Hardy of Little York

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40. Gertrude Elizabeth5 Hardy (Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born in 1888 at Pleasant Grove, Lot 34. She died 25 February 1974 at Beachgrove Point and is buried in the Little York United Church Cemetery.

Gertrude Hardy married Robert Douglas Crockett, 24 December 1912 at Little York by Rev. E. A. Westmoreland. He was born 1876 at Little York, the son of John and Ann Crockett, died 1945 and is buried at Little York.


i. Ralph Douglas Crockett, b. 10 Oct. 1913, m. Marjorie Eleanor Farrell, 12 June 1942 at Little York, lv. Sherwood, Lot 33, issue:

a. son (adopted).

ii. William Crockett, b. 7 June 1915, m. Anne MacPherson, 19 Sept. 1947, lv. Little York, issue:

a. Betty Ann Crockett

b. Lenore Crockett, m. Roger Andrew, lv. Milltown Cross, Lot 61.

c. Janet Crockett

iii. Stanley R. Crockett, b. 24 June 1916, d. 29 March 1945, bur. Little York United Church Cemetery, never married.

iv. Alice Dalling Crockett, b. 30 Jan. 1919, m. John Henry Dingwell, 20 Oct. 1954 at Little York, lv. Little Pond, Lot 56, issue:

a. Betty Ann Dingwell, b. 21 Aug. 1955, m. Jack Higgens, 1977, lv. Stanhope, Lot 34.

b. Lillian Dingwell, b. 3 Aug. 1956, m. Lee Garnham, lv. Montague, PEI.

c. Lynn Dingwell, b. 3 Aug. 1956, m. Dameon MacDonald, lv. Little Pond, Lot 56.

d. June Dingwell, b. 28 Oct. 1957, m. Hal MacDonald, lv. Sydney, Nova Scotia.

v. Jessie Crockett, b. 22 Aug. 1920, m. John Elmer Walker, 1942. lv. Nova Scotia, issue:

a. Helen Walker

b. Lurna Walker

c. Sharon Walker

d. Blair Walker

vi. Lillian B. Crockett, b. 15 Jan. 1924, m. Neil MacInnis, 20 Sept. 1946 at Little York, lv. Charlottetown, issue:

a. Diane MacInnis, b. 7 Oct. 1947, m.(1) Derrick Bugden, m.(2) David Acorn, 5 Aug. 1975.

b. Rhonda Macinnis, b. Sept. 1951, m. Dale MacKay, 3 Oct. 1971.

c. Joyce MacInnis, b. 19 Nov. 1956, m. Alan Cudmore, Aug. 1975.

41. Mary Lucinda5 Hardy (Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 8 Jan. 1894. As an adult she lived with her family at Winchester, Mass., where she worked as a nurse. She d. 24 May 1975 and is buried at Wildwood, Massachusetts.

Lucy Hardy, as she was known, married Denton Randall in 1920. He was born 1892 and died 1961.


i. Frances Randall, b. Jan. 1922, m. Phillip Cabot, Nov. 1948, lv. Needham, Massachusetts, d. 5 Oct. 1978, issue:

a. Deborah Cabot, lv. NY.

b. Jeffrey Cabot

c. Daniel Cabot

ii. Eleanor Randall, b. 18 July 1924, m. Thomas Hoover, 1944, lv. Canton, Ohio, issue:

a. Thomas Hoover

b. John Hoover

c. Peter Hoover

d. Cindy Hoover, lv. New Jersey.

e. daughter

42. Pamela Pearl5 Hardy (Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 31 October 1895. She lived at Marshfield, Lot 34. She d. 27 March 1933 and is buried at Marshfield.

Pamela Hardy married Charles Carr in 1929. He was born in 1869 and died 8 August 1951.


i. John C. Carr, b. 16 June 1931, m. Phyllis Coffin, 18 Aug. 1953, lv. Corraviulle, Lot 53, issue:

a. Debbie Jeanne Car, b. 16 Feb. 1954, m. John Burt, lv. Marshfield, Lot 34.

b. Gayle Dianna Carr, b. 26 Sept. 1955, m. Terry Gallant, 26 Nov. 1983.

c. Kent Charles Carr, b. 6 Oct. 1959, m. Sheila Mullen, 6 Feb. 1982, lv. Marshfield.

