The Descendants of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment

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Compiled by George Edward Hart

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Humphrey1 Gorrill, the youngest of the four sons of JohnA Gorrill (1797-1875), shoemaker, and Sarah Brooke (1798-1832), then living at Tamar Lane in Kilkhampton, North Cornwall, was born 1 May 1829 (rf. 1901 Canada census) and baptized in the Church of St. James the Great on the 31st of that month. He was three when his mother died shortly after the birth of her sixth child and six when his father married Susanna Sargent. Joining his brothers, who had emigrated five years earlier, Humphrey at the age of 21 sailed in 1850 with a band of settlers in an English ship, which arrived at Port Hill. He lived there five years until after his marriage 28 June 1855 to Eleanor Dyment, who had been born at Bideford, PEI, 10 September 1838 to Humphrey Dyment (1795-1878) and Mary Ashton (1801-1877), immigrants from North Devon in 1833. The Dyment history is on the Island Register. The following is a probably a correct summary of Mary Ashton's origins.

Mary Ashton, baptized at Kilkhampton, 25 October 1801, was the daughter of Thomas Ashton and Mary Heard, who were married 11 May 1795 at Hartland, Devon. Baptized at Hartland 18 October 1772, Mary Heard was the daughter of Thomas Heard and Susannah Davies, who were married 25 May 1772. Thomas Heard, son of Richard Heard and Elizabeth Wey, was baptized at Hartland 21 October 1743. Elizabeth Wey was born 13 August 1714 at Hartland, daughter of John Wey (born about 1688) and Christian Martin, who were married at Hartland 10 July 1713.

Mary Ashton's paternal grandparents were Samuel Ashton and Margaret Tremeere, who were married at Bradworthy, Devon, 23 February 1759. Samuel, son of Lawrence Ashton and Grace Cornish, was born in March of 1736 at Bradworthy. Margaret Tremeere, baptized at Bradworthy 3 August 1736, was a daughter of John Tremeere, Jr., and Ann Witheredge, who were married there 27 April1722. John, Jr., son of John and Grace Tremeere, was baptized at Bradworthy 28 December 1693.

Mary Ashton's paternal great grandparents were Lawrence Ashton (born about 1712) of Bradworthy, Devon, and Grace Cornish, of Morewenstow, Cornwall, who were married in Grace's home town 22 May 1736. Grace Cornish, baptized at Kilkhampton, Cornwall 9 April 1716, was the daughter of John Cornish, Jr. and Grace Eliot, who were married at Kilkhampton 28 December 1712. John Jr. was the son of John Cornish and Elizabeth Littlejohns. Grace Eliot, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Eliot, was baptized at Kilkhampton 28 May 1689 and buried there 11 September 1725.

From this brief history of her mother's family, we return to Eleanor Dyment, who was not quite seventeen when she married Humphrey Gorrill, nine years her senior. The couple moved to Hamilton Road in Lot 8 and over time developed a most successful farm. In the 1861 census, there were the husband and wife and one child under five years, another child having been born and having died during the past year. In 1878 Humphrey Gorrell bought the Ramsay mills, which became an important part of the family enterprise.

Humphrey and Eleanor had fifteen children whose names are known, ten sons and five daughters, and according to family memories, a sixteenth whose name is unknown and who may have died at birth-unless their adopted daughter was included as the sixteenth. Two little children were buried in their parents' cemetery plot but no dates for them are chiselled on the gravestone: John I. Gorrill, buried at 6 months, and Sarah L., buried at 2 years 6 months. Two sons died in boyhood, William Humphrey at 9 years and Walter at 16 years. The Meacham Atlas of 1880 reported that Humphrey Gorrill of Hamilton Road, Lot 8, was not only a farmer of 300 acres but also a grist and sawmill owner. The 1881 census recorded Humphrey as a farmer and his Bible Christian (Methodist) family as having ten surviving children. In the 1901 census the household included an adopted daughter, Louisa McPherson, born 13 January 1888. Some of the sons of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment prospered and lived within a few miles of the old homestead. Three of the daughters moved farther afield, to Cape Breton, Saskatchewan and Massachusetts and sons Irving, Garfield and Lincoln went to farms in Saskatchewan.

Humphrey died at Glenwood 21 April 1907 within a few days of his 78th birthday. His obituary in the Island Guardian described him in these words: "…the deceased was noted for his sterling integrity and characterized by his untiring benevolence to those in want and distress. He was a pleasant conversationalist and a true friend of both old and young. As a Christian his life was conscientious and sincere; as a neighbour, obliging and generous; as a husband and father, kindly affectionate…."

Eleanor Dyment died at the Gorrill homestead 22 June 1922 at the age of 83, the youngest of her own family and the last survivor of her brothers and sisters. The mother of sixteen children and active in her church, she had a wide circle of relatives and friends, according to her obituary, which described her "gentle unselfish spirit and kindly sympathetic life." She was buried beside her husband in the Bethel Methodist Cemetery and the two little children, John I. and Sarah L (8/4/95).

Following are the names and dates of birth of their children, all of whom were born in Glenwood, and also in most cases the dates of their death:

1. Josephine Elizabeth Gorrill, 1 June 1860-20 November 1945
2. John I. Gorrill, buried at 6 months (death without name recorded in 1861 census)
3. Alfred Gorrill, 17 January 1862-12 August 1934
4. John Simeon Gorrill, 17 November 1863-25 December 1949
5. Sarah. L. Gorrill, buried at 2 years and 6 months
6. William Humphrey Gorrill, 13 June 1866-28 August 1875
7. Mary Lavinia Beatrice 'Bertie' Gorrill, 15 December 1867
8. George Irving Charles Gorrill, 21 July 1870-24 October 1956
9. Amos Richard Baxter Gorrill, 1 April 1872-10 March 1959
10. Sarah Helena 'Ella' Gorrill, 9 November 1874-
11. Alice Susan Gorrill, 6 May 1875-18 January 1932
12. Albert Lincoln Gorrill, 19 December 1879-30 May 1959
13. Ernest Garfield Gorrill, 12 January 1881-29 October 1959
14. Thomas Humphrey Lodge Gorrill, 28 January 1883-8 February 1952
15. Walter Gorrill, born about 1889, died about 1905, said to have gone swimming when ill with measles.

The following report on the descendants of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment will focus on their children who survived into adulthood.

I. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), the eldest child of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 1 June 1860. At the age of 24 she married at Glenwood 2 October 1884 Thomas Alexander Oulton, who had been born 20 March 1860 at Trout River, New Brunswick, to Robert Trenholm Oulton and Jane Main. Robert and Jane, who was born in 1838, were married in Westmoreland County, NB, 15 July 1857 but she died in 1862. The Oultons were of English descent and had lived in Westmoreland County since the 1760's. On 26 August 1862 Robert Oulton married Anne Brander, who had been born 14 September 1835 in Prince Edward Island of Scottish descent. With young Thomas the couple settled at Brae Harbour, Lot 9, where Robert became one of the originators of the silver fox industry. By the time of the 1881 census Robert and Anne had six children between the ages of one year and fourteen years. One of them, George, would marry Elizabeth's youngest sister, Alice.

