The Descendants of Duncan Grant

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Submitted by - Laura Beauregard -

There are additional generations of this family to share. Laura notes that any names stated after 1900s have given their permission to put them on the website. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

Descendants of Duncan Grant and Janet McIntosh


Generation No. 1

1. DUNCAN1 GRANT was born in Tanark, Scotland. He married JANET MCINTOSH.

Notes for DUNCAN GRANT: lived in Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland


2. i. ALLAN PETER2 GRANT, b. Jan 30, 1796, Banffshire, Scotland; d. Apr 9, 1870, St. Cuthbert (Culbert) Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada.

ii. JOHN GRANT, b. Feb 27, 1788, Scotland, UK.

iii. DONALD GRANT, b. Mar 3, 1799, Scotland, UK.


Generation No. 2

2. ALLAN PETER2 GRANT (DUNCAN1) was born Jan 30, 1796 in Banffshire, Scotland, and died Apr 9, 1870 in St. Cuthbert (Culbert) Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada. He married ELSPET/ ELIZABETH KENNEDY Nov 12, 1819 in Kirkmichael Parish, Banff, Scotland.

Notes for ALLAN PETER GRANT: Mabel Grant says he was born in 1794-1870. He settled in Eastern PEI. - Peakes. Osgood email - I tracked down Allan Peter to Tomintoul, Scotland, a gorgeous little town, 50 houses along one main street on the edge of Glenlivet Estates where Grant Whiskey is distilled. It's known for it's hiking trails and tourist buses stop daily to shop in the little souvenir shops. Allan P and Elspet were married 1 mile away by a priest one day and a Church of Scotland minister the next on her family farm called Inchnacape. It's a desolate spot with huge peat fields and a view of the highlands all around. I have photos. Elspet's family still lives there and I met a descendant. Her sister Janet married a James Grant (couldn't trace any connection} and I met the g'g'grandaughter, a Monica Grant. She's a delightful single lady from the town and works as a book-keeper in the distillery. She hosted my family for a weekend and drove us all over. We saw the church built the year after Allan P probably emigrated and it's IDENTICAL to my father's church on PEI - teal and coral, very unique. It was spooky to be in mass there in Scotland. Unfortunately the PEI church was burned down 2 years ago. Anyway Allan P's Dad was from Grantown-on-Spey. It's a larger town near Lochness where everyone is a Grant. They apparently moved a lot locally, I couldn't get much on them. Allan P was a shoemaker in Tomintoul before emigrating. There was a bad flood there which may have affected them. He had Ann b. Feb 27, 1788, Katrine, May 30,1831 - 1918, James b 1832, Allan 1836-1914 and John b 1846. Allan was my g'g'grandfather. James was born 1832 in British Colonies so we assume they emigrated 1831 or 1832. My cousin on PEI has a Johanna, b 1831 listed in her records but I could never find her records. I found records of what is listed above. Ann and Katrine were born in Scotland. So these are the highlights, I''ve never had time to get it all totally organized but have copies of a lot of stuff. What do you have and how do you fit? My grandfather was Daniel from Peakes PEI, son of Allan, Allan P's son.

More About ALLAN PETER GRANT: Occupation: Shoemaker in Tomintoul, Scotland

Children of ALLAN GRANT and ELSPET/ KENNEDY are:

3. i. JOHANNA3 GRANT, b. Abt. 1831, Banffshire, Scotland; d. Abt. 1918, Vernon River, PE, Canada.

4. ii. JAMES GRANT, b. Abt. 1832, British Colonies.

5. iii. ALLAN DONALD GRANT, b. Abt. 1836, Peakes Station, Pisquid, PE, Canada; d. Abt. 1914, St. Cuthbert Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada.

6. iv. JOHN GRANT, b. Abt. 1846.

v. ANN GRANT, b. Sep 19, 1820, Scotland, UK.

vi. KATRINE GRANT, b. May 30, 1831, Scotland, UK; d. Abt. 1918.


Generation No. 3

3. JOHANNA3 GRANT (ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Abt. 1831 in Banffshire, Scotland, and died Abt. 1918 in Vernon River, PE, Canada. She married THOMAS CURTIS Nov 21, 1864.

Notes for JOHANNA GRANT: Johanna Grant is Thomas Curtis' second wife.