43. James Walter5 Hardy (Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was b. 5 November 1900 at Pleasant Grove and bapt. 22 Sept. 1901 at the York Methodist Church. He removed to Winchester, Mass., in 1924 and returned to Pleasant Grove in June 1930. He left PEI again in 1947 and moved to Belmont, Mass., where he d. 12 March 1964 and is buried in the Belmont Cemetery.

James Hardy married Iris Eleanor Gordon, 12 May 1927. She was born 28 Aug. 1904 at Belmont, Massachusetts.


i. Eleanor Mary Ann Hardy, b. 16 July 1928, m. James L. Brophy, 17 May 1969, no issue, lv. Framingham, Massachusetts.

58. ii. Gordon James Hardy, b. 17 Jan. 1930, m. Alice Mae Damery.

59. iii. Sterling Wallace Hardy, b. 24 May 1931, m. Norma Jane Lewis.

44. Lillian Jane5 Hardy (Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 27 February 1902 at Pleasant Grove, Lot 34, and was baptized 8 July 1906 at the York Methodist Church. She lived at Stanhope, Lot 34, and d. 9 December 1987.

Lily Hardy married Lloyd Arthur Shaw, 12 July 1922. He was born 5 January 1902 at Stanhope, the son of George Manson Shaw. He farmed at Stanhope. He died 11 May 1985 at Charlottetown and is buried in the Shaw Cemetery, Stanhope.


i. Leitha Pearl Shaw, b. 4 Aug. 1923, Stanhope, m. Earle MacNeil, lv. Montreal, d. 20 Nov. 1969, Montreal, issue:

a. Beverly MacNeil, b. 1945.

ii. Clifford Arthur Shaw, b. 15 Feb. 1927, Stanhope, m. Mary Josephine Griffin, 2 June 1963, lv. Norfolk, Massachusetts, (1957-1979), then returned to Stanhope, issue:

a. Kathryn Mary Shaw, b. 27 Dec. 1966.

b. Duncan Arthur Shaw, b. 3 June 1969.

iii. Marion Lola Shaw, b. 10 Aug. 1930, Stanhope, m. William Alfred Youland, 24 May 1951, lv. West Covehead, issue:

a. Lillian Charlotte Youland, b. 1952, lv. New Brunswick.

b. Wanda Pearl Youland, b. 1955, m. Carl Joseph Myers, 18 May 1974 at West Covehead, lv. Stanhope.

c. Donald Lloyd Youland, b. 1956, m. Deborah Clow, Oct. 1978.

d. June Lynn Youland, b. 1960.

e. Mary Christine Youland, b. 1963.

f. Harold Sterling Youland, b. 1964.

iv. Lloyd George Shaw, b. 22 Dec. 1934, m. Noreen E. Shaw, nee Rose, 7 July 1965, lv. Stanhope, issue:

a. Dennis Gary Shaw, b. 2 March 1967.

b. Norman Glenn Shaw, b. 4 Sept. 1968.

c. Robert Lloyd Shaw, b. 26 Jan. 1972.

d. David Gordon Shaw, b. 2 Oct. 1977.

e. Steven Manson Shaw, b. 21 Nov. 1980.

45. Florence Blanche6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 22 August 1905 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She moved to the Halifax area at the time of her marriage and has remained ever since. She lives at Halifax, NS.

Florence Hardy married(1) Thomas Yarrarbro Parker, 9 December 1924 at Halifax. The marriage ended with a divorce in 1955. The couple first lived at Musquodoboit Harbour, NS. He was born 6 August 1893 at Birmingham, England.

Florence Hardy married(2) Thomas Shackley, in November 1956 at Dartmouth, NS. He was born 10 April 1899, the son of Joseph Shackley and Elizabeth Gilmore. He died 29 October 1961, æ. 62 years. There was no issue from this marriage.

children: (by Thomas Parker)

i. Fraser Cameron Parker, b. 14 Jan. 1925, New Glasgow, m.(1) Isabel Katherine Makenzie, 14 February 1945, div. Sept. 1950, m.(2) Eliza Jane Rafuse, 5 May 1951, issue:

(by Isabel Makenzie)

a. Arlene Madeleine Parker, b. 19 June 1946.

b. Sharon Heather Parker, b. 16 June 1947.

c. Hugh Thomas Parker, b. 25 Nov. 1949.

