A son, in New Hampshire, had three children.

    A second son had eight children.

    A third son had three children.

    A second daughter had three children by the name of Clark.

    A fourth son had three children.

    A fifth son had two children.

  5. Josephine Louise3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 4 November 1875, married John Henry Adams, who was born at Grand River 6 July 1872.
    1. Edward4 Adams married Linda (?) Ford and had two daughters and two sons.
    2. A daughter had four children by the name of Bryant.

      A second daughter had a son by the name of Birch.

    3. Mabel4 Adams, RN, married Glen Carpenter; residence: Littleton, NH and had two daughters and two sons.

A daughter had three children by the name of Adams.

The second daughter had a son by the name of Harris.

  1. George Oswald3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill) , born 23 March 1877, died 4 August 1941 at Port Hill.
  2. Edith Pearl3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), 23 January 1880- 8 March 1969, married James Russell Birch, who had been born 7 April 1881 at Birch Hill to Edmund and Elizabeth Birch and who died 16 April 1960.
    1. Eleanor4 Birch married Malcolm McIntyre, no issue; Tyne Valley
    2. Edith4 Birch, single
  1. Daisy3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 21 November 1884, married 18 July 1906 Robert Albert2 Yeo, born 8 June 1878, a son of John1 Yeo & Harriet Ann Ford. John Yeo was born 20 July 1841 in Hartland, Devon, and died in PEI 18 December 1918.
    1. Lena4 Yeo married Walter McIntosh (?) and had four daughters and two sons.

A daughter had two children by the name of Monroe.

A son had three children.

A second daughter had a daughter by the name of Newcombe.

A daughter named Harriet died young.

A second son had two children.

  1. Sarah Belle3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 13 October 1886, married Arthur Douglas Inman (1886-1972), no children.
  2. Anne Inez3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), born 19 January 1889, married at Birch Hill 2 December 1913 Henry Birchfield Swabey Yeo, born 17 February 1886, a son of Lawrence Yeo and Sarah Jane Birch. He died 2 February 1966 at St. Eleanor’s and Ann Inez died at Summerside 30 May 1987 at the age of ninety-seven. Both are buried in Lot 16. They had two sons and a daughter.

1. A son had two children.

    1. The daughter had a son by the name of Inman.
    2. Lawrence4 Yeo married Opal Clark, died suddenly 28 March 1978; two sons.
  1. Harriet May3 Monkley (Sarah Jane2 William1 Gorrill), 10 May 1892-29 May 1967, married at Port Hill 24 March 1920 Boyd Everton MacQuarrie, who was born in 1892 at Hampton.
    1. William Everton4 MacQuarrie, 1926-1950, m. _____ Thompson, RN; a daughter.
    2. A daughter had three children by the name of Hollister

3. A daughter had two children by the name of MacPhail

    1. A daughter, in Charlottetown, had two children by the name of Allen.
    2. A son had three children.

Descendants of Edward2 Gorrill

Edward2 Gorrill (William1), born 14 October 1849 in Northam, PEI, was the second child and eldest son of William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams. On 17 December 1878 he married Sarah Prudence Rayner, born 24 December 1858, daughter of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons and granddaughter of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson and of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau.

The 1881 census shows Edward Gorrill as a farmer of Tyne Valley, Lot 13, and the 1901 census records him and his wife and names his six surviving children and gives their birthdates and ages. In 1905 he bought a farm of 115 acres on the edge of O’Leary village from James Barclay. He prospered as a farmer and stock dealer and his energetic wife used part of their large house as a country hotel. When he died 4 April 1919 his only living son, Dot Stanley Gorrill, inherited the farm, and a wing of the large house was moved across and down the Barclay Road a little as a home for Sarah Prudence. She died in her 91st year on 19 September 1950 at Port Borden in the home of her grandson Athol Ellis. She and Edward are buried in St. James Anglican Church Cemetery in Port Hill—Lot 3, Centre 13, Stone 63.