Notes for THOMAS CURTIS: Baptism: Nov 18, 1864, St Joachim's Catholic Church, Vernon River, PE, Canada


7. i. THEODORE HARVEY4 CURTIS, b. Apr 16, 1859, Mt. Stewart, PE, Canada; d. Jun 10, 1932, Carriage Painter, Worcester, MA, USA.

8. ii. ELIZABETH CURTIS, b. Sep 21, 1866; d. Ontario, Canada.

iii. ANNE GRACE CURTIS, b. Oct 1, 1868, Cardigan, PE, Canada.

4. JAMES3 GRANT (ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Abt. 1832 in British Colonies. He married FLORA MCINNIS.

Notes for JAMES GRANT: James Grant - farmer - West Souris, lot 45, PE Hutchinson Directory 1864 MABEY

Children of JAMES GRANT and FLORA MCINNIS are:

i. ALLAN PETER4 GRANT, b. May 7, 1874.

ii. JOSEPH GRANT, b. Jan 3, 1877.

iii. MARY EASTER GRANT, b. Apr 9, 1879.

iv. FLORA ELIZABETH GRANT, b. Oct 26, 1880.

5. ALLAN DONALD3 GRANT (ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Abt. 1836 in Peakes Station, Pisquid, PE, Canada, and died Abt. 1914 in St. Cuthbert Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada. He married MARY FISHER in James Brady, PE, Canada, daughter of JOSEPH FISHER and ELIZA STOWE.

Notes for ALLAN DONALD GRANT: farmer

Children of ALLAN GRANT and MARY FISHER are:

9. i. ELIZA MADELINE4 GRANT, b. Abt. 1862; d. Abt. 1902.

10. ii. ALLAN JOSEPH GRANT, b. Sep 12, 1863; d. May 3, 1953, St. Cuthbert Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada.

iii. HANNA MADELINE GRANT, b. Sep 20, 1865; d. Abt. 1896; m. JAMES DOUGAN.

Notes for JAMES DOUGAN: Found in Lovell's 1871 Directory James Dougan - farmer

iv. CHARLES GRANT, b. Mar 6, 1868; d. Abt. 1869.

v. HARRIET ANNA GRANT, b. May 7, 1870; d. Abt. 1906.

vi. CHARLES AENEAS GRANT, b. Jan 9, 1873; d. Apr 1944.

11. vii. DANIEL GREGORY GRANT, b. Nov 6, 1874, St. Patricks Road, PE, Canada; d. Nov 19, 1944.

12. viii. THOMAS VINCENT GRANT, b. Dec 21, 1876, Peakes Station, Pisquid, PE, Canada; d. Dec 24, 1966, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.

ix. JOHN DAVID GRANT, b. Dec 17, 1878; m. KATE.

6. JOHN3 GRANT (ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Abt. 1846. He married MARY JOSEPHINE MCINNIS Jan 12, 1890, daughter of JOHN MCINNIS and FLORA MCISAAC.

Notes for JOHN GRANT: may have also married a Mary Gillis and had 8 kids who lived in Pisquid, PE, Canada.

Children of JOHN GRANT and MARY MCINNIS are:

i. FLORA JOSEPHINE4 GRANT, b. Dec 12, 1870.

ii. EUGENE ALLAN GRANT, b. Aug 14, 1872.

iii. JOHN RODERICK GRANT, b. Mar 2, 1875.

iv. ELIZABETH ELLEN GRANT, b. Sep 15, 1877.

v. DOUGAL ANDREW GRANT, b. Feb 10, 1879.



Generation No. 4

7. THEODORE HARVEY4 CURTIS (JOHANNA3 GRANT, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Apr 16, 1859 in Mt Stewart, PE, Canada, and died Jun 10, 1932 in Carriage Painter, Worcester, MA, USA. He married SARAH ARVILLA MC CAULL Sep 15, 1886 in Bedeque, PE, Canada.

Notes for THEODORE HARVEY CURTIS: Divorced Sarah. Emigrated to Worcester, MA USA via New Brunswick and Fitchburg MA


i. MARON ELEANOR5 CURTIS, b. Dec 5, 1895, Fitchburg, MA, USA; d. Jul 23, 1927, Worcester, MA, USA; m. JOHN LEARY O'DONNELL, Nov 8, 1922.

Notes for MARON ELEANOR CURTIS: Died giving birth to Richard O'Donnell.

Notes for JOHN LEARY O'DONNELL: Lived in Worcester, MA, USA

More About JOHN LEARY O'DONNELL: Occupation: Immigration Officer

ii. JEAN CURTIS, b. May 12, 1892, New Brunswick, Canada; d. Abt. Sep 1979, Holden, MA; m. WILLIAM ARMOUR.