(by Eliza Rafuse)

d. Diana Eliza Parker (triplet), b. 9 Feb. 1953, Hamilton, Ontario, d. July 1953.

e. Debra Elenor Parker (triplet), b. 9 Feb. 1953, d. Dec. 1953.

f. Donna Elaine Parker (triplet), b. 9 Dec. 1953, d. May 1954.

g. Fraser Cameron Parker, b. 2 Oct. 1954, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

h. Gail Wendy Parker, b. 12 Jan. 1956, Halifax.

i. Peter Thomas Parker, b. 13 Jan. 1958, Halifax.

ii. Thomas Waldron Parker, b. 17 June 1930, Halifax, whereabouts unknown to mother in 1979.

iii. Joan Elizabeth Parker, b. 21 July 1931, Dartmouth, m. Victor Allan Madge, 18 September 1954, issue:

a. Alan Thomas Madge, b. 25 Aug. 1955, Montreal.

b. Lynn Elizabeth Madge, b. 7 March 1959, Cold Lake, Alberta

c. Joseph William Madge, b. 27 Dec. 1961, Clinton, Ontario

iv. Florence Madeleine Parker, b. 4 Oct. 1932, Dartmouth, m. Robert Keith Smart, issue:

a Nancy Elizabeth Smart, b. 4 July 1950, m. Donald Simms

b. Linda May Smart, b. 3 Dec. 1951, unm. as of 1979.

c. Irene Madeleine Smart, b. 1 April 1953, m. Robert Allen MacMillan.

d. Robert Thomas Smart, b. 6 Sept. 1954, worked as RCMP in Manitoba.

e. Donna Marie Smart, b. 5 May 1956, m. George William Moore, issue:

f. Donald James Smart, b. 10 May 1957.

g. Brian Keith Smart, b. 3 Sept. 1958, m. Cathy Janice Boutilier.

h. Brenda Ann Smart, b. 15 Nov. 1961.

i. David Edward Smart, b. 17 Aug. 1963.

46. Annie May6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 25 April 1910 at New Glasgow, NS. She lives with her husband at New Glasgow.

Annie Hardy married William Andrew Diamond, 9 May 1929 at New Glasgow. He was born 6 April 1909 at New Glasgow, the son of John Thomas Diamond.


i. Ronald Arthur Diamond, b. 5 April 1930, m. ______ ______, lv. 422 Gardiner Street, Oromocto, NB, issue:

a. Ronalda Diamond

b. Ronaldu Diamond

ii. Audrey Eleanor Diamond, b. 15 July 193_, m. Clive Wilberforce, issue:

a. Gayle Wilberforce

iii. Gloria Ann Diamond, b. 16 Oct. 193_, m. ______ Yane,

lv. Downsonn, Ontario.

iv. Donald Irvin Diamond, b. 24 April 1937, m. Florence Wilfreda Coulthard, 20 Oct. 1956, Winnipeg, lv. Thompson, Manitoba, issue:

a. Janet Dawn Diamond, b. 20 Sept. 1956, Winnipeg, m. John Wisman, lv. Milton, Ontario.

b. Thomas William Diamond, b. 8 Jan. 1959, Winnipeg, professional soldier in Canadian Army, lv. Baden, Germany.

c. Valerie Dianne Diamond, b. 11 Dec. 1960, Winnipeg, m. Daniel Hillinger, lv. Richmond, BC.

v. Barry William Diamond, b. 30 Nov. 1938, m. Dorothy Janet Locke, 1962, Toronto, lv. Dartmouth, NS, issue:

a. Sonya Elizabeth Diamond, b. 4 Aug. 1963, Toronto.

b. Diane Janet Diamond, b. 9 Feb. 1969, Coburg, Ontario

vi. Robert Diamond, b. 28 Feb. 19__, m. Pauline Gallager, lv. West Hill, Ontario, issue:

a. Debbie Diamond

b. Robin Diamond

vii. Sandra Darlene Diamond, b. 22 Feb. 19__, m. ______ ______, lv. Mississagua, Ontario, issue:

a. Jennifer

viii. Allison Lu Diamond

ix. Albert Lewis Diamond, b. 13 May 1941, New Glasgow, m. Roberta ______, lv. New Glasgow, issue:

a. Tara Diamond, b. 1974.

b. Tanga Diamond, b. 1977.

47. Robert S.6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 8 March 1912 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He was a service station operator until his retirement in 1972. He has lived and worked for most of his life at Truro, Nova Scotia.

Robert Hardy married(1) Mary Dutkoskie, in 1933 at New Glasgow. Mary was born in 1911 in Romania, the daughter of Joseph Dutkoskie. She died in 1957 and is buried at Truro, Nova Scotia.