BORN OCTOBER 14, 1849/ DIED APRIL 4, 1919


BORN DEC. 24, 1858/ DIED SEPT. 19, 1950

  1. Sanford3 Gorrill, (Edward2 William1) 12 January-30 March 1881, died at 3 months
  2. Harriet Maude3 Gorrill (Edward2 William1), 7 July 1882-21 Sept 1945, married 16 September 1903 John Albert Ellis, 28 August 1871-17 March 1966; buried in Ellerslie St. John’s Cemetery.
    1. Stanley4 Ellis, born 1905; m. Anne Wedman; California. Deceased.
    2. Son and daughter

      2. Stewart4 Ellis, born 1906; m. Vera Logan; Hamilton, ON. Deceased.

      Four sons and two daughters

    3. Athol4 Ellis, born 1909; m. (name of living withheld), Charlottetown.
    4. Three sons and a daughter.

    5. Albert Roy4 Ellis, born 20 November 1910; m. Nellie Work; residence Truro; deceased. Four daughters.
    6. (Living daughter) Ellis, born 7 September 1913; Ontario
    7. A son by the name of Hatt living in the United States

    8. Luther4 Ellis, born 2 September 1915; Ellerslie, PEI. Two daughters and two sons.
    9. The elder son has two daughters and a son.

      The elder daughter has two sons and a daughter by the name of Linkletter.

      The younger son has three sons and two daughters.

      The younger daughter has a daughter by the name of Jessop.

    10. Locke4 Ellis, born 1920; residence Truro. Deceased. Three daughters and a son.
    11. Taylor4 Ellis, born 1924. Glace Bay. Deceased. Three sons and two daughters.
  1. George Alvin3 Gorrill (Edward2 William1), born 3 March 1885, died 14 Aug 1886, at the age of 17 months, after a lingering illness
  2. Floy Gorrill (Edward2 William2), born 17 January 1887, married at Fairfield, Maine, 24 October 1910 James A. MacKinnon, born 26 March 1871 at Canoe Cove to Neil MacKinnon and Christy Ann MacLeod. With Floy’s help James kept a large general store in Coleman. He died in Charlottetown 11 October 1945 and Floy died 5 July 1957 in Ottawa, where she was living with her son William and his wife, Marion.
    1. Eileen4 MacKinnon, born 7 June 1911; m. Willard Russell Oulton; Eileen was active in family history and museum work and was a founder of the Alberton Museum. Both deceased. They had three sons.
    2. The first son has two daughters.

      The second son has a son and two daughters.

      The third son has a son and a daughter.

    3. Helen Elizabeth4 MacKinnon, born 21 Oct 1915; m. Kenneth Irving; Elliot Lake. Both deceased . They had three sons and a daughter.
    4. The first son has a son and a daughter.

      The second son lives in Ottawa.

      Malcolm5 Irving remained single; deceased

      The daughter is married.

    5. James William4 MacKinnon, 1923-2001, lawyer; vice president legal services of a large insurance company, active in the historical society; he married (name of living withheld). Ottawa. Two sons and two daughters.

The elder son has a son.

The elder daughter has a son and a daughter by the name of Charles.

The younger son has a son and two daughters.

The younger daughter is unmarried at this time.

  1. Rebie3 Gorrill (Edward2 William1), 18 Oct 1889-16 Apr 1951; m. Thomas2 Gorrill, farmer, Glenwood, 28 Feb 1883-8 Feb 1952, son of Humphrey1 Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment. Rebie kept her house and garden, drove the horse in the hay-hoisting fork and was active in her church. She and Thomas are buried in Bethel United Cemetery.
    1. Edward Cecil4&3 Gorrill (Rebie3 Edward2 William1; Thomas2 Humphrey1), born 16 Jan 1909, married Gladys MacIsaac, 1905-1972;
    2. farmer in Glenwood. Both deceased.