Notes for WILLIAM ARMOUR: Of Worcester MA , no children .


iii. ALBERTA CURTIS, b. May 8, 1899, Leicester, MA, USA; d. Feb 8, 1992, Auburn, MA , USA; m. PHILIP MILLAY.

Notes for PHILIP MILLAY: Of Worcester, MA .

8. ELIZABETH4 CURTIS (JOHANNA3 GRANT, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Sep 21, 1866, and died in Ontario, Canada. She married LAWRENCE (LAURENCE) DOUCETTE.

More About ELIZABETH CURTIS: Baptism: Abt. 1866, St Joachim's Catholic Church


i. ELEANOR5 DOUCETTE, b. Abt. 1901; d. Abt. 1901.

ii. ANTOINETTE DOUCETTE, b. Abt. 1901; d. Abt. 1901.





9. ELIZA MADELINE4 GRANT (ALLAN DONALD3, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Abt. 1862, and died Abt. 1902. She married ISSAC JAY.

Children of ELIZA GRANT and ISSAC JAY are:



Notes for SAMUEL JAY: May be Samuel D. Jay

iii. ISAAC SYLVESTER JAY, b. Jul 22, 1882, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Can.; d. Jul 5, 1956; m. MARGARET MAY MYSHRALL, Jan 7, 1913, St. Mary's Church, Houlton, Maine.

Notes for ISAAC SYLVESTER JAY: Baptised by the Rev. M. J. McMillan. Thomas and Rose Hughes, sponsors. Didn't like his first name, went by Sylvester. I don't know much about Sylvester, problem is, neither does anyone else. From what I have learned from Grampy (John J. Jay) about his father, Sylvester left home when he was younger, about age 14 I'm told, and never really spoke of his family. I know that he is from Prince Edward Island, and at some time joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and later the army. After all of that he came to the United States. I know that he was at least 6'6" and died of cancer. I also know that while in the states he worked as a carpenter in Houlton. Sylvester became a naturalized citizen at 40 years of age, November 21, 1933, in Houlton, Maine. Baptism record from St. Cuthbert's Church, in St. Teresa's PEI. It records the baptism and birth of Isaac Sylvester Jay (b. July 22, 1882, bp. July 29, 1882) Burial: Milo, Maine

Notes for MARGARET MAY MYSHRALL: [Egrant10.FTW] Obituary records birth in Kingsclear, NB. Grampy says it was Fredericton. Fredericton not confirmed. Catholic. Spelling Question, MYSHALL no R. ???. At age 56 Margaret became a citizen of the United States, November 8, 1939, Houlton, Maine. Burial: Milo, Maine








10. ALLAN JOSEPH4 GRANT (ALLAN DONALD3, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Sep 12, 1863, and died May 3, 1953 in St. Cuthbert Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada. He married BRIDGET ELLEN WALSH in St. Lawrence Church, Morell, PE, Canada, daughter of CALIEN WALSH and MARY O'BRIEN.

Notes for ALLAN JOSEPH GRANT: Lived next door to his son and is the house Mabel Grant grew up in. He lived on St. Patrick's Road, Peakes Station

Children of ALLAN GRANT and BRIDGET WALSH are:

i. MARY ELLEN5 GRANT, b. May 24, 1889; d. 1958; m. GEORGE COLBURN.

ii. JOHN RALPH GRANT, b. Aug 9, 1911; d. Dec 27, 1979, St. Cuthbert Church Cemetery, St. Teresa, PE, Canada; m. SADIE BERNICE BAMBRICK, Nov 5, 1932, Morell, PE, Canada.

iii. PIUS ADRIAN (PAT) GRANT, b. Jan 9, 1904; d. Jun 10, 1973, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, Mass., USA; m. MARY MURPHY.

Notes for PIUS ADRIAN (PAT) GRANT: Called Pat Grant. He was a boxer in the 1920's - 30's in New England. No children.

iv. LEO HILARY GRANT, b. Aug 8, 1898; d. May 7, 1978, PE, Canada; m. SARA "SUSIE" DELORIE.

v. JOHN JOSEPH GRANT, b. Nov 22, 1890; d. Maine, USA.

vi. JOHN URBAN GRANT, b. Dec 20, 1891.

Notes for JOHN URBAN GRANT: died in infancy. Twin.

vii. JOSEPH THOMAS GRANT, b. Dec 20, 1891.