Robert Hardy married(2) Louise Flemming. in 1958 at Truro. She was born in 1913, at Musquodoboit, Halifax Co., NS, the daughter of George and Clarissa Flemming.

children: (by Mary Dutkoskie)

60. i. Arline Hardy, b. July 1941, Truro, Nova Scotia, m.(1) ______ McVeer, m.(2) ______ MacMowbray.

ii. Robert Hardy, b. Jan 1947, Truro, d. July 1971 of anemia, bur. Truro.

48. Ernest6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born ca. 1914 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. His family lived at New Glasgow. He died prior to 1979 and is buried at the Lawrence Street Cemetery, New Glasgow.

Ernest Hardy married Molly Clark, of Little Harbour, Pictou Co., NS.


i. Stewart Hardy, lv. 201 High St., New Glasgow, NS.

ii. Jane Hardy

iii. Nancy Hardy

iv. Betty Hardy

v. Freddie Hardy

49. Helen Margaret6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 30 March 1916 at New Glasgow, NS. She lives at Halifax, NS.

Helen Hardy married Mark Joseph Stewart on 23 August 1931. He was born 4 January 1908 and died of a heart attack before 1979. He worked for the Halifax Herald.


i. Helen Adelaide Stewart, b. 12 Sept. 1932, m. Allan McLeod, issue:

a. Lynne MacLeod

b. Kim MacLeod

c. Dawn MacLeod

d. Mark MacLeod

ii. Irvin Russell Stewart, b. 24 Oct. 1933, m. Ann Nugent, issue:

a. Jack Stewart

b. Mark Stewart, killed in an auto accident.

c. Terry Stewart

d. Cathy Stewart

e. Allan Stewart

f. Andrea Stewart

g. Aaron Stewart

iii. Allan Lee Stewart, b. 21 Nov. 1935, m. Jean MacDonald, issue:

a. Paul Stewart

b. Jeffrey Stewart

c. Daren Stewart

d. Brian Stewart

e. Liza Stewart

f. Michelle Stewart

g. Christopher Stewart

iv. Shirley Marie Stewart, b. 13 Jan. 1937, m. Leslie Murdoch, issue:

a. Wendy Murdoch

b. Judy Murdoch

c. Evelyn Murdoch

v. James Herbert Stewart, b. 23 Dec. 1942, m. Suzanne Kennedy, issue:

a. Scott Stewart

b. Tracy Stewart

50. Albert6 Hardy (Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 27 March 1918 at New Glasgow, NS. He lives at New Glasgow.

Albert Hardy married Helen Cecilia Fennel. She was born 16 August 1921 at North Sydney, NS, the daughter of Richard Fennel and Joanna Kelly.


i. Albert Hardy, b. 13 May 1941, lv. New Glasgow, NS.

61. ii. Ann Hardy, b. 18 Dec. 1943, m. Wilfred Bernard Purvis.

62. iii. Hugh Hardy, b. 2 May 1945, m. Arleigh Elizabeth Cunningham.

63. iv. Jean Hardy, b. 21 Aug. 1947, m. Donald Powell.

v. Ruth Hardy, b. 02 Oct. 1949, m. Ronald Bezanson, lv. Upper Rawdon, Hants Co., NS.

64. vi. Margaret Hardy, b. 30 July 1954, m. Dale E. Coulter.

65. vii. Linda Hardy, b. 7 Oct. 1956, m. Lawrence Russell.

51. Alice Florence6 Hardy (Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 14 January 1917 at Grenfell, Saskatchewan. She was educated at Grenfell, took teacher training at Regina, and received her Bachelor of Education in 1972 from the University of Regina. She taught in Saskatchewan schools for 25 years, and retired in 1977. She lives at Regina, Sask.

Alice Hardy married Charles Albert Garratt, 30 October 1948 at Regina. He was born 19 November 1912 at Milestone, Sask., the son of Alfred Garratt and Jenny Carlson. He farmed until his retirement in 1977.


i. Lyle Charles Garratt, b. 9 Nov. 1952, Regina, m. Linda Bratt, 20 April 1972, lv. Milestone, Sask., issue:

a. Kenneth Charles Garratt, b. 20 Sept. 1972, Regina, Saskatchewan

b. Rhonda Lynn Garratt, b. 8 Jan. 1977, Regina.

ii. Neil Hardy Garratt, b. 9 Feb. 1954, Regina, farming with his brother Lyle at Milestone, Saskatchewan, m. Deborah Prieb, 4 Nov. 1978 at Lang, Saskatchewan

iii. Earl Alfred Garratt, b. 20 June 1957, Regina, lv. Saskatoon, was U. of Saskatchewan law student.