Thomas Oulton and Elizabeth Gorrill had five children: Humphrey, Robert, Pearl, Eleanor and Roy, all of whom are accounted for in the 1901 census. Thomas was a farmer and the family belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Elizabeth died at Brae Harbour 20 November 1945. In the Presbyterian (now United) cemetery there the stone (9/1/59) reads:

OULTON/ In loving memory of/ Thomas A. Oulton/ 1860-1950/ Also his wife/ Josephine E. Gorrill/ 1860-1945/ At rest

1. Humphrey Gorrill3 Oulton (Josephine2 Gorrill Humphrey1), born 1 September 1885, married Floretta May MacIsaac, who was born 31 March 1893 a daughter of George Hector MacIsaac(1874-1945) and Ada Betts (1851-1930), of Glenwood. Ada Betts was a daughter of Amasa Betts (1851-1930) and Lorena MacWilliams (1852-1946). Lorena was a daughter of William Bamford MacWilliams and Mary Grace Boulter and a granddaughter on her mother's side of Henry Oliver Boulter and Maria Gard and on her father's side of Silas Betts and Charlotte MacWilliams. According to the 1881 census, the Betts immigrant to PEI came from Germany. Humphrey Gorrill Oulton died 30 December 1957 and his wife, Floretta May, died about 1960.

2. Robert Trenholm3 Oulton (Josephine2 Gorrill Humphrey1 Gorrill), born 9 October 1892 at Brae Harbour, married 19 June 1918 Ella Boulter, born 18 July 1893 to Henry and Rosina Boulter, of Lot 6. She died 31 August 1976 and he died 21 February 1985.

3. Iola Pearl3 Oulton (Josephine2 Gorrill Humphrey1 Gorrill), born at Glenwood 25 February 1895 to Thomas Oulton and Josephine Gorrill, married Vernon Atlee Metherall. Born at Fortune Cove 19 February 1882, Vernon was a son of Peter Metherall (1853-1929) and Christiana Linda Muttart (1859-1895) and a grandson of Thomas Metherall and Jane Gard. On his mother's side, Vernon was a grandson of George Metherall Muttart and Martha Wright. Pearl and Vernon had no children. Vernon died 2 April 1945 and Pearl died in 1974.

4. Eleanor3 Oulton (Josephine2 Gorrill Humphrey1 Gorrill), a daughter of Thomas Oulton and Josephine Gorrill, was born at Brae Harbour 25 July 1897. She married (1) William Trenholm and (2) George Griffin. No children.

5. Wesley Roy3 Oulton (Josephine2 Gorrill Humphrey1) a son of Thomas Oulton and Josephine Gorrill, was born at Brae Harbour 6 February 1899. He married Jean Craig, daughter of Herbert Craig and Jane MacFadyen.

II. ALFRED2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), son of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 17 January 1862. At Summerside 30 December 1885 he married Ada Emma MacWilliams, who was born at Tryon 18 June 1865, a daughter of Samuel Leard MacWilliams (1820-1911) and Elizabeth Ada Boulter (1821-1916). Ada's father, Samuel, was a son of James MacWilliams, a miller, and Margaret Leard and a grandson of David MacWilliams and Theresa Muttart and of the Irish immigrants Samuel Leard and Margaret Rogers. Ada's mother, Elizabeth, was a daughter of Henry Oliver Boulter and Maria Gard, immigrants from Devon.

The Meacham Atlas of 1880 reported that Alfred Gorrill (then only 18 years old) already owned 50 acres. The1901 census of Lot 8 recorded Alfred's English lineage and Ada's Scottish origin, their occupation of farming and their religion as Methodist, with three children of given names and birthdates. Alfred's wife, Ada MacWilliams, died 19 March 1917 at the age of 51. She had given birth to five children: Alida, Everett, Walter, George and Humphrey, who died at five weeks 5 December 1905. The inscription on her gravestone at Milburn West United cemetery, 8/2/36, was
taken from St. Mark, chapter 14, verse 8: She hath done what she could.

Alfred married again, Anne Eleanor Sheen, a daughter of James Sheen and Christine Mackinley. Annie was born 21 August 1886 and was 24 years younger than Alfred. The wedding ceremony took place in Summerside 3 September 1919. They had one child, Harry William. Alfred Gorrill died at Glenwood 12 August 1934 at the age of 73 and was buried two days later in the Milburn United Cemetery (8/6/12). Annie died June 1964 in her seventy-eighth year.

1. Alida Lavinia3 Gorrill (Alfred2 Humphrey1), born at Glenwood 18 November 1888, the daughter of Humphrey Gorrill and Ada MacWilliams, married at Glenwood 18 February 1914 James Molyneaux, who had been born there about 1884. They had four children. After James died, Alida married Lewis Powers. She died in 1978 age 78 at Medford, MA.

2. Everett Samuel3 Gorrill (Alfred2 Humphrey1), son of Alfred Gorrill and Ada MacWilliams, was born at Glenwood 30 June 1893 and was baptized 11 July of the following year. He did not marry. He died 24 February 1954 and was buried in the Glenwood United cemetery (8/6/12).

3. Walter Alfred3 Gorrill (Alfred2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 2 March 1899 to Alfred Gorrill and Ada MacWilliams and was baptized the 7th of the following March. He married Blanche M. Hart, who was born 15 October 1905. They had one child. Blanche died 23 February 1923 and was buried in the Cape Wolfe Methodist (now United) cemetery (7/1/10). Walter died in 1928 and was buried in the Glenwood United cemetery (8/6/12).

4. Elmer3 Gorrill (Alfred2 Humphrey1), a son of Alfred Gorrill and Annie Sheen, was born at Glenwood in 1923. He remained single. The "Journal Pioneer" reported at page two of its 11 June 1984 issue that George Gorrill had died at the O'Leary Community Hospital two days earlier at the age of sixty-one.

5. son3 Gorrill (Alfred2 Humphrey1), a son of Alfred Gorrill and his second wife, Anne Sheen, was born at Glenwood in 1924. On 6 November 1948 he married ____ MacDonald, born 1930. Eileen Livingstone.