Notes for JOSEPH THOMAS GRANT: died in infancy. Twin

viii. PETER EDWARD GRANT, b. Oct 30, 1893.

Notes for PETER EDWARD GRANT: died in infancy.

ix. WILLIAM "BILL" GRANT, b. Jul 22, 1895; d. Abt. 1957.

x. ALLAN RAYMOND GRANT, b. Aug 8, 1898; d. Dec 22, 1924, PE, Canada.

More About ALLAN RAYMOND GRANT: Cause of Death: pneumonia/typhoid fever

xi. HANNAH LORETTA (LAURA) GRANT, b. Apr 14, 1900; d. Jan 29, 1986, Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, Mass., USA; m. JAMES FRANCIS WHITTY, Apr 19, 1937, Boston, Mass., USA.

Notes for HANNAH LORETTA (LAURA) GRANT: went to Boston in 1994 and there met Jim Witty. Cause of Death: Cancer

xii. IGNATIUS DANIEL (IRA) GRANT, b. Feb 1, 1902.

Notes for IGNATIUS DANIEL (IRA) GRANT: Left PEI in the early 1930's to look for work and was never heard from again.

xiii. PETER URBAN GRANT, b. Apr 14, 1906; d. May 13, 1924, PE, Canada.

Notes for PETER URBAN GRANT: Drowned at Savage Harbor, PE, Canada.


More About PEARL MCISAAC: Cause of Death: lung cancer

11. DANIEL GREGORY4 GRANT (ALLAN DONALD3, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Nov 6, 1874 in St. Patricks Road, PE, Canada, and died Nov 19, 1944. He married JANE MOONEY Feb 12, 1905.

Children of DANIEL GRANT and JANE MOONEY are:

i. MARY GENEVIEVE5 GRANT, b. Jan 8, 1905, St. Patrick's Road, PE, Canada; d. Sep 18, 1965; m. ANDREW WEBB.

Notes for ANDREW WEBB: East Weymouth Mass USA

ii. CLAIR OR CLARA ANN GRANT, b. Jul 25, 1907, Peakes Road, PE, Canada; d. Abt. 1992, Dorchester, Mass., USA; m. LAWRENCE HEGNER, Sep 1942, Boston, Mass., USA.

iii. ERNEST JOSEPH GRANT, b. Sep 22, 1908, Peakes Road, PE, Canada; d. Jun 23, 1983, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; m. ELIZABETH CONDON, May 26, 1942.

iv. DANIEL ALLAN "DANTLE" GRANT, b. May 15, 1910, Peakes Road, PE, Canada; d. Jun 4, 1964; m. GERTRUDE CAMPBELL, 1938.

v. MARY MADGELINE "DILLA" GRANT, b. Jun 8, 1912; d. Oct 8, 1989.

vi. MIRIAM MARY "MUDDY" GRANT, b. May 9, 1913; m. HAROLD HEGNER, Jun 25, 1949.

vii. JOHN ELMER GRANT, b. Jun 25, 1915; d. Feb 18, 1980.

viii. SYEREIN THOMAS/SYPRIAN "SIFE" THOMAS GRANT, b. Jul 8, 1916; d. May 30, 1976.

ix. EMILY CAROLINE "COLLIE" GRANT, b. Jul 4, 1919; d. Aug 7, 1980; m. RALPH GILLIAN, Nov 1941.

x. VINCENT GRANT, b. Abt. 1920.

xi. ABALISHA LUCIELLE GRANT, b. Sep 6, 1922; d. Nov 8, 1981.

12. THOMAS VINCENT4 GRANT (ALLAN DONALD3, ALLAN PETER2, DUNCAN1) was born Dec 21, 1876 in Peakes Station, Pisquid, PE, Canada, and died Dec 24, 1966 in Charlottetown, PE, Canada. He married MARY JANE DONOVAN Oct 1902 in St. Theresas, PE, Canada, daughter of PATRICK DONOVAN and MARY LEAKY.