52. Colin Charles Wilbert6 Hardy (Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 23 March 1919 at Grenfell, Saskatchewan. He was educated at Grenfell, and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1941 to 1945 as a radar technician, being stationed overseas for three years. He entered the construction business after returning from England, trained at Regina and became a superintendent with Bird Construction. In 1956 he joined the firm of B.L.M. Architects, where is an architectural supervisor working out of Regina. His family lives at Regina, Sask.

Colin Hardy married Barbara Falce, 29 December 1944 at London, England. She was born 10 October 1922 at London, the daughter of Thomas Falce and Eda Ball. Babs, as she was known, served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in England, and she emigrated to Canada in 1946.


66. i. Judith Barbara Hardy, b. 27 Sept. 1945, London, England, m. Bryan Austin.

67. ii. Patricia Lynn Hardy, b. 28 April 1947, Regina, Saskatchewan, m.(1) Randy Strachan, m.(2) Calvin Warwick.

68. iii. Coleen Wendy Hardy, b. 8 Feb. 1952, Regina, m. Douglas Smith.

53. Edgar Reynolds6 Hardy (Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 18 September 1922 at Grenfell, Saskatchewan. He lives on and farms his father's land with his sons, Allan and Brian. Edgar received his education at Grenfell. He is very involved in community activities such as the United Church, Oddfellows, sports, agricultural organizations, and previously, school boards. His address is Grenfell, Saskatchewan SOG 2BO.

Edgar Hardy married Mary-Anne Steininger at Grenfell on 9 July 1948. Mary-Anne was born 19 October 1924 at Grenfell, the daughter of Henry Steininger and Katherine Adams.


69. i. Wilbert Allan Hardy, b. 22 Nov. 1948, Grenfell, m. Marion Young.

ii. Brian Edgar Hardy, b. 9 Nov. 1950, Grenfell, lv. at Grenfell, farms and operates a seed cleaning plant with his father and brother Allan, manages the Grenfell hockey team.

iii. Dianne Marion Hardy, b. 29 May 1952, Grenfell, m. David Blackwell, June 1975 at Grenfell, secretary with provincial government of Saskatchewan

iv. Gary Ross Hardy, b. 4 June 1953, Grenfell, lv. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

v. Robert Henry Hardy, b. 9 April 1957, Grenfell, lv. Saskatoon, salesman with Duroforms Construction.

vi. Calvin Stanley Hardy, b. 13 June 1959, Grenfell, employed with United Grain Growers.

vii. Spence Rowan Hardy, b. 13 June 1959, Grenfell.

54. Eileen Marie6 Hardy (Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 27 October 1927 at Grenfell, Saskatchewan. She was educated at Grenfell and received a degree in home economics from the University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon. She is a household science instructor at Grenfell High School, and also teaches at community colleges. She lives at Grenfell, Saskatchewan SOG 2BO.

Eileen Hardy married Douglas Kent on 7 October 1950 at Grenfell. He was born 2 December 1926 at Grenfell, the son of George Kent and Annie Amy. He is a grandson of Alfred Kent, one of the Grenfell pioneers of 1883. Douglas was educated in Grenfell and received his Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan. He is a grain and cattle farmer and involved in community college activities.


i. David Douglas Kent, b. 25 Sept. 1951, Grenfell, m. Marjorie Hoggarth, 27 May 1972, lv. 718 North Bard Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan, issue:

a. Fletcher David Kent, b. 15 Aug. 1976, Edmonton, Alberta

b. Leanne Kent, b. 1 May 1978, Edmonton.

ii. Susan Marie Kent, b. 16 Jan. 1956, Grenfell, m. Raymond Armbruster, 13 Sept. 1974 at Grenfell, lv. Box 428, Rosthern, Manitoba ROJ 1VO, issue:

a. Ann Marie Armbruster, b. 19 Feb. 1975, Melville, Saskatchewan

b. Kerri Armbruster, b. 27 Feb. 1977, Russell, Manitoba.

c. Philip Armbruster, b. 26 July 1980, Russell, Manitoba.

iii. Michael Dean Kent, b. 9 Jan. 1959, Grenfell, graduated 1981 in Agricultural Engineering from U. of Saskatchewan

iv. William Keith Kent, b. 20 May 1960, Grenfell, lv. Grenfell, farming with father and working on the TransCanada Pipe Line.