III. JOHN SIMEON2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), son of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 17 November 1863 and was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church 17 July 1864 by Rev. J. Butcher. The Meacham Atlas of 1880 recorded him as a farmer with 232 acres. In 1885 he married Florence Boulter, who was born 10 December 1863, a daughter of Nathaniel Wright Boulter and Elizabeth MacWilliams and a granddaughter of Henry Oliver Boulter and Maria Gard and of James MacWilliams and Margaret Leard. They had eight children. That Methodist farming family was household number 41 on page 5 of the census of Lot 8 in 1901. The names and birthdates of seven of the children are there, the latest having been born a month before. Florence had one more child, Frederick, in 1904. She died ten years later 20 January 1910 at the age of 46 and was buried at the cemetery in Milburn West (8/2/19).
Simeon Gorrill married Emma Grace Darrach, daughter of Duncan and Emma Darrach, of Lot 9. In the 1901 census she is reported as six years old with a birthdate of 2 July 1894. Her gravestone has 1895. It is likely that her grandparents were Alex and Euphemia Darrach, of Lot 65, in the West River area near Charlottetown. Certainly Simeon was more than thirty years older than she. With a young wife he was to have ten more children, two of whom, Lilla Jean in 1923 and Roberta in 1930, died in infancy (Glenwood United Cemetery, 8/6/18). That makes a total of eighteen in his two marriages. He died 25 December1949 at age 86 and was buried in the Bethel United Cemetery at West Cape (8/4/81): Asleep in Jesus. Emma died 10 April 1970 and was buried in the Glenwood United Cemetery (8/6/17). The inscription on her gravestone is: We shall meet and never part.

Family of Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter

1. Albert Walter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), born 20 May 1886 to Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter, married 14 December 1910 Jessie MacNaire McNeill, who was born at Elmsdale 18 February 1887 and died 11 July 1973. She was the daughter of William Cavendish McNeill (4 May 1849-27 February 1928) and Emily Levinia McNeill (1 October 1860-10 October 1945). Jessie's father, William, was the son of Thomas McNeill and Charlotte Simpson, who was the daughter of James Simpson and Agnes 'Nancy' Woodside. Albert and Jessie had no children. Albert died 4 July 1956 and Jessie died 11 July 1973. They are buried in Milburn West United cemetery (8/2/21): In God's Keeping

2. John Oliver3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 2 March 1888, a son of Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter. At Springfield West 11 February 1914, he and Sarah May 'Sadie' MacWilliams were married. Born at Milburn 4 October 1894, Sadie was the daughter of John James MacWilliams (1857-1946) and his second wife, Caroline Clements (1868-1939). John James was the son of William Bramford MacWilliams and Mary Grace Boulter, who was a daughter of Henry Oliver Boulter and Maria Gard. Oliver Gorrill and Sadie MacWilliams had two children. He died 28 March 1978 at the age of ninety and is buried at Milburn West (8/2/20). In the autumn of 1994 a Gorrill couple from Sundre, Alberta, visited Sadie when she was 99 years old.

3. Helena Evelyn 'Eve'3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), born at Glenwood 16 August 1890 a daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter, married Clarence Davis MacWilliams 6 December 1916. Eve and Oliver Gorrill married MacWilliams brother and sister. The parents of Clarence and Sadie were John James MacWilliams and Caroline Clements. Clarence was born at Milburn 1 June 1890. He and Eve had three children. He died 19 June 1967 and she died 24 December 1980. They are buried in Milburn West United cemetery (8/2/27).

4. Margaret Lillian3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), a daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter, was born 16 October 1891 at Glenwood. On 6 October 1915 she married William Boulter, born 6 April 1892, son of Major Norton Boulter and Mary Anne "Jane' Clements. William and Lillian had three children. He died 9 February 1928 and she died 5 June 1971.

5. Myrtle Rosa3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 4 February 1895 to Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter. She married on 8 June 1919 William Henry Jordan, who was born 24 May 1892. They had three children.

6. William Wellington3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), son of Simeon Gorrill and Florence Boulter, was born at Glenwood 23 June 1897 and was baptized 1 June 1898. He married Mae Wedlock, who was born in 1898, a daughter of George Wedlock and Isabell Maude Dennis. Isabell was the daughter of Thomas Dennis and Ann Sharpe and a granddaughter of William Dennis, born 31 October 1812 at Barnstaple, Devon, a blacksmith who came to Port Hill in 1839, and his wife Mary Routcliffe. William Gorrill and Mae Wedlock had three children. In the manse at O'Leary 27 August 1952 William married Helen Gladys MacGregor, who had been born in 1912 and was fifteen years younger than he. They had no children. William died 27 March 1972 and was buried at Milburn West (8/2/22).

7. George Elmer3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), born in Glenwood about 1900, went at age nineteen to British Columbia, married Vera Noretta _____. Elmer died at Vancouver 25 May 1968 at the age of sixty-seven. She died at Victoria 5 April 1973 at the age of 73.

8. Frederick Roosevelt3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), born at Glenwood 31 May 1904 and baptized 28 May 1905, married Matilda Bettner. They moved to Northern Ontario.

Family of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach

1. Garfield3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), firstborn of Simeon Gorrill and his second wife, Emma Darrach, was born at Glenwood 13 April 1914. He married 10 February 1940 Doris Boulter, daughter of Watson and Carrie Boulter. They had six children.

2. daughter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, was born at Glenwood about 1917. Olive married _____ Currie. They had four children.

3. daughter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), born at Glenwood 15 April 1920 to Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, married _____ MacPherson.

4. daughter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), was born at Glenwood 1 August 1921 to Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach. She married _____ Phillips.

5. Lilla Jean3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, was born in 1923 and died in infancy.

6. Eleanor3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, was born 29 March 1923 at Glenwood. A nurse, Eleanor married Douglas Baker and they lived in Sherbrooke, Quebec. In her widowhood she moved to Toronto and died in the area about 1996.

7. son3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 22 December 1924 to Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach. He married ____ MacLeod. They had no children.

8. daughter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), a daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, was born at Glenwood 12 December 1926. She married ____ MacDonald.

9. Roberta3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1), daughter of Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach, was born and died in Glenwood in 1930.

10. daughter3 Gorrill (Simeon2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 16 June 1930 to Simeon Gorrill and Emma Darrach. She married ____ Boulter..

IV. MARY LAVINIA BEATRICE "BERTIE"2 GORRILL (Humphrey1) was born 15 December 1867 at Glenwood to Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment. She was baptized 26 February 1868. At Glenwood 26 November 1890 she married Daniel Moreshead, born about1863, of Knutsford, Lot 8. They moved to the Sydney area, Cape Breton, NS.

1. Mary3 Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1), died young

2. Melvin Roy3 Moreshead, born 2 February 1894, married Blanche Boutilier.

3. Mary A.3 Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1), born October 1895, married Paul Mackley.

4. Anne3 Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1) married ___________. No issue

5. Eleanor G.3 Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1), born October 1899, married Dr. Gerald Malado, no issue

6. Olive3 Josephine Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1), born 19 March 1902, died February 1906 at age 3years and three months.