      A son has four daughters and two sons

      A daughter has four sons and two daughters by the name of MacLean

    3. Floy4&3 Gorrill, 9 Aug 1912-June 1997; married Alvin MacIsaac, farmer, Hebron, who died 28 February 1992. They had eight children.
    4. A daughter has three sons and three daughters by the name of MacDonald.

      A second daughter has four sons by the name of Harris.

      A third daughter has two sons and a daughter by the name of Sabine.

      A son has three daughters and a son.

      A fourth daughter has two sons by the name of Gamble.

      A fifth daughter has three daughters by the name of Fraser.

      A second son has four sons.

      A third son has two sons and a daughter.

    5. Wyman4&3 Gorrill (Rebie3 Edward2 William1; Thomas2 Humphrey1) , born Oct 1915; married (name of living withheld); farmer in Glenwood; he and his sons farmed 900 acres. Deceased. Six children.
    6. The first son has four daughters.

      The first daughter has a son and three daughters.

      The second son has two sons.

      The third son has a son.

      The second daughter has three sons and two daughters by the name of MacNeill.

      The fourth son is married.

    7. _____ Gorrill, RN, (name of living withheld) married Lorne Jelley, deceased. Two sons.

One son has a son and daughter.

The other son has two daughters.

VI, Dot Stanley3 Gorrill (Edward2 William1), born 15 Aug 1891, married at O’Leary 30 November 1921 May Louise MacLennan, who was born 13 August 1894. He died 7 August 1947 and was buried in St. James Anglican Cemetery, Port Hill. May died in 1977. Two daughters:

The elder daughter has two sons by the name of MacNevin.

The younger daughter has a daughter and a son by the name of Ellis.

  1. Gladys Agnes Jennie3 Gorrill, 3 Nov 1893-15 Jan 1952; m. George Frederick Hart, born 14 Jan 1874, London, England, died 20 Sept 1934, buried Charlottetown People’s Cemetery, 35/12/553

Gladys Florence4 Hart died at Moncton 29 August 1992.

A son has three sons and three daughters.

A second daughter has two sons and a daughter by the name of Durber.

VIII. Lutie Gorrill, RN, 1 March 1896-Jan 1981; m. Melvin Kemp; no children; Sheffield, Massachusetts

Descendants of William Henry2 Gorrill

William Henry2 Gorrill (William1), a son of William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams, was born in 1850 at Northam. He helped his father with the farm until some time after he married 29 Dec 1880 Phoebe Olivia Dumville at her sister’s home in Summerside, the Reverend John Goldsmith officiating. Olivia was born 3 April 1852 to Samuel and Jane Dumville, who came from England (he was 75 in the 1881 census) and opened a general store at West Cape, Lot 7, PEI. The 1881 census of Lot 13 showed the newly weds living with his parents. Shortly afterwards they moved to Brandon, Manitoba, where Elsie May was born in 1885, but they soon moved to Bottineau, North Dakota and built a home and farm. Their five boys were born there: Ernest, Harry, Earl, John and Allison. In August 1896 their little boy John died as a result of an accident on the farm. In 1904 they decided to move to Mountain Home, Idaho, for a milder climate and the children went to school there. On hearing that good land was available in southern Alberta, they moved to New Dayton with Earl and Allison. They were active in the community and the Methodist Church. William Henry died 29 September 1920 and Olivia in 1930. Their five surviving children were:

I Elsie May3 Gorrill was born at Brandon, Manitoba, in 1885. With high school and business school education, she worked in an office at Mountain Home, Idaho, until she married William Howard in 1909. Ten years later they moved with their two children to New Dayton, Alberta, where he established a garage business. Eventually they moved to Watsonville, California, where she died in 1930 and he about 1940. They had three children.