55. Myra Caroline6 Hardy (Elbridge5, Henry4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 31 May 1901. She lived at Little York.

Myra Hardy married Harold Thomas Watts. He was born 2 October 1894 and died 23 May 1968.


i. Raymond Watts, b. 1919, m. Verna MacInnis, lv. Little York, d. 1983.

ii. Adele Watts, b. 1922, d. 1940.

iii. Harold Nelson Watts, b. 9 July 1923, lv. Little York.

iv. Lillian Margaret Watts, b. 24 April 1925, m. Hazen James Bradford, 18 July 1944 at Little York.

v. Annie Verna Watts, b. 18 Aug. 1926.

vi. George Edison Watts, b. 1 Sept. 1927, m. Sadie ______.

vii. Emily Joyce Watts, b. 1 Sept. 1928, m. Art Johnson, lv. Little York.

viii. Robert Hardy Watts, b. 5 May 1930.

ix. Arthur Dean Watts, b. 22 Feb. 1932, m. Phyllis Evelyn Dover, 30 Oct. 1954 at Little York.

x. Jessie Marina Watts, b. 22 Oct. 1934.

xi. Margaret Rose Watts, b. ca. 1936, d. 1986, unm.

xii. Cecil Frederick Watts, b. ca. 1938, m. Carol Anne MacDonald, 22 April 1962 at Little York.

xiii. Victoria Elizabeth Watts, m. Ian Brooks MacArthur, 15 Jan. 1957 at Little York.

xiv. Myra Irma Watts, b. 31 Jan. 1941, m. Keir Emerson Ford, 22 Nov. 1958 at Little York.

56. William Edison6 Hardy (Elbridge5, Henry4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born in December 1909 at Little York. He farmed at Pleasant Grove, Lot 34, and he is a member of the York United Church. He later bought a store at Little York and then removed to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Edison Hardy married Irene Slackford, of Charlottetown. She was born in 1917.


i. Carol Jeanette Hardy, b. 12 March 1939, Pleasant Grove, m. Bud Ayer, lv. Nova Scotia, issue:

a. Vickie Ayer, b. 1960.

b. Richard Ayer, b. 1962.

c. Judy Ayer, b. 1964.

d. David Ayer, b. 1966.

ii. Marie Annabelle Hardy, b. 12 Mar 1942, Pleasant Grove, m. Boyce Badour, lv. Ontario, Marie Annabelle Hardy div. Boyce Badour and remarried to Terry Bechtel. Issue with Boyce:

a. Cindy Badour, b. 1963. m. Edward Dodd, issue 3 children, lv. Ontario

b. Bob Badour, b. 1965. lv. Ontario.

iii. Gloria Hardy, b. 22 Oct. 1945, Pleasant Grove, m. Peter Glenister, lv. Nova Scotia. Gloria and Peter have two adopted children, Devin and Alesha, and Peter's daughter, Kristen.

iv. Linda Irene Hardy, b. 2 Jan. 1947, Pleasant Grove, m. Mervin Nicholls, lv. Nova Scotia, issue:

a. Mark Nicholls

b. Jill Nicholls

v. Sharon Margaret Hardy, b. 24 July 1948, Pleasant Grove, m. Sandy Russell, lv. Nova Scotia, issue:

a. Jane Russell

b. Katie Russell

c. Alexander Russell

vi. Graham Hardy, b. 12 March 1951, m. Lynn Roscoe.

a. George Hardy

b. Kaherine Hardy

vii. Glenn Hardy, b. 14 March 1957 at Dartmouth, NS, m. Lisa Beck, 1983.

57. Wilfred Fulton6 Hardy (Bart5, Henry4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 8 January 1917.

Wilfred married Freda Ward on 15 June 1934.


i. Mildred Hardy, m. James Smith.

ii. Juanita Hardy, m. Albert Foster.

58. Gordon James6 Hardy (James5, Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was b. 17 January 1930 at Winchester, Massachusetts. He lives at Carlisle, Massachusetts.