7. George3 Moreshead (Beatrice2 Gorrill Humphrey1), born in 1908 at Sydney, to Donald Moreshead and 'Bertie' Gorrill. In 1945 he married Evelyn Dorothy Muggah, widow of Gordon LeDrew, whom she had married in 1938 and by whom she had one child, Gordon. She was born in 1918 in Sydney, Cape Breton, to Herbert Muggah (born at Sydney in 1875) and Barbara MacLean (born in PEI in 1877). George Moreshead adopted Gordon.

V. GEORGE IRVING CHARLES2 GORRILL (Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 21 July 1870 to Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment. At Hebron 21 October 1895 Irving married Sarah Ethel Hierlihy, who had been born 4 July 1878 to John Hamilton Hierlihy and Mary Jane MacDonald, of West Point. Ernest, 30, Sarah, 22, and Minerva A., 3, were listed in the 1901 census (Lot 8h, page 11). He was shown as a Methodist farmer. They moved to Ponteix, Saskatchewan, soon after the death of Irving's father, Humphrey, in 1907.

1. Alice Minerva3 Gorrill (Irving2 Humphrey1) was born 11 January 1898 at Glenwood. As a child she went to live in Ponteix and there on 15 September 1919 she married Lorenzo Laybourne. He was born 28 June 1896 at Hannah, Cavalier County, South Dakota. After Lorenzo's death, Alice married Earl Boulter, formerly of Victoria, PEI. Alice died at Ponteix 20 February 1982.

2. Harold3 Irving Gorrill (Irving2 Humphrey1) was born at Ponteix, SK, 16 November 1907, married Elsie _____.

VI. AMOS RICHARD BAXTER2 GORRILL (Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood, Lot 8, PEI, 1 April 1872 and was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church by Rev. J. G. Yelland 10 July 1873. He married Sarah Helen 'Nellie' Dunbar 6 September 1899 in O'Leary. Sarah was born 23 March 1878 at Alma, Lot 8, Prince County, daughter of William Archibald Dunbar and Sarah Eliza Rix. In the 1901 census, Amos, 29, was shown as a Methodist farmer and miller; Sarah was 23 and Eleanor was nine. Sarah died 11 December 1947 at the age of 69 and Amos died 10 March 1959 at Glenwood at the age of nearly eighty-one.

1. Eleanor Adelaide3 Gorrill (Amos2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 1 July 1890, daughter of Amos Gorrill and 'Nellie' Dunbar. She married Christopher Inman and they moved to Hamilton, Ontario. They had no children.

2. Lulu Edna3 Gorrill (Amos2 Humphrey1) was born 4 September 1901 at Glenwood to Amos Gorrill and 'Nellie' Dunbar. She married Ernest Jago Sabine. Born 26 November 1894, he was the son of Daniel Sabine, born 30 April 1849, Methodist merchant and farmer, and his wife Mary, born 24 July 1864 (1901 Census, Lot 8 h, page 12). Daniel Sabine was shown as "Samuel" in the 1891 Census of Lot 8. No one has yet posted to the Island Register the history of the Sabine family in Prince Edward Island. Ernest Jago Sabine must have been connected to Henry Baker Sabine who was born 5 December 1802, came out to PEI about 1807 with his parents, William Sabine and Ann Willett Gardiner, and married Martha Jago.

3. Millie3 Gorrill (Amos2 Humphrey1), 1907-1940, daughter of Amos Gorrill and 'Nellie' Dunbar, married Ross MacIsaac.

4. son3 Gorrill (Amos2 Humphrey1), son of Amos Gorrill and 'Nellie' Dunbar, was born at Glenwood in 1911. He married 20 June 1934 ____ Boulter, who was born in 1913.

VI. SARAH HELENA 'ELLA'2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), daughter of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 9 November 1874. She was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church by Rev. J. G. Yelland 2 March 1876 (Record Book 1, page 82). Ella emigrated in 1890 to Massachusetts. In 1897 she married George H. Warren, who was born in Canada in October 1876 and came to the United States in 1890. They had four children between 1899 and 1910: Ralph, Hazel, Blanche and Eleanor.

The enumerator of the 1 June 1900 census of 14 Benner Avenue, Malden, Middlesex County, found the small family. George H. Warren, born in Canada in Oct. 1976, 23 years old, became a citizen in 1895 after being in the U. S. five years, occupation "inspector R. R." Ella's birthday was given as November 1875 although it was really 1874 and her age as 24 instead of 25. (Enumeration District 950, Roll 662, Book 2, Page 133). George H. Warren was probably the son of James Warren, Weslyan Methodist carpenter of Lot 21, PEI, and his wife Hannah. In the 1881 census James was 33 and Hannah was 24 and they had six young children, including George H., then 4 years old (Lot 21, Queens County, District 2, Sub-district C, Page 33, Household 136).

The census of 21 April 1910 found the family at 14 Benner Avenue. George H. Warren was 34; he and his wife were in their first marriage, begun 12 years before. Helena was also "34" and she had given birth to three children, all living. Ralph was 10, Hazel 7 and Blanch 6 (Enumeration District 907, Supervisor's DIstrict 19, Ward 7, sheet 13B).

In the census of 16 January 1920, Ella Warren was enumerated as head of family and owner of a residence at 22 Benner Avenue (Enumeration District 287, Ward 7, sheet 12B). She is shown as having been born in Prince Edward Island. Her age was given as 41 although she was really 45. Living with her were Ralph, 20, Hazel, 17, Blanche, 15, and Eleanor, 9, who were recorded as born in Massachusetts whereas their parents had been born in Prince Edward Island. Ella was shown as 'married' and the others as 'single'. The only one working outside of the family was Ralph, who was an electrician with the street railway. The census did not ask whether the children were going to school. So far I have not been able to find the husband and father of this family in the 1920 census.

22 Benner Avenue changes much for the census of 1930. Living there are the families of the brother and sister Ralph and Hazel and also their father, George Warren. Ralph, now 30 years of age, has been married to Maud, 26, for five years and they have a child, Leon, 3 years old. Ralph still works as an electrician for the street railway.

Hazel, now 28, was married to Earl D. Lovejoy, 28, an accountant. He was born in Massachusetts and his parents were born in Maine. There was a child, June, five years old.

Living at the same address was George Warren, given age 50 although he was 53. He was employed as a street-car conductor and was shown as 'divorced'. Strangely, the property was rented and it seemed that the two families were paying rent of 30 dollars each. For a long time I was not able to find a trace of Sarah Helena 'Ella' Warren after the 1920 census. It turns out that Ella lived so long that she became eligible for social security. As a result, the US Social Security Death Index records the death in Massachusetts of Ella Warren, SSN 013-26-5471, born 9 November 1874 and died in May of 1965 at the age of ninety.