  1. Ernest3 Gorrill (William Henry2 William1), born at Bottineau, ND, in 1886, married Esther Strom in 1911 at Odessa, Oregon, where she died a year later.
  2. Harry Franklin3 Gorrill (William Henry2 William1), born 20 May 1887 in Bottineau, moved with his parents to Mountain Home, Idaho, in 1904, graduated from high school and operated the Glendale Fruit Ranch. In September 1911 he married Pearl Hayward, a 20-year-old teacher. In the spring of 1917 Harry and Pearl and their daughter Doris and Pearl’s sister Cora and her husband, Frank Lockman, moved from Mountain Home to New Dayton, Alberta. A year later Pearl gave birth to Mary Belle but died of complications. Harry arranged for Frank and Cora Lockman to bring up the two girls.
  3. Harry gradually developed a large farm. In December 1923 he married a teacher in New Dayton, Ruth Margaret Claxton, daughter of Rev. James Claxton and his wife. Harry and Ruth, like their neighbours, endured the hardships of the dustbowl and the depression. During the war they had help from two Dutch men and for a time after the war from a second cousin, Alvin Gorrill, of Lethbridge, and his wife Gloria. After an illness of two years, Ruth Claxton Gorrill died in February 1948.

    Harry married Helen Blanche Campbell, a retired teacher of Prescott, Ontario, 1 July 1950. Both were active in the community. She died in February 1964 and he died two months later.

  4. William Earl3 Gorrill (William Henry2 William1) was born about 1890 in Bottineau, North Dakota, to William Henry Gorrill and Olivia Dumville. He moved with his parents to Mountain Home, Idaho, and then to New Dayton, Alberta, in 1910 but he was educated in the United States. In Lethbridge, where he was playing baseball, he met his future wife, Hazel Younce, who had come there from her birthplace of Union, Ohio, to visit her sister. Earl and Hazel were married at Lethbridge in 1914. He farmed in New Dayton till about 1922, when he moved with his family to Cape Breton and ran a sawmill. After a few years they moved to Ohio. He died in October 1963. Three daughters.
  5. Allison Ray3 Gorrill (William Henry2 William1), born in Bottineau, ND, in 1896, had early schooling in Mountain House, Idaho, and moved in 1910 to New Dayton, Alberta, where he attended high school. He studied for one year at the Olds School of Agriculture and was overseas in the first World War. After his father’s death in 1920 he took over the family farm. In 1924 he married Alice Blackmore, daughter of Alfred and Anne Blackmore of Hartland, New Brunswick, who had come west to teach in the Lethbridge area. He not only farmed but also operated a store in New Dayton. He played baseball and badminton and chaired the school board. He sold the farm in 1948. He died the following year 26 April 1949. Two daughters and two sons.

The elder daughter is a college professor, Lethbridge.

The younger daughter has five children by the name of Soice. Residence, Warner, Alberta.

The elder son is unmarried.

The younger son lives in Lethbridge and has three children.

Descendants of John2 Gorrill

John2 Gorrill (William1) was born in 1851 at Northam, Lot 13. At Mission House in Summerside 30 December 1875 he married Ann Josephine Hopgood. She was born about 1854 at Cascumpec, the fourth of nine children of William Hopgood, 1822 England-1905 Cascumpec, and Amelia Watson, 1827 New Brunswick-1912 Cascumpec. William Hopgood was a customs collector at Port Hill. Amelia’s parents were from Scotland. Josephine (Hopgood) Gorrill died 23 December 1940 at Wellington, Lot 16.

The 1881 census shows John Gorrill, 29, as a farmer of Lot 13 belonging to the Church of England; his wife Ann J., 26; three children, Laura Ella, 4, Priscilla, 3, and Annie, 3 months. The husband and father died at the age of 39 on 2 January 1891 and was buried in St. James Anglican Cemetery, Port Hill (13/3/51).

The family number 22 of the 1891 census in Lot 13 was that of Josephine Gorrill, widow, farmer, age 36, born in PEI. Her four daughters and two sons were:

Laurelea, 14 Priscilla, 12 Elizabeth [probably Elizabeth Ann], 10

Lulu, 8 William W., 5 Ray [Richard Reigh], 3.