Gordon Hardy married Alice Mae Damery on 6 March 1954.


i. Nelson Gordon Hardy, b. 19 Aug. 1954, m. Susan Ann Hunt, 22 June 1985, lv. Providence, Rhode Island, issue:

a. Melanie Faith Hardy, b. 7 Aug. 1986.

ii. Duane Sterling Hardy, b. 22 Aug. 1957, d. 7 March 1988 of a heart attack, at Atlanta, Georgia, bur. Carlisle, Massachusetts.

iii. Kevin James Hardy, b. 29 Aug. 1958.

59. Sterling Wallace6 Hardy (James5, Isaac4, George3, George2, Thomas1) was born 24 May 1931 at Pleasant Grove, Lot 34. He lives at Greenacres, Washington.

Sterling Hardy married Norma Jane Lewis on 15 August 1959 at Little York. She was born 8 December 1929 at Little York.


i. Eleanor Louise Hardy, b. 12 Feb. 1963, lv. Greenacres, Washington.

ii. Diane Mary Hardy, b. 10 Aug. 1964, lv. California.

iii. James Sterling Hardy, b. 18 Oct. 1965, d. 23 Nov. 1978 from a brain tumor, bur. Montana.

iv. Janey Lynn Hardy, b. 27 Sept. 1966, lv. Greenacres, Wash.

60. Arline7 Hardy (Robert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born in July 1941 at Truro, Nova Scotia. In 1980 she lived at Hilden, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

Arline Hardy m.(1) ______ McVeer.

Arline Hardy m.(2) ______ MacMowbray, a veterinarian.

children: (by ______ McVeer)

i. Andrew Wendell McVeer

61. Ann7 Hardy (Albert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 18 December 1943 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She lives with her husband at RR #3, Westville, Nova Scotia BOK 2AO. She is a housewife and part-time cashier.

Ann Hardy married Wilfred Bernard Purvis, known as Bernard, on 6 February 1967 at St. John's Roman Catholic Church, New Glasgow. He is the son of James Purvis and Muriel Bigney.


i. Jacqueline Marie Purvis, b. 16 Aug. 1967, New Glasgow.

ii. Christopher Bernard Purvis, b. 13 May 1971, New Glasgow.

62. Hugh7 Hardy (Albert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 2 May 1945 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He lives at Green Hill, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, where he is an industrial engineering technician.

Hugh Hardy married Arleigh Elizabeth Cunningham on 29 July 1967 at St. John the Baptist Church, New Glasgow. Arleigh was born 28 September 1945 at New Glasgow, the daughter of John Cunningham and Jessie Fraser.


i. Aaron Richard Hardy, b. 5 April 1970 (adopted).

ii. Preston David Hardy, b. 21 March 1972 (adopted).

63. Jean7 Hardy (Albert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 21 August 1947 or 1944 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She lives at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Jean Hardy married Donald Powell. He died before 1979.


i. Daniel Powell

ii. Richard Powell (?twin?), b. ?Aug. 1978?

iii. Michael Powell (?twin?), b. Aug. 1978.

64. Margaret7 Hardy (Albert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 30 July 1954 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She lives at Foster Ave. (Pleasant Valley), New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Margaret Hardy married Dale E. Coulter.


i. Bradley Robert Coulter, b. 4 April 1979.

65. Linda7 Hardy (Albert6, Waldron5, Charles4, Charles3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 7 October 1956 at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She lives on Little Harbour Road, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Linda Hardy married Lawrence Russell.


i. Lawrence Christopher Russell, b. 17 Feb. 1979.

66. Judith Barbara7 Hardy (Colin6, Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 27 September 1945 at London, England and came to Canada with her mother in 1946. She was educated at Regina, Sask., and first worked a secretary to the Deputy Minister of Libraries. In 1981 she was a secretary for the Accountants' Society. Judy lives at 41 Cardinal Cres., Regina, Saskatchewan.

Judith Hardy married Bryan Austin, 14 August 1970 at Regina. He was born in January 1943 at Regina, the son of Lorne Austin and Jenny Patterson. Bryan has his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Science degree from the University of Oregon. He is employed as a chartered accountant and teaches at the University of Regina.


i. Jennifer Elizabeth Austin, b. 27 July 1971, Regina.

ii. Barbara Catherine Austin, b. 3 Oct. 1973, Regina.

iii. Michelle Robin Austin, b. 26 April 1975, Regina.

67. Patricia Lynn7 Hardy (Colin6, Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 28 April 1947 at Regina, Saskatchewan. She was educated at Regina, becoming a computer operator and working at Regina and Saskatoon. She lives on a farm at Grenfell, Saskatchewan SOG OLO.