1. George Ralph3 Warren (Ella2 Gorrill Humphrey1) was born in November of 1899 at Malden, MA, to George Warren and Sarah Helena Gorrill. At the age of twenty he was living with his mother, who was separated from her husband, and with his sisters in Malden, MA, and was working as an electrician for a street railway. Five years later he married Viola Maud Vickerson, then 19, who was born in Canada, as were her parents. Vickerson is a well-known PEI name originating with a German soldier Loyalist of the American Revolution who got a grant of land on the Island. Whether Maud came from PEI has not been established. Ralph G. Warren, born 15 November 1899, died at Cummaquid, Barnstable County, MA, 24 June the age of ninety-three.

2. Hazel3 Warren (Ella2 Gorrill Humphrey1) was born in Massachusetts in 1902 and died in 1965, the year of her mother's death.. In the 1920 census she was 17 years old. She married (1) _____ Proudfoot and (2) Earl Lovejoy, who was born about 1901 in Massachusetts of parents from Maine. He was an accountant. In the 1930 census they were living at 22 Benner Avenue, Malden.

3. Blanche3 T. Warren (Ella2 Gorrill Humphrey1), daughter of George Warren and Sarah Helena Gorrill, was born at Malden, Massachusetts 11 April 1904. She was recorded as 6 years old in the 21 April 1910 census of 14 Benner Avenue, Malden and was enumerated at 22 Benner Avenue, Malden, MA, with her mother and siblings in the 1920 census. She married (1) William Reed and (2) Arthur Watkins. No children. She died at South El Monte, California in February of 1997 at the age of ninety-two.

4. Eleanor3 R. Warren (Ella2 Gorrill Humphrey1) was born 22 June 1910 at Malden, Massachusetts, daughter of George Warren and Sarah Helena 'Ella' Gorrill. She was a hospital dietitian, 26, in the 1930 census of Hartford, CT (Enumeration District 4, Ward 18, Block 13, sheet 11B). Eleanor married Stephen B. Palmer. Was he the Stephen B. Palmer, born about 1910, son of William N. and Helen B. Palmer of Stonington, New London County, Connecticut? Eleanor and her husband had a son, William. Eleanor died in February of 1991, like her mother, at the age of ninety. The US Social Security Death Index gave her residence as Branford, New Haven County.

VIII ALICE SUSAN2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), daughter of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 10 May 1875 and was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church 2 March 1876 by Rev. J. G. Yelland (O"Leary United Church, Record Book 1, page 82). Alice married George Oulton 13 September 1899 at Glenwood. George was a younger half-brother of Thomas Alexander Oulton, husband of Alice's elder sister Josephine Elizabeth. George was born 10 May 1875 at Brae Harbour, Oulton's Island, Lot 9, to Robert Trenholm Oulton and his second wife, Anne Brander. As a young man George worked with his father and brothers at farming and lobster fishing. They operated a lobster processing plant and raised silver foxes.

The Oulton family has an interesting history. Robert Trenholm Oulton, son of Thomas Oulton and Catherine Taylor, was born at Jolicure (a corruption of Jolicoeur) in Westmoreland County of New Brunswick. Thomas's grandfather was Charles Oulton, who in 1759 at the age of seventeen, landed in Halifax with his widowed mother. His parents, William Oulton and Charity Bellamy, had been married at Whitstone, Devon, 14 December 1743. William was descended from John Olton, born in 1545 at Tarporley, which is ten miles southeast of Chester in Cheshire, south of Liverpool).

Charles's mother, an innkeeper, married John Bishop and in 1763 Sennacherib Martyn, who had served at Boston and at Fort Beausejour with Colonel Edward Winslow (the officer who in 1755 was in charge of the deportation of the Acadians at Grand Pré). In 1763 Charles Oulton got a grant of land. Six years later he married Abigail Fillmore, daughter of a land grantee from Connecticut by the name of John Fillmore and his wife, Leah Day. Charles and Abigail had twelve children in Jolicure, four of them sons from whom the Oulton name in North America has spread.

Now let us return to George Oulton and his wife, Alice Gorrill. Their first four children were born in Prince Edward Island. The 1901 census of household 99, Lot 4, Subdistrict d-1 recorded the following:

Oulton, George M[ale] W[hite] Head M[arried] born 10 May 1875 age 25 Methodist farmer
Alice S. F[emale] W Wife M born 12 May 1875 age 25
Annie M F[emale] W Daughter born 4 August 1900

Annie Myrtle was baptized 12 March 1901 at the Alberton Methodist Church (Baptisms 1896-1908). The second child was George Garfield, who was born 11 December 1901 and baptized 16 September 1902. Olive Verna was born 14 August 1903 and then Ray Trenholm 3 March 1907.

George, Alice and their little ones moved to Waldeck, just east of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, where Charles Maxwell Oulton (22 June 1880-22 May 1968), a younger brother of George, had settled. George homesteaded 480 acres of wheat farm. Leslie Charles was born at Waldeck to George and Alice Oulton 21 November 1910, and Stella May on 9 February 1914. The following year George brought silver foxes from Prince Edward Island to raise them as a hobby.

The family moved to the Smithers area in the Bulkley River Valley along the Yellowhead Highway and on Canadian National Rail in northwest British Columbia, half way between Prince Rupert and Prince George. George and his sons rode in a box car with the animals and farm equipment while Alice and her daughters sat in a coach. They arrived 1 September 1918 and settled on their farm, which was two miles from Smithers. George and Alice had their last child, Alice Evelyn, at Smithers 29 September 1919. For many years George Oulton conducted the agricultural experimental plot statiom on his farm. In 1922 he, his wife, sons and daughters developed their Woodlawn Dairy.

Alice, wife and mother, died 18 January 1932 at the age of fifty-six a few days after an appendectomy at Smithers Hospital. In her memory, friends provided the funds to buy a fracture bed for the local hospital. Her husband retired from farming three years later. He was one of the founders of the Certified Seed Potato Growers Association and was active in the Board of Trade and the Farmers'Institute. He died at Kelowna General Hospital 25 November 1975, six months after three generations of his descendants had celebrated his 100th birthday with him.

1. Annie Myrtle3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1), daughter of George Oulton and Alice Gorrill, was born at Glenwood, Lot 8, Prince County 4 August 1900. Myrtle married John James 'Jack' Paul. 7 January 1927 at Smithers. Jack died at Essondale 2 June 1945 at the age of 69. Myrtle died at Essondale 19 July 1956. (BC Vital Events Index).

2. George Garfield3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1), son of George Oulton and Alice Gorrill, was born at Glenwood 11 December 1901. He did not marry. Garfield Oulton, who was a telegraph operator for the Canadian National Railway, died at Vancouver, BC, 22 October 1967 (BC Death Index 1872-1982).

3. Olive Verna3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 14 August 1903 to George Oulton and Alice Gorrill and died, age 19, at Smithers, BC, 9 October 1922 (BC Death Index).