I. Laura Ella3 Gorrill, born in 1876, married William Cecil Kinley, born 15 June 1870, son of Abram Edward Kinley and Charlotte Ann Bagnall. William ran the Massey-Harris agency in Cartwright, Manitoba, for a time and then farmed, finally settling a while in Killarney. They later went to Souris, North Dakota, where William operated a dray service, and then returned to Cartwright. William died 18 June 1925 and Laura died 8 November 1936.

William’s father was Abram Edward Kinley (born at Summerside 20 May 1845), whose parents, James Francis Kinley and Mary Davis Lidstone came from England to PEI in the early 1820’s and settled first at Bedeque and then at Cape Wolfe on the Northumberland Strait. William’s mother was Charlotte Ann Bagnall, born 5 February 1847, daughter of James Edward Bagnall, a merchant of Charlottetown, and Susan Catherine Hopgood, and grandaughter of Samuel Bagnall, Charlottetown merchant and member of the legislature, and Elizabeth Whitehouse (see "The Descendants of Samuel Bagnall" by Dave Hunter).

Abram and Charlotte and their five children headed west in 1880, first to Wisconsin, where a son was born, then to Wawanesa, Manitoba, for two years to be with his older brother Richard, then for ten years to Buttram, where three more children were born, and finally to Cartwright. By 1901 they were living in a log house on a quarter of land on the banks of the Badger River and five years later built a new home. Charlotte died 15 May 1922 and Abram died 1 January 1935 at the age of ninety.

Abram’s father, James Francis Kinley, was a wonder. Born in the Isle of Man 10 October 1804, he worked first as a weaver in a Manchester woolen mill, then got some education and taught school. In PEI he ran a 200-acre farm, a general store, a sawmill and a shipyard, and was agent and surveyor for the Island’s largest absentee landlord, Robert Bruce Stewart. He also filled such public offices as justice of the peace, postmaster, customs collector and commissioner of small debts. Active in the Bible Christian Church, he had two sons become ministers and another become a farmer and lay preacher and lost a fourth at sea on the way to studying for the ministry. (See Deborah Matthews article on James Francis Kinley on

William Cecil Kinley and Laura Gorrill had these children:

    1. Laurella Blanche4 Kinley died of diabetes 10 February 1923 in her 20th year at Souris, North Dakota.
    2. Josephine Charlotte4 (‘Lottie’), born 2 April 1906 at Rolla, North Dakota, married 3 September 1924 William Ivan Miller, born in 1899, son of Robert Miller and Florence MacDonald, immigrants from Ontario. Ivan died in 1959 and Lottie died in Brandon General Hospital 11 January 1973 after a lengthy illness. Three children:
    3. A son living in Calgary

      A daughter married In Killarney, Alberta

      A daughter living in Edmonton

    4. (Living son) Kinley, born 15 March 1908 at Cartwright, was married in Boissevain by a United Church minister on 14 October 1933. In 1947 he and his wife moved to a farm at Grimshaw, Alberta, in the Peace River country. Finally they retired to Edmonton. Two sons and a daughter.
    1. A son living at Hines Creek, Alberta; three children
    2. A daughter having five children by the name of Russell; remarried; residence Vancouver
    3. A son; residence Red Deer; no children
  1. Priscilla3 Gorrill, born 13 October 1878 at Birch Hill, Lot 13; died 7 July 1954. She married 5 March 1895 Obediah Ramsay, son of Neil ‘Donald’ Ramsay and Sarah Ann Wallace.
    1. Lily Belle4 Ramsay, born 12 March 1896 in Northam, PEI, died 1932. She married Donald MacLeod 1 August 1917. He was born in Victoria West, Prince County. Two children.
    2. A son lives in Ottawa; has one son