Lynn Hardy married(1) Randy Strachan on 20 December 1969. They were divorced in 1979. There was no issue.

Lynn Hardy married(2) Calvin Warwick on 28 March 1980. Cal is the son of Chester Warwick and Ethel McLennan. He works his father's farm at Grenfell.

children: (by Calvin Warwick)

i. Jonathan Lee Warwick, b. 15 Jun 1980.

68. Coleen Wendy7 Hardy (Colin6, Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 8 February 1952 at Regina, Saskatchewan. She trained as a secretary at Regina and works in the Department of Education of the Saskatchewan Provincial Government.

Coleen Hardy married Douglas Smith on 6 May 1972 at Regina. He was born in October 1950. He was educated at Regina, and works as an accountant with the Prairie Malt Plant, Biggar, Saskatchewan. They live at 605 8th. Avenue West, Biggar, Saskatchewan SOK OMO.


i. Allison Coleen Smith, b. 13 March 1974, Regina.

ii. Paul Douglas Smith, b. 17 March 1976, Regina.

69. Wilbert Allan7 Hardy (Edgar6, Wilbert5, Frederick4, Henry3, Thomas2, Thomas1), known as Allan, was born 22 November 1948 at Grenfell, Sask. He was educated at Grenfell and is a graduate in vocational agriculture from the University of Saskatoon. He is a seed inspector with the Canadian Federal Government, and also farms and operates a seed cleaning plant at Grenfell with his father and brother Brian. Allan now owns the land at Grenfell first owned by his great aunt and uncle, Almira and George Anderson.

Allan Hardy married Marion Young on 23 October 1976 at Lunsden, Saskatchewan. She was born 3 July 1953 at Lunsden, the daughter of William Young and Lydia Thompson. Marion is a CNA graduate of Pasqua Hospital in Regina.


i. Erin Elizabeth Hardy, b. 16 Jan. 1978, Regina.

ii. Dale Allan Hardy, b. 12 Nov. 1980.


Notes on Sources

Genealogists working on Prince Edward Island families have the possibity of doing well-researched work without having to go to many different locations. The Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation (2 Kent St., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 1M6) and the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society have done excellent work in recording, transcribing and indexing genealogically significant records for the Island. A consultation with the master nominal index of these records, kept by the Genealogical Society on 3x5 cards and housed at the Provincial Archives and also available for sale on 16 mm. microfilm, is the key to many estant census records, cemetery transcriptions, parish registers, newspaper obituaries, published local histories and more. It is an outstanding genealogically-organized index, showing what can be done by a genealogical society with dedicated staff and volunteers working on a manageable project -- Prince Edward Island being geographically limited without an overwhelmingly large or highly transient population.

As a result of this index and the records to which they refer, this volume has the benefit of the York Methodist Church baptismal, marriage and death records, parish records of the Presbyterian churches at West Covehead and Cornwall, and the Anglican churches of Charlottetown, tombstone transcriptions for all the cemeteries in Lot 34 and nearby, provincial and federal census schedules for the 1841, 1861, 1871 and 1881 enumerations, wills and estates for all persons surnamed Hardy (at the Public Archives of Prince Edward Island, P.O. Box 1000, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, C1A 7M4), newspaper accounts from nineteenth century Island journals in which the name Hardy was mentioned, and other sources mentioned in the text.

I also carried on extensive correspondence during the late 1970s with living members of the family; their recollections and the genealogical data they were kind enough to send me was invaluable and has been included. Most of the information about persons born in the twentieth century comes from that source, as does the data on descendants of families who emigrated from the Island. For my part, all of the original documentation that I was able to obtain from sources other than the Heritage Foundation, the Genealogical Society and Prince Edward Island provincial government records I have deposited with the Genealogical Society for inclusion in their files. Subsequent researchers or family members, therefore, will be able to locate the sources and evidence for statements made in this book. For that reason, I have not burdened the reader with extensive references to sources in the text, nor have I used footnotes. While the information in this book can only be as accurate as the sources on which it was based, those sources, including my correspondence with family members, can be located at and through the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society.

I encourage any reader who has information that will correct or add to this genealogy to submit their corrections and/or additions to the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society (P.O. Box 2744, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 8C4), so that their records on the Hardy families of Little York can be as complete as possible, and preserved for the benefit of our descendants.


Hardy of Little York

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