4. Ray Trenholm3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1), son of George Oulton and Alice Gorrill, was born at Glenwood 3 March 1907. Ray Trenholm Oulton married "Annie Margaret Strid" at Smithers 2 July 1925 (BC Marriage Index 1872-1927) and they had five children. Ray and Annie built a prosperous dairy farm in the Glentanna District. Soon with the help of neighbours they built a barn and a house. Annie made butter to sell in the town and the rest was sold to a creamery at Telkwa. Annie was instrumental in forming the Glenwood Women's Institute in October of 1943. Ray shipped milk and pigs by train to Prince Rupert. "Margurite Annie Oulton" died at the hospital in Smithers 24 June 1948 at the age of 39 (BC Death Index 1872-1982). After that sad shock Ray rented his farm and became a herdsman at the Experimental Farm. In 1951 he married Florence Dalpe, a teacher, who was born in Vermont 8 August 1922. After one year the family moved back to the farm and began to rebuild the dairy business. The younger children were involved with 4-H and helped on the farm. Florence was an active member of the Women's Institute. In 1969 Ray and Florence had a child, Mark Stephen. Having suffered many years from emphysema, Ray died 11 May 1985 at the age of 78. His obituary was headed "Ray Oulton: Area loses a community supporter". He was a founder and longtime president of the Bulkley Valley Credit Union, a member of the school board, president of the Pioneer Lodge and a life member of the Lions Club. .Florence died 11 May 1994 at the age of seventy-one.

5. Leslie Charles3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1), son of George Oulton and Alice Gorrill, was born at Waldeck, SK, 21 November 1910. He moved 1n 1918 to Smithers, B. C., with the family, who operated the Woodlawn Dairy for a number of years. At Smithers in 1932 Leslie married Margaret Elizabeth Jones, who was born 24 April 1912 at Llanason, Wales. They had five children: Verna, David, Gwen, Betty and Don. Soon after they married Leslie left the dairy to work at various jobs for farmers, tie camps and the experimental farm. From 1941 until his retirement in 1975 he worked for the Canadian Nation Railway, first in the roundhouse and then as a conductor. He spent his free time with family, fishing, and watching sports, and he loved to grow vegetables and flowers. Margaret was always the full-time wife and mother. Leslie died 4 March 1997 at his home in Maple Ridge, BC, after a short illness. He was remembered in his obituary as "a devoted family man who struggled to raise his family during the depression."

6. Stella May3 Oulton, RN (Alice2 Gorrill, Humphrey1), daughter of George Oulton and Alice Gorrill, was born 9 February 1914 at Waldeck, SK. After completing high school at Smithers, BC, Stella studied nursing in Edmonton and obtained her degree in 1935. On 22 July 1937 she married Roy Truman Madison, who was born 1 January 1916 in Camrose, Alberta. Roy served in the RCAF in World War Two. After the war the family moved to Onoway, Alberta, where they ran a general store, but it burned down in 1949. They lived in Surrey, BC, three years and then in Kelowna, where Roy worked for the Vancouver Sun and Stella nursed at the General Hospital. Stella and Roy had three children. Roy died at Kelowna 22 September 1972 (BC Death Index 1872-1983). Stella moved in 1978 to Saskatoon to be near her daughter Sherry and her family. There she married Roland Harmon 17 February 1982 and they moved to Kelowna. Roland suffered a stroke soon after the move and was admitted to a long-term-care facility, where he died in 1989. Ill with cancer, Stella went back to Saskatoon in 1988 and died there 14 December 1990 at the age of seventy-six.

7. Alice Evelyne3 Oulton (Alice2 Humphrey1), daughter of George Oulton and Evelyne Gorrill, was born at Smithers, BC, 29 December 1919. After completing high school, Evelyne moved to Kamloops, where 12 August 1940 she married Harlan Govett (son of Walter Harlan Govett and Winnifred Woodfield), who was working for a newspaper. Harlan and Evelyne had two children, Kent and Judi. A woman of striking beauty, Evelyne kept house, mothered her children, encouraged her husband and sewed attractive clothes for herself and her daughter. She died of breast cancer 23 March 1982 at the age of sixty-two. Lonely without her, Harlan kept busy helping others and visiting his children. He died at Kamloops 2 June 1996.

IX ALBERT LINCOLN2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), son of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwood 19 December 1879 and baptized by Rev. J. Ferry 13 July 1880 (O'Leary United Church Record Book 1, page 93). The 1901 census of Lot 8, sub-district h, shows him at the age of 21 living at home and with brothers Garfield and Thomas helping on the family farm. On 30 September 1903 Lincoln married Lucinda May Harris, who was born 1 October 1883 to Robert and Laura Harris, of Knutsford, Lot 7 (1901 census, sub-district g, household 7). Their three children were born in the O'Leary area, Albert Russell, Eva May and Jarvis Alwyn. The obituary of Humphrey, who died 21 April 1907, in the Island Guardian gives Glenwood as Lincoln's place of residence. The family moved to Bulyea, Saskatchewan, about sixty kilometres north of Regina. Lucinda died there 28 April 1943, followed by Lincoln 29 June 1959.

1. Albert Russell3 Gorrill (Lincoln2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 8 July 1904 and was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church 14 June 1905. At Gibbs, Saskatchewan 26 February 1930 he married Mabel Isabelle Free, who was born at Regina 23 November 1910 to David Free and Isabelle Aikins. Russell died in Regina 25 September 1975 and was buried in Bulyea. Russell and Mabel had eight children.

2. Eva May3 Gorrill (Lincoln2 Humphrey1), daughter of Lincoln Gorrill and Lucinda Harris, was born at Glenwood 12 August 1907 and was baptized 25 January 1908. When young she moved with her family to Bulyea, SK. There on 25 June 1930 she married David Russell Free, who was born 10 April 1909 at Gibbs, SK. He was the son of David Free and Isabelle Aikins and the brother of Mabel Free, wife of Russell Gorrill. David and Eva May adopted two children and had a third when she was forty. They operated a farm until a severe crop blight closed them down. The family moved in 1950 to Creemore, Ontario, a village south of Collingwood. After working on farms, David became Creemore's town constable and public works man. On 28 August 1952 he fell to his death from the top of a hydro pole. Eva died at Collingwood, ON, 16 January 1963 after a long illness at the age of fifty-five and was buried beside her husband in Creemore Union Cemetery.

X ERNEST GARFIELD2 GORRILL (Humphrey1), son of Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment, was born at Glenwod, Lot 8, 12 January 1881 and was baptized at the O'Leary Methodist Church by Rev. W. Bryenton 9 January 1883 (Record Book No. 1, page 101). The 1901 census of Glenwood shows him, age 20, helping on the family farm. At Malden, Massachusetts, 5 October 1904 Garfield married Eliza Ann Dunbar, who was born at Glenwood 2 August 1881 to Hugh Dunbar and Agnes Stewart, who had been married there about 1880. Hugh Alexander Dunbar was born 2 January 1852 at Norborough, Prince County, to Hugh Dunbar, Sr., and Helen MacEwen. Agnes Stewart was born 12 October 1860 at Roseneath, Kings County, daughter of James Stewart and Eliza Watson.