      A daughter lives in Ottawa; has one son and four daughters by the name of Deavy

    3. Bruce Wallace4 Ramsay, born 27 March 1905 in Northam, PEI, died 22 December 1948 in Richmond, buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Tyne Valley. He married Mary Enman, who was born 30 October 1909 in Richmond, the daughter of William Seymour Enman and Jane Alice Enman. She died in Summerside 16 September 1991. Eleven children:
    1. Wendell Carl5 Ramsay died a day old.
    2. Horace Willard5 Ramsay, died at 2½ months.
    3. A daughter, born in Tyne Valley, had four sons and two daughters, one of whom, Debbie Lee MacAusland, died in infancy.
    4. Ada Jean5 Ramsay, died at age less than two years.
    5. A daughter had two sons and four daughters by the name of MacNeill.
    6. Sidney Wallace5 Ramsay died at two months of age.
    7. Bruce Wallace5 Ramsay died at 1½ months.
    8. A son had five daughters and two sons.
    9. A son born in Tyne Valley and living in Springbrook had three sons and three daughters, one of who, May Marie Ramsay, died in infancy.

(10) A son had a son and a daughter.

(11)A daughter had three daughters by the name of Williams.

    1. (Living son)4 Ramsay, residence: Richmond, PEI; three sons and a daughter.
    2. (Living daughter)4 Ramsay has five daughters and two sons by the name of MacLeod.
    3. (Living daughter)4 Ramsay has six sons by the name of McInnis.
    4. (Living daughter)4 Ramsay has six sons and a daughter by the name of Ford.
    5. (Living daughter)4 Ramsay has a daughter and two sons by the name of MacKinnon.
    6. (Living daughter)4 Ramsay has a son and a daughter by the name of Walker
    7. (Living son)4 Ramsay has a son and two daughters.
    8. Rubizell4 Ramsay, died at age 14
  1. Lulu3 Gorrill was born 3 June 1883 in Northam and was baptized at St. James Church, Port Hill, 30 August 1883. She married Arthur Frederick3 Maynard 27 June 1900 at St. James Church. Born 18 May 1874, he was the son of John2 Maynard (1819 Kilkhampton, Cornwall-1900 Port Hill) and Flora MacLean (1829-1922) and the grandson of John1 Maynard and Elizabeth Elliot of Kilkhampton. Lulu died in January 1934 at Grey Nuns Hospital in Regina. Arthur married Marguerite ‘Madge" Williams. He died in March 1946.

The 1901 census of Belmont and Central Lot 16, dwelling 17, family 17, shows Arthur Maynard as head, a farmer, and Lulu as his wife but also lists Percy Ellis as head with a dash for his occupation, Josephine as his wife and three of her children, Elsie, William and Reagh

Their children were:

1. John Harry4 Maynard married Mabel _____ in Killarney, Manitoba

2. Lily Mae Josephine4 Maynard, born at Port Hill

3. Arthur Reagh4 Maynard, born at Port Hill

  1. 4. Sarah Jane4 Maynard married John Land
  2. 5. Herman Edmund4 Maynard, born at Port Hill

  3. 6. Raymond4 Maynard died 11 January 1919

Reference: Diane Williams, "The Descendants of John Maynard and Elizabeth Elliot"

IV. William Watson3 Gorrill (John2 William1), born 25 December 1885, married

  1. Richard Reagh3 Gorrill (John2 William1), born 14 March 1886, was five years old when his father died so young. Reagh married his first cousin once removed, Lavinia Maude Williams, who was born 20 February 1888 at Poplar Grove, Prince County, the youngest child of Robert Williams and Lavinia Bridget Ellis and a granddaughter of Edward Williams and Agness Ellis. Reagh and Lavinia moved to Winnipeg, where he plied his trade as a carpenter and appeared as such in the City Directory of 1926. He died 10 July 1961 at Deer Lodge Hospital, according to an obituary in the Winnipeg Free Press two days later. "Should friends desire, donations may be sent to the Retarded Children’s Society." Lavinia was the executor of his will. Her obituary does not appear in the Winnipeg newspapers. The 73-year-old widow probably went to live with a daughter. At that time she had four grandchildren. Three daughters, one living in Toronto and another living in Detroit.