Notes for THOMAS VINCENT GRANT: Born on a farm near Peakes Station, PEI. Lived in Montague, PE. He went to Cardigan High School then studied medicine in Boston, Mass. at age 32 - College of Physicians and Surgeons. He opened medical practice in 1913 in Montague - horse drawn buggys only then - no cars. He was appointed to the Senate of Canada on June 25, 1949. He died when he was 90 , Saturday Dec 24 in Charlottetown Hospital. Funeral: Hennessey Funeral Home, St. Theresa Church, St. Teresa - Rev. E. L. Murray. 5 of his boys were graduates of medical school and the 6th is a dentist - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958. 4 daughters are registered as nurses, one as a pharmacist, one a laboratory technician. Prince of Wales College, worked as a postal clerk until 1907 and sold Mutual Life of Canada Insurance. He served as a coroner 1913-1920 in Kings County. Ad Western Ontario farmer, Thursday, January , page 16. Education: MD. Elected: Senator. Religion: Roman Catholic

Notes for MARY JANE DONOVAN: The only daughter of her parents, nickname Minnie. Occupation: Housewife. Religion: Roman Catholic

Children of THOMAS GRANT and MARY DONOVAN are:

i. ARTHUR ROY5 GRANT, b. Sep 9, 1903; d. Sep 21, 1966, Summerside, PE, Canada; m. WINNIFRED MACLELLAN.

Notes for ARTHUR ROY GRANT: Arthur Roy Grant shared medical practice with his 2 sons, Tom and Ken - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958. He was a Surgeon in Summerside.

ii. MARY JOHANNA GRANT, b. Jun 19, 1905; d. Sep 7, 1905.

iii. THOMAS EARL GRANT, b. Aug 17, 1906; d. Jan 30, 1976, Saint Johns, NB, Canada; m. JANE MACDONALD.

Notes for THOMAS EARL GRANT: surgeon in St. John, New Brunswick

iv. EILEEN MARY GRANT, b. Oct 30, 1908; d. Sep 27, 1993.

Notes for EILEEN MARY GRANT: Eileen Mary Grant is also Sister Vincent De Paul - Star Weekly Toronto, July 1958. Charlottetown Hospital pharmacist - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958

v. CORA FRANCIS GRANT, b. Aug 11, 1910, Senate's Road, Montague, PE, Canada; d. Abt. 1998, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; m. STEPHEN DORSEY GILLIS, Dec 26, Montague, PE, Canada.

More About CORA FRANCIS GRANT: Occupation: nurse

Notes for STEPHEN DORSEY GILLIS: Worked in the Royal Canadian Air Force until he died of a blood clot while driving in his car with my mother and aunt. My mom (Stephanie Anne) was about 12 years old then.

vi. BYRON JOSEPH GRANT, b. Apr 7, 1912, Morel Rear; d. Mar 27, 1976, Charlottetown, PE, Canada; m. ALICE MARY HAGARTY.

Notes for BYRON JOSEPH GRANT: Optometrist in Charlottetown, PEI, a McGill graduate

vii. NORBERT CHARLES GRANT, b. Jun 23, 1913; d. Abt. 1994, Saint Johns, NB, Canada; m. HYLA MACDONALD, Jun 2, 1946.

Notes for NORBERT CHARLES GRANT: General Practitioner in St. John, New Brunswick

viii. ANNA MARIE GRANT, b. Sep 1, 1914, Vernon River, PE, Canada; d. Aug 20, 1963, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.

ix. VINCENT OSCAR GRANT, b. Feb 6, 1918; m. (1) PATRICIA MILWAY, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; m. (2) NONY.

Notes for VINCENT OSCAR GRANT: Dentist in Ottawa suburb of Manor Park

x. JEAN ADELINE GRANT, b. Oct 1, 1919, Montague, PE, Canada; m. ROBERT HENRY ANDRES, Aug 11, 1956, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

xi. MARY GRANT, b. May 26, 1921, Montague, PE, Canada; m. DUNCAN HAGARTY, Feb 18, 1950.

xii. BEATRICE PATRICIA GRANT, b. Jul 25, 1923, Montague, PE, Canada; m. EDRYN PATRICK MCGUIRE, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

xiii. HELEN GERTRUDE GRANT, b. Nov 19, 1925, Montague, PE, Canada; m. LEO HARRISON KILLORN, Jun 6, 1949, Montague, PE, Canada.

Notes for HELEN GERTRUDE GRANT: First Impressions of Ireland, by Helen Killorn, Page 7. from the PEI genealogy society newsletter. April 1985 issue 33. Laboratory technician

xiv. ALLAN RAYMOND GRANT, b. Mar 2, 1927, Montague, PE, Canada; m. GRACE JOAN AGNES MACDONALD.

Notes for ALLAN RAYMOND GRANT: Optometrist in Summerside - Star Weekly Toronto July 1958

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