Garfield went to southern Saskatchewan to choose a homestead farm and to have a cabin built. He then returned to the Island and sold all his holdings. In the summer of 1912 he brought Eliza and their four sons, ranging from six years to two months old, by train to Swift Current. There Garfield bought a pair of dappled grey geldings, a new wagon with a three-deck box in which were loaded lumber, furniture, fuel, seed, food to last months, suitcases, blankets, dishes-all tied down. Those wild horses ran twenty miles along the trail to the south before they slowed down. When the children got out to do their business, their father got them all aboard except two-year-old Humphrey when the horses took off. Luckily Garfield was able to grab the box, put a foot on the hub, and get into his seat. After half a mile he was able to turn the team and pick up the howling boy. They covered the sixty miles to the cabin before dark..

The homestead was half a mile wide and a mile long (0.8 km X 1.6 km). Through the middle length flowed a creek which turned west and ended in a slough, where would gather antelope, wild turkeys, ducks, geese and swans. There was a big barn and a granary. North and west of the house Garfield planted three rows of trees for a winter windbreak. He had a big stallion, which was in service for miles around. After several years he sold the stallion for seventeen horses. Most of the horses that the farmers used were wild ones off the range and they had to be broken. Their wildness resulted in accidents that caused injury and sometimes death.

Once the half-tamed broncos broke the neck yoke and eveners so that they dragged Garfield, who had one of the lines in his hand, in a circle over the ploughed land until they ran out of breath. Garfield's worst accident was when he was using a torch near cans of gasoline and ether in the last cold days of November. They blew up and he was set afire. Ralph, Irving and Humphrey threw their coats over him and Ralph and Irving frantically kept the flames away from his face. Garfield spent some time in the hospital and was able to work again in the spring.

Their home town was Ponteix, pronounced pon-tex, which is half way between Swift Current and the United States border. The family made an annual sixty-mile trip to visit Alice Oulton, Garfield's sister, and her family in a large rubber-tired buggy adorned with canvas top and red tassels and drawn by two spirited horses. In 1916 the buggy was retired in favour of a Model-T Ford. In 1918 Garfield and Eliza had another son and two years later twin boys, one of whom died at birth. Eliza was a teacher at the schoolwhich the children attended. In 1920 Garfield bought a 640-acre farm seven miles south of Ponteix and sold the old homestead, but for 240 acres of range, to his brother Irving. Those were the days when the men and boys stooked the sheaves that dropped ftom the binder, loaded them on wagons, and worked the threshing machine in the centre of the field, where the granary and the straw stacks were situated. Garfield had his own threshing machine. His sons helped until the work was done on the farm and then they worked for neghbours to earn some money. There was lots of milking to do. Of course, the boys became expert riders. Most of the children rode to school on their horses. The annual picnic at the school drew folks from miles around and featured a baseball game and horse races.

Eliza died, age 49, at Shaunavon, SK, 20 January 1931 and was buried three days later at Ponteix. Their children were eighteen years of age and older except for the last two boys, who were 11 and 13 years. At Chicago a year later, 14 June 1932, Garfield married a widow and mother of six children. She was Mrs. George Foss, née Nellie Elizabeth Bolton, born in Marietta, Ohio, 29 March 1892. Her husband had died suddenly at the age of forty-four. Garfield and Nellie had a daughter and then a son who died at the age of four months. Garfield died at Lister, BC, 29 October 1959 at 77 years and was buried at Ponteix. Nellie died at Creston, BC, in 1987.

Six surviving sons of Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar were:
1. Ralph Dunbar Gorrill, 3 December 1906-11 April 1956
2. Leslie Reigh "Ray"Garfield Gorrill, 19 July 1908-6 May 1980
3. Humphrey Maxfield Gorrill, 28 March 1910-3 December 1986
4. Wilbur Wadman Gorrill, 30 June 1912-5 June 1977
5. _____ Gorrill, 5 December 1918-
6. Vernon Irving Gorrill, 7 March 1920-22 December 1999

Children of Garfield Gorrill and Nellie Foss:
1. daughter Gorrill, 4 September 1933-
2. Garfield LeRoy Gorrill, May 1935-January 1936; buried at Aneroid, SK

1. Ralph Dunbar3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), son of Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar, was born at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, 3 December 1906. At the age of five he moved with his family to Ponteix, SK. He learned while young to work on the farm and to deal with danger. Driving a hay mower when he was nine years old, he went to untangle the reins from the end of the pole when the team took off. Luckily he was able to throw his legs around the pole until the horses finally came to a stop. When Ralph was twenty he and his younger brother went to work during the threshing season at Cabri and North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

At Oxbow, SK, in the winter of 1926 Ralph married Ellen Eileen 'Nelly' McWilliams, who was born there 16 November 1903. He had a farm and was harvesting his first crop with the help of his Uncle Irving and neighbours. Ralph and Nellie had four children. At Vancouver, BC, Ralph died 10 April 1956 at the age of fifty and Nelly died at Richmond, BC, 3 May 1964.

2. Leslie Reigh 'Ray' Garfield3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), son of Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar, was born at Glenwood, Lot 8, PEI, 19 July 1908. He helped on his father's farm in Ponteix. One winter he and Humphrey worked at a logging camp in Le Pas, Manitoba. As his father grew older, he and Humphrey went back to run the Ponteix farm. Ray remained single. He died in Alberta 6 May 1980.

3. Humphrey Maxfield3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 28 March 1910 to Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar. He moved with his parents and two brothers to Ponteix, SK, in the summer of 1912. Like his brothers he learned to ride bareback amd he rode a horse to school. At Sunday School when he was ten years old he met his best friend, Slim Young, who was a first cousin of Humphrey's future wife, Hazel. As they grew, Slim who was an expert with lariat and gun, taught Humphrey to jump off and back on a running horse from either side. Humphrey became such an outstanding horseman that he was was called upon by neighbours to tame range horses. His favour horse was Danny Boy. When he was eighteen he went to northern Saskatchewan for threshing and then cutting brush. He left Danny with Slim with strict orders that no one but Slim was to ride him. One day Slim had to go overnight to see a rancher and he told the young guy from Ontario who was visiting the Youngs not to go near Danny. The "young punk" saddled Danny, ran him all afternoon into a sweat, and turned him loose to drink ice cold water and follow the other horses out on the range. When Slim came back he found Danny was unable to get up. The horse died that night. When Humphrey was twenty-one he went as a bronco buster with two other men to trail sixty horses to the Peace River country. They travelled 1700 miles (about 2700 kilometres) in two and a half months. Humphrey and his brother Ray operated the big farm in his father's old age.