Descendants of Albert Richard Gorrill

Albert Richard2 Gorrill (William1) was born at Northam, Prince County, 7 March 1864 to William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams. He died 27 October 1925. He and Nancy Gertrude Boundy were married at her home in Central Lot 16, on 6 November 1889. Gertrude, the daughter of Daniel Richard Cornish Boundy and his wife Angelina Yeo, was born at Linkletter, PEI, 23 September 1869. She died 18 October 1951. They are buried in the St. James Anglican Cemetery at Port Hill.

Their children were:

Ada Ruth3 Gorrill, born 19 January, 1891

Priscilla Mable3 (Celia) Gorrill, born 8 November 1892

Angelina (Lina)3 Gorrill, born 15 December 1894

Edith Pearle3 Gorrill, born 25 September 1897

John Spurgeon3Gorrill, born 26 June 1898

Clara May3 Gorrill, born 28 September 1900

Daniel Richard3 Gorrill, born 16 January 1907

Albert William3 Gorrill, born 14 February 1911

  1. Ada Ruth3 Gorrill (Albert2 William1) married William James Dennis at St. James Church, Port Hill, 16 June 1915. Both deceased.
    1. A widowed daughter living in Winnipeg had two sons and two daughters, one of whom, Sandra Mary Hope, died in infancy.
    2. (Living daughter)4 Dennis, single, living in Moncton
    3. (Living son)4 Dennis; residence: Port Hill; one son
    4. (Living son)4 Dennis; residence: Ellerslie; three sons and two daughters
    5. (Living son)4 Dennis; residence: Ottawa; three sons
    1. Emily Pearle Dennis4 died in infancy
    2. (Living son)4, PhD, married a widow with two children. Residence: Rapid City, North Dakota
    3. (Living son)4 Dennis; residence: Burlington, ON; three sons and a daughter
    4. (Living son)4 Dennis residence: Port Hill; a son and a daughter.
  1. Priscilla Mabel3 Gorrill (Albert2 William1), born 8 November 1892, died in Worcester, Mass., 13 June 1916 while training to be a nurse.
  2. Angelina3 ("Lina") Gorrill (Albert2 William1) married James Henry Higgins of Belmont, Lot 16 at the Gorrill home in Northam 29 June 1921 in a double ceremony with Clara and Ernest. Lina died 12 February 1955 and was buried in the United Church Cemetery, Lot 16.
    1. Albert William4 Higgins died at six months.
    2. Ernest Chester4 Higgins died at eleven days.
    3. _____Higgins, MD; residence: Lewiston, NY; four sons
  1. Edith Pearle3 Gorrill (Albert2 William1), born 25 September 1896, married Alexander Chappell of Sherbrooke, PEI, 6 October 1926 at St. James Church, Port Hill. Pearle died 7 June 1953.
    1. (Living daughter)4 Chappell, RN; two sons by the name of Atkins
    2. (Living son)4 Chappell has two sons and two daughters.
    3. Eunice Gertrude4 Chappell died at 10 years
    4. (Living daughter)4 Chappell; residence:Macrorie, Sask.; two sons and a daughter by the name of Banting
  1. John Spurgeon3 Gorrill (Albert Richard2 William1), born 26 June 1898, died 18 November 1920
  2. Clara May3 Gorrill (Albert2 William1) married Ernest Marathon Grigg of Tyne Valley at the Gorrill home in Northam in a double ceremony with Angelina and James 29 June 1921.
    1. (Living son)4 Grigg has three sons
    2. Leon Albert4 Grigg died at the age of 13 years
    3. (living daughter)4 Grigg, RN; residence: Montreal; then Westfield, Vermont. A son and a daughter by the name of Lyster
  1. Daniel Richard3 Gorrill (Albert Richard2 William1), 16 January 1907- 6 January 1926
  2. (Possibly living son)3 Gorrill (Albert Richard2 William1) had two sons and a daughter.