At Regina, SK, 22 October 1935 Humphrey married Hazel Odella Hulbert, who was born 27 September 1913 at Swift Current, SK. They had six children. In his older age Humphrey visited England to pursue his interest in family history. In his long struggle with emphysema he wrote "Prairie Tales". He died 3 December 1986 at Kelowna, BC, and was buried there. Hazel kept busy with her paintings, family reunions and remembering the birthdays of her children, 22 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. Hazel died 2 August 1993 at Surrey, BC, and was buried three days later at Kelowna beside her husband.

4. Wilbur Wadman3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), son of Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar, was born at O'Leary, PEI, 30 June 1912. When he was a baby his parents moved to Ponteix, SX. There 3 December 1934 Wilbur married ____Foss, who was born at Aneroid, SK, 30 March 1919 to George Foss and Nellie Boulton. They had five children. Wilbur served overseas in the Second World War. He died at Vancouver, BC, 5 January 1977 at the age of sixty-four. His widow lives at Creston, BC.

5. Vernon Irving3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), son of Garfield Gorrill and Eliza Dunbar, was born at Ponteix, SK, 7 March 1920. On 7 August 1948 he married Margaret Olive Halliday, who was born 18 August 1928. Vernon died at Nanaimo, BC, their city of residence 22 December 1999. Vernon and Margaret had seven children.

6. daughter3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), daughter of Garfield Gorrill and his second wife, Nellie (Boulton) Foss, was born at Kincaid, SK, on 4 September 1933. Eleanor married _____ Tompke and they had six children. Divorced, she lives at Canyon, BC.

7. Garfield LeRoy3 Gorrill (Garfield2 Humphrey1), son of Garfield Gorrill and Nellie (Burton) Foss, was born in May of 1935 and died in January 1936.

XI THOMAS HUMPHREY LODGE2 (Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood, Lot 8, PEI, 28 February 1883 to Humphrey Gorrill and Eleanor Dyment. Rev. D. H. Lodge baptized him 5 November 1885 at the O'Leary Methodist Church (Record Book 1, page 106). The 1901 census of Lot 8 subdistrict h household 168 shows Thomas at the age of 18 helping on his parents' farm along with Lincoln and Garfield. Two months after the death of his father, Thomas married Lilla Rebie Gorrill, sixteen-year-old daughter of Edward Gorrill and Sarah Prudence Rayner, at her parents' home in O'Leary 20 June 1907. Rebie was born at Tyne Valley 10 October 1890. Thomas and Rebie were first cousins once removed because Thomas and her father were first cousins. According to Rebie's obituary, the couple went on a honeymoon to the United States. Thomas remained on the family farm when his brothers went west. They were a religious family, going off to church in a carriage, with side lanterns, pulled by two prancing horses. Hard-working were they. Lean Thomas got up at dawn to begin the day's work and with the approach of spring to haul mussel mud for the land. Rebie kept a garden, looked after the poultry, helped with the milking and churning, made butter and cheese, drove the horse in the hay-fork hoist, spun yarn, and with the help of her own and neighbourhood girls cooked for the hired men at harvest time. Their four children learned early to do things and delighted in their abilities.

Rebie died at Glenwood after a long illness 16 April 1951. Her obituary remarks her coming to Glenwood as a young bride: "Her cheerful disposition and friendly personality soon won the esteem of her neighbours which she retained throughout life." It continues: "Keenly interested in farm life, she assisted her husband in many of his duties. Also very fond of horses, she was often seen with a steady hand on the rein as she drove her speedy chestnut in the village nine miles distant [O'Leary]." She loved children and the elderly, finding no barrier in race or creed or in needed time and effort and she was active in her church."

When cutting trees with his son Wyman, Thomas was killed by a falling tree 8 February 1952 and was buried three days later beside his wife in the Bethel United Church Cemetery (8/4/80), with the inscription, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Thomas was an active church member and was Sunday School superintendent for many years. His obituary expresses Glenwood's shock and sadness that a prosperous and healthy farmer in his sixty-ninth year ahould have been struck down. "His loss will be felt in the community where he was always ready to help with any worthwhile enterprise."

1. Edward Cecil3 Gorrill (Thomas2 Humphrey1) was born at Glenwood 16 January 1909 and was baptized 17 May 1909, son of Thomas and Rebie Gorrill. On 8 June 1929 Cecil married Gladys Minerva McIsaac, born in 1905 to George H. McIsaac and Ada Betts. With his father's help Cecil bought a neighbouring farm. Cecil and Gladys had two children, Edward Stanley and Barbara Jean. Cecil was a solid handsome man and a successful farmer who used to haul his produce into O'Leary for wholesalers. Gladys died 14 July 1972. In March of 1974 Cecil married the widow of Arthur Rennie, née Mary Harris, of Knutsford. Cecil died in the Community Hospital in O'Leary 28 August 1987 at the age of seventy-eight and was buried in People's Cemetery, Mount Royal, Lot 6.

2. Gladys Edna Floy3 Gorrill (Thomas2 Humphrey!), daughter of Thomas Gorrill and Rebie Gorrill, was born 9 August 1912 and baptized 1 July 1916. She married Alvin Charles MacIsaac, son of George Hector MacIsaac and Ada Betts, at Glenwood 18 April 1929 and settled on their farm in Hebron, Lot 8. Alvin was farmer, fisherman and carpenter and Floy was an industrious mother and housekeeper. They had eight children. He died 28 February 1992 and she died 18 June 1997. They are buried in People's Cemetery, Mount Royal, Lot 8.

3. KeithWyman3 Gorrill (Thomas2 Humphrey1), son of Thomas Gorrill and Rebie Gorrill, was born at Glenwood, Lot 8, Prince County, 16 October 1915 and was baptized 1 July 1916. Wyman was an energetic father's helper from the age of four. He ran to bring the cow's home and learned early to drive the horse-drawn hay rake and trip it in windrows. When it looked like rain, his father, Cecil and he were busy coiling the hay. Another day, his father was on top of the load in the yard plunging and locking the hayfork, his mother was driving the horse in the hoist, and Wyman and a cousin were dripping wet in the loft swinging the hay to the back and tramping it down. Wyman liked to get up very early some days and go fishing at the millpond. At Springfield West 27 November 1935 Wyman married ____ MacIsaac. They lived on the old family farm with Rebie until she died in 1951 and with Tom till his death by accident the following year. Farming became more and more mechanized and the Gorrill farm grew until Wyman and his sons were farming 900 acres. Wyman joked that he got all his exercise climbing into and out of a tractor. His wife has been and is a great mother to her six children and an able homemaker. Wyman died 5 September 2001.

4. daughter3 Gorrill, RN (Thomas2 Humphrey1), daughter of Thomas Gorrill and Rebie Gorrill, was born 2 February 1924. She trained to be a registered nurse in Charlottetown. In 1946 she married Lorne Jelley, who was born 19 November 1922. Lorne died in January of 1990. They had two children.


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