Descendants of Anne Aseneth2 Gorrill

Anne Aseneth2 Gorrill, 6 January 1867-20 May 1927, was the daughter of William 1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams of Northam, PEI. On 30 October 1889 she married Melvin4 Ellis, 1864-1926, son of John3 Ellis and Susan Keys, grandson of William M.2 Ellis and Nancy Campbell and great grandson of pioneer William1 Ellis.

  1. Susan3 Ellis, born 17 March 1890, married Willard Hutchinson Residence: Ellerslie; four daughters and three sons
  2. Alice Minerva3 Ellis, born 30 May 1892, died young

III. John Charles3 Ellis, born 19 February 1894, married Minnie Robinson

1. (Living daughter)4 Ellis; residence: Ottawa; three sons by the name of Oatway

IV. William Gorrill3 Ellis, born 7 August 1896, married Verna Hopgood. Residence: Summerside

    1. (Living son)4 Ellis has one daughter.
    2. (Living daughter)4 Ellis; residence: Guelph; one son by the name of Page.

V. Agnes3 Ellis married (1) Fred Harris; two daughters

Agnes3 Ellis married (2) Ray Harris; a son and a daughter

  1. Isabelle ‘Belle’3 Ellis married Colin MacGregor; one son

Descendants of Lilla Belle2 Gorrill

Lilla Belle2 Gorrill, the youngest child of William1 Gorrill and Priscilla Williams, was born at Northam, Prince County, 20 June 1871. She married James R. Baglole, born 16 March 1867 to William Baglole, Jr., who came to Prince Edward Island in 1831 with his parents, William Baglole and Sarah Ashton, both of Hartland, Devon, where they were married 25 July 1818. Other children who came with them were: Mary, who was baptized at Barnstable Methodist Church 22 June 1819; Thomas, who was baptized at Holsworthy Methodist 21 June 1827; and Charles, who was baptized in Shebbear, Devon 5 June 1829. James’s father William, born in Barnstaple, Devon, 3 June 1824, married James’s mother, Ann Nichol, about 1853 in Summerside. The name Baglole is a modern spelling of Bagelhole, which in the Devon dialect was clipped to sound like that. The International Genealogical Index lists 1955 individuals by the name of Bagelhole in Hartland, Devon, over the generations, the first dating 1535.

Lilla Gorrill married James R. Baglole 15 November 1893 in Northam.. The 1901 census of Lot 13 records them in the home of his father William, 76, with four of their children, John E., Ruth, Stanley and Ethel M., along with their dates of birth. They later moved to the New-Glasgow area of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

  1. John Edward3 Baglole, born in Northam, Lot 13, on 31 July 1894, moved to Pictou County with his parents. He married Eva White and settled in the Trenton area. Four daughters and two sons
  2. Eva Ruth3 Baglole, born in Northam 20 July 1896, married Rod Chisholm. They had no children.
  3. Stanley3 Baglole, born at Northam, PEI, 26 July 1898, remained single and lived in Priestville, a suburb of New Glasgow, on the Sunrise Trail.
  4. Ethel M.3 Baglole, born at Northam 29 October 1899
  5. Harriet3 Baglole married Henry MacDonald and lived in Priestville; four daughters and two sons.
  6. Gordon3 Baglole, remained single and lived in New Glasgow.
  7. Gertrude3 Baglole married Clifford Purvis; four sons and four daughters
  8. Thomas3 Baglole married Jean Chisholm
  9. Raymond3 Baglole remained single and lived in New Glasgow
  10. Edith Flora3 Baglole married Edward MacDonald, Westville Road

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